July 4, 1999

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: So, how did your month go?


S: Quickly. Indeed. Changes. In case you forgot. Changes. Many. How have you been dealing with them? Let’s try this again. Hello dears!

Hello, Samuel!

There’ve been a lot of changes this month. [Laughter]

S: Have you been noticing that? A lot of things going on in the world, and in your own life as well, wouldn’t you say?


S: Aye. Has anybody else been noticing any of that? Changes in your own life. Changes in the world going on around you. You’ve been seeing that, have you? And are you ready for it to continue? Because one of the most important messages that there is to give you right now, at this time, is [that] your ability to deal with change is going to have everything to do with how you feel you are functioning through the next few months, certainly through the next few weeks. And because, theoretically, this is supposed to be a holiday.

Ah, is it not clipped? [referring to microphone]

It’s separated.

S: And because it is a holiday weekend—and more often than not, when there is a first Sunday that’s a holiday weekend—I like to use the holiday as a means of creating nice little sermonettes for you. I’ll sort of use it as a launching point to get to the point, because there could probably be few holidays that would be better fitting for what I would like to talk to you about, and that is independence. Or maybe better said, freedom, because they are totally different things. Freedom.

And so with the idea tonight of change, I’m going to talk about how to ensure you maintain your freedom throughout the changes that are going on in your life, and in your world right now. And I’m going to talk about some very basic things, but I want you to remember that I’m not talking to basic people. And that is one of the most important aspects of what I would like you to remember. I’m not talking to basic people.

So, whatever could that mean? It’s not the usual two legs, two arms variety?


S: It’s not the general, mass consciousness awareness. Yes. That’s right. It’s not the basic perspective in the world. That’s not a new one for you, is it? You’ve known that all along. When is the last time you did have a perspective that was somewhat like the rest of the world? Can you remember?


S: Aye. And you let go of it real fast. Never mind.

Yeah. It was just that one time.

S: The laughter, of course, is from those who know her.

So, the brief and quick. Statement number one is, I’d like for you to remember, if you would, that I am not under any circumstances advocating any viewpoint other than you’re about to come upon one of the greatest times of your life. “Good times are around the corner” is not necessarily the true version of what I just said, though. Did you get that?

It’s one of the greatest times of your life. That does not necessarily mean it’s going to be a good time. Aye. Did you get that?

Not necessarily fun.

S: Not necessarily fun, but you know you do a lot of things in your life that are not necessarily fun, but are good things. Can you think of one?

Graduate school, for me, was absolutely the greatest triumph of my life, but it wasn’t always fun.

S: That’s good. That works. What’s another?

Brushing teeth.

S: Is that right? Brushing teeth.

You don’t know about brushing teeth.

S: Perhaps. Are they clean enough then? Sure. Sure. But it’s also good [for] brushing hair. Yes? All right, so I thought that’s a rather large implement to try to stick up there. Aye. So that’s one of those things. Not a whole lot of fun, but very good. Sure. All right. We can go there. How about another?


S: She said marriage. That’s what she said. Would you just give a brief explanation there?

Well, there’s a lot of things that you learn during that time, but they aren’t all fun.

S: It’s not always fun. There’s a lot of good things to be said about it. There’s a lot of good things to be said about the fun you have that …

Some of the things that were the hardest, actually when you look back on it, it gave you the most growth.

S: And that the things that were the very hardest you might can look back on and see that they brought quite a bit of growth. And would you say that that’s true in relationships as a whole?

Raising a child.

S: Raising a child. You might could say the same thing. Good.

So you can see that in many areas of life, this isn’t a new thing. In many areas of life you well could say, This is a grand thing even if it’s not fun every little minute. So you’re all right with things not being fun every little minute, recognizing that it’s all working for a greater purpose. Right. Because it’s familiar. This is the right one, love, not that one. So it’s you’re all right with that, and she says, “No! Not!”

Second thing I wish for you to remember is that I do not insult you with teachings of doom and gloom. Prophesies that speak of doom and gloom say two things, and it’s very important for each one of you to remember this over the next few weeks and months.

The first thing that it says is you’re dealing with a very narrow perspective. Now, why would I say it’s a narrow perspective?

Limited choices.

S: The choices are limited, that’s right. More.

Well, you’re only seeing what’s in front of you at the moment. You’re not seeing the vision.

S: Good. You’re seeing, if indeed it is a true seeing, you’re seeing what’s right there in front at the moment, and you’re not getting a bigger picture of it. Have you ever been in a situation within your life in which there you were, in the midst of the whirlwind, and all you could see was the whirlwind. Have you had that? Sure you have. Some of you just today. Of course you have.

It’s saying that you’re not capable of changing it and making it a more positive situation.

S: Bingo. Right there. And it’s insulting you, because it is saying, here is what is going to happen, and you have no capability to do anything about it. Now, that sounds like a manipulation to me, don’t you think?

In your life, fear is always a manipulation. Always. Now, perhaps you are manipulating yourself with it. Perhaps you’re manipulating yourself with this fear because something within you, your other consciousness, says, I will not do what I need to do if I’m not afraid here, and must get moving. Your subconscious thinks it’s the only way to function, perhaps. But fear manipulates.

So when you hear the government forecasters as they were years ago saying, “Ah, the economy’s in for a downturn,” and everybody gets frightened about that, well that’s going to cause you to act. Your fear is going to cause you to act. It’s a manipulation.

Most everything that you deal with in your life can be seen from a negative perspective or a positive one. Most everything can be. I did not say all things. Your ability to see the positive allows you to anchor in that positive, and that’s very important, because as you have learned throughout your life, what you think happens. Sometimes that’s not a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s embarrassing. Sometimes it makes you feel very good. But what you think happens, doesn’t it? How often have you said, I knew it was going to happen!

An hour ago.

S: An hour ago. Aye. Because you are creator, and you have the power to create your life, which is why no prophesy is accurate without your agreement. Because even if mass consciousness brings something about, your experience in it can be totally different. How many of you have been affected by the working of the stock market of late? Most have not, have they? So it’s upswings that has everybody excited, or it’s downturns that gets so many news bits for the most part has not affected you. The great crash—it was not called a crash—a few years ago, but it was the great crash experienced . . . What was it? Was it a Blue Monday or a Black Monday? Or a black and blue Monday? Something like that. [It] was incredibly destructive. How many of you wanted to jump out [of] a window because of it? And yet there were those who were so deeply affected, and it certainly has had ongoing economic consequences that have reverberated about your whole planet, in one sort of a way or another, one major way or another. My point being, even in the midst of something that has been that cataclysmic, there are those who do not even know about it.

And so that is in many other ways. How many of you know that you’ve had quite an earthquake over the last few days? Up in Washington State. Aye. Ah, you know that one, do you? All right. How about the one that just showed up in one of those “stans”?


S: Yes. Iran. We could say there. Around that area. You know about that one? What about things going on in the war at the Congo. [Are] you up on that one as much as you are the war—what’s your most recent one these days?


S: I know, loves, I was just making a point there. Not a good one, but a point. How many of you have forgotten that you’re still . . . never mind. All right.

So, remember that you have power, and the very largest power that you have is your choice of perspective within a situation. How you choose to experience, how you choose to act out, these are always your gifts to yourself in the world.

You can follow the masses. You can react with them. Or you can be a part of turning it around the other way. And that’s going to be where I go with all of this, because ultimately you have the ability, as well, to offer freedom.

I want you to remember that I am not a prophet. I do have a slightly larger perspective than you, but I’m not a prophet. Well, not for your planet anyway. Because free will makes the decisions here. Free will makes the decisions here. Nonetheless, claiming quickly my lack of prophethood, I will step off the cliff for you to make a sort of a vague pronouncement, all right: In all likelihood, around the time of your new moon, but certainly during this month, more likely the center of the month . . . when is your new moon?


Close to the fifteenth.

S: So, it’s a very high time of power at the tides, if you wish to think of them that way, of the way that your planet’s working. Now, I want you to know that, although by my speaking specifically of freedom and talking particularly about July, it may seem that what I’m doing is making this information extremely limited, I’m not, because the things that I’m going to talk a little further about have much less to do with what might be happening as they do with what you can do amidst it.

Look in three directions: economic, political, religious. Particularly if you’ve got a political and religious combination, that will have a startling effect upon the economy. Look for a fire function. And look for it opening the door to massive change. I think that was probably vague enough to make Nostradamus proud. And it was not my intention, of course, to be that vague. I’m only telling you that there is not a given pathway here. These are the most likely directions. Not because written out there in the stars somewhere is a great sign that says, economic change forecast at this point. This country is going to have effects on this one at this point. That’s not what it is. In your world, those are the three major arenas for bringing about change, and they happen to be the most volatile arenas right now. So that, therefore, if you were stepping back a bit and you were looking to say, “All right, there’s going to be a major influx of energy that’s designed to bring about a massive change,” you might think of it as a mutation, in fact—which is how evolution continues, isn’t it? It’s how the process works.

All right, what would be the most reasonable way to do that? Well, look, there’s already these doorways for doing that. And that’s what those are, doorways.

This process of change is going to continue with the planet itself working as well to alter its own frequency in order to bring about its own change.

These are not times to fear. They are not. When you were ten years old . . . somebody tell me what a ten-year-old’s foot size might be.

Probably like mine, a five.

S: A five. Were you worried about becoming a six? Were you? Oh no! I’m going to go into the—not cobbler—I’m going to go into the …

Shoe store.

S: Oh well, now that’s easy, isn’t it? I’m going to go into the shoe store, and in that shoe store they’re going to tell me that I’m a six. I don’t want to hear it. I’m not ready for this. I’ve been a five for so long, and I like being a five. I don’t want to be a six. No. What did you do instead? You’re” proud of it. I’m growing. I’m getting bigger now. You like that, don’t you? Then you hit about forty, and then you start saying, “Oh gosh, now I’ve got another size bigger. I don’t like this.” Aye. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? It’s all perspective, isn’t it? It just depends on the view you choose to take at the moment.

That’s exactly what’s going on in your world. It’s a planetary shoe change. [Laughter] Just a little size switch. What does freedom have to do with this? You lose your freedom when you take on fear. As I said earlier, fear is a means of manipulating you. You choose fear, because in one way or another it is going to create a behavior that you feel satisfies the situation in one way or another. You are afraid because, well, everyone else is, and even though you think about it a while, there’s really not anything you’re afraid of. It just seemed right at the time.

Or you’re afraid because . . . I’ll tell you why you’re afraid. Two reasons: Fear for yourself. Fear for yourself tends to mean such things as—how about one word?—ego. The number-one cause of fearful responses in individuals who are choosing to lead a higher spiritual path, so they say, is ego. “Leggo” And you remember that I have taught before that ego’s not a bad thing. Ego is the way you present yourself in the world. And you know how necessary it is to have a good healthy ego so that you can present yourself in the world in a good, healthy way.

Do not raise your hand to answer this question. How many of you think that you have a good healthy ego in that you are at a time in your life when you are able to live, and life . . . this is the great test. All the counselors in here are going to start writing it down. The great test of ego. How many of you are at a time in your life in which what you do that makes you happy is how you spend your days?

Alternatively, how many of you can relate to the idea that you spend a whole lot of your time trying to make people happy that you try not even to be friends with in other situations? Thank you, Joyous. Can you say that your way?

Trying to make people happy that you probably wouldn’t even seek out to be a friend.

S: You’re so good. Yes. Have you ever had that little pokey portion of life weed itself up through the brains, and poke itself out through your eyeballs? I’m just making sure you’re listening, that’s all.

Ego, in the sense of the ability to function well in the world, with the world, in behaviors that are not based on fear. That ego is a good thing. But the difficulties that you have in the world are when your behaviors in the world, with the world, are based on fear, and as a result bring forth behaviors that are related to survival. Your fear of not fitting in; your fear of not being enough; your fear of not being able to do what it is you’re here to do, when you want to do it, in the way that you desire to do it. Your fear of fear, which causes you to say or do or think in such a fashion that it does not enhance, but actually takes away from the living of your life. That ego. And if you can, every day for the next week, allow yourself to think about one behavior that takes away from the living of your life. Tomorrow you think of one behavior, and the next day you think of a different behavior, and the next day a different behavior. And with every one of those behaviors, you allow yourself to think about where it comes from, why it’s there, that you did a bit of sleuthing work, if you will, and look to see what is behind that behavior that’s hurting you, and yet remains in your life to the point that you can find what it’s giving you to keep it around. I do promise one of those ways that you will have such insight, and it will lead to such power. Because you see, love, when you are on to you, it has no chance, because what you are within is greater than what you are without.

Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world. They hate it when I do that. I’ve got to do it now and again. Keeps everybody on their toes.

Freedom from yourself will give you freedom for yourself, because when you allow yourself to consciously work through your issues, to just stare them in the face and find out where they’re coming from, you’re going to find a miracle happen. And that miracle is your heart—if you’ll let me be prosaic there, the love you are, the spirit function that you are, the energy that you are, the Christ in you, the hope and glory that you are, the “fill in the blank” that represents the highest function of you in this world that you are, will take it on and haunt you with it. Hunt you down in the night, and haunt you until you, through the awareness consistently of that attitude, of that action, in your life, you begin catching yourself before it gets out there. It’s an amazing human trick, that is. Amazing.

Seven days. A different attitude or action that you see holds you back, makes life harder for you. Take on one by one each day. Think about it. Seek where it’s coming from, what it’s about. And if you’re really, really daring, ask for help. All right. You can call it prayer. Everyone else does. Try not to do it when you’re driving down the road on your own, not because it’s dangerous and you might wreck. People might feel a need to cart you off, because you’ll just be talking away while you’re driving down the road. Because, you see, there’s more power to it when you’re putting out loud. It works in the power of the three there. You think it [in order]to form it into words. You say it, you’ve put it out there. You hear it, it gives it the third boost of power. So by making these statements out loud—“Help! I’m trying to work this through already—you give it a bit of mystical power to go with it, and then it becomes a magical ritual. It’s so good that way. No. Nothing is sacred. All right. Everything is sacred. That was the same thing I just said.

Next thing that will give you freedom is freedom from others. Freedom from yourself, meaning working through the issues of ego. Freedom from others does not mean, “All right, this is what Samuel is saying: It’s time to go to the mountain and be a hermit now.” Not at all. But in your life, an interesting human response is that it’s a whole lot easier to see out there what’s giving you a hard time and keeping you bound up in little boxes than it is to see what’s in here, giving you a hard time, keeping you bound up in little boxes. It’s pretty easy to look out there, at any given situation and say, Well, if only that had not happened, this would not have happened. If only that country was not mad at that country, then this would not have happened, and all of this would have happened, and then I wouldn’t have been afraid. It’s only because . . . So, freedom from others.

But what would I be talking about there, because the bottom line of it is, you are here for others.

We can set an example.

S: And setting an example is something that you can do for others, but I am talking about freedom from . . .

Blaming others.

S: Blaming others. That’s good.

Using others as an excuse.

S: Using them as an excuse. Freedom from the box that the lack of forgiveness and the need to blame give you. Freedom from the box of . . . All right, I’m going to get into anarchy here. And I’m going to go there. Freedom from the power others have over you by wielding fear. Freedom from the power people have over you by wielding habit. Let me tell you, habit is a greater weapon to wield than even fear. Asteroids on its way. Going to hit tomorrow. Well, I need to get dinner cooked, and prepared and put into little plastic boxes and in the freezer, so that we will make sure that there is dinner for the week, because that’s what mummy always told me to do. You live out of habit, and that’s not living. You do without thinking, because it was the way it was always done, because it’s the most comfortable way to do it. You live without thinking, because there’s somebody else there to do it for you. Because squeaky wheels are just too much to bother with so you may as well just let them have their way. You stop living your life, because you don’t want to make waves.

Now, when you’re able to take the fear out of your life that comes by way of the need to satisfy ego—previous point—an amazing thing happens. All of the issues from “them” do indeed start disappearing, because most of them originated with—oops!—you. Hate it when that happens, don’t you? But your perspective changes as well. Because when you’re not functioning in fear, surprise, beloved one, a miracle happens. When you’re not functioning in fear you are functioning in love. They are opposites. They are the same. It’s the perspective that determines its function. When you’re not functioning in fear, you are able to not resist. You’re not judging what’s going on by the long list of should-haves, could-haves, what-ifs. You’re not judging your experience by the fear of what the next one’s going to be. You’re able to just live it. Aye, well, […] did not say hello to me and so I think he’s angry at me, and I’m really upset about it. And so what can I do to make him happy with me. And you start directing all of your time on your view that his activities had to do with you.

Aye, well, Martin very rarely says hello to me, and I think that that’s because he does not like me, and it’s all right, because I don’t like him either. And so I’m going to stop saying hello to him, and see what happens then. And Martin is saying, what the heck is going on? All of a sudden Stuart is just looking at me and moving on. I always give him the construction worker’s greeting. And usually he says hello back. Something must be wrong. Well, I don’t need him. It doesn’t matter. We’ll see what he has to say about that. You’ve experienced that in your life.

Love creates unity. Love establishes, if not family, a team, anyway. Love opens doors. It expands. It embraces. It adds; it does not subtract. Love empowers because it opens doors. You lose the box you’ve been living in when you are willing to live your life in its moments as they are, based on love and not the needs of ego. Based on love, and not fear. It allows your perspective to enlarge, and it opens the door for you to begin drawing to you like minds. In the very same way that when you’re functioning in fear and hopelessness you draw fearful and hopeless people.

Look at work. Is it not that way? Do you find that when the first person complains about the traffic coming in, it gets to be a joyous festival of complaints about the traffic? And that you, who had not trouble at all, hardly want to change that energy, and get in there and say, Gosh, I did not have a hard time at all, because you know they’ll slaughter you. Or, fill in the blank with different versions of the same thing. Mind your mouth.

What can you do to strengthen yourself so that your internal changes might make external changes, so that what’s going with you reflects itself in the world around you in the very same way that you’re complaining about the traffic, can get a traffic complaint circle going? So your choosing a positive function can get positive functions going. Got to warn you though, it takes longer, because more people are used to the negative aspect of it. It’s easier, and they’ve got to pick themselves up off the floor, because you’re not taking part, as well. Takes a moment to get over that shock, too. ‘Fess up. You know.

One of the most basic helpful things that you can do for yourself is the five-minute meditation. Do you know it? I’ll give you the really quick version of it, because every one of you would benefit from it every day. It is not a basic activity. Five minutes.

You settle yourself down, and for the first two and a half minutes, you’re settling yourself down and you’re saying, This is the active time. And you allow yourself to go over all of the issues, all of the thoughts, all of the people that you know need special energy, or healing, or whatever it happens to be. You’re just thinking. That’s what it is. You’re thinking. That’s called active. Hopefully, it is. You’re thinking of the highest possible function for the highest possible good, and if you cannot think of the highest possible function for the highest possible good, you just put forth, May this situation work out in the highest possible way, for the highest possible good. “This or something better for the highest good” might be a way you like to say it.

And then you switch gears, and you give yourself a couple of minutes, two and a half, of passive time. Now the first few times that you do this, this passive time is going to be two things for you. First, it might only be a nice break. Two minutes of just breathing. Generally speaking, for every twenty minutes of activity, your brain needs about two minutes of quiet and rest in order to process it through. How often do you have that within a twenty-minute period? Excuse me boss, but you’ve talked twenty minutes. Now we need to have silence. And so your mind does not know what to do with it. You’ve got these two minutes of silence, and you don’t know what to do, so you start making it active. Oops, stop that. Try to focus on your breathing, if that’s all it takes. I’m breathing in. I’m breathing out. If you’re able to focus on just one activity, that would work. That would give your brain the opportunity to start processing, because the couple of minutes of quiet gives you a gift. It lets your brain process. That’s nice. It lets you relax, just for a bit. That’s nice. But it begins to open some doors around you, and that’s the power of it. Because all of a sudden, you are sitting down to give yourself five minutes. That’s all you’ve got, five minutes, once a day, early in the morning, for sure. Five minutes of a spiritual process. Even if you don’t feel you’re doing something spiritual. Goodness, what would Joan say? Of Arc. She would judge me harshly, because I’m not leading the Crusade. I’m just sitting here for five minutes.

When you open that doorway, the Universe does something sort of like this. Finally! Quick! The angels start singing. You hear it sometimes. What was that? I know I should have done something about those silver fillings. That’s a joke. And you begin to find, slowly but surely, again—different Shirley—the mind itself is having to learn to slow down a bit so it takes a bit to get over the pure novelty of it. But you’re opening the doorway for the spirit energy that works with you for your very highest good that with absolute love guides you across the mountains of your life in order to gently and lovingly, just push you over the edge in order that you might fly, in case you forgot. For the Source that you are to connect with the Source that you were, that the Source which you will be can be.

Did you get that, Bonnie?

I’m writing as fast as I can.

S: That’s what it’s for. And you begin to find that you know things. Now that’s not like, “Let me tell you what I just got. Jeanean, I got this message for you.” That’s not what it’s for. It’s that you get clearer. You get clearer. It’s called enlightened.

Do you remember when you’re feeling really good, and you walk into a room, and people just look at you? Or you smile, because you know that you have a smile that just sucks people right to you. And you know how to do it, that you just flip that little switch inside of you, and you just give a big one. You know what I’m talking about here, don’t you? David is saying, No, I don’t.

That’s what this does for you. It puts that light out in the world, not off. That bubbling awareness of pure joy is not blocked by the pain and frustrations. It opens doorways to do more good things for yourself. “Gracious, if I’ve done five minutes, what would ten do?” Don’t do it. Only five. Only five, no more. You do more than that, it starts degrading you. You start losing your light. Pretty soon you’re just all sucked up into a black hole. Don’t do it! Five minutes. That’s all. Five minutes only.

Something else you might do, though, that can add to that process would be, as Joyous said a bit earlier, choosing to be an example. As you’re walking down the road, you look at somebody as your project. Aha, I see Bobbi coming my way. All right, what am I going to do? I’m going to just absolutely radiate this feeling of joy, and wholeness and peace her way. Watch out, Bobbi, here it comes. And you look to see if it makes them smile.

Or maybe you do something quietly. Years ago Gayle—hello, love—taught a class about helping yourself to gather in abundance. And one of the things that she taught—I love this so very much; such a very lovely idea—is the idea of secretly and anonymously gifting others with something. Something secretly, anonymously. Do you remember that, love? And what was it called?

Pink envelope.

S: It was. Aye. [It] was good. Pink envelopes. Just sending off a little bit of love. What a surprise. But maybe it’s not a pink envelope of ten dollars, because you know somebody needs ten dollars. Maybe it’s what?


S: Maybe it’s a ride somewhere. Maybe it’s listening. Maybe it’s telling a joke that really is funny—I know it can be done. But it’s sharing love. But the biggest key to it is the anonymity, because that feeds you a very amazing sort of way.

And then I want to pass along one more thing that you can do when you start feeling like these things aren’t enough. Time is short, and you not only want to do what you can to free yourself, but you want to do what you can to free this planet. And two and half minutes of active doesn’t even start you through the whole listing of all of the countries, needless to say everybody you know who could use a burst, and even if you did anonymous gifts of love and laughter and joy, and money, or whatever, to most everyone you know, you would run out before you feel like it made a big difference. What is something you could do that would make the largest difference? And I would [microphone problem, tape stops]

Right now, the most effective and important technology I can encourage you to do is to join the tonings that are being done here. This work . . . I’m going to back off and do it differently. Come and see what it gives you. You cannot give what you do not have. You need a place in your life where you can receive. The toning does that, because the toning works with the nature of your frequency. It’s vibration. That’s what it’s about, vibration. It’s about common visualization. Group intent. It’s about that incredible thing that happens when one person links with another, who links with another, who links with another, and now there is strength beyond the one. [Said aside] Thank you. And the most amazing part about it is that you will find that, if this is a step for you right now, you will know it the moment you hear it. Whether or not you fully understand the whole process the first time you try it, you will know it. Something about you will say, I like that. And if you’re going to be one of those individuals who are hearing this, and you’re not in this area or one of the other cities in which this work is taking a part, or if this is just one of those fluke coincidences that you’re here today, there are things that you can do to stimulate the toning bones that will also activate the feeding mechanism for the spirit you are. Try this sound, Hu. Hu. Hu. That’s the vowel you’re using. Hu.


S: Hu. And send it out with the idea that it’s coming from your very heart. That it’s a sound of love. Try it. Go Hooo.

[Audience joins in toning] Hooo.

S: And some of you will do it higher, and some of you will do it lower. [Raises pitch] Hu. Lovely. And if you did that for several breaths through, you might feel as though a bit of a knot lets go. Right here. You know that one that when you get angry or frustrated kind of clenches up on you? That one. It starts letting go, because that sound vibrates that area and you’re adding love to it.

Change the sound from hu to ah, and think about releasing that love out of the top of your head. Just try it. It doesn’t do a thing to harm anybody. And it changes to ah, and it moves out the top of your head, and it spreads out into the world around you. You can do that from your own room. Start playing a bit with the sounds, perhaps moving to oh. Or ach. Try to stay away from ee, because ee sort of blocks up right here, certainly during allergy season. [Makes snorting sound] Well, you’ll have nightmares on that one.

Imagine that your heart glows. It glows, and with every beat it glows brighter, and brighter, and brighter. And choose that that brightness is going to be healing, or better still, call it wholeness, and imagine that it fills you up until it starts leaking out of your fingertips, and off the end of your nose, and out your ears. It just glows all around you until it fills up the room that you’re in. If you’re doing it with somebody, imagine that it goes from your heart to theirs. And if you want to make a sacred circuit, see it going from your root chakra, which is exactly where it sounds like, and you’re connecting with the other person there, and at the same time you’re connecting heart to heart, and head to head without even touching, but sounding those sounds, and thinking those thoughts, radiating out into that triunity of physical and emotional and spiritual power. But do not do it with somebody that you do not want to have an unalterable bond with, that you do not want to touch into at very deep levels, because you have been warned, that is what will happen. And if you’re unable to come and take part with a group that’s actively putting out that healing energy into the world, in one way or another, because there are many ways to do it, and many places where it can be done, and there you are, sitting in your room, imagine that that radiance coming from your heart covers the planet, so that the planet is surrounded in a golden light. And if you give yourself just a few moments, one solid minute is enough, of that thought of that visual, and you do it every day this month, you will change for it. You will be better for it. And so will your world.

You need freedom. You have been boxed too long. You are the most beautiful lion. You are the stunning, strong bear. You are the wolf that has been caught and caged, and you’ve learned the confines of the cage, and you’ve learned to pace. And you’ve learned the tricks it takes to get the peanuts, so you know that you’ll never go hungry, because you can sit up with the best of them. But you know that’s not living.

Freedom from you. That’s the hard one. From others. From the constructs that hold you back, because you’re not living them; you’re only living in them. The beliefs, the thought systems that don’t fit you any more. The fears that kept you going for a long time—handy they were—but which don’t mark you. Freedom to be what you truly are, where you are. And in a world that is ready for the power of love, instead of the power of fear, it needs those who know what they’re doing already.

It’s hard to learn to drive a car when it’s already going at eighty miles an hour. Start slow. Remind yourself how it works. Makes use.

By all the pointers, these next couple of months are going to bring about massive change in your world, and in your life. You are what it takes. You are what it takes to make this transition joyful, easy, powerful, and to help others experience the same thing. I’m going to end with three words. Other than, I love you, and thank you for being here. The three words are, don’t blow it.

Happy trails. Glochanumora.