May 4, 1997

Samuel: Well, greetings dears.

Greeting, Samuel.

S: Aye. One of the things that I’m enjoying the most over the last couple of months is the opportunity to bypass gifts in the smallest sort of way, to allow an opportunity to connect with one another in a way that this group can do very, very well. And that is to spend a bit of time sharing one of two things. One of them is to take advantage of group energy so that if you have something very major that’s come up in your life, if you have something that has come up in your life that you’d like to take advantage of this group energy, that you just raise your hand and in a sentence or two say what it is you’d like energy sent for. Or conversely, if you’ve had an answer to prayer or a marvelous victory or a very good thing in your life that you’re grateful for, go ahead and do the same thing, that others might share that victory with you.

One of the things that I’m desiring to do is to bring you, in whatever way is possible, to the doorway—it’s true, I’d like to shove you right through it, but that’s not mine to do—to bring you to the doorway of your power in which you recognize what you can do in your life to make your life what you want it to be. There’s too many things in this world that you are—I’m going to use that word—that you’re the victim of, things in which you do not have choice, or so it seems on both counts. In which somebody else’s free will sort of runs in the way of yours, creating a predicament that you never would have chosen on your own, would you? There are so many things that happen in this world that are out of your control, but there are things that you can do something about.

And, of course, the largest example of that is you. Even when you cannot change the circumstance, you can change the attitudes that surround the circumstance, and that opens the door to changing the circumstances as well. Sharing what is going on in your life that works helps others remember that there are things that they can do to make more of the good stuff happen. And when you share that it’s not so good, you’re recognizing that group focus has an effect so that you’re doing something positive to make change, and you’re putting out to the Universe that you’re tired of it, you’re ready for something else, in a very clear fashion.

So how can I, how can we help celebrate and help change for the highest good of all involved?


I have a couple of things going on, projects in my life, and I’m having trouble staying on track, and I would like the group to help me with focus and self-discipline.

S: Focus. Self-discipline. All right. Good.

I had a lot of fun working in the yard about a week ago, and I was a wonderful magnet for some poison ivy that I didn’t know was out, and I would very much like it to dry up and go away.

S: Aye. Heal. Aye.

I asked for something this week and got it, and I wanted to ackowledge that. I asked for—in my meditations—just help with my perceptual experience. To heal that. To help me see more clearly through my filter system and uncloud it, and to help heal my perceptions, and I even was so bold as to ask for a miracle in that. And what I got was in the experience of the week. What came back to me was easy baby steps and the knowledge of my own wisdom, and step by step the understanding that I trust in myself.

S: Yes.

And I like those baby steps. I really do. And I’m very grateful for that help that I get.

S: Yes. Good. Yes. Aye, love, Marla.

I no longer have a job, because the […] something else with the office practice, and I was in a relationship that’s coming to a dead end so I won’t be having a place to live, so don’t know where I’m going to live, and I don’t know what I’m going to do for a job. So maybe, something will come to me, and I don’t know if I should be worried about it, but I don’t know just … I’m asking for guidance maybe that I can find a job that’s going to also … that I enjoy doing. I just don’t know what it is yet.

S: Yes. Good. Yes.

I took on a new job not too long ago.

S: Speaking of which!

And I need some energy for organization and focus, and trust in myself and confidence that I can do the task at hand. I need a lot of that.

S: You can do the task at hand. Aye.

Well, I would like that lady to see me after this is over, because I have a job opening. [Audience applauds]

That’s pretty quick.

And I would like to ask for some healing energy. I don’t know quite what’s going on with my body, but I need some healing energy.

S: Good. Aye. Aye.

I would like to send out very grateful energy. I was having trouble … if I couldn’t see it, it couldn’t happen, and the Universe has shown me once again that there are things that I just have to believe in that can happen. And I had an opportunity to achieve one of my goals, and it’s coming up shortly, and I would also like to ask for some energy, because I’m travelling to England and over to Europe, and I would like a safe, successful trip there and return.

S: Yes. Good. Aye.

As a lot of people know, I’ve been fascinated with horses for the last couple of years, and I was drawn to it with my ordinary sort of wanting to control everything that I could, and I’ve recently come to see it’s just like my mind. It’s the microcosm of my life, and it’s wonderful, because I’ve figured out that once you learn all the rules you give them up and you quit, and when you give them up and you quit, that’s when the real magic happens, and it’s […]

S: Aye. And Stuart, let’s stop with you.

I’d like to ask for the group to keep me in their thoughts over the next couple of days. Some of you know that I began playing with a new band about six months ago, and tomorrow we’re going in to record … beginning of recording for a CD, and I’d just like for everyone to send energy that it’s a lot of fun, that the recording goes well, and that we have a lot of fun doing it.

S: Manifestation of your desires is a result of what ingredients?

Knowing what you want.

S: All right, knowing what you want. Let’s call that focus. All right. Knowing what you want. And?


S: Intensity. And that intensity might be a form of faith. A belief that I deserve. A belief that I’m in partnership with the Source and can bring it about. But it’s a belief or a faith that goes beyond the, I believe that there is oxygen in the air. Instead to [very vehemently] I believe in oxygen! It keeps me alive! Intensity. And what else? One more thing.


S: Repetition. Repetition. All right. How many of you know what a prayer wheel is? A prayer wheel. Aye.


S: A prayer wheel. All right, how should I say it better.


Prayer wheel.

S: That’s the word. Yes. All right someone, what is it? Oh sure, you see, you said you knew. Aye, love.

The ones I’ve seen look like a wheel with little flaps of …

S: Paper.

… paper on them, and when it spins the pieces of paper flap and …

S: So it’s actually a round flapper. And what’s the idea? The idea is it’s a Buddhist technology—it’s Tibetan particularly—and the idea is that when you’ve written out your prayer, every time the wheel goes around it’s going out into the Universe. It’s sending that energy out there. Well, how different is that than your really wanting the best possible job for you, or healing, or gratefulness, and you send it out, but it’s mulitiplied by every one person in here? And every time they think back—and yes, that includes those who watch this, even much later; time as a thing really does not exist—and every time you think back to this meeting, it will sort of spin that prayer wheel one more time, allowing that to go out into the world. Now do you think that at the very, very least on a very broad scale, where one person might not have quite the intensity that fifty would, where one might not quite have the focus, it can be made up by the others. And with that in mind, I’d like for you to think of these requests right now as a prayer wheel, and everbody who’s mentioned something, raise your hand so that individuals can look around and remember again those connections for healing, of gratefulness, and that everyone here who wishes they’d raised their hand and there had been time to mention, you go ahead and raise up your hand, so that on another level out into the Universe [you send] this claim: By the power of the spirit I am from the point of creation, by the power of the spirit I have been and will ever be, I claim this for the highest good of all involved, as it is for the best and highest good. And it will be so. And, it will be so. Yes. It’s claim time. Like a claiming race, yes?

My desire tonight is to talk about one of the things that your planet needs more than anything right now. And, of course, it’s very easy to move it into the broad scale of, well, what the planet needs right now is love. All you need is love. Chorus.

(Audience sings)

S: And it would be very simple to put it into a lot of very nice boxes—you’ve got Mother’s Day around the corner—and to talk about goddess energy, and the energy of mothers. Or to use Wesak energy. Or to use the teachings of the Plan for humanity as a whole. But all they are are disguises, and I do not want you leaving this tonight without an absolute clarity of what it is I’m saying. If you look at your news, if you look at your own life and your own relationships, I think that you would agree that are few things that are needed right now more than compassion. Compassion.

Now most of you know compassion only in the sense that I have said that compassionate confrontation is a good thing. What is compassion, and why am I suggesting that it’s what your planet needs more than anything else right now?

Compassion. What is it?


S: Acceptance. Compassion involves acceptance, yes. That’s one of the versions. Good.

Having empathy.

S: Empathy. Empathy, yes. Compassion requires a certain amount of empathy. Good. Yes.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing what they’re going through that will wake you up.

S: And in that empathy, allowing yourself to, the best you can being you, to feel what someone else is feeling, and see if it doesn’t change what you’re doing. Sorry, quick soap box there. Compassion. Aye?

At the highest level, I think it’s recognizing the One Heart, and there’s no distinction.

S: It is One Heart. There are no boundaries. There are no separations. One Heart.

Well certainly, it’s only a language game that I’m going to be playing with you here, because it has very little to do with how you define the word, but I’d like for you to pay attention to the main focus in that word being passion. Compassion requires passion. And that’s why so many of you have a very hard time experiencing compassion, because there’s so little in your life that you’re passionate about. And absolutely bottom line first, I want to remind you as a human being with individuated consciousness, here at this time, in this world right now, at a time that is in great transition, you are not drawn to a circus like this—and it is—except that you vibrate at a frequency [so that] the nature of your energy works at a level higher than average. You’re not average. Thank goodness. Because average is what you see and read in the news. The attitude of average is represented by the governments in your world today. You’re on this planet with an individuated soul at a time of transition, functioning at a frequency high enough that you are drawn to that which has to do with responsibility, self-empowerment. Choosing to function with love. These are not common, and isn’t that a sad statement. And yet the passion, the fierce joy that is passion, is not existing because the only thing that satisfies you, that makes you feel whole and feeds the fires of passion in your life, you’re not doing. So if you’ll just start doing it, things’ll get better. Now. And what is it that is the only thing that will feed you, make you feel whole and fire you up again. It is giving love. And as I look across this room, I look at veterans in the war of love. A bedraggled lot of lovers. But here is the difference between you and so much of the world: you don’t stop loving. Just as a matter of proving a point, how many of you in your life have had your heart broken and tried again? But, of course, you know when something fails, you’re supposed to just tuck it away to the back side of your heart and hopefully never have to deal with it again. You just wall yourself off into a convent community, so that you can make sure that you don’t have to risk yourself again. Or perhaps you decide never to love again, and so you become hardened, cold, and even cruel, because that’s what the world does. Failure is so threatening, so dangerous, so unacceptable that to fail at the most important thing that there is—to love another—means that you should just stop trying. But I’m using this as a reminder to you that the nature of your being is to love. And so you prove average wrong by trying again and again, and again and again.

As I look across this room, I also see a fair amount of individuals who have not only had difficulty in experience of love, but have even had what the world would consider dependent versions of it: love that brought you pain. And, of course, you know what you’re supposed to do when you have pain. You’re supposed to back away and get away as fast as you can. But your nature is so tuned to give, to love, that even before you learned how to do it in a manner that would allow you to win, you still gave, you still loved.

Through the storm, whatever storm life is offering you, your tendency will be to give love. Because of the storms, you are going to have more than many others a real fear of jumping in one more time, but you do it. A certain barrier built around your heart, but you climb over it. And probably, and very sadly, a sense within you that, I’m not very good at this, but thank goodness it does not stop you. One of the symptoms, the signs, the versions, one of the ways that you know one who is a guardian of this planet, is that it is by loving others—loving dogs, loving cats, loving squirrels—how many of you have bird feeders and you’re just as happy to feed the squirrels? And all of your friends tell you what a sucker you are, but it’s all right, because you have compassion for the rodents as well. Be they four-legged or two. They’re willing to love the unlovely. They’re willing to love when their friends are saying, Stop already. And continue to love even when officially it’s over. Don’t you? Because love has no beginning and has no end. It is a process of remembering the glory. It’s in the air you breathe, it’s in the blood that flows through your body, green as it may be. Even when it’s something you don’t want to do, you are loving.

And I have seen that some of you have had a lifetime in which you’ve been taken advantage of for that. People who know that they can rely on you, you’ll make it work, you’ll hop in—the rescue. Maybe you’ve only taken off that sign. You know what it reads, don’t you. Tell them Bonnie, what does that sign say?

Landfill full. No dumping.

S: That’s what it says now. What did it used to say? Says, done that! And you laugh because you know. And I’m absolutely saying, beloved ones, that these are the signs of an enlightened individual. They’re bad at love and they’re doormats to everyone. I am saying that in this world in which average is only the strong survive, revenge works, war happens, that in this world in which average is you stay at the same job for forty-five years, you get up in the morning, you go to work, you come home at night, you eat supper, you watch television and experience life through somebody else’s view. And that that’s all right. That the goal in life is to get married, have children, two cars, a dog and dead. And that’s average.

Dead or dad?

S: Dead or dead. And dead. Not dad. In a world in which that’s average, you are not. In a world in which love is better a manipulation—if you loved me, you would do this—in which love is a weapon. In a world that says it’s better to not give, you do. And yet, because it must be conscious for you to derive satisfaction from it, because any action you take need be a specifically planned action in order for you to feel the success from it, you do not get to have the passion that love brings because your love is not a conscious act. It springs naturally from your being. You’re a good guy, a nice lady. People think you’re kind and sweet, but you know different. You know differently because you know what you’re not doing. And what you could be doing.

The lack of conscious loving is the lack of compassion. To put it differently, compassion is the creation of conscious loving. So what is conscious loving? Aye.

Being aware of the other person and what they might need, and you love into that need more.

S: I like that. An awareness of the other person and what they might need, and you’re moving into that place. Aye.

Also … I don’t know if this is right, but I feel that conscious loving is, even in the eye of the storm or even in an argument when the other person wants to make you mad, instead of allowing yourself to get mad, just to send love and light.

S: Yes.

And let that come through you and, no matter what, to be like unconditional love.

S: Yes.

And see how that diffuses everything.

S: That even in the midst of a difficulty, in the midst of the storm, you are consciously sending love. What does it mean, sending? Now let’s be very basic here. Just in case the jargon is what’s keeping you from doing it. What does it mean to send enery?

To make the decision of what kind of energy you’re going to put out …

S: That simple! It is simply the decision of love. While your boss is letting you know that you’re the worst person that’s ever been on that job, you are thinking, I hope that you’re having a better day after this. I send you love. I wish you the best. That simple. That simple. What else are acts of conscious love?

Even when you’re fearful, or you think you might be getting yourself into a situation that may not be easy, to enter into that situation knowing that it could be a wonderful teaching, challenge, to overcome fear that might be keeping one from loving more fully. And to allow oneself to enter into that with the thought in one’s heart of One Heart.

S: Yes.

And to ask for help and wisdom in creating unity.

S: And to say that in a slightly different fashion, when you have an opportunity to take part in something that you know is a good thing, that works toward a higher vision, but you’re not sure that you’re capable of it. What if you’re not perfect? Guess what? You’re fearful because it is an action toward a higher good, you are willing to let go of your resistance in order to move forward in unity. Willing to let go of your need to be right maybe. Or to let go of your need to have it done your way, to control it into your expectation in order that unity can prevail.

Everyday acts of loving are as simple as passing along a smile with the thought of love attached to it. Choosing to be energized and positive and friendly, whether you strongly feel it at the moment or not, because it will help change the energy of that break room from a negative gossipy response to a positive loving one. Thinking about what someone else needs. “I’m making a cup of tea, would you like one” is saying, I love you. There are so many opportunities, and that sort of conscious living of love, so simple, builds the passion back in you for the second and much more difficult aspect of compassion. It’s the “com” part. Com as in come together. Com as in community. Com as in One Heart. Now I did tell you that this is not actually how the world is put together, but it is a means of defining compassion. Unity. Beloved souls, bluntly spoken, if you are so disunited, how can the world get better? If you have such a strong need to do it your way—but Samiel, mine is the right way! And you know what that means, don’t you? When it’s the choice between the group wrong way and your right way, what is it you’re supposed to do? Be patient. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Be patient. And dig tunnels. And dig tunnels. Meaning undermine. Aye, you laugh. It works, doesn’t it? With love.

And why am I talking about compassion right now? You’re coming into the summer months, a time of a lot of activity, great action. And cosmically speaking you’re going to be finding in your life, you are going to be finding in your life, that things that you have been working toward for years—ideas you have had, opportunities you have been waiting on—are going to come up. You are going to be finding over the next few months the things that have conveniently been keeping you safe by being so unreachable that you did not have to worry about deciding what to do, are going to be coming forward and you’re going to be making decisions about your life, about the life you choose to live, and indeed how that affects the world you choose to live in. You are in a remarkable time. Without One Heart, this time will be remarkable for its lack of change in the midst of every possible opportunity.

This is fertility time, and the direction of this planet is your offspring. This is a time in which your clarity and your willingness to seek that clarity, giving and your willingness to seek opportunities to give, loving and your willingness to love without fail even if with fear, is going to come before you. Look for it as opportunities to be transferred or to move. To start a new relationship of many different kinds. To have business opportunities come up before you that seem very good. But they’re going to be definitions, ultimately, aren’t they, because what you choose to do is the definition of your vision in this world. And what you do is the strength you have in that definition. I define myself by these standards, but I sure don’t have the guts to follow it. Sound familiar to a lot, doesn’t it? I’m a magnificent being of power and light that has abilities that are—I’m talking for you, not me! You’re sitting there saying, Yes, that’s true—you’re willing to define yourself as a magnificent being of power and light with great capacities to love and give and heal and teach and make a difference in this world, you are willing to define yourself as a genius on many levels, undiscovered unfortunate, but that will come, with great capacity and mastery. You define yourself, but your fear of putting that in the world keeps you from living that definition.

At this coming Solstice, one of the greatest outpourings of goddess energy that this planet has ever experienced is very likely to come here. Goddess energy is an easy way of saying creativity, the opportunity for new, that which nurtures, and the energy to therefore nurture those things that you decide to see in your life. It is abundance. Now, what areas of your life could use a little abundance? And it is very much internal fulfillment. And your choices, the way that you fulfill the definition of you, fulfillment with fear and non-action or courage and action, is going to allow you to open into that outpouring of love and do something with it.

Or not. The scariest thing about the whole Plan is that it’s your choice. And that is why compassion is so needed now. Compassion in the little things until it becomes such a habit that you’re not afraid of compassion in the big things. Consciously giving love. Consciously functioning in unity. Consciously loving, serving, giving because it is by behaving compassionately and finding that the sky does not fall in, that in fact it not only is not bad but it feels pretty good, that it’s going to allow you to begin fulfilling your heritage, your promise. Indeed your commitment here now. It is by functioning with compassion every day in the little ways as if someone was watching, as if it mattered, that you are opening a doorway that not only allows you to be most available for that outpouring of energy and the overshadowing of that energy in you life. There is not a person who would not benefit from behaving as if you were a goddess. And for those of you still stuck in gender, it would not hurt you either. But it does it by a far more important thing as well, because by your embodying that goddess energy within you, you become the light that shows others they can too.

You can change this world. By consciously, purposefully, baby steps—as Mary Claire said—living love. And in the next couple of weeks, you’re going to find your ability and your awareness in this tested in ways that make you come to the first meeting in June and say, Samiel! Be warned, my dears: If you’re not here to do it, another way will be made. And you don’t want that. This is what you’re here for. You can change this world, but only by changing yourself, and the only thing that’s going to change you is love. Conscious love. Compassion. As it feeds you, feed the world. That’s the only thing that will work. And do not be fooled, my friends, tonight’s message was not simple. Pay attention.