August 1, 2004

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: All right, here is what Im looking at: the energy over here is sort of bouncing off the wall; the energy over here is in security. I wont bite, I promise. And the energy here is very interestingly merged. Now, what do you think all of thats about?

[. . .]

S: Theres always that. All right, so this is a very important time in your life. Why? Why is it a very important time in your life? Gracious, you are quite a distance, arent you? Suzanne and Jean.

Well, because the very most energy thats ever come to this planet is coming now to help us.

S: Well, actually, in a whole lot of ways, that also is true, although that wasnt the direction I was going to go, but thats all right.

For me, almost everything in my life has changed. Its almost like starting all over again.

S: Anybody else noticing that in their own lives? And after our time together last month, I hope that youre a bit prepared for that, a bit more aware of those doors opening as they open.

[To Cindy, referring to Oma] You have my dog in bondage. Its all right. Well see how it works. Aye. But if I get really lonely, will you let her out?

Well see.

S: All right.

The problem, Samuel, is that when I take her other places, she wants to be able to get up and play, because the most of her outings are here.

S: I like that.

So does she, but if I go to an interview and shes whining to get up and play.

S: Good point. Good point. [To Oma] Shes insinuating, darling, that Im doing you some harm, so . . .

No, no.

S: Shes insinuating that youre doing some harm. No, not yet? So, Ill get over it if you will, all right? She says I promise Ill behave. Well, you know, Oma is very often my energy barometer, because she responds so well to you. I will be talking away, and all of a sudden shell jump up and run across the room and try for her tail a few times, and its because youre picking up, youre laughing, youre having fun. Its enjoyable for you, even if youve not quite done it on the outside, and its right next. Shes says its coming, and it does. And I like that.

All right, where were we? Change, yes. But this is a very important time, not only because incredible energy is coming to the planet at this time, not only because there is a lot of change going on. Anybody else? A few ideas?

Its Lughnassadh.

S: Lugnassadh, yes. Yes. Well, that also has a very large part of all thats happening right now.

Just to get real basic, its the only moment I have, so its probably the most important one.

S: I should have called on you next. One step ahead and thats perfect, yes.

For me, it feels like Ive been working on trying to understand so much, and to experience so much, to come through the tears of the onion layers. And now I feel like Im there with much understanding and its time to . . .

S: Youve heard, youve learned, youve grown, and now youre ready to put it to work.


S: Thats good. Thats really good.

Im scared.

S: But not . . .

Not too scared.

S: . . . too scared. Might be if you were doing it alone, but youre not. And that helps.

This is a very, very important time for you for all of these reasons, all of them. And theyre all good reasons. There is a lot going on in your world right now. There is a lot going on everywhere right now. And its about turning a corner. The corner, perhaps, of ready to act, or the realization that this is where the power is, this is the time, this is the place, and that this is every single moment, because there is also a lot of power in that. In fact, that has a lot to do with relieving fear, because you fear what might happen based on what once happened. And that has nothing to do with what is happening. So that has a very big effect there as well.

But one of the greatest reasons that you are in a powerfully wonderful time is because every fiber of your being is responding to a magnificent, creative pull. Now, creative pull: does that mean that you are dying to get home and hit the paintbrush? Well, maybe, or the charcoals, the water-colors, or the clay. Sure. It might be that, but what else might it be? The creative force—and thats not a creative farce.

Were really pregnant and were about to blow.

S: I like that. I like that, although Im not sure about the blow part. Sort of an unpleasant picture going with that one, isnt it? Ready to release and make new into the world—yes. Yes, that definitely works. Creative. What is creative? [Long pause.] All right, maybe youre not about to jump into it if you would not recognize it.

I have a hard time thinking that theres anything thats not creative.

S: Yes, but they pay you to think that way.

For me, cleaning out a drawer is a creative act.

S: Why?

Because I am, with intent, getting rid of the old so that I can make a place for the new. And for me thats creative change in my life, and it manifests all kinds of new possibilities.

S: And how is it that it manifests possibilities? What is the click that happens that turns a drudge chore into a powerful moment and, in the best of worlds, even fun?

For me, because it just happened yesterday or the day before, I was answering an email, and I wanted to express thanks to this person. And I thought “‘Oh, thank you. Its so boring. And so I just kind of took a deep breath and let go, and I got a lot, and I wrote it down, and I wrote down this other line, and I thought Hmm, this is a poem. So the letting-go part, the letting go is how it has to be, for me is the click. And having the time to get into it, that it doesnt have to be a certain way. It could just be the way its happening to me.

S: It doesnt have to be a certain way. It can be just the way it is. Do you not think of creativity as something that you make happen? That you make sure you have all of the right tools and you have a design in mind, and . . . Well, probably for a whole lot of the world, thats exactly what they think of as creativity. Let me have what I need to go and fulfill this little box I have as to what Im capable of doing.

But the magic of creation is twofold, and both Mary Claire and Suzanne reached it. Its that point where you say, This is a process of releasing what was, and allowing whats new. And Suzanne said, Its a matter of letting go and allowing. So whats the click? Whats the point? What makes something creative? David.

Your attitude.

S: Yes. Yes! And it is your attitude—or, Im going to say, intent—it is your intent that is going to allow you to take raw energy coming your way and mold it into what you are needing, because what is so exciting about this time, right now, the next few weeks, that youre going to be experiencing is that your ability to manifest is heightened, perhaps beyond any time you have yet known—well, in this experience.

Manifestation energy and creation energy are two different things, though. Wait, Samuel, I thought that manifestation was making something show up in form, and isnt that creation? No, its not. Whats the difference between the two?

Creation is something out of nothing. Manifestation is something out of something.

S: I could go with that. I can go with that. Lets flesh it out. Lets make more. Aye.

For me, manifesting is much more coming from my partnership with the Universe, and creativity, though it involves my partnership with the Universe, Im much more active in doing it. Manifesting kind of happens around me because of the things Ive done, and creation is something under.

S: Interesting. Nice. Nice. Kathy.

Manifesting can be a conscious or unconscious process, I think, and then creativity is more with intent.

S: Harvey.

Creation involves intent, and manifestation involves fruition.

S: And what I would have said probably fits most closely with that one, because I was going to say manifestation is a symptom of creation. Manifestation uses creation energy. Creativity is a function of creation, because ultimately creation energy is—here is one word thats going to explain most of your life—chaos, because creation energy is chaos.

Now, somebody quickly, what is chaos?


S: Thats true. Potential, that works. Its your friend; it is potential, it is  . . . Heidi.

Everything thats available to you. Its the supermarket, the great cosmic supermarket.

S: Absolutely, and that explanation, that metaphor is chaos as the cosmic supermarket . . .

And that, from that, you can create a cake, but you have to find the flour and the sugar and the chocolate.

S: You have to go in with the intent. Everything you need is out there but youve got to go in with the intent that says, Here is what I want, here is what Im going to do. And you also have to be able to change at the last minute when you find that there is not any chocolate, you determine that youre going to use . . .



S: Strawberries, vanilla, whatever. Non-chocolate. You are able to make a change, and that is manifestation. Now the energy that you are functioning in right now, and particularly—oh, this is going to be unfortunate for those who are not sitting here tonight—but you go and get in touch with people you know that could make use of this time, so that they are, in a sense, also able to take part and make use, because right now, you are in the middle of a profoundly interesting cosmic spiritual time. Do you know what that is?


S: More chaos. Well, yes, I suppose in a sense everything is chaos, isnt it?

All right, Ill tell you then. Im not really certain if Im just moving too fast that youve not caught it, or if you really dont have any idea what Im talking about. Youre in a time in which you have a second full moon energy and Lughnassadh energy, right here. Now, Lughnassadh energy, it doesnt come on your calendar, does it? You look at your calendar, it does not say Lughnassadh. And for some of you, you know very well what Lughnassadh is or was or what they say it was as opposed to what it was, but for the most part, thats not one that pops into your mind when you think All right, whats the energy going on right now?

What is Lughnassadh about?

Its the first harvest, and its the beginning of the cycle of fruition of those things that weve planted and have grown.

S: Im going to use that part. Its the beginning of harvest. Well, you know thats not actually so, but Ill tell you what is so about it. It is the harvest that is the result of what you have been experiencing over the last—where are you now? August?—four months. Now think back. What have you been doing over the last four months? And now its time to harvest that.

Now that means you should be really happy or really scared. Harvest is the time in which those things you have planted are ready to be used. So a very easy question right now is, What have you planted? Look at your last four months. What have you been planting? Tell me a few things youve been planting over the last four months.

Consistent responsibility.

S: Good. Good.

Changes in old patterns that I kind of, step by step, tried to change, and Ive seen harvest with that.

S: And Im going to add to that, youve also been literally getting rid of the old. Interestingly enough, a lot of you have been doing that. How many of you have found over the last few months youve had a real urge to simplify or, if not simplify, to get rid of things that have just been hanging around that youre not making use of, because youre flowing right in with that energy?

Thats just one thing. What have you been planting?


S: Completions. Youve been planting completions. How do you plant a completion?

Well, I think that you recognize when its timely to move something forward rather than to . . . its a time when you push sometimes, rather than just sit back and watch something happen.

S: You allow the intent of release, which goes with the intent of wind up, conclude.


Learning how to work with my ego instead of being controlled by it.

S: Good. Good. Good. Four months ago I talked to you about dying, didnt I? And then the month after that, the month after that, the month after that. Two years before that. A year before that. Releasing that ego, changing it into what is going to help you become all that you’re here to do and be. Planting.

Ive been translating what has been really nice thoughts, ideas, beliefs into tangible, realistic action.

S: Good. Good. Good. Yes. If what you believe doesnt work in the world, its not worth keeping—really. If your way to success in the world is an airy-fairy concept that does not work into your pocketbook, youre probably following the wrong system, because you are in the middle of a wonderful change in the way energy works here.

It no longer is about trying your best to reach this point where you can hope to be considered called or chosen. Its being the one doing the calling. Its being the one making it happen. Its no longer about stepping back and letting–and you can fill in the blank here—your parents, your partner, your friends, your children, your teacher, your God, do it so that in one way or another all of those years that you have learned how to—whats the word Im looking for here?—to manipulate them so that you could get what you want, all of these technologies of propping up and patting so they wont strike you dead. No. Now, you see, its all about you—you being responsible for you. And although in a whole lot of ways thats some of the most frightening things that you ever deal with–you responsible for you—its also the reason why you are able to manifest in ways that you have not been able to do before.


Some of the claiming that we did over these past four months, and if some of them are really good and we made positive growth from them and will continue to do so—some of them are the scary ones—is there a way that, spiritually, genetically, we can alter them? Is that a possibility with the type of creation that we can do to maybe not make it so? Because we dont have time to get into that whole karma type of thing, I mean to where we just have to take it and just like go with it, and make it work for the best, that maybe to work with our humanness made us short-sighted, and that scary planting that we did maybe to . . . just . . . if you see what I . . .

S: One of the things that I enjoy hearing is a new phrase popping up amongst many of you, and that is and all the things I should have asked for but did not, or have forgotten, that they also be put out for energy to make manifest. And the reason that I like that has more to do with it being a function of your awareness, much more so than a caveat [such as] anything else that applies. Let it go.

It has not changed, your ability to change reality by your thinking. What has changed is how quickly you are aware of a change thats needed and how effective you are in putting that into place. And one of the most effective technologies that you have for bringing into this experience what you need, yes, what you want, as it is a function for your highest good—well Ive been doing it all evening; let me turn it over to you. What do you think is the important technology now that makes that happen?

Sexual magic.

S: That also has not changed, love. Sexual magic always has a profound effect on reality. Usually its your own reality, but still thats a lot. Thats not exactly the one I was after just then, though, and Ill give you a hint. South America. Another hint. Moon Island.


S: Fusion—thats the word! The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy over the last—how long has that been? A few weeks? A few months? A couple of years? The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy in this world has helped you move beyond the barrier of dichotomy. Now, this is sounding incredibly airy-fairy, isnt it? So let me try to explain how thats workable in the day-to-day.

You are finding—and as I look at every one of you, I will boldly say you, every one of you, you are finding that you have less of a tendency toward judging, or if not a less tendency, a greater awareness—you catch yourself doing it. Judgment insofar as those convenient little boxes, This is good. This is not. This is how it should be and this is not. This is . . . and this is not. The dichotomy that has kept you safe in this world for the last four thousand years plus. The dichotomy that allowed you to have some of the painful experiences of your life because it is that dichotomy, that separation, that has resulted in feeling that you were not good enough, you did not have what was needed compared to . . . ; that what you are, what you think, what you feel, is less. Since the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy—and that does not mean men and women; it doesnt—since the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy, in your life you have begun to come back together. The fractured parts of your heart have been healing. And you are seeing it within yourself, within others, within the world.

Wait a minute, Samuel. All right, all right, I can understand that maybe within myself, because Ive been getting over some issues and things that Ive been really afraid of. And Ive been holding back. I know that theres still a long way to go, but I understand that. And Ive seen it sort of in people I know, but that may be more because I am not putting the pressure of judgment on them any longer. You are getting this teaching in the subtext arent you? ”. . . but the world, I dont think so. The world is in as much pain as its been in for hundreds of years, thousands. The world—people are at war and people are doing cruel and inhumane things to other humans, needless to say the other kingdoms of life force in this world. How can you say that there is healing and coming together there?

Anybody want to answer that one for me? Jean.

I believe youve said that what I think and what I do affects the world.

S: Yes, indeed.

So if I am indeed healing, then I am helping the world heal.

S: Very good. Very good. Yes. More.

Youve said that in our own lives that awareness is the very last thing before we have change, and so many of us are becoming so aware of the pain in the world, and the crises and that, that it makes me think that were ready to change everything in that cycle.

S: Now, somebody put those two together. Put those two together.

The extent of the pain causes people to become aware.

S: Yes. Yes. And that awareness brings about change. And that change, particularly amongst Guardians, that change affects the world. Your awareness of your own healing, and indeed your awareness of those areas that arent healed, that are still, hopefully, on the way, your awareness opens the door for those around you and those in the world. In fact, your awareness is the signal, as Frank said, is the signal that the completion is around the corner.

When I have the absolutely delightful opportunity to speak with some of you individually, you sometimes are exasperated because you will sit and say, Its been really hard. Good. Its been very difficult! Good. But its because you are aware of what is going on with you in ways you have never been. You have access to the great cosmic grocery store.

[Sees Oma running around room] Freedom! Freedom! Im running free! Thank you, love. Let my dog out.

You have access to the cosmic grocery store, if you will, of whatever it is you are experiencing at the moment. That should encourage and frighten you. You have access to whatever it is you are experiencing at the moment. And when I say access in reference to that cosmic grocery store, what I am saying is you are more and more aware of the power, the manifesting power, the creation energy of your thoughts, of your attitudes, of your beliefs, of your actions, of the ones that you particularly are working on to change, of the ones that sneak up behind you and pop you over the top of the head, and the ones that you hoped that were totally buried that you would never have to look at again as long as you live. You are becoming so much more aware of them. And as you become aware of them you have put into your beautiful cosmic lap more of that same thing. You have walked into the grocery store and you said chocolate cake, and the warehouse of chocolate falls into your lap.

And thats incredible, powerful, wonderful, except when what youre thinking, doing—believing—is I am unworthy. I am unhappy. I am not successful. I am the worm that turns, or something like that. What are you when you walk into that cosmic grocery store? It is filled with what you have just been planting, because this is harvest. The grocery store is stocked with your attitudes, your thoughts, your wishes, your dreams, your intents, your words, your deeds, and right on the first row that you go to visit, its everything that you have been thinking, intending, doing, saying over the last four months. And that means that what you are walking into is the amplified version of you. Is that a delightful promise or a kick in the stomach? Are you amazed and happy or a little nervous? Because theres good news that goes with it, and the good news is—Im not sure that you are ever going to hear me say this again—the good news is you have free will. That was hard. Because your free will allows you to walk into that chaos of creation and say, I dont want that after all. Im going to try a different aisle. What do you do with that power? What do you do with that power? And, of course, you know that you have been profoundly cursed tonight, dont you, because now you have been told you have that power. That makes you responsible for doing it.

When you get up tomorrow and you face that day, do you face it with fear and pain? If you do, then very quickly pick up that note you left on the bedside that said “I have the power” and change it. When you start noticing a pattern of other people who are miscommunicating, other people. It just happens that everybody youre around seems to be very touchy lately. And somewhere along the line you realize, Just a moment. I was going to get a very heavy dose of what was going on with me over the last few months. Im harvesting that. Its all Im going to see. So maybe this pattern of all of these other people misbehaving might have something to do with me. Maybe it has something to do with something that I planted back in June, for instance. And rather than allow yourself to soak in the frustration and irritation [. . .] good, good for you. Even the I must work it through from start to finish and experience the whole thing, and do it badly, and pick myself back up and keep going. You dont have to live it to have it in that sense. Thats a different kind of live it than living love, you know. You can choose a different aisle.

You have the power. And you have the power because youre the farmer. You are. You can plant perfect seeds. You can have a record-shattering crop, but until you pick it, it’s just going to rot. You can pick it and dry it and freeze it and cook it and can it and keep yourself from going hungry, or you can start a food coop. And let me say that better, because you have a food coop, dont you? Thats not what I meant. I meant you can store a few for yourself and give a few away, and help change the life of somebody around you—your neighbor, for instance, who because they received, they must give. That doesnt necessarily mean that youre going to be the product of their giving, but an automatic, does not fail, rule—oh, now youve heard me say two things I dont like to say—in this world is giving creates receiving, creates giving, creates receiving. You give, they receive, they must give. And so even if its not you, somebody has benefited just enough to have more than what they thought. And remember, this is true with tomatoes and its true with the nature of your power and the focus of your work. Theyve received just enough more than what they had that now they feel a little prosperous and able to give. And that giving creates another, and on and on it goes, because this is a time of creative manifestation. And it is a function of you choosing what youre going to do with the harvest of these last few months and, as well, these last couple of years.

You are an open doorway, a magician, a leader, a teacher. You are the most magical being in your life. And you have a choice. You have knowledge. You have access. You have a call. And the only thing you dont have is time to dither.


Could this time, this harvest, a part of that manifestation be a lot of business, a lot of things are happening? Many more than usual.

S: As a part of the general outflow of energy at this time, would it manifest as being much busier than usual? Not for everybody, but yes. I would imagine that in fact most of you would find yourself a lot busier. Not busy in the very-focused, getting-a-lot-done version. More of the Oh, my gosh! So many loose ends, so much to do, so little time to do it all. Manifestation happens one act at a time, you know, so you are only wasting energy by putting four steps here, and two steps there, and nine steps there, and four steps there, as you journey to the final manifestation of them.

One of the wonderful things that free will is good for is making priorities, and that you need to do.

Did you have a question?

Thank you. I wondered if the particular pressure at this point of time is our needing to be tuned into this energy as much as we can, and recreate and create so that we are at our highest level for awakening the serpent and awakening the dragon in Scotland.

S: And tell me if I have packed that down or if I left something out. Is it possible, you are saying, that the skills used now are going to be useful in the greater work coming up over the next few years, maybe, which is activating dragon energy? Yes, its very possible, but I really dont have anything to add about that. It does work with it.

So what is it youre needing? And are you willing to pay the price of focus, flexibility, willingness to see your part and amplify the good and release what isnt working? Thats a lot to pay, but its a lot you gain. This is a time of miracles. And I know youre ready for a few.

This morning, Heidi and Frank and the Form were walking their monster dogs in the park, and there was a point where Frank took the . . .


S: Leash, thank you, the leash off of the dogs and they . . .


S: Tottered, yes, tottered—theyre old—into the field of some sort, a field, and the one dog is a little afraid of the world, just a little. Feels very, very safe close to the known, the family, and so never went too far. The other dog found a deliciously inviting mud puddle, and walked over to it and flattened out. Mud. Dog loved it. And, interestingly enough, so did the humans. Now, which of those two dogs was the right one? The one that stayed close or the one that went mud swimming? And for every one of you that said both, youre going to make it through these next few months. They both were doing what allowed them to enjoy the moment.

What do you need to be able to make use of the moment? Is it time to go swimming in a little mud, to enjoy the feel of it? To renew relationships with those you feel safe and close to? Its in front of you. The key isnt what, the key is make your choice, take the action. Be responsible for what youre doing so that youre not having to clean up too much after.

This is a time of harvest, and if you dont like what you planted, plant something new. Lughnassadh is about committed choices. Make it work. Make it good. Give to your world abundance. Enjoy.