August 6, 2000

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: That’ll wake you all up, won’t it? How’s life these days? Are you living? You certainly can be alive without living, can’t you? So, are you living? How do you know?

Youre happy.

S: Happy is a sign of life, actually. At least as we’re speaking about it. How do you know if you’re alive?

Theres continued evolution. You see that youre changing.

S: Good! Good! Yes! Because you recognize that you’re still growing, and that makes a difference. You are living because you are not slowly fading away. And the things that come into your life either add to your living or add to your dying. What makes the difference?

How you respond to it.

S: How you respond to it. You are on tonight. Good.

How you respond. Somebody explain that one. All right, nobody explain that one. Aye.

Its a matter of perspective. I mean, it was like some of the gifts we were given tonight. Its a matter of perspective when you can see that joy and the beauty and what it might bring you, when someone elses perspective is, Its a catastrophe and its the worst thing that could have happened in my life. So I think that its how you respond, the perspective of the situation.

S: Your perspective makes a difference, but in order to have your perspective, what’s happened?

Youve made a choice.

S: All right, you’ve made a choice. That works.


S: Attitude. Not exactly what I’m looking for here, but attitude is perspective.

You have to be aware of why youre in a situation and what youre getting out of it, and if what youre getting out of it is really what you want. And if its not what you want, you have to be willing to act on it in order to really honor yourself.

S: You have to be aware of what’s going on, of what it’s about, of how you are reacting or responding to it. What’s the difference between a response and reaction?

Reactions a knee-jerk thing out of old-pattern behavior. A response, theres more of a choice involved, of awareness of Im choosing to respond this way.

S: Perfect. A response is an awarized choice for this purpose, and a reaction is a knee-jerk, reflexive . . .

An old pattern.

S: I see. Yes. It’s an action based on not thinking a whole lot. Reaction.

And having said all of that, I’m going to ask you again: Are you alive? Are you living while you’re alive? How do you know? Are you in a process of consistent change and growth in your life, which allows you a perspective of wisdom leading to right choices for right action that brings about happiness, so that you know it’s worth being alive while you are?

Now, having said all of that, with it being based in happiness, what makes you happy? I’m going to tell you that, once upon a time, I had the opportunity to speak with people one-on-one. I’m sure some of you remember that, eh?

Far, far away.

S: Long ago. In the very back of your mind there, eh? And I would ask, “What makes you happy?” Now, of course, if I’d had the opportunity to speak to somebody several times, they were on to me and were prepared with an answer—“This makes me happy. That makes me happy.”—but more often than not, the question would come across exactly the way it did to you just a moment ago: What makes you happy? And within that moment, your life flashes before your eyes, because you become quite aware that you’re living or you’re dying while you’re breathing. If you don’t know what makes you happy, I would say that’s very sad.

If you don’t know what makes you happy, though, you’ve got hope, because although you may not know, you have a lifetime in front of you to find out. The one answer that’s quite sad is when you know, and my next question—the one that follows—is, “And how long has it been since you’ve done that, had that, been there?”

Because to know and not do destroys the soul, no matter what it is. To know that singing makes you happy but you never sing eats away at you, whereas if you did not know that it was something that fed you so much, well, ignorance is bliss, eh?

What makes you happy? I asked that question once, and a person said, “Define happiness.” What do you think my answer was?

Sorry you have to ask.

S: I said, “That’s your head talking, and not your heart, and your head is what’s keeping you from knowing the answer. “

Now, what do I mean by that? And for as many people as there are in here, there are probably that many answers, but let’s put out a few of them. What do I mean by that?

With our heads we tend to rationalize away our hearts desire. We try to explain, we try to analyze, or make excuses for why were not following our heart. We think too much. As youve told probably many of us, for this work here we virtually dont need our heads.

S: As long as you have your heart working and able. Good. Paula.

I think of the heart as the connection to spirit, which is the connection that we all have to each other and to that thats greater than what we see here. And the head is what rules us here. And so the head gets in the way of connecting to spirit

S: Could you hear all that? Good. ‘Twas a good one. Good. Steve?

Dovetailing from that, the head recognizes duality. As a result, its purpose is to—its misguided purpose is to try to protect the security system, and out of that comes a lot of fear, which is really the antithesis of who we are and the love that we are.

S: Aye. Aye. The head has to keep the physical essence functioning, so it warns you by activating fear. The head functions in a work of judgment constantly—this is all right; this is not all right. It is an expression of your dual nature. Your dual nature is that you are spiritual beings in human costume. You are spirit functioning as form; you are form working to incorporate more of spirit. That duality is an expression of a greater duality: Source as All That Is expressed itself in the world, and in this world, everything seeks itself and its opposite, so that you are constantly dealing with duality, duality, duality: This is right. This is wrong. This is now. This is yesterday. This is. . . . and this is. . . . It is a life focused in judgment in order to survive. That’s not a bad thing as long as you are aware that, to go back to what I said a moment ago, that for everybody in the room there is a different answer that’s right for them. That’s a really hard one when you are in a desperate place and you want the security of knowing that if you only do this exactly this way, everything will be all right, and so therefore this is good and everything else is not good.

Have you ever been in this situation, and what you chose was the wrong one? Don’t you hate it when that happen? But by that happening, it has opened another door, another opportunity, and, bottom line in this particular answer, for everything in front of you, your choices show themselves up as—very generally—that which encourages, satisfies the head, and that which encourages, satisfies the heart.

Trick question: Which one is the right one?


The bridge.

Define right.

S: Not left?

All right, you’re going with it in a very good way. Both. It’s perspective. It depends on the situation. But that in everything that you do, that is the hardest thing to deal with in all of your life. The hardest thing you deal with is not “this or this;” it’s when it’s this and this.”


I was going to ask, would this be the same thing as intuition, vis-à-vis reason?

S: Which?

Okay, the heart would be intuition, and the mind would be reason.

S: You want to be a bit careful with that, because intuition in somebody who is functioning and aware and awakened is a much higher ability than in one who is not awakened. At that point, they tend to be security issues, instinctual; the intuition is save yourself. At a higher level, with a larger picture, the same call—save yourself—has a totally different meaning. So yes, absolutely, that’s a good recognition, but you’ve got to be careful that you put in—what do you call it, Frank?—a disclaimer.

So would there in fact be a hierarchy and balance at the same time?

S: Always. Always. And Shirley said the key when she said it’s about bridging, making a bridge. What’s that about?

Well, the head’s trying to function in form. Its trying . . .

S: The head? Is trying to function?

And find whats workable with the physical form in this world. And the heart is the promptings of spirit that dont have those limitations, so bridging the two may be synthesizing the need of spirit, the need of form, and then finding something that works in the middle that honors both. That I can compromise just a little bit on this side, but yet I cant go full tilt because this could create problems in my life that would not be something that I desire. So bringing them together and finding the compromise sometimes is what I would think of as a bridge.

S: That’s very good. It becomes a way in which you are able where you are at the moment to make the most of what you are at the time. Good. Which is to say that when you are on the bridge, you’re closer to happiness. When you’re on the bridge, you’re learning and growing. Aye.

How do you make the bridge?

S: Good question. So how do you make a bridge between the heart and the head? First rule. That was opening the door. Frank.

Awareness helps me a lot. If Im aware of how Im feeling, what Im thinking, what Im experiencing.

S: All right. I’m going to go just a little bit further back than that. Know that I am being extremely dramatic, but absolutely truthful. In the lives of most humans, the way that you begin building a bridge is by first having the most serious disaster you’ve had in your life. Don’t you love that? How humans are so good at learning by pain, so if you hurt enough you’ll start looking for an option. Have you not seen that in your life? And can you not think of two or three examples just right off of times in which finally you took action and made a change because you said, Enough! I hate it when that happens to you.

Nonetheless, most of the time in your lives you do not go from here to here, from here to here; you do not make the move to synthesis; you don’t take a step on the bridge until you are pushed from where you are, in one way or another. The good news is it does not always require extremely painful pushes if you learn to hear it early enough.

In your life, think about something that did not go well. Something you wanted that you did not get. Something you sought that you did not find. Something you wanted to be that did not happen. Something that you wanted to have happen that did not go the way you desired it to. Surely amidst those choices, there is something that you can relate to. Now, would you do the same thing again?

For every one of you who has said no—some of you extremely vehemently—for every one of you who has said no, you put your first step on to the bridge, because you made a choice not to do what hurt you before.

I’m going to tell you one of the great secrets of the cosmos that over the last couple of thousand years seems to have been pushed to the wayside: The Universe, Source, wants you to be happy.

Now, that’s actually a fairly radical thought, because what that says then is that your happiness puts you in league with the Universe. It’s a radical thought, because it implies that happiness has some sort of cosmic consequence and that unhappiness is steering you away from being in league with the Universe. And that is so.

Insofar as the human experience is concerned, everything that you do in your life, everything that you do in your life, you do because it gives you something. It gives you a pat on the back or a kick in the bottom. And if what it’s giving you is enough kicks in the bottom, and you don’t want that, you‘ve got to look and see what it is you’re getting from it that makes you willing to put up with it thus far, before awareness.

What’s it giving me? Well, it’s allowing me to be a victim, and that’s kind of handy. Or it’s keeping me from having to do anything else, because I don’t believe in myself, and I’m able to just prove to myself over and over and over that I’m not enough and I don’t have ability. And so by constantly putting myself in situations in which I can fairly well guarantee that I’m going to be able to fail, that I’m going to fairly well guarantee that I don’t ever believe in myself so I’ll never truly have to act.

By the way, that tends to be very common among individuals who have a lot of spiritual power they do not want to uncover, more often than not because there is something inside of them that is afraid of themselves. That wee, small voice that says, You’re here to make a difference, and that head that says, Don’t be different than anyone else. Don’t risk standing out in the crowd. If you do, you’ll be a target.

In your life, you are either preserving the old or preparing the new in every thing that you do. To bridge from the old to the new first requires you to remember that it’s one great leap that does it. If one great leap could do it, you would not need a bridge, would you?

You take a step, and you stop and take a look. All right, did it kill me? No. All right. Was it pleasant? It wasn’t too bad. Try another. What’s your first question?

Did it kill me?

S: All right. That works. Did it kill me? How was it? All right, this time maybe it wasn’t so good. All right, why wasn’t it good? Well . . . and again, for every one of you in here, there will be a different reason. And the reason that works for Matthew and the reason that works for Jeanean might appear to be the very same thing, but for one of them it’s a good thing, and for one of them it’s not.

So just in the same way that you cannot judge others that the choices they’re making are the right ones or the wrong ones, so you cannot do it for yourself either, except by asking, Would I do it again or not. If you do it again, what did you gain from it? If you would not, what did you learn from it? Because as you are aware of what you gained and what you learned in the activities of your life, you begin to allow yourself to create the technology that gets you through your life: This works, and this does not.

Now, let me toss in a small warning here. You’ve got to be careful, because this is an ongoing process, and if you were to judge everything going on in your life at any given time by what did not work before, well, there’s going to be a point where all you’re doing is limiting yourself, because the things that do not work for a four-year-old, start changing, hopefully, fairly quickly on. So if at forty, you’re still looking for somebody to hold your hand when you cross the street, there might be a problem there. You’re probably not happy anyway, so you could always go back to that one.

But you’ve got to remember that it’s a constant process. Does it work? Does it not work? What have I learned? What have I learned? Would I do it again?

If you would do it again, would you do it differently? Because the more you know about you—an amazing thing happens—the more you are able to better control your choices and the more you’re able to better relate to others. Ultimately, on the surface, when you’re just beginning to know you, if you project all of it onto others you’re going to have a hard time, but if you reach a point in your experience in which you have been working on that awareness and knowing what makes you work and what does not make you work, and why, and what you’ve learned, and how you’ve learned it, when you are self-aware, it allows you to become—I think I’m going to make up a word here right now—relatable. Does that work? Ah, sorry. You are able to understand, relate, because you are aware of what your process was.

Big secret here: Humanity has a common foundation. The most basic aspect of every issue is the same. When you reach the point that you know what that bottom-line issue is, because in your own life you have worked to learn what over and over and over that bottom line is for you, you will go from being a hindrance in the world to being a help. You will be a bridge.

Quick thing about bridge. [It] touches both worlds, both shores. It has a little of both throughout. It is not one way,; it’s two ways. It’s not only a means by which you help, but in which you are helped, in which you give and you also receive.

What is that bottom line every human ultimately comes to? In as long and drawn-out a story as it is that gets you to it, what is ultimately, that bottom line?



S: Happiness. Trust. Love. All of these fit.


S: Security’s a good fit.

Are you honoring yourself?

S: Are you honoring yourself. Is that what you said? And that works in there with it.


S: Fear is a symptom of not using it correctly.

I may be going the absolute opposite way you are.

S: Then it must mean that it’s going to come around to it.

The bottom line I get to whenever I have a problem, my bottom is that I find Im not enough. Is that where youre going?

S: That’s where I’m going. That’s where I’m going. The problems in your life, be they I’ve misused my money and I owe to these thirty thousand people—maybe it’s over lifetimes—maybe thirty, all right, be it I cannot maintain this relationship, be it I’m unhappy where I work, the bottom line to the issues in your life that are keeping you from being happy, to the things in your world that are keeping you in the head rather than in the heart, the bottom line is it’s because you do not think—maybe I should just stop there—you do not think you are enough. What does that mean? Enough what? Enough.

Cannot cope with what may come up.

S: I’m not enough to cope with what might come up. Yes. That works.

But you can get caught up in all the “Im not pretty enough, Im not tall enough, Im not thin enough, I dont make enough money.” I mean thats all the enoughs. Im not good enough. Its just a judgment.

S: Excellent. Excellent. I’m not enough. Self-judgment. Yes, yes, yes. Where does it come from? What is it?

It comes from the illusion that you are separated from the larger All That Is, separated from God, that you have to do it by yourself.

S: It comes from the illusion that you are all alone.

And from thats the fear that I cant do what I came here to do.

S: Right. I’m not enough, even though, in my heart of hearts, I have a knowing that I am here to make this a better place. Even though I am driven to love others so much that it’s painful walking out in the world to see the fear and the difficulties out there, because my love is so strong. I’m not enough to make it right. I’m not enough to make it right for the world. I’m hardly enough to make it right in my own life. Better to just not try?

But isnt that because of what others will think of you?

S: Yes and no.

I didnt hear the question.

S: She said, “But isn’t that mainly because of what other people think of you,” that you feel not enough. Yes and no. Yes, in the sense of world-to-world connection, head-to-head connection. Absolutely. Because, again, you live in a society that compares everything. Here is this and here is this. This is enough. This is not enough. You fit in here. You do not fit in there. And that’s where those issues that were popping up—security and trust—show up. But on a heart-to-heart area, the answer there is no, because at that point, it’s because of what you think of you. And what you’re judging there is what? What is it you are judging when you feel you are not enough on your own as you.

Wait, your perception of what you think you should be.

S: You are judging it by your perception of what you think it should be, but why the heck do you have a perception of what you think you should be? Because somewhere you’ve given up your power. Because what is it?


S: To what?

To what youve done in the past.

Spirit to form.

S: Spirit to form. It’s spirit to form. Yes. That’s the head-to-head one. You compare yourself to what you’ve done in the past—I can do it, I cannot do it—by what others tell you you’re capable of, not capable of. But when you are not connected to your spiritual essence—and in just a moment I will tell you the ultimate means of connecting to that spiritual essence—when you are not connected to that spiritual essence, there is within you a constant hole that you will do everything possible to fill. And it cannot be filled. Therefore, you feel something’s missing, something’s not right, I’m not right, I’m not enough.

You have known people who had what you would think of as everything and were unhappy. And you have known people whom you would see had nothing, as you would think of it, and were happy, who in the world were all right, because where their strength was coming from was from the inside rather than the outside. What does it take?

All right. Bottom line. The only thing that makes you happy here, the only thing that gives you security, because it’s the only thing that builds up the strength of the spiritual self so that it begins to have a power on the inside of you, so that you begin as a result to be able to have a strength that is not based on maintaining something outside of you, the only thing that does it is so simple that it’ll throw you off every time. You will not believe it’s enough. It’s so simple because it’s the most natural thing for you to do, and as a result in the world of dichotomies also a choice to do or not do.

And having said all of that, I will also tell you this, it’s the hardest thing there is to do. And that is, you bear the fruit of the tree of spirit; you live love. And in the beginning that’s as simple as simply putting it out there. I am putting out love in the world. And what that does is immediately link you up into the universal blueprint for you.

Every thought of love, every intent of love, every word of love, every action of love, feeds the inner self, the spiritual self. It shows itself up as kindness. It shows itself up as not hating, separating, dividing. It shows itself up as acceptance, flexibility. It shows itself up as a smile, that’s attached to the eyes by the way.

Every point of love in your life opens the door for your whole life to change. I know, it sounds simple enough that that surely cannot be it, but how many people in here can agree with this statement: Living love is one of the conscious and often most difficult things you’ve ever done. Lots of agreement in here. Because it opens the door to you moving out of the box that says Here is all you are, and puts you in touch with the greater purpose not only of your being here, but the greater purpose of “here.”

And having said that—what’s the time doing, Stuart?

About five minutes.

S: Well, don’t you know? All right, I’m going to kick into really high gear here, because I don’t want you to miss this.

Right now in your world you have just moved through a massive gateway. Many of you are quite aware in your own lives that you have made a change. And you have. Some of you are quite aware of it because you’re at that point where you’re looking at it and saying, All right, won’t do that one again. What did I learn from it?

There are many passages in life, but cosmically speaking your world has just made a passage of its own, and that passage has an effect upon all life force upon it.

That gateway is opening a door, and all of humanity is going to be experiencing four things through the rest of this year, perhaps a little further on than that. It’s hard to tell. Free will and all that, you know. It just throws off times.

The first thing is you are awakening to the need to heal your heart. On a higher level, for those who are already awakened and activated into their spiritual work, that has a very different meaning, but on all levels it shows up in your life in a polarity. It shows up in the wisdom of recognizing, here is take the bull by the horn, which always seemed like you must be facing the wrong way. Right?

Your relationships are where most people will see this. And in your world right now is a massive need to seek and to give forgiveness right now. That’s politically, governmentally. That’s one-to-one amongst friends, amongst lovers.

In your life, those who are functioning at a higher frequency are going to be experiencing this as a need to mend what has been broken. Or it’s going to be a constant tap, harder and harder and harder, to mend what is broken. Did you get that difference there? Meaning that when you’re in the flow of things, you’re going to see it one direction or the other. You’re going to be right ahead—all right, proactive. Somebody gave me a better word than taking the bull by the horns. All right. Thank you very much. You’re either going to be proactive—Jennifer, usually that’s you giving me those kind of words. Was that you?—and you will recognize [it] because you will feel it, you will feel a desire in your heart to make sure that your relationships, that your self, is right with others, with your world. If you’ve got stuff to clean up, clean it up, because the other end of it is that the Universe, loving you so very much, and knowing how much you desire to be on the right side of things, will do what it can to push you into the road and get you there. Meaning that you will become very aware of your part in harming relationships, very aware of your difficulties in maintaining them, of your need to be forgiven.

And there is a third alternative in there that shows the head is working instead of the heart, and that would be that you become extremely aware of how much you need to forgive because everybody’s misbehaving so badly, and you’re just having to be so good and loving and forgive everybody around you who’s so awful. And you laugh, but you know what I’m talking about, and that is the head taking over. When you see constantly the ill that others are doing, not you, it’s because you’re not looking.

So, the first thing that is going to be sweeping your world is a desire to heal the heart. And I will talk more about that at another time, but what comes from that is a change in your physical reality, and that’s the second thing that comes up. Now, that’s not airy-fairy, the change in your physical reality, because when your heart, meaning spiritual awareness, has changed to the point that you are capable of forgiving and being forgiven, when you have healed the broken love in you, in your world, in yourself, your relationship with Source, when you have that healing going it does change you, because what it does on a planetary level and on an individual level is it activates Synthesis. It creates a coming together. And in order for Synthesis to be activated it means that the frequency by which you function has risen. So upon the healing of the heart, the energy raises, changing the perspective, the way you see the world, allowing Synthesis to come together.

Synthesis, in the smaller version of it is the head and the heart aren’t fighting all the time. In the larger way, the human nature and spiritual nature are working together, instead of separately. But in the highest version of it capable on this planet right now, it is the merging of the god and goddess aspect of all that is that is within you working as one.

And at this time in your world ,when the movement is one or the other, to function as one is a whole different way of working. Heal the heart, raise the vibration to function in synthesis. Functioning in synthesis there becomes a moment, a cosmic, blessed, power infusion—doesn’t that sound fun?—nonetheless, in which the whole foundation of separation is not longer necessary. When that happens, while you’re functioning at a higher frequency, you become limitless. When that happens without the higher frequency, or without the consistency of a higher frequency, it’s just a nice feeling now and again. Your choice.

Opening the door to the fourth. The heart is healed. The physical essence has changed in the physical world as a result of it through perspective, perception, the nature of its reality. So that there is, for the third, a coming together of the highest aspects of the spiritual self moving from the dichotomy of masculine, feminine, left and right, right and wrong, to an awareness of a greater oneness, and your part within that oneness a non-limited experience to the fourth, which we will talk about when we are together next.

I thought about it, but the reality of it is—reality?—the whole idea of what’s required to get through those three is so foreign that all the fourth is is one more thing to put on a piece of paper and stare at, and to spit back out when I say, What’s the answer to that one?

You have choices before you now in your world that you have never had before. You as an individual, and you as a group in here, and you as a species. What are you doing now to make a difference? And if the answer is anything different than—bottom line—living love, then it’s coming out of the head and not the heart. It will not solve anything.

You have never moved as quickly as you are now. Do something with it. What is it you’re waiting on? Because as I said earlier, the only thing that makes you happy, that fills that space, is love. It’s the most natural thing you do. You have to teach yourself not to do it. Be kinder, gentler, less judgmental. These are expressions of love. Be these things to yourself. Be these things to others. You are leading, so make it something that helps the world.

Another couple of months and you’ll hardly know you. Heal the heart.

Happy trails. Glochanumora.

Thank you, Samuel.

S: My pleasure.