May 7, 1995

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Aye. Good. So, how’s life?



S: Big change from last week, eh? Big change from yesterday. Big change from an hour ago? Or are you just working on habit with that answer for me there. How’s life? Great. Grand. Good. Aye. Aye. Good.

How about a gift? Yes, dear.

I have the longest … I think the trip to South Africa this year was like a dog having its nose being put in pee for four months. [Laughter] And …

S: Gracious. You missed your calling.

And what I got out of that was so much. It was like I got to the bottom of it all. That I’d been worshipping at this altar of “mother” for all these years and wanting her to give me what I needed to give myself. But the pain and the torment and the agony, the gift that I got from bringing all that back and having to work through it, plus a rejection from a very special friend added to it. It was like circumstances from the Universe. Along with that experience of being there, I recognized angels who were there to help me get through the agony. People, angels, who would send me energy. The angel in myself who said, “This is time to stay by yourself and get through this.” I experienced the worst of my terrors, because I’ve got an upcoming sale at home. I feel like I’ve gotten to the worst of it all, and in dealing with that I have really been able to see and experience all the people who have an aura of loving me through it. [Crying] And today I just had like an incredible breakthrough. And yesterday I thought I was in hell, and one of the angels said to me, “No. There’s only one more week and the Wesak.” [Laughter]

S: That’s the good news!

And I’m even grateful to my mother for being there for me to realize how I’ve been tormenting and hating myself all these years, and take a real good look at that and let it go. And I’m grateful to you for all you’ve done.

S: And are you grateful for breathing, my darling. All right then. Aye.

Somebody give me a gift off of that gift. And somebody else turn a few of those lights off. A gift off of that gift. Aye, dear. There is only one more week to the Wesak!

I, myself, have been going through something similar for a little bit longer period of time, and the gift from her realization of the looking outside, what I have learned is that the people that are in your path, regardless if it’s your mother or a boss or a neighbor, are there to teach those lessons about the issues within yourself. But then you get to a point, as I did, where I do not try to validate myself or buy into what they’re thinking of me. That I’ve learned that what is inside of me is who I am. Not what I’m doing, not what I’m being defined by, or not what they think of me.

S: Aye. Aye.

And I think there’s a similar process that we’re all going through, getting to the core of these issues.

S: Indeed.

And that maybe it’s not the mother that changes, but your perception that makes it workable.

S: Well you know, until you know who you are, until you’ve allowed yourself to find and be and secure you in you—hear that now; understand what I’m saying with that statement—until you come to that point in your life in which you are you, you have to base what you think about yourself on other’s opinions and thoughts and ideas, because you have no knowing of your own about what you are. About who you are. And the most easy connection, of course, is your parents, which is why as children—and believe it or not, all of you are children, even the orphans amongst you—and as children the most important way that you defined yourself was by the approval of those parents. How painful and difficult when you did not receive it. Or so it seemed. You had to accept what you believed your parents believed of you until you could believe what you believed of you. And be you fourteen or forty-teen when that happens, when it happens you have rewarded yourself with your life. When you reach that point where it’s not what the boss thinks of you or what your mother thinks of you or what your friends think of you, but what you think of you, only then are you free. Welcome home.

One more. Aye, dear.

I have a fairly large one, and there’s several in there. Those of you who know me are aware that I’ve been dealing with a lot of major transformation in a relationship, and we finally arrived at the legal proceedings stage. And in thinking about all of this this week, I was able to view it, in part, as a milepost for myself to look at the effect in the real world of the changes I chose to make in my own life several months ago. There are, I’m sure, lessons that I’ll be years figuring out from this, but there are a couple of ones I’ve …

S: Opportunities to glean wisdom.

Yes. A couple that you have graciously pointed out to me on a couple of occasions, are one, the importance of recognizing both the emotions that tend to come up and the fact that it’s okay to have them, whether they be anger, fear, resentment, whatever. And also the fact that it’s not necessary to act from them, but to recognize.

S: Yes.

That’s been a major one. Another big part of it also—I believe you were kind enough to point this out also, and being a musician I’m going to ask the chorus to join in on this—that a large part of this is learning to accept this or something better.

S: That’s the New Age disclaimer, for those of you who missed it. This or something better for the highest good of all involved.

So I’ve been able to view this that, even though I’ve worked in the physical and other realms for a different outcome, that this will all be for the highest good, and it’s been an interesting week.

S: What do you think that does to the physical, the emotional, the mental body, to be able to reach a point in what might have been a very volatile life, to be able to reach a point in which you say, “This is not what I’ve been working for, Universe, but I believe that this or something better is going to happen, because that is the rule.” What do you think that does to the physical, the emotional, the mental working of a human being? What do you think that does? Releases.

It lightens you.

S: Lightens. Yes.

It’s your connection with the Source in your […]

S: It absolutely speaks of and to your connection with Source, your faith in it. Absolutely.

Well, it opens for manifestation.

S: It opens the door for manifestation. It opens the door for manifestation. Donna.

I was going to say it’s like taking the brakes off.

S: Yes. In San Francisco.

Bottom line: If your life is absolutely marvelous, you’re delighted and everything is going fine, there are no difficulties in how you are perceiving your situation, your finances, your love life, your non-love life, whatever, if you are experiencing joy, love and an awareness consistently of the nature of and the working of your personal power, don’t change anything. Keep living your life as you have been.

On the other hand …

If you’re not in denial.

S: Joyous says, “If you’re not in denial.” If there are bits and pieces here and there that make you unhappy, it occurs to me that it couldn’t hurt to try something new, which is what boldly and bravely Skip has done. Facing the unknown, clothed in a helmet of love and carrying a sword of light. And having absolutely no idea of what’s going to happen tomorrow, but learning, step by step—not necessarily perfectly—along the way, step by step, carrying a mop for the now-and-again clean-up.

Unfortunately I have some trouble with that.

S: Learning how to share his life truly. Skip’s been taking the fast course to learning Source. Bold and brave. And the Universe keeps its promises. This or something better for the highest good.

Give me a gift off of that.


S: Courage. Aye.

To me it’s a reminder that when you want changes in your life, instead of blindly going for what you think you want, there’s a process. And you can do it with intelligence for yourself—I think it’s the word- or respect for yourself and everyone else involved. And it’s sort of knowing that the process and working through it takes out a lot of the. For me when I do that, it takes out a lot of the unknowns which cause fear, which cause arguments, which cause upheaval. And it’s not what you want to begin with.

S: Yes.

It reminds me that I need to keep remembering those processes.

S: Stuart.

Well, being a fellow musician, I knew Skip B.S., which is Before Samuel. [Laughter]

S: Is that what that is? Somehow I always thought it had a different connotation to it.

P.S. Pre-Samuel then. But in hearing Skip relate the gift, it just reminds me [of] the tremendous amount of growth that comes by applying your teachings. And having known Skip and thinking of where I was back fifteen, sixteen years ago, I couldn’t have handled or would not have had that perspective to look at my life to say this or something better, but because of your teachings, you know, I’m learning to do that and seeing that Skip is learning to do that. It just was a real gift and reminder to me of what a gift your teachings have been for me. Thank you.

S: And thank you for the nice plug, but I must remind all of you it’s not my teachings. It’s not, because they are nothing until you put them into your life. Make them yours. They’re just one more bit of riffraff to put into your head, pull out now and again in the particular appropriate audience. Just one more way to put one more mask on in the world unless you use them. Make them yours, not mine. That’s what changes things.

Let’s talk about change. I’m hoping tonight, believe it or not, to be actually quite brief.

That’s a change!

S: And everybody on the Board was saying the same thing. He’s going to be brief—I don’t think so. But you weren’t, were you Kathy? Kathy still believes me. Because I’ve a very specific point to make tonight that requires not so much words as it does action. Right now in your lives, as I have been saying over and over and over this year, you are experiencing a very remarkable world. Your world has changed more in the last five months than it has in the last five years. And look at your own life to judge the correctness of that statement, because your life is the microcosm to which the world is the macrocosm. And the world is the microcosm to which the greater plan is in macrocosm.

So you are your own particular universe. You are a parallel universe. Did you wonder what that teaching was all about? There you are, each one of you who has unique perspectives on anything that happens, parallel to but not exactly on someone else’s. You walk the same path, but you step on different rocks. Therefore the journey is different for everybody, even if you’re going the same way. I know that that sounds very simple, but that’s one of the most profound things that you can understand, because getting a really clear view of the unique perspective the individual has can help you get a stronger feel for what’s going on right now in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Right now there is massive cocooning going on. Have you noticed? Cocooning. Now, I’m trying to be very hip here. Aye? Isn’t that the phrase, cocooning, being used now. What does that mean? Cocooning.

Where you don’t go out.

S: Where you don’t go out, for one thing. And that doesn’t mean not having a date. That means you don’t go out. For a lot of people they just want to stay in bed, and having to get out every day is too much of a burden, even though they tend to be making it anyway. You don’t think I’m calling this the Prozac nation for nothing, do you?

There’s a book by that name.

S: Prozac nation? Who is stealing from whom here?

Cocooning. What does that mean?

Crawling onto your shell.

Wrapping yourself up.

S: Crawling into your shell. Wrapping yourself …

Wrapping yourself in cotton

S: Maybe wrapping yourself around with cotton or maybe that cotton is your blankets or it’s your house or it’s your own emotional experiences or it’s your own life. Aye. Maybe.

Waiting for rebirth.

S: Kathleen says “and waiting for rebirth.” Which would be my next leap, of course.

But for the most part the cocooning that I’m seeing has nothing to do with “and now I’m going to become a butterfly and be able to fly in the world.” No. It tends to be more of, “don’t let it wither and break. I want to stay in here forever. Don’t let the elements hit it. Just let it stay a good, tight cocoon here. What are these? Wings? I don’t want them. Go back! Go back! Go back! [Laughter] I don’t want to be responsible for flying. I don’t want to change the nature of my body. I just want everything to stay the same.”

Cocooning. Staying inside your little shell. And I am seeing that on massive levels right now. Massive levels. I was recently visiting a place—yes, I visit—in which they were recognizing as a group a great lack of disharmony—just as you may be noticing where you work or where you live or even within your own self a massive lack of disharmony—and I tried to explain that spiritual work is very different than anything there is. And the nature of this work, although I do everything I can to make it in the world practical: that you cannot run away from it. In the world practical: that it’s going to work if you do. In the world practical: that it becomes a means—that’s a means, not the means; catch that difference—that it becomes a means to learn how to live in a way that honors you, hopefully by offering a path that helps you find you.

As practical as it may be, you cannot get around that by living your life to the fullest, by consciously desiring that, even if you’re not to a point where you’re doing it every moment, it becomes a spiritual thing, because you’re living your physical self to its highest level, living your mental self and your emotional self to their highest levels. Living your life the best you can where you are with what you have at this instant is what is spiritual.

And the nature of this spiritual work calls very powerful individuals. Like attracts like, dear ones. I’m going to say that again for those of you who may have missed it. Like attracts like. [Gesturing] Two exits, two exits [Like stewardess on plane? Don’t know how to handle this one David.] It occurs to me that’s what that looks like, eh? Like attracting like. Is that what they do? I thought so. I’ve been on airplanes. I spent most of a trip to Scotland, much to my surprise, on an airplane once. [Laughter] Many of you remember that, don’t you.

Were you offered peanuts?

S: Peanuts?

You accepted.

S: Did I.

Yeah, they offered you a drink, I think.

S: Indeed.

You didn’t take it.

S: Thank you. It was early enough on that it was perhaps not when I could do this. [Picks up a cup of water and mimes drinking] And certainly having to visit the form’s body in flight. You cannot imagine, my dear ones, how difficult it is to do this anyway.

All right. So enough of that. Like attracts like. This work draws the cream. Isn’t that a scary thought? This work draws the cream. Which means, in case you’ve not figured it out, it draws powerful individuals, [those who are] fully out of mass consciousness, with the exception of survival beliefs. Which means coming into form, taking on the human nature that comes with it. Taking on the veil of illusion that makes you forget. Coming into form in circumstances that allow you to best learn, but forgetting why you chose that particular one and what it is you are going to learn means that, now and again, you get into situations in your life in which you either create more difficulties for yourself, because you’re kicking and screaming and holding on so hard, or in which it seems as though things are not necessarily going your way and you have the opportunity to have all sorts of interesting experiences that bring you out of survival mode because you learn you can survive.

That’s how it works, you know. You come in as a tiny struggling infant with only one job—survival, and in order to do that the number of things that you’ve got to do is incredible. It’s massive amounts of learning and doing and perfecting in order to survive. Realize that. And growing up is the step-by-step elimination of survival mechanisms until you have it fairly well down to your favorite three or four that you’re not going to get rid of, no matter what. And when you finally have no more survival mechanisms, guess what?

You get to go.

S: You don’t have to! Nonetheless, the point is … so you come here equipped with survival mechanisms which are a work of mass consciousness and the awakening process, the growing up in awakening process—that was not growing up and awakening, that was growing up in awakening process—allows you to move and claim your individuation.

Now, you must know that I am talking about a set of truths that are extremely complicated. Do not let the simplicity of this delivery fool you as to the importance of what I am talking about tonight, and the importance of it in your life right now, in this month. Everything is accelerating. I don’t think it was a joke.

This work draws individuals who, in order to become individuals at the young age you are—and I’m not talking even the breath of time, I’m talking even in this life. Look how young you are, not matter what you felt when you got up this morning. Look how young you are. And you are at a point where you are individuated. Consciously and purposefully working in your power, which makes you pretty different right there.

In that brief time, that means you have been in this life on fast forward. Some months better than others. Some years better than others. But that you have been through your whole life experience on the fast track, which means that you have had plenty of opportunities to learn how to fully judge the need for your survival mechanisms. Is that a nice way of saying it? You have had a lot of opportunities to learn what your strengths are and are not. Is that a nice way of saying it? You have had a lot opportunities to learn just how much you can and cannot trust you and others. You’ve had a lot of opportunities to experience heaven and not heaven. “I just won’t give into it.” And in your life you have seen many things, be it that the nature of your experience here is basically physical, and so many of your lessons have come through issues with your physical body. Or maybe for you they have been mental, and they have been issues wondering about the nature of your intelligence and having to prove yourself out in the world that way. Or maybe for you they have been emotional. Maybe you were one of those who has been spending your life looking for self-esteem through synthetics. Be it chemical or be it synthetic relationships. But you have a pattern in your life that the greatest amount of your movement, the greatest amount of your change, the greatest amount of, as Skip said, your lessons—as I said your opportunities to gain wisdom—have been in one of those directions.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who’s had them in all of those directions, and as a result, my loved ones, it has created highly empowered individuals who do not have a good sense of other people’s needs, because they have spent so much time focusing on their own. That’s what cocooning is. Empowerment without action. The need to hide, to not want to get out of bed. To not want to go to an event, to not want to … and, darlings, I am looking at a room full of people who have drug themselves out and come to do that very thing.

In your life, I beat the dinosaur. The form told me … now and again she’ll say, “Well now, Samuel, it’s you or the Super Bowl tonight.” And tonight it was you or the dinosaurs, something like that. It was the dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park.

S: Jurassic Park. Aye. Because you have learned how many ways there are to tell yourself that it’s right to not want anything out there. “Why, in fact, Samiel, you have said, over and over and over, it’s not something out there. That even saying God means something out there, and not in here, Samiel. So, of course, I know that the spiritual thing to do when I’m down is not look to anyone else. Is to not get out there. Is to not … it’s to go within. It is to do what I can to figure out what is causing all of this, and it must be inside of me somewhere.”

Cocooning. Empowerment without action.

The lack of cohesion that you are seeing in your world, when you’re wondering why things just aren’t quite connecting, is because, very bluntly speaking, dear ones, because you’re not quite connecting. You hope, perhaps, to come here or to your spiritual work group and find that cohesion. And you won’t. You’re going to find a whole lot of other people who are looking for the same things, and so, therefore, perhaps, you will have something in common. The Board got this lecture. There is a bottom line.

Phoenix Institute or the Greenhouse or whatever it is, is not the place you’re going to find it. Cocooning is empowerment without action. Anyone catching on, therefore? The way to get out of the mire is to get out of the mire. Have you ever been stuck in the mud or maybe your vehicle has been stuck in the mud? Somebody who has had their vehicle or themselves stuck in the mud, what do you have to do?

Pull it out.

S: Very often it requires help. Maybe sometimes you have to take a rock to it to create a new foundation. Maybe sometimes you have to go out and seek somebody who might have a bit of experience in the same mire and be able to give you a few pointers, or maybe even lend a bit of strength to the process. Because sitting there and just spinning your wheels gets you dug in a lot deeper, doesn’t it? Sitting there and just looking at the situation doesn’t change it either. Sometimes you sink further in.

The planet is in such a state of shock right now from the immediate and fast thresholds that this planet has been experiencing. The massive shock waves that are the result of the massive shock waves that are now hitting a planet that is working toward alignment faster and more completely than it ever has been. Where the energy without and the energy within at every threshold is coming closer and closer to the match that you began at 11:11. And are seeing in this year with seven, seven of those most powerful doorways opening. And I don’t know, if it keeps up like this, come about July I’ll be saying, well you’re on number nine now. Because it is a work of mass consciousness. Your planet is reeling.

And you, even with your head in the sand, can’t miss it. The dross is certainly rising to the top, and the strength, the death throes of an old age, are coming on very, very powerfully. And you are not going to be happy unless you start reaching out. Because you tend to come to this work so filled with the pain life has given you in your unique variety of it, you do not realize that everybody around you is also in that state with their amazing stories and incredible life happenings. And that although yours might not be constant financial issues, yours are constant sickness issues—physical, mental or spiritual, pick one—because yours are so turned toward the idea of illness and you see that this person is not ill, they’re just broke, you think they have nothing going on. And that person who sees that all you are is sick, and you don’t have any money worries, and you get the point. Doesn’t understand a broken heart. Doesn’t understand a tough family. Doesn’t understand … You’re waiting for somebody to reach out to you. You are waiting for somebody to reach out to you and say, “Hello,” and they are waiting for someone to reach out to them, too.

Cohesion requires communication. It requires you reaching a point where you are willing to say, I will be first. And therefore, at work or at home or at Phoenix, you make the point of doing what you can to get to know others. “I don’t know you very well, I’ve seen you around a lot. Let’s go take a walk in the park and just chat. Let’s go have a cup of tea. Let’s go drink tequila until we die.” Whatever your personal preference tends to be. Like will draw like that way too. Oh, I know, you’ve all had your moments there. That’s why you’re laughing. You relate. I know.

And now I’m going to go right back to where I started. The microcosm affects the macrocosm. That’s why. That’s why this. Because what you do as an individual is not a tiny pebble in a big lake. Your planet’s getting smaller all the time, and you’re getting bigger all the time. Because what you’re doing is a big rock in a small lake. And it becomes a means for others to follow that example. It becomes a means for others to accept a new way of doing, to maybe for the first time see a new way of doing. It becomes an opportunity to get okay. Confirmation, affirmation. Because what you do makes a difference and therefore it is truly for the sake of the planet that in the midst of this upheaval you stand strong and reach out. That you don’t hide and wait until it goes away. That you get in there and start shoveling. You might find a pony.

You see, the final point of all of it is you have come to this planet as a guardian of the light, and you don’t have to know it and you don’t have to believe it for it to mean that you always feel it in you. That knowing that you’re here to do something. What you can do, it’s been said before much better than I would ever say it, is you can start giving what you wished you got. And by that, changing this world. Showing that it can be done. Or at the very least going ahead and getting it over with and proving that it can’t. But die trying, all right? Give what you wished you got. Live the life you wish you saw somebody be the example to you about. Love the way you wished you had been loved. And don’t stop trying.

Reach out. Make friends. Open your doors. And don’t stop. Stop holding petty grievances. Stop believing you’re the only one who’s experiencing things this way. Stop believing nobody else cares because they are being so careful of your privacy because they’re being so careful of theirs, because they’re so afraid of disrupting their life that they certainly can’t get involved and disrupt, too. And start allowing instead that maybe nobody on this planet has ever before been able to see what love is like until you could come to show it. Because that’s the truth.

Cohesion does not come because some great vision draws everybody together. Cohesion comes because one by one by one somebody reaches out and takes a hand, who reaches out and dares to take another, who reaches out and dares to take another.

It’s a nice shell. You’ve done a lot to make it strong and pretty. But that shell that you’re hiding in is the walls that are keeping people away from your heart. This planet needs you. And more than that, loved ones, you need them. Your fulfillment of your empowerment is the result of your conscious acting on this earth.

Be well, beloveds. Glochanumora. Ever true.