April 6, 1997

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Good. Did you ever think …? One of the things that I’m enjoying quite a bit is starting a bit of a new tradition, and it’s actually going to eventually take the place of the ah-hoos at the beginning. I know that you’re terribly disappointed about that, but it’s time. Got to keep doing new things for you, keep the circus happening, yes? That that is to take a moment, just a few moments, to put forth some things that are either a statement of gratitude—so grateful for something that has particularly happened in your life—a Victory Journal entry, you’ve been looking for this or waiting for this or you’ve been asking for the new job and it came, and on and on—or something that you’d like to call in the power of these individuals to encourage the power in your own self for energy. A hotline request, so to speak, for yourself. And those who are listening will add to that gratitude or send energy of healing or help or asking this or something better for the highest good, along with you as you’re saying it aloud. That does not mean you’ll be saying it aloud.

Now a couple of you are familiar, because we tried to do it last time. Let’s try it again. Who has something? Good.

Last month I came to this meeting knowing that my basement was flooded with four feet of water, and asked the group for energy that it be dealt with in the highest way, and within two days it was totally cleaned, dried, everything was taken out […]. I did none of it. And my insurance reimbursed the whole thing.

S: Very good. Very good. Yes. Yes. Aye, love.

I’ve got the same sort of victory to announce. I asked for energy for getting a new job that I was going to be interviewed for the next day. Well, I got it the second day after that. And I wanted to thank everyone for it, because it means a whole lot of wonderful, positive changes for me and those that I’m now with. So thank you all very much.

S: Good. Yes. Yes. Aye, dear.

Last month I asked for energy for certain projects that I was working on. Within ten days one of the projects came together, and it’s been going so fast in the last three weeks that it’s almost overwhelming. If we had had as much progress in sixty days as we’ve done in three weeks, I would feel very comfortable with the project. So I’m going to ask … not only want to give you gratitude for the energy, but want to ask if you can give me the energy to keep up with what’s […]

S: Ah, yes, be careful what you ask for, for you might just get it. Very good. And a couple more, then. And this end of the room is just powerless tonight, is that it? There’s nothing there. All right. Go for it.

Paula and I have begun a project on our farm which is likely to be a lengthy one, but it’s cleaning up a sink hole that has suffered from decades of being used as a landfill. And now we have this horrendous-looking thing on our farm which we’d like to beautify, and I would just appreciate knowing we’re getting energy from this group to help give back to the earth that we love so much out there in getting that job done easily and well and quickly.

S: I […] the devic kingdom to empower the site once again with beauty and joy and a fulfillment of growth that recreates. Aye.

One more then. Aha, yes dear.

I just want to say thank you. I have so much to be thankful for—I’ve been sitting here trying to think—for the expanded vision I have in my life that’s created all types of wonderful manifestation in my life, and my change in directions. I’ve energized a new school, everything, a new house, new me! So I just want to say thank you.

S: Life is meant to be good. Good. Good. Yes.

Well, it’s very important that you remember that ultimately everything—big picture—everything happens because it fits into a larger plan, which is to say as well that everything that goes on in your life, as well, works in a larger picture in that direction toward a greater purpose. And usually that purpose is to make the Universe smile. And you’re so good at that, because the joy in your life and the love that you have, the ability to make it good, is not only a signal that you’re working in the flow on your path with that larger picture, but it’s also a sign that you’re making it a whole lot easier for the Universe. Do not ever forget the plan for your life is that you be happy, because the Plan for the earth is going to happen a lot more easily if you’re happy, if things are flowing well in your life, if you are not in resistance, if you are experiencing love and joy and power and happiness. It only makes sense, don’t you think? It’s a lot easier to direct an object that’s already moving than it is to get it moving. It is trite, true, but follow your bliss.

Well, it does appear tonight that this is not going to be the opportunity to put you into a circle, is it? So, what I think we will do is just go. [Laughter]

Jerry, love … not that way! What I want to be doing tonight is to answer you, as much as I can—or will, perhaps, might be more accurate—in regards to some of the questions you’ve had about energy of the earth and energy not of the earth, and so forth. Is there any particular set-up you would wish to do? Or am I putting you too much on the spot here right now? Anything specifically you’d like me to be directing my conversation toward before I just go for it?

I’ve tried to look at both questions as being a part of … everything is an aspect of God, and these—the crop circles and also the things that we don’t understand—to me are aspects of God that are being shown to us …

S: I like that.

I would think if there is a Plan then this is part of the Plan, so how do these fit into the picture of what’s happening at this point now?

S: All right. When did you first start becoming aware of that particular interesting thing? Crop circles, for instance. Yesterday? Ten years ago? A hundred years ago? [Jerry nods] Yes is not the proper answer.

The question that I would have, I guess, is, Are these signals, are they signs, are they to activate something within us that tunes in?

S: And the answer is?

[Audience] Yes!

S: [Person next to Jerry starts whispering to him] Are you helping him there?

No, I have a need for crowd control.

S: And my question back is, how long have these events been in your awareness? How long has it been happening?

Many hundreds, thousands of years? I don’t know.

S: How long has it been in your awareness?

Fifteen years maybe.

S: Perhaps so. Yes, perhaps so. And certainly, perhaps at the level that you’re thinking of it as almost common, you expect it to be happening, perhaps over the last seven years maybe? Yes. Five perhaps. And, of course, you’re aware that these are things that are happening not only in the British Isles, but also in your country and other countries across the world. You’re aware of this as well. Yes?

Now, as you have become aware of it—and I’ll open this question up—what has your response been?

Wondering if it’s a hoax.

S: All right.

Or if it’s a phenomenon.

S: All right. May I say curiosity then? All right. Curiosity. Good response, always.

Amazement at the beauty and …

S: Amazement.

… at the increasing complexity and beauty of them.

S: Yes. Yes.

And how quickly it becomes part of normal … I don’t want to use the word expectation, but it’s there, it’s out there in the general awareness.

S: Oh, darling, they’re tourist sites! Yes. “Let’s go see the crop circle this week.”

They’re even having competitions now. They have great big fields set out for people to emulate these crop circles.

S: So do they do as well?

Yeah, they do it very well.

S: Aye? Very nice. So curiosity or an awareness that they’re happening. So many, so fast, they’re almost becoming common in fact. Does it … aye?

Those kinds of things seem like proof of contact to me of the … well, it does.

S: Of boards to grain? Yes?


S: Isn’t that the theory? That they are homemade.

I don’t think that. But the crop circles along with the ET stuff, too.

S: So even a consciousness about or a questioning or curiosity about if they could represent a higher consciousness or a different form of contact. And I believe that very much that’s my point, because what Jerry was asking is, Are these some sort of statement, signal? The answer is yes, they are. Beloved friends, if they were absolutely nothing else but an amazingly beautiful and indeed complex geometric figure that showed up because a couple of friends had too much at the pub and came up with a good prank, and were able to do them across the world by publicizing on the …


S: I think we’re just about at the point where I don’t have to use words any more. Let’s try it, all right. [Closes eyes and pretends to pass message telepathically] Good meeting! Did you get it! So let’s have a pop quiz. Do you understand it now? All right.

And publicized it on the Internet. Is the Internet or the Web? What would you say there?

The Web is a part of the Internet, but the Web is probably more in the stream of consciousness.

S: That. If it were nothing more than that, it’s doing a very good job isn’t it? Making people think, getting that curiosity up which is so good. There should be nothing that goes through here [points to head] that does not make you say, why, how, what? Even by going through here it lodges right in your heart, and you know it’s right—not because you’ve been told, but because your self tells you—that it still makes you question, it’s good. What’s it about? Why does it happen? Does it mean something? Don’t lose that.

That’s the answer?

S: You think you’re going to get one, do you?

However, do you remember that over the last few years, I’ve been talking to you that your earth is alive. It is a being, just as you are. It has a form. The form is what you think of as the crust. The rocks, the dirt, the waters. And it has a spirit. So many of the ancients worshipped that spirit, because they recognized it. They recognized the life force of the planet itself, and that life force, which you recognize as—and there’s all sorts of interesting words that each age tends to come up with. I think they’re ley lines at this point, right?—but energy circuits. The chakra system of the planet.

But that cosmically there is the same thing. Surrounding your planet there is also lines of energy. And that that energy over time has been shifted in order that the portals that are created when the lines around the planet and the lines on the planet are lined up, so to speak—and you know that I’m speaking in such broad generalizations here that it’s really not doing honor to a full explanation, but the whole idea is for form anyway so there is no explanation. Thank you—because in everyone of those places as it was designed to be, that the cosmic grid of energy along with the earth grid of energy met, you had a portal point, and that those portal points, natural energy places of the planet, most of them—recognized as sacred, most of them—allowed for interdimensional travel.

Now, curiosity, yes. Allow that as it goes from here [indicating one ear] to here [indicating other ear]. But listen with your heart as I say statements as outrageous as this, because there’s a part of you that knows it. Sort of remembers.

As the shift of the cosmic points of energy with the points of energy on the earth occurred, in order that the planet would be able to incubate, so to speak—that’s part of the reason that I think the whole idea of calling your ozone difficulties the “greenhouse effect” is such a pitiful statement, because greenhouse implies for better growth, doesn’t it?—to incubate, if you will, those portal points were purposefully lost. All for the purpose of humanity being able to work through its energy, spiritual evolution in a … in more like a laboratory condition. Think lab rats.

As humanity has been working to reach sacred status, as this planet and the sacred entity that it is has been working to reach sacred status, as you have been experiencing the return of the guardianship during this time of transition, as you are awakening and remembering and coming back together, as this time is bringing about greater remembrance, much of that is because very, very slowly, that grid has been shifting itself back. Several portals over the last few years, and more to go, have been realigning, and with every one of those major alignments it allows for a greater intake of cosmic energy, allowing for a greater circuit, a return of the energy from the planet. A greater return to the planet. As the planet responds, it shows up as what you are seeing as the crop circles. But they are in response to portal areas. They are a response to cosmic energy aligning to them so that a harmony is created, perhaps. Perhaps that would be a working explanation. Somewhat as if the earth were vibrating at a particular frequency, and the energy sent to it was at a complementary frequency. It takes both.

Therefore is it fully accurate to say it is a thing fully of the earth? No. Nor is it accurate to say that it is something from the heavens, but it is a result of portal energy.

Now, here is what that means. Portal energy is stimulated by frequency of awareness. In the very same way that you make your plants grow by talking to them and giving them thought, just as you do that with one another, as you are awakening, as the guardianship is realigning, as those who are remembering are putting it out into mass consciousness, it is creating another frequency that aligns with those points to fully activate those portals.

Does that mean that every one of those earth marks, tatoos, temporary tatoos, maybe, are portals? No, that’s not exactly what I’m saying. They are portal areas. They are in the area of portals. I believe that if you were to possibly map them in any one season across the planet, you would see the band that represents the heart portals across the planet.

Now, to take it on a further step, how does it work with the consciousness all of a sudden of ETs and aliens, and all of the concern about—why not?—Heaven’s Gate [the cult which during the previous week committed mass suicide in accordance with their belief that they would be reincarnated aboard an alien ship that was travelling along with Comet Hale-Bopp]. The visitor behind the comet. Your suitcases are packed, I presume. What about—and I’m continuing in that vein—what about the abductions and implantations and experimentation that’s being done. Is it mass hallucination or is it really happening? And why now? And how does it fit altogether at this time?

All right, going back to the understanding—and I want you to have the understanding as the foundation of everything that I’m going with here—that as the planet is working toward sacred status, and as the life force upon the planet is moving consistently toward sacred status, and as those portal points are being reactivated, much of that is happening because of that awareness frequency that I mentioned. Now surely somebody’s already come up with some very clever new-age sort of phrase for awareness frequency—if not, you can be the ones who do it, and it’ll mark itself in history as such—which has to do with the individuals who are awakening, who are remembering, and who are actively serving. That’s three different levels. You got that, didn’t you? Who are awakening—hello, there’s something more out there, isn’t there? Who are remembering—I am something more, aren’t I? Who are actively serving. That does not mean proselytizing for those who were wondering. As long as you are working with the “lake of the known and the unknown” then you’re going to have transitional translation problems.

Now, I want to be very careful here. I do not want to deny in the slightest that your planet has visitors. It does. You know that—some of you are them. And I don’t want to be playing games with you about “Of course you are extraterrestrials, and you are the aliens,” even though that’s pretty accurate as well. But I want you to understand that I will never, ever—in the very same way that I will not stand for any of that doom-and-gloom prophesying that in order for there to be great change on this planet, there has to be disaster first, and so move out of California. Watch out, booby. Because it’s falling off the edge, and that pretty soon Kentucky will be a coastal state—I also will not give in to that idea that this planet has lost its protection, because it has not. That this planet, as much as I joke about it being a laboratory—I work so hard to say it your way—and you are the lab rats, to ever, ever imply that it would ever be allowed that somebody come and experiment on you to find out if it’s possible for you to seek asylum or sanctuary in another planet, in another place. [Very emphatically and slowly] It would not be allowed. Needless to say, the possibility that there are some fringe-element evil [beings] allowed here to mess with you?—I don’t think so. I almost said, over my dead body, but … [Laughter]. You’re late. Well, it was not that funny.


S: Aye, well we have our priorities. But that which does come, comes as workers of light, because this dimension limits your ability to experience form as anything other than what you experience it as. You can think first dimension. You can think second dimension, but you cannot see or touch it. It does not become an experience for you. It’s not real for you. So there are dimensions that allow for life, that are versions of spirit, like you, a part of that great force of life. Universe in the way that I use Universe, which is the way you use God, or used to. Taking on form—you, others, have called them gods—not taking on form except now and again they’ve been called angels, helpers, guides. Sometimes, friends. Look around. But never, never, harmful. Those would indeed be illegal aliens.

And how do you translate that energy when? For one mystical reason or another, you sense it, or maybe even see it and recognize it as something separate from you. Well, it depends on how much X-files you watch, yes? Or just how trekky you really are. Be sure to use this one, Bonnie.

I just want to be sure you said tracky and not tacky.

S: Trekky. Trekky.


S: Because you have an amazing ability to create your understanding of a thing based on your understanding of a thing.

Now, I want to move to questions and answers. My intent at the beginning was to give Jerry a much more full answer.

I appreciate that.

S: But I would imagine that it has brought up a lot more questions. But my preference is that this not be alien night. It sort of is every first Sunday anyway, right? So, questions. And you’ve got to be sure that you get them very, very loudly, because I do not see a microphone sitting out here.

Go for it, Eileen.

I’ve been thinking …

S: Don’t you love this? Isn’t it grand?

I’ve been thinking a lot more about, to expand on what you were speaking about last night in terms of our needing to be ready and able to translate who we are, what we believe, into whatever language is appropriate, especially in the coming times. Beyond that, I would like you to speak—maybe the answer is no, but if it’s not no—would you speak to Part B of that which I’m beginning to feel is that we need to be ready to leave home base, to leave Pittsburgh, to leave Atlanta, and take this more into the world. Is that also a part of your push now to be totally conversant with this information?

S: Yes and no. Into Jerusalem, Judea, and the … Right. Actually, I’d much rather you stay in Atlanta and stay in Pittsburgh and do your thing, because it’s not getting done. And with the one by one by one function—whom you touch touches another, touches another, touches another, things happen much more quickly.

Quickly, just as a bit of an experiment, I want you to tell me somebody that you’re in touch with that’s far away. And what I’m looking to do is to see how far the outreach is just in this little group right here. Tell me places.

[Many voices speaking at once]

S: Let’s do this again. In this country, I heard Seattle and I heard California.

New York.

S: And New York.


S: Not in this country, but close, very close. All right. Let’s move out of this country.







South Africa.




S: Now, that’s this little room right here. And I did not ask you in the farthest reaches of your mind is there somebody in a country far, far away that you might have heard of. I asked that you know, because that is the access that gets it there, and there, and there. It requires two things for a belief. An internal and an external motivation factor. Always. Everything. The internal motivation, most of the time, is a little agreement switch within you that says, Yes, I’ll go for that. I believe it or I like it or I don’t like it. And, hopefully, in your life you have been learning to hear that internal response. So, what’s the external response? The one that you’re going to accept the fastest is one you trust—trust, if for no other reason than because you know them, and do not know this one. And so even that level, the bare acquaintance level, is something. Trust because they’ve seen it work in someone they know is even better. And it beats transcripts, audios and videos any day. You can touch this world just by touching the people you know. And you do not need to move to do it.

However, some of you will, and rightfully so, because it closes down where you are. You’re ready to go. You’re bored. There’s not a whole lot happening any more. Your through with it. It’s time to move on. Perhaps you need more training. Maybe the Universe finally had to get you transferred. Perhaps something goes on with your family and it causes you to move closer or farther.

But as I said at the beginning, you’re following what’s making you happy. Doing what you know is best. Consciously, actively serving with love. And the doors open up to you.

More. You may be noticing that I’m hitting on the out-of-towners a bit more tonight.

I have two questions.

S: But you only get to ask one, so take your choice. See if you can’t merge them or something.

Oh. Okay.

S: Oh, she’s whining a bit.

I want to ask about when you said to make friends with your enemies, or love your enemies. And you talked about the heart cord, because I do my own version of sending light and love, and when there’s someone in your life who’s angry and volatile and resentful, and you already do those things, my concern is that I pick up their energy sometimes.

S: Stop.

So, but my concern is if you send this heart cord, do I have to say, okay, it’s only going one way or do I make sure that light comes from both.

S: And, of course, that visualization will work, but first remember this. One principle alone could have such a radical effect in so many spiritual teachings that are out there in this current time. It’s just one of those places where I enjoy stirring the pot of conventional theory—that idea that there is evil out there and that you’ve got to be very careful because you’re going to get it.

Your frequency draws your frequency. And yes, it is true that there are polarities within you. There are extremes—not that you would ever notice, dear, so don’t worry—and those extremes, depending upon the situation, can appear to be—because they are inappropriate for that situation—wrong or bad. But the very same activity very often can also be interpreted as appropriate and not bad in different sorts of circumstances. All right.

So as the energy that you are drawing to you is like, it is possible that because the situation is inappropriate you are recognizing a polar extreme, and it is indeed coming to you, but that’s taking out that idea of bad energy. All right? Energy is energy.

What do you do? You want to imagine that you have a connection from heart to heart and you are sending love. I did not say anything about getting anything back in it, but you will. You will have added awareness come back to you, and you will draw the like of what you are sending out back to you. That’s all. And if you are concerned that you’re in a place that you need to very consciously discipline your energy to be the highest, brightest, lightest sending you can possibly be doing, figure out a visual you can give to yourself. A bubble of light surrounding you. The only thing that can permeate it are the microns of love, or something like that. It’s a true HEPA filter, right? Something like that. Because it’s triggering this, it’s really not changing this.

Another. There. David, I’ll go for you next, love.

If perception is reality … can you go that far? If [in] what we perceive, we’re creating our own reality …

S: All right. That’s only partially so, but all right.

Okay, that’s what I’m asking. Then how can we be in so much trouble if we’re sending all this love?

S: Well, there’s not enough of you doing it, that’s why.

Perception creates reality, but it creates perceived reality. That’s the difference. All right.

After the recalibration …

S: Yes.

… you said that we were all marked, and I was wondering what did you mean by that? How are we marked, and can we take advantage of it? [Laughter]

S: And is it sort of like a sale tag that says “Available Now”?

I know that some of you see, or believe that you see, auric fields. What you’re likely doing is sensing them, and your sensory perception is so tuned that it translates into a visual thing for you. For those of you that can look into auric fields, you also recognize either clearly or in a state of becoming more defined—just as I know that you all see things differently, and some of you see shapes, some of you see sort of smokey things. Right?

Individuals who have awakened and activated their—well, there’s no other way to say it—highest frequencies have a very different aura. Looks, for those of you that enjoyed the meditation that I gave to the assistants with the golden pyramid of light, it is because that very much is what the auric field tends to look like. A large golden block.

What good is it? I’ll let you know in August.

Was that the marking you were talking about in the recalibration or is …

S: Aye.

Is it a distinctive mark or is this …

S: Well, I think it’s very distinctive. I’m not sure, some of you who can see those things as you see it with your eyes, what do you think? Is it a distinctive thing? Do you see?

What I mean is, is it a marking that people … that others may have that weren’t, let’s say, actively involved. I was just trying to understand that.

S: Ah, that were not here. If they responded at the highest level at that time, yes, they would have it as well. It’s not simply a traveller’s mark, it is a statement of activation. Aye.

Now, Stuart, and you’ve got to close it up. All right, love.

[Stuart, at the video camera] I was giving you a signal.

S: All right. There was Bob.

In the past, I’ve always waited for somebody to say a word or something that would then make me think that it was okay to start a conversation in the esoteric or what have you. Am I reading you right now, to say it’s okay to start this conversation with somebody you don’t know or do know? Is that not violating their space?

S: You see the thing is, I believe that your ability to convey the principles as a natural flow of conversation can be something that is a conscious act. And a very natural one. That the way that you live and express yourself does not have to be as some odd new-age or religious or whatever type person, but somebody who is happy and doing well. And the reason is because you have learned how to work with yourself and the world around you to become a part of it all. And so many things open those doors—health, even weather—without having to take someone by the hand and say, “Come to this meeting.” But simply by consistently, lovingly expressing joy to the point that they come to you and say, “Tell me more.” And who has had that happen? It does, it happens. When the teacher is ready, the student appears. And you, you have what is needed.

Sweetest soul, it is because this is set up for cable, it really does have to end. I have been having so much fun with questions and answers this year. Maybe we should just do it all the time, do you think?

You have before you a couple of months of great importance: for networking; for pulling things together; for getting yourself as clear and as activated as you can be. Because this is coming into a summer—or winter, depending on where you are—of great and good change. How do you deal with change in your life? Because it is coming. The more you are sure of your vision, your work, your path, then the more you’re going to be directing your life. Resistance to knowing takes that power from you. Know what you want, know why you want it. Be consciously focused on creating it for the highest good of all involved, of course. And everything that you do, do it with love.

You honor me. This is fun. Thank you. You see, you are awakening, remembering, and acting. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from it. You are here for a reason. Beloved ones, don’t let your mind get so involved, you blow this one, too.

Glochanumora. And you, too, have been very good. Happy trails.