July 5, 1992

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: Good group. All, right.

So, so it is the end of Independence weekend? So I want a couple of gifts about your independence.

Over the last few weeks I finally found that the key to independence was in your gift. I’ve been taking side trips in my life which I didn’t follow very well, because I thought I knew, and I became independent of myself and the limitations by recognizing how pervasive my sabotages were, at all the levels of self, the big “I” all the way down to the smallest portion of “I”, and understanding—more sensing than understanding—but seeing in a lot of ways all the levels of onion that I am.

S: Aye. Good work. And you know, ultimately, the only independence there is is when you are aware of what your sabotages are, and, as a result, able to do something about them, because it is only when you take control of the only thing you can control that there is a difference. Good work.

Any independence over here? Aye.

[…] trip to Salt Lake City. On the way out, we experienced about every type of weather it’s possible to experience: floods; hailstorms to the degree that they had to have snowplows out to clear the roads; snow; and all of these, I realized while we were experiencing them—and not all of them happened directly to us, but just ahead of us or behind us—but we were going through a snowstorm, and I realized that a lot of times I would have been concerned, because it was a little bit slippery and so on, and we were on top of the mountains, the Rockies, and I was just laughing, thoroughly enjoying it, and all of these different weather experiences that we went through were just a real trip, a joy. Instead of being concerned, I just sat back and laughed and enjoyed them.

S: And so what was that independence about?

Freedom from my fears.

S: Aye. Freedom from fear. Good work. Of course, on the other hand, you’ve been doing a lot of practicing.

I want to keep the feel of this going, since this is a holiday, sort of. As close as I can understand, what you are celebrating on this particular holiday is your country’s independence. But just for a few moments—and you know this is going to be one of those arenas where you are going to find out something about yourself. One of the things that you might find out is that you tend to automatically be cynical, or you might find that you have the ability to find good wherever you are, however you are, whoever you are. Having set you up that way, this ought to give me some fairly good replies now, don’t you think? What I want to hear—and don’t raise your hand; just call them out—I want to hear why it’s wonderful that your country is independent, celebrating a birthday, why you’re glad it was born and you born in it. Don’t you do that for birthdays? You say, “I’m so glad you were born, and here is why.” Why are you in a marvelous place? Tell me.


S: Freedom. That’s a big word. What do you mean by that?

Freedom from all restrictions except those which we choose to place upon ourselves.

S: Excellent.

An abundance of choices.

S: Good.

This is the first non-church/state country. So you’re free to seek your own connection with spirituality.

S: For instance it’s not a Roman Catholic country. It’s not divided, as Ireland is, for instance. Aye, good.

Why do you like it?

Because, unlike some other systems, the state is here to serve the people, not the people to serve the state.

S: The system is set up to serve. Aye.

It’s a wonderful mix of all different kinds of races, people, creeds.

S: A wonderful mix of people and creeds. The form looked like that once.

Why do you like it? Why are you here?


S: Powerful.

It’s prosperous and abundant.

There is such a diversity in weather and conditions that, if crops fail in one place, there’s enough in another place to feed all the people. You can expand that into diverse geography that is absolutely breath-taking in and of itself.

S: What have you found about the people in this country?


S: Open.



They think.

Many ways to think.

People are real prone to be unified, because we communicate; we have freedom of communication and speech and press, for the most part. People know what’s going on, and they tend to join together for causes and to merge and to do things with people who are of like mind.

S: I rarely ask you to do things by comparative judgment, but for those of you who have travelled outside of this country, what’s the difference? Why did you come back here?

More empowerment for women.

We are a leader among nations, and in other nations people tend to either react violently to what we are or do, or present, or very much follow what we do or say.

S: Leadership. Aye.

One of the things that I really value about this country that I see is not there in other countries is that people are free to be individuals, to be themselves. And, if you choose to, you can do just about anything you want, within certain parameters. You can become president of a bank, even if you grew up in poverty, and in many other countries this is not true.

S: Aye. You have a truly, truly remarkable country, and, although I know there are many ways in which you see it needs, in one way or another, some kind of help, you also have a remarkable country in that the system is designed that squeaky wheels get attention. You make a fuss, and somebody’s going to hear. Make yourself heard; you have that option. You’re living in a country in which you have freedom that you have so little of elsewhere. You would not know what you have until you were where you did not have it, it is such a given here.

The things that are easy to come up with in your mind as to what’s not working are those arenas that are letting you know places where you can get involved, things you can do to help make this place where you are even better, because—here is the big cosmic secret—you are where you need to be. You’re where you need to be, or you would not be there.

All right, I did not say you are where you want to be, but certainly, right now, you are where you need to be. And because you have chosen to be an individual here, to experience the social impact, the economic impact, the sorts of upbringings that you receive here, what you have is a system that gives you choice. And part of that choice is, if you don’t like the system, you are allowed to work for its change. What a gift! What a gift! If you don’t like the system, you are allowed to work towards its change. I never created a government that friendly.

And so, darlings, on the anniversary of your country’s birth—of fighting, anyway—of its time of remembering that once it was under the rule of another and chose to move out of that, I remind you that this is a country that, like you, has choices. It is absolutely perfect, but still being created. And where it needs help, you are the one who can help it. There is no better choice than you, because, unlike so many others, you are coming from a foundation of hope and love and a knowing that humans are a precious commodity.

Happy birthday to you and your country, sweet souls. Do, truly, love it, because what you love becomes you, you know, and I would love to see your country change to be more like you.

All right. So tonight we have two particularly special directions to go into. They are also fairly different directions. One of the things that I would like to offer tonight is, because I enjoy manipulating you—it is my desire this night to teach you a technique that I have been teaching in the workshops I have been doing this year, which means some of you are going to be fairly familiar with this, and some of you are going to be absolutely new to it. Essentially, you all are going to able to accomplish something that, for the most part, you have been resisting all of your life. It is my desire that you leave here tonight knowing that you have the ability to see energy. I would really like it if we could go quickly enough that, not only can you see it, but you can also merge with it, so I will be on very high speed this night.

The second thing that I want to go into, which will be the first thing that I do, is for just a moment to talk to you about choices. I want to remind you that you create your independence by the nature of your choices. I want to remind you also, my souls, that it is the student who sees only two choices—this or this—but it is the master that sees the many—this and this and this and this.

Tripp, darling, stand up. I am going to use you as a visual aid here. Now, I want somebody to tell Tripp how to get to the front door. I’m not asking you to leave, however.

[Pause] All right. So the first option is you don’t go anywhere, because nobody says anything. What’s another option? Bonnie.

[Bonnie:] First locate it; then start walking in that direction.

S: First figure out where it is and then go in that way. So, that’s a good first start. What way, for instance?

Go to your left. Walk around the edges of the people.

S: All right, got your point. Figure out where you’re going, see it, understand it. Would anybody change those directions?

[Various suggestions are given, mostly inaudible.]

S: I like that one. You’re going to get a quick sermonette out of that one. Perhaps it is wait, don’t move yet, but later, follow. Wait and follow. You humans hate those two. Wait, then follow. I get immediate resistance with those; nonetheless, sometimes that’s one of the options. Sometimes that’s the best answer. Wait a bit, then go.

Now, you have had all of those choices. What would you do?

Right now, I’d wait until I had reason to want to leave. And when I want to leave, depending on whether I want to talk to somebody, I’ll detour—well, I probably won’t go straight to the door.

S: And Tripp is telling the other end of this. Once you have all of the choices, they hinge very much on what is your experience at the moment. “What’s happening. Do I want to talk to somebody now? Do I wish to just go on out?” You must look at your motivation before you can make a very good decision there. What is it I’m wanting? Do you know that the greatest reason so many of you do not have choices is because you don’t know what you want, anyway. When you know what it is you want, at least you know the direction to be looking. When you don’t know what you want, it doesn’t open up all your options. It puts you in such a state of insecurity that you no longer are able to see your options.

But when you know that what you want is to make it to the front door, you then have the extra option of saying, “But I don’t want to do it now.” And that allows you the ultimate independence. You have all the choices, and one of them is to say, not now.

Once you know what the motivation is, you then make the plan and take action. It’s that simple.

Motivation—what’s another word for it.


S: That works.


S: Good.

The purpose.

S: All right. How about pay-off, carrot? When you know what it is that is your pay-off, then you will find out exactly how easy it is to motivate yourself to do the action that will get you there. This is independence.

Now, just for a moment, think about why I said this, why you were here to hear that. And, although I’m not going to ask you to raise your hand and tell the whole group, I just want you to think about why your Higher Self had you here for that.

All right, ready? Part two? It’s hot—it is so hot—and you are driving and driving, you are driving into desert. You are driving in the desert, and there, on the road ahead of you, you see water. And as you get closer to it, it disappears. And you keep driving, and you think, wasn’t that odd, and there, on the road ahead is more water. Pretty soon you have figured out what’s going on. What is it? A mirage. What is it you are seeing? Heat. You are seeing heat rise up off the road.

Let’s get a little bit farther with the idea of mirage. So, you’re getting out of your car and you’re walking through the desert, and pretty soon, over three or four dunes, you see water again. How do you know if it is actual water or just another mirage?

Get in.

S: All right, that’s one way. Anything telltale about it, anything you might know?


S: All right, she says that one of the differences is the nature of it; it actually looks more solid. But I think when you’re parked on the desert, it might not look more solid actually.

If it was water, it might be more easy to see, but if it’s a mirage it would look more like you see it through a fire.

S: What do you mean by that?

Through the top of the fire, if you look through it, and it looks kind of blurry.

S: Out of the mouths of babes [it was a child who spoke], I love it. When you’re looking at fire, like a candle flame or a fire, the top of it looks sort of blurry. What do you mean by that? Sort of waver. Do you think that’s the heat off of the candle? So if it were water, it would not have this heat. If it were a mirage, made out of heat energy, it would probably waver, so that something that is solid in your world does not waver in the same way that something that is more free heat energy might. Aye, that’s right. Remember that for just a few moments.

One of the ways you might be able to tell the difference between water and a mirage is that the water might have animals around it. There might be vegetation and growth. There might be other thirsty travelers. Whereas the mirage, unless you are really projecting something quite remarkable, is probably going to be your own personal vision.

All right, let’s hear—knowing that I’m setting you up with this trick question—what is an aura?

It’s the energy field around the body.

S: Very good. Auric energy is simply a mass fairy tale built up around something that is actually very accurate. Have you ever—especially those of you in this lovely new age community—talked to somebody in Phoenix, for instance, and they looked at you and said, “Goodness, your aura is so big! It looks like you have a great purple light around your head.” Have you ever had anybody tell you that?

What is recognized as auric energy—and I will tell you ninety-nine percent of the time, but I mean one hundred percent—ninety-nine percent of the time it’s simply an individual who has taught themselves how to see the emanation of heat surrounding every human body. That is what the energy is about. You should be able to see it.

Now, why I would I consider it important—or do I consider it important—for you to be able to see energy? Who cares? Why? What does it matter?

If you can see it you can work with it.

S: All right, although actually most of you don’t see it and work with it automatically. Why? Why do I want you to know it’s there?

It makes a difference in your belief system about yourself.

S: Bingo. Because it’s going to make a difference in your belief system, and your belief system about yourself.

Why? How?


S: All right, for one thing, it is the essence of what you are about. Your energy. There is not only scientists, biologists, doctors, who would tell you anything different from that. Ultimately, you are a beautiful, massive concoction, a biological essence that has learned how to work through electrical synapse process in a vessel held together by that electrical synapse process, by the way. You are a vat of chemicals held together by what you think of as thought, and your very thoughts are an electrical discharge into your body.

All right, that’s a sort of gross way of talking about it, the broad version, but ultimately that’s what you are about, aren’t you? And so, on an ultimate level, you are dealing with other humans on a very basic connection.

More than that, you are spiritual beings, so perhaps this energy is something that you can connect through and communicate through, and it will give you another direction to communicate with, and that is what, over these next few months, is going to be my desire: to see you able to communicate through the merger process.

But why? It will work with your belief systems, but what else? Why? Who cares about this stuff? Why do I? I have spent years saying to you, stay away from a lot of this airy-fairy stuff, and what am I giving you? Airy-fairy stuff tonight. Why?

It will allow us to see beauty.

It will lead to something else down the road.

S: Very clever.

Because it will teach us the power of our thoughts.

It’s a natural ability of our form.

S: Thank you, Frank. Because, sweet souls, it is a natural ability you have. Now, just for a moment, I want you to remember what my greedy, manipulative purpose is with you. It is my desire, my purpose, to help you—however possible—remember, to help you remember the nature of your power, to help you remember your own abilities, to help you, through that remembrance, be able to easily, happily function in this world. Why? Because, by your recognizing your natural ability and natural power, an amazing thing is going to happen: You will affect somebody next to you, who will affect, who will affect, because one by one by one this planet is changed. Because, when you recognize your innate power, you are going to be able to express love in such a way that this planet moves more quickly toward its sacred status.

I don’t play games with you. That’s my desire: to see this planet and the beings on it reach their full potential.

So, if I can dangle the carrot in front of you of deeper contact, changed communication, working on a level from within in a way that truly functions without—so you might be motivated toward the learning, which will speed up your process, which will bring what I’m after—your potential. All right, I’m up front about it.

And you have the most incredible potential. If you had the ability to merge with the basic foundational energy of those with whom you worked and loved and played, how would that make a difference? How? I want to hear some carrots here?

We wouldn’t have to talk.

S: Well, that’s not entirely accurate. She said that, for one thing, you would not have to talk. And in a sense that’s true. You would be extra sensitive to what’s going on. For instance, you would not be so likely to blunder in the middle of a conversation when you said absolutely the wrong thing, because you did not know this person was in a snit, because you did not know this person was in an emotional turmoil that day. You would be less likely to converse in a way that negates, but instead you would have more that builds.


When we merge, we become one, and I know what you need.

S: Aye. When you merge, you become one, and it gives you an understanding, a personal understanding of what’s needed. How that could change this planet! It should be part of the oath of office, don’t you think: “All right, do you have merger down now? Okay, you can do it. Lead the country now.”


It would take away the separation. It’s not like everybody is fighting for their own little piece. It is everything.

S: It takes away a lot of the “them and us,” of the separation. How would that change things? How would the ability, in your personal intimate relationships—how would the ability to see and understand and, if you choose, to merge energy change an intimate relationship?

It would lead to a deeper level of understanding.

S: A deeper level of understanding. If for no other reason than you are choosing to try something together, it’s going to create a bonding, an understanding.

It would minimize and reduce conflict, and so reaching a goal […]

S: In a relationship, the goals of a relationship will come about more quickly, because you will find yourself getting rid of all of the peripheral.

I think it’s real grounding to feel the human process, that you’re not the only one doing this, that you’re merging with the rest of humanity, and it’s sort of like experiencing pleasure and pain on a much greater scale. And the loneliness is gone of being in form.

S: A deeper connection. Again, that bonding.

What about in your work relationships? How could it change your relationships at work to be able to understand energy in a different way?

You find that you can help people restore their balance so that they can restore balance in the work place, so it can work better, and you also change the consciousness of that group of people, which is the goal of changes you make.

S: And your changing it is not because you have begun standing on a soapbox and preaching all sorts of New Age airy-fairy things. It is because you have changed how you deal with others, and that affects. One bright light can light up a very large dark room.

So many disagreements and misunderstandings are exactly that—misunderstandings—not understanding the motivation and the intent behind the other person’s actions. And in the merger process you would have a deeper understanding of their motivation and intent.

Sort of like a spiritual traffic signal. You know when to go, when to caution, and when to stop.

S: I like that. That’s right. You have the signals that help you determine when and how you’re going to act. Good.

It helps you to better see the masks that you project, and also others . . .

S: Helps you to better see the masks, as well as when you have them on and when you take them off. It helps you become more aware of what you are seeing and what you are projecting.

All right, so you’ve got the idea here.

Seeing energy is just a matter of focus. The truth of it is, you see energies all the time. If you don’t believe it, just turn your seats around just a little bit, so that you can look at somebody. Now, I will tell you that it will throw your perspective off if you are using me to look at. You’re welcome to, but it will throw your perspective off.

Just look around the room. Pick somebody far off and look and look and look and look. And hold that vision, and hold it and hold it and hold it and hold it. And look and look and look and look and look and hold it some more, hold it, hold it. What I am trying to do—keep looking—is what is known as tiring out your focus muscles.

All right, quickly, close your eyes, and what do you see? What you see, in all likelihood, is not only the after-image, but a great streak of light around their head, isn’t it? You see, you don’t let yourself see what your eyes are taking in. Your eyes are automatically taking that in. Look again. Look at the head in front of you. Stare at it; close your eyes, and you will see it and the image around it, also.

Essentially, what I am going to be asking you to do—and I want you to remember that, if I can teach you—here is the manipulation—if I can teach you how to become confident in this fairly simple—and be it a bit complex, but fairly simple—but purely natural gift, then perhaps you’ll trust me next month, when I want to teach you how to elaborate and do something more with it, and the month after that, when it moves into, all right, now let’s change being able to control your own energy and make a difference with that, and on and on and on.

If you will find that you have success in the small things, you might risk the big ones, you see? That is how you accomplish anything that you’re wanting to do. You won’t trust that it can be done if you have no experience in it. So to set yourself up in the most simple of situations, where you cannot lose, meaning break it down to the easiest processes, then you’re going to able to give yourself success. One success will indeed lead to another and another and another. But you won’t take the first step if you don’t know you can walk. And you should not be asking yourself to. The goals you don’t reach are the ones you don’t believe you can attain. The reason you don’t act is that you fear that you are in this all by yourself and you know that you can’t be trusted. I’m not saying that’s true; I’m saying that’s why you don’t act.

So if you could see what innate power and talent and abilities you have at hand and—perhaps a bit farther down the road—the connections you have available to you, then you’ll be seeing you through different eyes. You’ll start acting.

For this particular project, what I’m going to ask you to do is maneuver your chairs so that—those of you that are right in front, especially—so that you are mixed up in your seating enough that you can look at somebody. You don’t need a specific partner for this, but you are going to need to look at somebody close to you. They don’t have to be looking at you. So if you are in a situation in which you don’t have somebody you can look to, then you need to turn your chair or move out so you can see somebody. Again, you don’t have to connect into partners for this; you can be looking at the back of a head. It doesn’t matter. You can be looking at an ear.

First thing is, you are a being that is essentially electrical. What I want you to see is that you can visually see the emanations of that energy that surrounds somebody. You can see that. Some of you may see it as a bit of a shadow over somebody’s head. Some of you may see it as a bit of wavery light. Some of you may see it actually as light. You might see it as if the head were the candle flame. You might see it as the heat emanation right off the top of it.

You will see it, and here is how. Get yourself comfortable, and let yourself relax just a little bit. You don’t have to relax too much. This isn’t hard to do. What I want you to do is to find a spot on that person’s head—maybe it’s their ear or between their eyes—just look at that spot. While you continue looking at that same spot, I’d like for you to become aware of the beating of your own heart. Keep looking at that person, but feel your heart beating in your chest. Quiet yourself down enough to feel your pulse. Can you feel it? If you need, go ahead and put your hand over your heart so that you can find that rhythm and get a good feel for it. But just allow yourself to quiet enough that you can feel it, and I want you feeling it in your chest, because I’m going to be asking you to move it from there.

Now, of course, your heart isn’t the only place that your body is pulsing, is it? If it was, you’d be dead real fast. It’s also pulsing, for instance, through the arteries of your neck, so allow your awareness to quiet to the point where you can feel your pulse in your neck. Keep looking at that individual. Can you feel that? Feel it without touching. Can you feel it in your hands? Can you feel it in your feet? Just as a brief tingle?

As you’re moving your awareness to these different places, you’re not changing what’s happening; you are allowing yourself to become aware of what is happening.

Still looking at that individual, feel it again in your heart, feel it in your neck. While looking at that person, feel your pulse in your eyes. Is there anybody here who, when they felt it in their eyes, felt their eyes go out of focus? That’s exactly what you’re looking for. You’re focusing on feeling the pulsing in your eyes, and it changes the focus.

Now, continuing to look at that person, feel the pulsing in your eyes and allow it to soften your focus. As you do that, move to look right above the top of their head. Move from the back or the ear or the face to just above the top of the head—and remember that you’re feeling the pulse in the eyes. Look to the top of the head.

All right, stop.

What did you see? What happened, anything?

There was a white band all over the whole body about an inch wide.

S: A band of white about an inch wide. Anybody see anything other than white? Oh, several. Some dark, some altogether different. But it looked sort of like a band all around the body. Anybody else see something like that?


S: You were seeing energy. Why were you seeing it? Because you shifted your focus. Can you explain that? What happened, where, how, when did you shift your focus?

When you stop looking at the physical so much, looking at the shape as we know it, based upon all of our experiences of that person.

S: But you are a teacher; you need the words for this. When did you shift the focus?

When I shifted to the top of the head.

S: Don’t you just hate it when I ask questions wanting a particular answer? Don’t you just hate that?

It was when you felt the pulsing in your eyes. And when you looked to the top of the head in that softened focus, then you saw something that you’d not necessarily see otherwise. The key is that softened focus; that’s all it is.

Now, those of you who are capable of doing it will notice that, if all you do is cross your eyes, it’s not going to show you anything. It is not mis-focus; it is an inward focus.

One more time: Looking at Frank—look at him; find a point on his face. Pay attention to your heart beat. Allow yourself to feel the pulse in your neck; move it up to your eyes. Move it up. Feel the pulse in your eyes. When you’re focus softens, you go a bit more inward. Look to the top of his head.

If anybody in here was able to see any sort of energy off Frank, with him standing right here, I need to go ahead and tell you right now you’re very sensitive and you’re going to prove to be very adept at this, because that was the hardest thing you could have done. With the nature of this light, beaming right on him, with him standing in an area that was not only mixed up with other sorts of energy but also very separate from a wall and very far from many of you, if you were able to connect, you’re very good at this already. Some of you may have found you could not; I just wanted the practice of your moving into that softened focus.

Looking at your own hand—look at the center of your palm—you might want to put it out in front of you. If you’re looking too far down, then your vision is not going to soft-focus. You need it about eye height for your eyes to be as relaxed as possible. That’s only so that it would be relaxed. Looking at your own hand, move through the same process. Look at it. Looking at it while you move the pulse to your eyes, softening the focus, then shift your sight just a bit to the tips of your fingers, for instance.

All right, my question to you here is not how many of you saw a slight webbing around your fingers. It’s not how many of you saw a bit of haze around your hand. It’s how many of you felt your hand heat up as you put your attention onto that hand. That’s healing energy, all right?

I’m going to ask if there’s a question or two about this in just a moment.

I have just shown you what is probably the simplest way to become aware of something that you are able to see all the time, but which you turn off because there’s so much else you need to see. And because you’re able to feel energy, you read it that way, rather than what you see. You know that what you see is the least reliable of your whole sensory apparatus.

The reason that I want you to see it is that I want you also to see that you can change what you’re putting out, or what you’re putting out can affect others in what they’re getting. And the actual process itself of merger—which is a bit more specific than what I’m going into here tonight, but I will go into more detail later—is specifically because, when you are able to merge out of yourself and into the energy of another without some sort of strange airy-fairy procedure attached to this—because it’s not—without any sort of thing in which I might be interfering in another’s energy, and I better not interfere here, because you cannot with what I am showing you here. The sort of merger I’m talking about is the merger with what is available information. To merge with that energy field—not the heart, not the mind—to merge with that energy field, so that you can translate knowingly what you want.

The deeper mergers have to do with the healing process, and that’s not what I’m trying to give you here now. I’m trying to give you the process that will allow you to succeed in the world, that will allow you to quickly and easily connect in and know what is going on and learn to be able to, as a result, adapt your personal presentation for your greatest benefit, for the greatest benefit, therefore, of all. That which is done in consciousness—and if you’ll remember what I’ve talked about over and over is consciousness—conscious activity creates ascended results. Because, sweet souls, it’s a spiritual process, you cannot make merger like this and do harm. I’m not saying it can’t be done; I’m saying you can’t do it. Even on your orneriest days.

So, part two. This half of the room is separate from this half. This half turn so you can see that half. Turn the lights up, please. All right, I’m going to ask this half to picture somebody over there, find somebody whom you’re going to look at, and then I’m going to ask you to do the process. While you are looking at them, I want you—when you have moved your focus to the top of the head and allowed yourself to see that shadow or that light or sense that energy—however it is that you found yourself doing it—I want you just, within your own mind, to say something like, I picture my energy spreading out and touching yours. Or maybe you want to imagine a little light, much the same way, coming out of you and literally reaching out and touching. Perhaps you just want to affirm, “I’m merging my energy with you right now.”

Once you’ve done it with one person, then do it with another. Just quickly. Focus, soft focus, move to the top of the head, merge, and move on. Just touch in. That’s all you’re doing.

This group—if during this process, at any time, you feel different, you want to scratch yourself, you find yourself shifting, perhaps you think your own energy has changed somehow, I’d like you to raise your hand and put it down. That’s all. Just raise it, acknowledging it, and put it down. By doing that, you may be letting somebody know that you’ve been connected into.

Give it a try, see what happens.

What I’m wanting is for you to get confident.

Thank you. Did any of you send out a thought of merger and have someone raise their hand. Oh, many of you did. Let’s switch roles now.

[He coaches the other side of the room in the process again.]

Now, one last experiment. This time I am going to ask you to send a thought, and when you merge, to see how it is you might receive it. I want you to know that this is a part of the workshop that I have taught here. I am giving you the stuff that I have been using two full days to give out. I want you also to know that I know who was not at the workshop, and that what that means is I’m thinking you can do it, anyway, without the buildup, without the hour of practice. I’m counting on you.

For this last exercise, I want you again to separate into two groups. Let’s start with this group having a particular thought in mind that this group is going to merge with. Therefore I would like this group to close their eyes. And this group—what I want you to be thinking about, in whatever way, [he pantomimes excitement].

All right, thank you dears. Open your eyes. Look at your group. I want you again to find somebody. I want you to realize that you may be thinking, “Oh, they sent sadness,” and what they were really trying to send was love, and you will think, “Oh, I didn’t get it right at all,” but what you may be getting is your own coloration. Or, for some reason, their own coloration. So what I would charge you to do, if you would find that it would appear to be such a radically different answer than what you brought in, to seek out the individual and say, “You know, I was thinking sadness, when you thought love,” and see if they don’t say, “Well, actually my guinea pig died two days ago, and I am sad about that.” Or they might say, “Well, the situation I was thinking about was actually a very loving experience, but it was when my husband died.” Or something like that. You might be able to find that it actually is the experience. But again, you’re practicing here—you’re just giving it a try—so if it’s not perfect, don’t fret.

Let’s give it a try. All right, dear ones, visualize. Actually be that emotion. And when you touch in and merge, ask yourself, what do I feel? Because when you touch into someone’s energy, you’re not actually your own; you’re theirs.

So, ask yourself, what am I feeling now; what is it. [Pause]

What did you feel?


S: Excited? Your heart chakra, what does it do?

It got sort of full.

S: Oh, full. It got full.

You felt like laughing. Happiness.

It felt like running on the beach.

I felt tingly in my back, and it radiated out.

S: Tingling, radiating. Have you been to a doctor lately?


S: That’s nice.



S: Well, dear ones, what were you sending?

Ecstasy, enthusiasm, happiness, giddy excitement, strength. More. Victory.

Let’s switch. [The procedure is repeated with the senders as receivers.]

Whoa, good work. It was good for me. What did you feel?




I got, tennis, anyone.

S: Well, you know, actually, darling, that can fit very well. What were you sending? Love. It was such a barrage of it, the likes of which this building hasn’t had in a long time. That was delightful. I was about to burst out in giggles myself. Very strong.

So do you get the sense that with practice you might be able to get good at quickly sensing energy, getting a feel for what’s happening? That with practice you might be able to make it a conscious help in your process? As it is now, you are already reading energy. It’s when you try to make it a great, airy-fairy experience filled with little designs and lots of little pictures and colors that you start getting off base. It’s when you recognize that it’s just energy, and that you’re energy, too, and that your energy can connect with others.

These mergers, much safer than the ones in the corporate world. These mergers can become a conscious tool for you, allowing you to become aware of the information that is naturally coming your way, allowing you to become aware, in order to be able to do the best you can where you are with what you have, in order to better be able to live love, to express it, to manifest it through form. When you realize that, if you can pick up somebody’s energy, they can pick up yours, too, what effect might that have on you?

You can be the cosmic pickup.

S: Thank you, dear, I will remember that.

There are other options, though. As you become more sensitive to the process, you are going to find that you see more. But it is always your individual translation system doing it, remember that. You may actually see colors, but it’s your translation system. You may see little designs, but it’s because that tells you something that others may not get, because that’s what it takes for you to get the information. It’s just a means to help.

The more you do it, the more you are able to do it, and the more you are able to figure out what your system is, what your information is.

Sweet souls, when you are able to see that you are more, vastly more than the blood and the bones and the skin, and vastly more than the beliefs and the griefs—the memories—that you are more than the failures and successes, that you are more than what is sitting in that chair, when you are able to know that you are more than this form, that this is not all there is, this planet WINS.

[end of tape] . . . experience this. Over the next few months I want you to grow in your confidence with your gifts, to be able to see energy, to be able to send out and have received correctly those thoughts, I want you to grow confident in the power of your being. No excuses. I want to do what I can to help you along that way.

Next together—I suppose you should take notes on this—let’s do two things once again. The first one is, move to actual merger with this energy plane [playing?] here. And the second thing—to teach you how to know what your specific gifts are, so you can better use them. What could be better than people secure in the power of their energy and knowing—and therefore able to use—their gifts? What could be better?

Questions quickly?

You don’t want to give yourself too many advantages in this process. If you only deal with people who are wearing all white and against a black background, then you are going to be limited to connecting with those only, whereas that’s not the way you live in the world. Better to be able just to connect, any time, anyway.

[Does everyone see the same thing?]

S: What color shirt does Jim have on? Purple? Does anybody disagree with that. Blue? Gray? Periwinkle? My point is your particular vision translates according to two things: The first is what you believe you’re seeing—which is why that can of soup absolutely isn’t there when they change their label and it’s not what you’re expecting anymore, which includes the way you have trained yourself to see. Some of you see very well at night; some of you absolutely don’t. Some of you see certain colors better than others, some of you are what is called color blind. All of this has to do with the physical function and the mind connection. You also have as part of your vision the translation aspect. When you hear a very loud siren, some of you automatically think, “Danger. Fire.” Some of you think school’s out. Same thing, depending upon your own experience.

When you put those two together, what it means to you—and your personal experience of it—what you have is an amazing, beautiful computer translation of impulses, and they connect into your brain with this sort of energy—and I will tell you now you are dealing with thought energy as well as physical information—this sort of energy translates by your system into brightness, darkness, color. There may be people here who say, “Yes, I saw purple, and around Frank I saw two colors.” They may not say it was the same colors that you saw. The more you practice this, the more you’re going to learn what your patterns are.

Again, that’s a bit more of advanced technique and advanced information. In Toronto, at the workshop, I was having to slap them down all the time—”Stop it. You’re much too far ahead here”—because I was dealing with people much like many of you, who are already a step ahead, into that next piece. All he’s putting out is energy. It’s your spectral filter that’s translating it.

I’m trying to keep you from limiting your input by saying, “I saw purple, and it means spiritual, and therefore he was thinking spiritual thoughts.” I’m trying to get you to hold off on that right now, because that is going to limit your intake.

Reading energy can be an art, and just as Jim is wearing purple or blue or everybody has the basic idea of what it is, generally speaking the whole group got the love you were sending out, but they got it in various ways. What you want to look for is the common denominator, and not quibble too much with the differences and the way “yes” is said in different cultures—to recognize that it’s all “yes.” But the more you work together at it, the closer you become, the more merging and mind-merging that there is, the more unanimity there will be in how it is seen.

You’ve been very patient.

Here is my promise. You practice this, you will see changes in the natures of your relationships. You don’t practice it, the Universe will be hard put to find an easier way to teach you how to reveal yourself, to change the way you are willing to see and deal with your power. You don’t practice, and it will be a lot harder to bring you to the point that you see your energy. And what you’re here for, and why. You do practice, it will come faster.

Conscious activity creates ascended results. It’s up to you.

Your choice. Your freedom. All right. Zatit. Happy trails.