August 7, 1994

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Very important night tonight. Good group. Good.

[After a long pause while Samuel looks intently at the audience] Well, have a good rest of the month, and we’ll see you next time. You got it all, of course, now, didn’t you? You got all of that, aye? Maybe not.

Let’s begin with a couple of gifts, but first I would like an explanation of what the gift process is. Who will do that? What is gifts? What’s that about? Cathy, dear, are you raising your hand?

I’m helping people find places to sit.

S: If you’ve got an empty chair next to you, will you raise your hand up? And will everybody with their hands up tell what gifts are about? Frank, go ahead, dear.

As I see it, it’s one of two things. One where something that has happened in your life which, as it occurs, or as soon it occurs, you realize that it’s the proof of one of the teachings that we’ve learned through your teaching, or where I’ve used one of the teachings to bring about something in my life that is a growth experience or a manifestation experience, or something that makes my life appear better for me.

S: Something has happened to you, and you therefore say, Oh, this is a teaching; this is a spiritual principle, and I’m putting that into my life, because here is this happening to me, and because I see it, it is a gift, because it shows that my vision has expanded; I have grown. Yes, that is one way to get a gift.

The second one is, something happens that you have purposefully put yourself out for, and there it is. It happens. And that’s a gift.

Is there another version lurking? Aye, Gwendolyn.

Asking for things.

S: Putting yourself out there, there it happens. Asking, there it happens. That can be twofold.

And the point of it is, for a gift, it has to do with your awareness of a thing, because your awareness is constantly changing as you are constantly changing, which means at those times in which you want to say, nothing is going on in my life—there are no gifts—what’s that saying?

You’re not paying attention.

S: You’re not paying attention. Joy, that was a very friendly way of saying that.

Specifically, wanting you to take a look at your life right now in the direction of wanting, moving toward it, getting it—any of the processes involved in that—I would like two gifts tonight about your successfully manifesting something. Aye, dear.

David and I have been wanting to live in a house for quite some time, and so two people trying to manifest the same thing-you know, I wanted to be out in the country, and he wanted to be close to banks and malls and grocery stores and stuff like that, and we want it all, right? Well, we found a house with a big old oak tree, and it’s in town close to everything we ever want, and yet it feels like it’s out in the country. So it’s like we both got everything we wanted wrapped up in one big surprise. It’s just marvelous.

S: And that’s going to be a lovely one to seed off of. Somebody give me a gift from what she has said, a gift you have connected with because of what she said. Now remember, everybody and everything that comes into your pathway is there because you can learn from them and you can teach them. So she has just told about a marvelous thing that has happened in her life because she and David had been putting out together, Let’s make this happen. They put out specifically. All right. What do you get from it? Donna.

Well, it tells me that their relationship—any relationship—even if it’s very different and has opposing views or opposing wants and needs, you can still ask for and get what you need and not compromise the other person’s needs.

S: And what does it require for that to happen?

I think adaptability, but clarity, knowing what each of you wants in the relationship and to work with both of those things, and so it’s not a you win or I win situation, but everybody wins.

S: Beautiful. Very good. Lovely, lovely reminder for that. Good.

One more. Give it to us, Lillibeth.

To not be so locked into the system that you have—what you want—that you can tell the Universe, This is the only way I want it.

S: Not that you’ve ever done that, of course.

Never have done that. And by letting go, that the Universe can give you what you want and need in the first place.

S: Very good. Good work. Lovely.

Another gift tonight, now. Aye? A gift? All right.

In our neighborhood, in the summer, there seems to be a lot of animals that go missing.

S: Animals that go missing?

Like people lose their cats and their dogs, and it’s just overwhelming, but there was this one sign I happened to look at that was paint and it was everywhere, and it was about this little terrier. So I was working really hard putting out the energy for that to help these people find their dog.

S: Remember, pink terriers are found more easily.

A dog, on pink paper! And so I work with teenagers.

S: I’m still missing something here.

The picture of the terrier was on a piece of paper with its name, plastered all along the neighborhood. People do that in the neighborhood. They’ll cut out pictures of their animals, and their names and phone numbers you see[?]. And so I work with teenagers….

S: Teenage terriers.

And a teenage girl came in and was talking about how her mom found this dog, gosh, you know, she was really hoping she was going to keep it, and I said, “Well, what kind of dog is it?” And she said, “The cutest little terrier you’ve ever seen.” And I said, “A terrier? What color?” “Black.” And, “Well, you know, I hate to tell you this, but you might want to drive by such and such a street and check out the sheet on your way home, because I think there might be a dog like that.” And she goes, “Okay.”

So next week she comes in—and I really wanted to call, but I didn’t, over the week; I thought I’d let her come back—she came in and I said, “So, what happened?” She said, “That was the dog, and we brought it back, and the people were crying.” And she’s holding this towel real close, and she goes, “That’s my bathing suit,” and I say, “That’s not your bathing suit.” And she goes, “You’re right.” And she opened it up, and she wanted the dog so badly, and she’d done the right thing, that her parents went out and got her a terrier, too. So it was a lot of gifts.

S: Tell me one.

That, for teenagers particularly, that it’s worth doing the right thing, following what they know inside is right, whether or not they expect to get something.

S: Tell me your gift.

My gift was that it works, that I can put out the energy for something I think is really important, and the information will come back. And it was my […].

S: You could conquer the world with that. Aye.

One gift off of it. Ken.

I was thinking that sometimes it’s only in letting go that you can get what everybody needs, so it works for the greatest good of all concerned.

S: Nice. Letting go doesn’t mean not having. It means not needing. Letting go doesn’t mean not having. It means not needing. Which allows that you did not need somebody else’s dog; you get to have one of your own. I cannot tell you, my souls, how often it is your wants—these things that you cannot let go of—are somebody else’s dog. And it needs to go home. How much of your stuff is really someone else’s? “We’ve always done it this way. It’s always been like this. It’s the only thing I know, so it’s the only thing I do.”

Very good, very good.

[It is a] very important night tonight because I have an extremely manipulative message for you—being right up front about it, right offhand, because I think that that’s probably the best thing to do for something this important.

Your planet is passing right now an important portal time. What’s a portal? What am I talking about when I say portal?

An incoming of energy.

S: An incoming of energy. How does something come in? What’s a portal, the portal itself?

A gateway.

S: A doorway, a gateway. That’s exactly what it is. A portal, in this particular case, of continuing change, and your planet, which is a living being just as you are—and on some mornings more than you are—that also has its path of growth—you know, Mother Nature and all of that—is in a place of particular need right now, essentially because the energy that’s on the planet is currently way out of sync. Now, would somebody like to translate what I just said? I’d like a couple of versions of it.

The planet’s in crisis.

S: Well, as a counselor you could say it in that one sentence: everybody’s in crisis; that’s what’s going on. It’s not just you, no matter what you think. It’s not just you. The planet is coming near a crisis point, and there isn’t the extra energy from a very focused world to give back to it.

Somebody give me another translation of that. What have I said? That hard, eh?

Focus of mind, group mind, to put the energy into the earth. You can’t just do it by saying I’m going to do this. It has to be like a prayer, like it’s focused.

S: Thank you, and now you can go home.

Just for a moment I’d like for you to think about the things going on on your planet right now. I want you to think specifically about human-induced activities that are going on right now. Remembering that it’s not my desire ever to focus on negativity, that I do everything I can to work away from saying, “Read the newspapers; you’ll understand,” but instead tell you to look at what works and look at what is successful. I want you to be aware that as you are thinking about what is going on on the planet right now and the human-induced activities, most of your minds are thinking of wars, terrible pollution, great disease, great poverty. Generally speaking—and I’m doing this as a basic foundation to get to my point, and tonight it may seem that I’m fairly scattered, because there are so many things I want to cover. I’m not scattered at all. It’s that there are many things, every one of them related, that you can do to help make a difference, and that what you can do can make such a difference.

The foundation for you to remember is that essentially the planet itself is working on its own evolutionary process, and as it’s working on its evolutionary process, so does all the life force that’s on the planet work on its evolutionary process. As in any relationship, when you’re working in sync, there is a whole lot more energy for both, isn’t there, rather than when you just aren’t connecting, rather than when you’re passing in the night, rather than when you just can’t seem to get it together and there’s nothing in common any longer. When you are in sync, there is energy abundantly for both. In order for this planet to reach sacred status—what does that mean? It’s great airy-fairy jargon. What does it mean?

When the planet and the beings on the planet are at a like level of enlightenment.

S: When the planet and the beings upon the planet are at a like level—in fact a specific level—of enlightenment. Another one of those jargon words, isn’t it, because “enlightenment” can mean very many things. Let’s just say it this way. When they’re all working at perhaps an equal sort of frequency. When it reaches a particular point in that, it’s going to have reached sacred status. And what are the sorts of things it’s going to mean when it reaches sacred status? Or, to say it another way, who cares if reaches sacred status—if you reach sacred status. All of this is just some sort of little mind thing that’s unreachable unless you know what I’m talking about here. What am I talking about here? Sacred status. What does that mean?

We or the planet can’t move on to our next step of evolution, or education until we have reached that level.

S: Sacred status is the point where earth and the energies that have chosen earth as its process of growth, where those energies …


S: Acts works.

Are one.

S: Are one. I like that even more, yes.

Live in peace and harmony.

S: Live in peace in harmony, which is a symptom, by the way, yes.

Are in sync with the Source.

S: In sync with the Source, yes.

They’re in phase or in resonance.

S: I like that. Absolutely. Which of course, symptomatically speaking, is going to make incredible changes eventually to the point of absolutely returning to Source, disappearing, if you will—not actually disappear, but that’s what happens when something is absolutely in sync, totally in phase with another. That’s what happens in most marriages, you see? People get so in sync and in phase that they sort of disappear into one another. You ever notice that? All right, that’s not my point.

If, for one reason or another, there is not that sync—then you’ve got a dishwasher instead, right? Come on, wake up here. If there is not that compatibility of energy, then that means that there is not that extra energy for one another, to keep things going.

A quick example: You know how it is that you can be cooped up all day and you’re not feeling so good and you’re really tired and you’re in a really rotten mood, and you go outside, and it’s lovely and it’s crisp and it’s clear, and you start walking about. Maybe you just sit next to the big old tree in your yard. You just get out there a bit and you start feeling good. Feel how good that is. Or perhaps there is a version of the other: You look out at your flowers, and you see that they’re sort of droopy. So of course you have to say, “Too bad, shouldn’t have grown there.” And sure enough it dies. That’s too bad. That’s the tough thing about nature, isn’t it? Sometimes it just makes really…. No, of course not. What do you do?

Water it.

S: Perhaps you water it. Or do you give it a bit of food? Maybe you dig up the soil around it a bit, so that it gets more air and water coming its way. Sure, there is something you do that benefits the earth, too. And it works together. It works together.

Have you ever had an experience in your life when you have undergone so much change, so much different than what you’re used to, or so much is going on that you don’t feel like you really have control, because there’s so much happening in so many areas, and you have so many plates spinning on a stick that you can’t quite focus on any one of them, and as a result, what sorts of things happen when you have that sort of thing going on in your life?

You’re very fragile.

S: You tend to be very fragile, thank you.

You start dropping your plates.

S: You start dropping plates; that’s one thing that happens. You start dropping plates; you start feeling out of control. And because of that sort of experience, you also begin losing—or so it would seem—your ability to act. Have you ever had that happen? You just all of a sudden get tied up. It’s too much; you get sort of paralyzed. You blow your circuits a bit. Have you ever had that happen?

For a couple of years.

S: For a couple of years now. Get a grip, dear.

You look terrible.

S: In the midst of all of that, your best friend tells you you look terrible. Aye, well, that’s happening with the earth, too.

Another example: You’re not feeling bad—you’re doing quite well—but you’re really stressed out at work, and it’s really hot outside, and you have a whole lot going on within your family itself that’s keeping you running, running, running all of the time, busy, busy, busy all of the time. You’re not able to get a good night’s sleep because you go to bed so late, and you get up so early because there is so much for you to do and you’re always playing catch-up, and when you do sleep you’re not sleeping well enough to get dream cycles going. You don’t have much time for yourself, and the person you work next to comes down with the flu. What’s likely to happen to you? You’re likely to get the flu, too. Why? Remember I started out by saying you’re pretty healthy, but this and this and this and this and this is going on.

You’re really run down.

S: You’re run down because too much has the immune system in constant attack, so that it’s unable to be as strong as it would be if it were not so constantly bombarded.

All of these are things that you have experienced yourself. And one more time, I’m saying the earth, too, is being the microcosm, the small version—the big version—of that very thing.

And how is it showing up for the planet? You see it symptomatically in a whole lot of ways. Tell the sorts of things you’re seeing.


S: Fires.

The weather patterns are different.

S: They are different, that’s right. Not bad, different; that’s right.

Waters are very polluted.

A lot of flooding.

You see a lot of catastrophes …

S: Catastrophes. Generally speaking, a lot of catastrophes. Can you give me more?

People dying.

S: A lot of people dying right now. Dying for what sorts of reasons?





Things other people are creating.

S: Things a lot of other people are creating, and the earth is having a hard time going around coming up fast enough to be able to renew what is needed. It’s so busy keeping all the plates up. And here is where I am coming with the message. It’s unable to take the greatest amount of advantage of the energy that is coming its way. What does that mean? Keep talking with me here. What does that mean?

That there’s help coming, but its systems are not able to receive that help.

S: Exactly right. Just the very same way that when you are feeling overloaded and the Universe is saying, “I am here,” and you’re getting [nothing]. “The Universe never helps me out. Did somebody say some…? Never helps me out. Did somebody say…°’m not sure.

So what can you do? Why am I telling you? Why am I telling you, and those of you who are going to be connecting with this either on audio or video? Why am I telling you?

We’re the most aware, ready to receive the energy to send to the rest of the planet.

S: How about willing? Willing to receive. Aye. Because you are receivers; because you are transmitters.

We’ve all done that before. If we just go back and remember those points of sacredness that we were, with the sunset, our peace of nature, or something happening, or the awe of a teenager responding . That’s the sacredness of which we are being united with, or whatever words. If we will step back into that experience, that’s where we are for that receptor for the energy that you just talked about.

S: To know how to help the planet, Hester is saying, give yourself a moment to remember those opportunities in which you have been deeply touched by the beauty of a sunset, or recognize the sacredness of a growing creature, or even your own self. And yes, that’s absolutely, but I have a different point here tonight. But that is absolutely accurate. That vision, and holding that vision does it.

You can make a difference. No change ever happens but that you do not know what it is that needs to be done and know what it is that is going on to cause it. Think about it for a moment. When I say, “What is going on with the planet?” and I start describing what the planet is experiencing with overload, is there anybody in here—go ahead, raise your hand—who can relate to overload? Anybody in here who has felt over the last, especially, sixty to ninety days—a couple of months—that overload? Because what goes on with you is an example of what is going on in the whole. You are, you are, you are connected. You are the center of this universe. You know, the one you’ve created here

“Samuel, at this point I don’t believe I have registered with the point yet. I don’t believe that I’ve connected yet with what it is exactly you’re seeing the problem is and what can we do.”

Be the example.

S: Indeed. You don’t have vision. What is there for the planet to follow? You don’t have vision. How can the life force for which you are guardian follow? What am I saying? I don’t work with babies. You are here because—some of you’ve not been around for quite some time, and you are here tonight to hear this—you are here because there is a part of you that knows there is more and consciously seeks out living that more that is you. You are here because you know, in your heart of hearts, you can make a difference in whatever it is that you take part in, and either because you are dissatisfied because you are not doing enough—don’t know how, don’t know what—or because you are actively working in it and this is the place where you can get encouragement along that pathway. You are here because Phoenix Institute is about teaching self-empowerment. No excuses. You have power, which means you also have responsibility. And responsibility is something to run from if there is no vision attached to it. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you’ll never do it for long. If it’s not giving you something you want, you won’t do it for long. And on this planet, ninety-nine percent of the population—I would say one hundred percent, but it sounds a bit outrageous—ninety-nine percent of the population not only does not believe that anything can be done one by one by one to make a difference, they don’t have the slightest belief that they have any power to do anything. Even if you have not held onto and examined the power you have in your life, you have a whisper in your heart that says, “I’m here to do something.” And you hear it loudly enough that something that is this strong of an alternative work will call you. You are not afraid, or you wouldn’t be hearing this. And if you don’t have vision, there is nothing for the planet to follow.

What do I mean? What am I saying? First, I want you to remember that I started out telling you that what I am doing tonight is working my very best to manipulate you, because I’m talking serious need here—serious need here.

I want you to imagine that you have just been bitten by a rattlesnake, and if you can get to the doctor quickly enough without moving yourself enough, you might be able to get the antivenin to protect your life. You get to the doctor, and they give it to you, and it doesn’t work, and you can feel yourself slowly dying. That is where the planet is at this time. There is help out there that can work, but the help that it has been given thus far isn’t enough. Has it gone too far? Has the poison infected the system too much? Well, darlings, because you are here I would say it hasn’t been too much.

What does vision have to do with this? Once upon a time, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, when it was set out by the Source of all things that this would be a place where energy would go through a specific spiritual evolution system in order to grow back into its own self, very much the way that an adult has a baby and it comes out a little bitty, teeny tiny human and it grows up to look like a big human—sometimes it’s still a baby, though. So it is that the soul—the spirit self—is also growing to look like its creator, too, to move back to itself. And that this would be the most easy place for that, but that it would not be something that was simply left to chance, but there would always, always be help—in two forms: help in the form specifically of those individuals who got through it more quickly; who, from what they learned they passed on to those who were learning at the same time—on-world help. Is that on-line help? And the second one is through off-world help, coming in a couple of ways. One way off-world help comes is by that still small voice within, by the whole idea that gets discussed as guardian angels or guiding spirits—the idea that there are those invisible helpers—angels, maybe—there to help you, teach you, keep you moving. And then those who had already progressed in other dimensions choosing to come here, take on form, and help. Those are the two versions of off-world help, meaning that there are those individuals—what is it that your scriptures say? Be not forgetful to entertain a stranger, for in doing so some have entertained an angel unaware. The angel is not the one that’s unaware, in the use I’m giving it tonight. Meaning that they’re walking in your midst and you don’t know it; meaning that those individuals who are—forgive me for being so hocus-pocus tonight—who are seeded with that internal sense of self that says, there is more that can be done; there is something I’m here to do. That has that dreamer, that vision, that sense that, I think I’m here to be famous; I don’t know why—I don’t even desire to be famous. I get nervous in front of two people. How could I be in front of two thousand. But there is something in you that keeps saying, maybe I’m going to write a book; maybe I’m going to speak or teach, or maybe, or maybe, or maybe—because something in you know that you are here to affect the planet, and this day and age that seems the most easy way to do it.

Seeded in their hearts with a knowing that, in one way or another, you are going to make a difference, and you keep seeking how.

My illustration is: If a first-grader goes to a first grade class, it takes him many months to learn all the things there are to learn, doesn’t it? But if a college graduate goes to that same first grade class and sits down in a chair and takes the test, they’re probably going to go through it very, very quickly, don’t you think? I hope so—I really hope so. Why is that?

They know it.

S: They already know it. But, you know, there are all sorts of incredible teaching techniques that are out, and I’m sure that that college graduate did not have any of those techniques. So might not actually know what the teacher’s getting ready to say—right? But don’t you bet that college graduate will catch on really fast? Welcome home, darling, because you—you—are that graduate student in welcome to the earth—third rock from the sun, is that it?

First grade. Just because you don’t remember all of what you are, just because you don’t know exactly what it is you’re going to do, just because, at this point in your life, you’re not even sure you want to do it, it doesn’t mean the Universe isn’t using you anyway. because—back to the beginning of what we were talking about—your frequency vibrates at a rate that the planet itself can use. Doesn’t that make sense? That you would be tuned for where you’re going to be?

And now this planet needs you. So what can you do? A moment ago I heard that you can be the example, and ultimately that is exactly it. But you cannot be an example of something when you don’t know what to do. And that is where I go back to number one. Number one: What you need right now, over the next five days, is to establish what your vision for your life here. It’s not, Here’s what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. It’s what is your calling card. What is it that, if you could do absolutely anything, you could see yourself doing—but you don’t tell it to too many people, because you’re afraid they might laugh? What is it, when you are thinking, what do I want; what do I want to do? what is it you think about? If you could live anywhere, if you could be anything, if you could do anything, where would it be, what would it be? What is your vision?

Very quickly I want to remind you of that old illustration in which somebody comes up to a bricklayer and says, “What are you doing?” and she says, “I’m getting overtime.” And around the corner there’s another bricklayer and, upon being asked, “What are you doing?” this one says, “I’m working on this wall right here.” And just a little farther down the way, goes to the next one and says, “What is it you’re doing?” and that bricklayer says, “I’m building a castle that’s going to be part of this incredible, beautiful land here. It’s going to be a place for [end of tape]

And what’s the difference? The first one is getting overtime. Absolutely connected to that moment, but obviously spiritual, because they’re willing to work just a little bit harder to get just a little bit more. I thought I’d put that in for you. Unfortunately, that’s as far as that vision went, exactly that moment. And although the moment is the only place you have power, vision is not going to get you any farther than that moment, and when you stay in the moment, when you stay and stay and stay and stay in one place, what happens? Pretty soon you’re in a grave. If water just drops on the same place just over and over and over, water goes through rock. If you just stay in the same place the whole time, you’ll sink.

The second one was building a wall. That’s a little further along. But the third one was building a castle and saw that castle as a place for justice and hope for the whole beautiful area.

Who do you want working on your team? The one going for overtime or the one who understands the vision. You don’t have vision because you’re afraid of failing. You don’t have vision because you’re afraid to try any more. You don’t have vision because you have mistaken vision for goals. But you cannot truly have goals until you have vision, because goals are the month by month or week by week or day by day ways that you act out that vision. Vision is the food that keeps you going, and if you don’t know what it is that’s keeping you going and you don’t know why you are still in this game, what’s your vision? If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do, won’t it?

But darlings, you’re not going to have vision until—Stuart, I should have a drum roll here, because this is a big punch coming—you don’t have vision because you’re afraid of yourself.

I know, everybody in the world today wants to tell you that it’s somebody’s fault out there. It’s your parents your afraid of, or your boss that you’re afraid of. It’s making waves or not being accepted. But it’s you. And the reason that you are afraid of you is because you have issues of forgiveness that you have not completed, and it’s holding on to you and causing your view of the world to be as broken as you are.

I just hit my major point as to what’s wrong on the planet right now. Let me say it again. You have issues of forgiveness. Translated, that means you have grudges you’ve not let go of, you have people you have hurt that you have not said you are sorry to, you have issues that are not complete, that are holding you back from being full and free and active in the world—your full self—and it holds you back because you it leaves you with this stain—this stain—the stain of believing that everybody else out there is as unforgiving as you.

You don’t leap to be the first to say you’re sorry when there is a slight misunderstanding because you know how misunderstanding you are. And yes, there is definitely a place, and when it happens that I’m giving workshops or classes to those who are just waking up, I will tell them, you need to work on yourself before you start working in the world out there. I will tell them that, you can do this sort of work internally. And all these things are true. I will tell them that letting go and forgetting and forgiving is easy. And all of that is true, but for those of you who know to live life, to be kind, loving, spiritual—that is for the Mother Theresa crowd—when you do not act in that highest fashion yourself, it breaks you apart, it breaks you apart, much differently than when you were blissfully ignorant.

Gracious, darlings, some of you cannot kill a cockroach without apologizing to it first, and yet you are second to hateful to the needs of the planet and the people on it, and carefully hold that you are right, so you don’t have any responsibility to make amends.

Who have you hurt? Omission and commission—by not doing when you could have or doing what wish later you did not. Is there a place, a person, in which you had an opportunity to live love and you did not? You don’t have vision, my love, because you are afraid the world is as mean as you, because nobody knows you like you do.

Am I saying that you are mean and petty? Am I saying that you do bad things? No, that’s not what I am saying. I am saying, however, that you harbor your own list of grievances against yourself, and then you project that blot into the world.

I believe that there are people in your life whom you need to back up and ask forgiveness of, and I believe, my darling, that it might start with your own self. You’ve been judging a bit too harshly for your light to shine as brightly as it really, really can.

When you can see beyond your own self, then you’re not afraid to hope for much, much more. That’s vision. Then you are free to act without fear that you will act badly, that you will hurt another, that they will hurt you.

Somebody’s got to push this door open and get it started, because this planet is hurting because humans are hurting it. They are hurting one another in terrible ways, and until someone shows that that pattern can be broken out of, then everyone will just be living, to a greater or lesser degree, lessons in how not to hurt much through it all. That is not what you are here for. One more bumper sticker slogan here: Get your act together, because time is running out to act.

I don’t do this often. Please pay attention over the next five days. Stay focused, my friends. See if there can be a couple of disaster-free days. Give the planet a break today.

Make some happy trails.