June 5, 1999

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: Hello love. I think tonight is one of those nights in which the plane was a bit too big for the runway. Hello dear. Well.

If you were to think about what this particular time is about, what are the things you would think of?


S: Activity. Yes. Activity. Oneness. And that’s a very large picture of it, but that’s absolutely true. Good. Activity. How about that ideally leads to oneness or unity and an awareness of One Heart, mind, body.


S: Synchronicity. What do you mean by that?

I went to have eye surgery Friday. The nurse who walked in said, “I don’t know how you feel about healing, but I’m trained in hands on healing, and I’m going to be here for all the surgeries that you have.” I think that’s pretty synchronicitous.

S: Don’t you love it when the Universe reminds you that you matter? And indeed you do.

There was Frank, perhaps?

I would say, for me, heading into the fullness of summer is a real time of seeing things come to fullness. It’s a real time to me, more than the autumn, summer is really a time of completions and seeing things in full bloom and full leaf and full growth. And it’s just such a time of growth and prosperity and fullness.

S: All right.

It’s also rather riotous.

S: Riotous. In what way is that?

Well in the same fashion that it’s growing a whole lot, but it’s chaotic.

S: Chaotic growth, intense growth, quick change. And that’s very true. Aye.

I would say it’s a time of transformation, for me personally, because summer is my time off so I get to do all the things I want to do for myself, and with myself. And make the changes that I want to make.

S: Aye.

I have time for that.

S: You’ve just moved through a Wesak, which has nothing to do with baby feet, and everything to do with an awareness of right action, of intelligent activity. You’ve also moved through quite massive change in regard to even the simple things, such as the nature of your […]

You are moving from the energy of goddess, creative, beginning into—hello, love.


S: Ah, it’s lovely. Into the beauty and fulfillment—key word there—fulfillment of the promise, the fulfillment of the promise that that goddess energy offered. And now you are moving toward a time of very strong god energy.

Now, just for a reminder, what are we talking about here—goddess and god energy? I could just as well have said feminine energy time, masculine energy time.

Well, it’s all part of the same thing, but in the time of activity is god energy, but it leads into goddess energy, which leads into god energy.

S: Excellent.

It’s a swirl; it’s a circle.

S: Good. It is a function of the whole. That’s all it is. It’s a function of the whole, which through time has been manifested anthropomorphically, aye. I’m not sure that’s actually the word I’m wanting to use there, as a means of personifying, looking human. You relate masculine, feminine; therefore All That Is must relate itself as well as goddess and god. But energy does, in this world, express itself in that sort of dichotomy, and you express yourself in that dichotomy, and as Mary Claire very beautifully said, it’s not one or the other; it’s one and the other. The one moves into, which flows into, which goes to, which flows into. And they all work together.

You have a time that you are coming into now that is, in all likelihood, going to be a period of time that you remember all of your life. Now, there are a lot of things on the platter here that could be listed as to what I’m discussing here. As a for-instance, the summer. This is the last summer or next to the last summer, if you judge it my way, of this particular millennium. And of course you know every one is better and more powerful than the last, right?

You’re moving into a time of challenge, moving into a time of challenge in that right now, at this moment, your world is in several wars. There are arenas in the world that have flooding, and those that are experiencing droughts, famine. Great abundance, and want. The dichotomies are very clear in your world right now. And it’s very hard to not be touched by it.

And for those individuals—and you know, dear ones, no matter how tall you are, no matter how old you are, no matter how new you are, so you think, you are here, you are hearing these words, because your heart recognizes two very important things. One of them is that there is more between heaven and earth, Horatio, aye, that there are more things, unseen perhaps than even seen, that there is more; and that’s perhaps the easiest way to hold that. You come here because you know there is more. That’s why you’re on the planet, because you know there is more, and this is a time that needs those who know there is more, because that involves the second thing. You know there’s more and you know there’s something you can do about it. Oh, don’t you hate that part? But there it is. It’s either been all of your life, or twice in your life. It’s been all of your life, because when you were a child you recognized that you seem to think differently or feel differently, or you just were differently. And you learned that it was all right. And all of your life you’ve just dealt with it. Or twice in your life—that time as a child where you immediately then recognized that and shut it off, you know, and the second time when you woke up to it. When perhaps you recognized that it was a whole lot easier just to start seeing what else might be out there rather than dealing with the frustration, sometimes the boredom , the irritation. Are you one of those people that, when things just aren’t quite right, you get irritated? A lot are. Those who are sort of laughing right now are probably the ones. There are a lot of angry people in your world. How many of them do you think are angry because they feel impotent, powerless, unable to make a difference, like you used to? Maybe like you still do. Because until you are functioning as your spiritual self, awake and aware of it, you are effectually still asleep, and, believe me, should it be one of you, it would be tossing and turning in a very miserable sleep indeed. No magnets would help. Two kinds.

And to be right here in this room right now takes it a step further, more than just here on the planet, takes it a step further, because I’m not here to train you. I’m not here to awaken you. I’m here not for you, but with you.

There are those who have chosen to be here now, at this time, because this is a time of great change for the planet, for the life force upon it. And having looked through this room now, I would say every one of you in here—every one of you in here—can relate to my saying that your heart knows. Listen with your heart. Your heart knows that you are one of those who have come here to make a difference, to help the process, not hinder it.

And so using the energy of this particular time which you recognize as one of action, of riotous change, potential, hope, I’d like to offer you a few tools for the things that are going to be coming up.

First let’s start a bit with the sorts of things that are going to be coming up. As you are moving toward July and August and on through to the end of the year, there is much awareness, a lot of people directing their minds toward the end of the year and the massive changes that are going to be coming about in a new world, a new millennium. Which calendar, I ask? You’ve got a dozen, easy to choose from, and even on your own calendar, there’s still yet discussion and debate as to whether or not its starting point was anywhere near a proper one. It’s a fairly abitrary one, as it is, but let’s recognize that mass consciousness and its focus upon the end of this year as being a great magical time, maybe. A time of hope, a time of change, certainly. If nothing else but the mass consciousness energy, let’s put forth that you are moving into a new world. I want you to remember that I am not a prophet of doom and gloom. I think that one of the most manipulative—and if there could be something that was truly evil, this would rank right up there with it—things that can be done is to try to tell you that you have no power to make change happen, that there is fate, and that that fate is going to put forth that certain things are going to happen, no matter what. And, according to prophets of old, those things that are going to happen are going to be disruptive. Disruptive. That’s a good word, don’t you think? What are the sorts of things you’ve heard about?


S: A catastrophe, sure, but what sorts of things?

California will fall into the sea.

S: California will fall into the ocean, that’s right. Texas will be a coastal state.

Shift of magnetic poles.

S: That’s right. A polar shift. Good. Aye. So that the south will be the north, is that it?

Something like that.

S: Aye.

Ice cap meltdowns.

S: Aye. Sure. All right.

Computer shutdowns.

S: Computer shutdowns. That’s not such a bad idea, is it?

So far you’ve only told the bad ones. Have you heard any good ones?

Returning of the Christ Consciousness.

S: All right, the returning of Christ Consciousness, which I’ve been speaking to you about—the returning of Christ, the returning of Christ Consciousness—in the last retreat and in the workshops that have been going on. Sure. That’s also in there, and that is a good prophesy.

Good. Any more?

We would not be tied to this dimension. We would be able to . . .

S: Because if your poles shifted, your magnetic balance would change and you would have no gravity. You’d have the ability to move out of this dimension, to function within this dimension or not.

I think a lot of people are thinking of the Age of Aquarius. It’s kind of the Piscean Age ending, coming to Aquarius. I don’t know how much that’s tied to that particular journey.

And it’s also prophesied it’s the end of the world as we know. I like that part, “as we know it.”

S: I would agree with that.

You’ll have more help. I think they all say you’ll have more help than ever before. You have more access to spirit. You have more access to help.

S: Indeed. Is that a prophesy?

No, it’s just a wish.

S: Colleen felt the need to put in a bit of comfort with this. Thank you, love, that’s good.

They also say the veil will be lifted, but I’m not sure that was a prophesy.

S: But you do understand that the point that I’m making is that there have been many things prophesied about this time. Some of the prophesies are very daring. They say such things as September 27, 1895, Jesus will return again with the angels, and then that date has to keep shifting over and over and over, because it continues to be wrong. Right?

Some of them are about such things as leaders coming up in your world, changes that are going to be happening technologically and medically. Things that are going on with weather. Things that are going on in regard to the constructs of things like relationships, family, government. Many, many things are being directed into this time. And do not be fooled; with the exception of a twist of translation, I would say that these seers have indeed seen something of the greater Plan. How they have translated it, I might have a bit of issue with. Nonetheless, they all point toward massive change, in one way or another, and that is what is what I wanted to use as my start.

How do you deal with change? Are you ready for more? When next that we’re together, I will discuss in a bit more detail about some profound events that are indeed coming your way, but until then what difference does it make, if you’re not ready? Good, bad or neutral, if you’re not ready, how do you deal with change?

Pretty badly.

S: Most deal with it badly, because why?


S: Fear, yes. Of what?

The unknown.

S: Why is the unknown frightening? Frank.

Because we’ve generally created our own world in such a way that we are in control of it, or at least are comfortable with what’s going to happen if we can predict what our reactions are going to be. And when we’re suddenly thrown into a new environment or a new setting, we feel like we have no control and no idea what’s going to happen, so we’re left to act spontaneously.

I think too there’s been, in humans and in all animals, there is a species recollection that ignorance is death, and we’ve spent a long time learning that if you, you know, stay in the cave around the fire, you live to be an old person, and if you go out to say, you know, what’s up there? you don’t come back or you may not come back. And enough people didn’t come back, that, you know, the smart ones stayed in the cave.

S: An instinctual memory that plays itself out as new is dangerous. Fear it.

I think it has to do with us fearing that we might not be able to be enough to cope with what’s coming up, because we know what we can take care of now, but how do we know that what’s coming is something we know how to do?

S: Yes.

I read a story years ago, and it’s always stuck with me, but it was about a person who was walking in the woods, and they were afraid. What if they met a snake? And then they encounter a snake, and it’s “What if it bites me?” And they’re afraid of that, and this thing bites them, and they wonder, What if I can’t get to a hospital? And they get to the hospital, and they wonder, What if they don’t have an antidote? So I think our fears are always one step ahead of our now, or further from our now.

It’s that last little bit of trust issue, that we don’t trust the Source, the relationship.

S: It’s because you’re doing it alone that you fear it. Because you know you’re not enough. A thousand things every day remind you that humanity has its limitations, but without a strong enough relationship with Source that you can trust that you’re not alone—and you are not alone—then you have the delightful experience of getting to suffer through life instead of surf through it. You fear change, because you do not trust. You do not trust what you do not know. And ultimately, you do not trust Source to be walking the road with you, because you do not know Source as a partner.

You fear change, but change is the first key to dealing with what’s next in your world. Your ability to change. To change your mind, to change your direction, to change what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, to see life as opportunities and challenges for which you have choices is a leap in thinking so far beyond mass consciousness, so far beyond what most humans are capable of, that it seems an impossibility. And yet it’s not a hard one—to say. But saying it gets it started.

Change. The only thing that you know is what you are experiencing right here in this moment. And every time in your life that you stop and look to the past, seeking an excuse for not acting, or looking to the future, allowing fear—the past is pain that stops you, and the future is fear of not being in control that stops you. Did you get that? The fear of pain when you’re looking back. Sometimes you look that way on purpose. You have to dig really hard to find the pain that you can then remind yourself, Here is why I don’t want to do this. Or to the future. Well you never know, what if, what if? So that that can stop you. What if this happens and I cannot handle it?

All right. What if California should fall off into the edge of the earth? And then Nevada gets more prominence. Right? You only dwell upon it, you only fear it because you fear you will not be able to manage through it. Change that thinking. Your ability to bring change into your life is directly related to your ability to trust Source with your life. And I would like to remind those of you who function at a higher frequency, more awake than asleep, if ultimately the Source of all things includes you in all things, then it’s impossible to be alone. That, in fact, you have to cut off the truest part of your own self, don’t you, all my friends, to be alone? You have to work at denying the connection that’s a part of your very heart. Change.

This time is going to require, along with that idea of change, the ability to adapt quickly, make do, invent. Innovate! That’s the word. That’s the word I’m looking for. To be innovative. What does that mean?

Be creative.

S: Creative. Excellent. To be able to see what is needed at the time, and be able to work with it. Somebody very quickly—Mike would be a good one—tell me the miracle story.

The miracle story relates to the wedding.

S: Good work.

That Jesus had attended, and the …

S: Thanks, mum.

The celebration ran out of something important at the time, which was wine. And Jesus was requested by his mother to make available what was needed for the celebration to continue.

S: I love that part. And?

And so he did.

S: Aye.

He created a miracle of the proper sort, which was to make available that which was needed at the time for the celebration to continue.

S: Right. Thank you.

Samuel, was it red wine or white wine?

S: Purple wine. Very dry, believe me.

The nature of the miracle is to be able to see what is needed at the moment and provide it. That’s not so outrageous, is it? You become aware of something. You do what you can. That’s what that means. It means that you are making a cake and you do not have quite enough what?


S: Sugar. So what can you do?

Use honey.

S: You can add some honey. You can choose to have it not so sweet.

You can go ask the neighbor.

S: You can go borrow some, sure.

Put more icing on it.

S: Add more icing. And for all of the counsellors that are in this room, you psychologists, I have a question. Don’t you think that the nature of these answers says a lot about the people? Don’t you think? You say, “What would you do if you ran out of sugar.” Well, I would put more icing on top. Cover it over. Make it really sweet on the outside; it won’t matter.

Innovative thinking is what you need. I think that Frank is a master of innovative thinking. I have enjoyed so very much watching—through borrowed eyes definitely—but watching Frank figure out how to make something work when he does not have the tools at hand.

What are the sorts of things people do? Well, this is just a what-if. What if you did not have electricity? You had a big storm coming up this night, and your power got knocked out. Do you have candles? Can you get to them in the dark?

With a flashlight.

S: You would be surprised how many people don’t go that extra step. Well, I have what I need out here, I just do not know how to get it. Something as simple as if you had a fire in your home, would you know how to get out? Your world is constantly saying to do a pretend fire with your family.

Fire drill.

S: Fire drill. That does not sound [right].

In the sense of a practice.

S: What is a drill sergeant?


It’s someone that drills, makes it happen over.

Somebody that drills you.

S: And what do you do with screws?


S: And holes?

Drill holes.


S: All right. So you drill the fire. Do you? Do you know how to get out? Do you know more than one way? Does your family? Are you prepared? What if you had no water? Do you have any? What about food? What about plans? Are you as able to change your plans as you are your candles and fire drill and . . . because you see, that’s the one that throws you off a lot more than having canned food, water and candles on hand.

Here is how my life is going to be. Here is what it should be. Oops! Something changes. Can you innovate? Can you flow with that change? The ability to be flexible, adaptable and creative creates the innovative key that is needed to make a new world work.

Knowledge. That’s the third thing. It’s hard to be innovative if you do not know what does and does not work for you. Make use of knowledge. Gain knowledge. In another fifteen years, I hope, the Hispanic language will be the predominant language in this hemisphere. Can you speak it? You could learn. Knowledge opens doors.

When is the last time you tried to learn something? The two keys to not losing your mind as you get older are to keep yourself actively learning, and actively moving. Learning, moving. Learning , moving. Keep going and keep learning. That’s what it is. What have you been learning about? Is all of your learning experience in a tunnel, all related to one particular arena of your life? “Well, it’s just for my work.”

What do you know about the world going on around you? Do you understand what the issues are in Kosovo? Have you tried to learn about what’s happening in your world there? Do you know who makes up the NATO countries? Chile. Are you aware of the war going on there? How about the incredible earthquake that just happened somewhere along the western border of China? Do you know what causes those things? Do you know how to help?

What do you know? What do you know that is workable in the world? I did not say in your world. Do you make sure that you only talk to people within your small social groups in order to ensure that you never have to sound stupid? That’s a good sign that you’ve stopped learning.

Knowledge. How many of you can work a computer? Well, theoretically after the beginning of this year it won’t be necessary anyway, is that correct? Have you been avoiding it, because it’s too hard to teach an old dog new tricks? Well, Sallie, love, you should bark for the group, shouldn’t you? I just absolutely love that you, by gum, taught yourself how to use the computer, how to communicate around the world on it, how to stay in touch with the world with it. It’s an opportunity, but it requires knowledge.

What are you doing? Because the more you know, the less you fear, the more control you get to feel. The more you know, the more you can do. The more you know, the more you can innovate with.

Change is coming. Innovation is required. Knowledge helps you be able to manage a constant flow and ease through it all. But there is one more thing. Timeliness. Speed. Hurry. The final key is spiritual readiness, because your ability to change in the changes, your ability to adapt to the changes, your knowledge of what will help you function through it all, makes no difference if you do not have a spiritual foundation on which, through which, for which to act.

But, bluntly speaking—and here is as close as you will hear me talking doom and gloom—bluntly speaking, you’re not doing it quickly enough, because as far as I’m concerned that spiritual foundation, that point of your life from which wholeness emanates, that spiritual foundation is what everything else comes from, because life is hopeless without it, as you know.

So how do you know if you have a spiritual foundation? Well, a master of this age said love proves it. It shows it. The greatest commandment of this time is to love.

Now, love what? Love God. And love your neighbors. And, yes indeed, you cannot give away what you do not have, you cannot love if you do not love yourself—the temple. So how is your love doing?__ Has it changed from when you were a child? Do you love more people or less than you did five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty, thirty, forty years ago? Some of you loved a whole lot more forty years ago, because you weren’t here at the time.

[Picks up a rose] You know what sort of plant this one came from. Do you?

A rose.

S: Why do you know it?

The shape.

S: Because everything about it tells you rose. If it’s just sitting there inside a leaf, for instance, saying, I’m a rose, I’m a rose, I’m a rose. Oh, I’m such a good rose. I’m so proud of my roseness. That’s a very lovely thing, and we’re very pleased for what a high awareness level this leaf might have, but it’s known because of the flower or the fruit. Your spiritual self is what the others see. It’s not enough in this time that you be quietly, confidently, sitting off to the side saying, “I’m a rose, I’m a rose, I’m a rose, I’m a rose. I’m a high being of spiritual light and love, and I absolutely am working at a high frequency and can do amazing things.” It’s not enough. It won’t get you there. You will not feel satisfied, even though if you had just awakened to your spiritual self it might be enough. But not for you. You must live that love, and you know it.

It’s a not a curse when I tell you that the only thing that makes you happy is to give love. But it is. Think about it. Think for a moment about those experiences that you have really enjoyed. You were able to freely give love in one form or another. It’s what makes it good.

Change the way you used to love. Make it an outward action of conscious spiritual reflection. Become innovative with your spiritual life. Be willing to not do your five-minute meditation today—just like you didn’t yesterday or the day before; sorry! Today you’re going to sit outside with the sun on your face, listening to the birds and merging with the clouds, recognizing the beauty of it.

Allow yourself to be innovative with the ways that you give love, that you enjoy the planet and the people on it, that you recognize spirit. How many ways do you see Source around you, in you? Teach yourself. Get in situations where you can learn more about issues of living love, learning to communicate better, ways to share what you know. Well, the key word there is know—share what you know. And hurry. Hurry, because your planet is right on the edge of a totally new world, quite unlike anything it’s ever been. You will be behind, and you know you just hate that.

Now I’m going to prophesy a bit for you, quickly. Your next month is likely to show you some very interesting constructs falling around you. August, a great doorway is opening. The time of the eclipse, close to the middle of the month, is a time representing a massive energy change for your world. It has been prophesied for a few thousand years. Ten of them. Your ability to shine the light that you are is very necessary. It’s a very important time. A very important time. You have been feeling it in the agitation. You have been feeling it in your awareness of things coming up as the shifts in the grid of energy around your planet have been slowly, but consistently, moving into place. It’s time now for a big shift. Not a polar shift, a big shift.

And there are those in this room who have come here just for this, and most of you have come because of this. This is for you.

Change. Become innovative. Allow yourself to develop more knowledge, and do it all in the next month. All right? For in so you will fulfill your heritage, and you will fulfill your promise. This is a time that you’ve been waiting on. Do not let it float by you without awareness, because it will. Be on top of this one. Birth a new world. Don’t watch a new world.

Glochanumora. And do not fear. This was not a message of doom and gloom. You have the power. You do. Happy trails.