September 17, 1985

Samuel: Gifts, eh? You’ve had a couple of weeks to mull them over.

Great weather. Fantastic weather.

S: Aye.

It’s been a real gift of change, changing the seasons.

S: Now, Jane, darling, why are you giggling there?

It hasn’t rained in two weeks.

It hasn’t rained here, either.

I’m just thankful for the involvement of various spiritual entities in my life. It’s been more noticeable lately than it has in a long time. And it’s good to know there’s some folks out there who care.

S: Aye, dear. And it is a very fine thing to know that you’ve been getting yourself so cleaned up so that you can hear. Again. Feel again. Aye, dear.


Last Sunday was a real gift. We did some performances at ArtsPlace for a thing called Live Noise. And the thing that was more a gift than anything–not only did both performances go really well and really professionally, which was a really nice gift in itself, but it also clicked in a lot of things that I’ve been sending out into the ether. Picked them over and ready for the next gear, you know, and I can really feel things–a confirmation of a lot of things, too. Not directly–well, maybe directly, but just more in a sense of comfort that I have that things are working out the way that I hoped them to and I wish them to.

S: Creation begets creation, eh? Sure.

And that was just a great gift. I was overwhelmed that whole evening. Things kept popping into my awareness of what was going on. Things work out in wild ways, you know, like the thing with not getting to play that one night at Woodland Park. We found out now why that happened, you know. Things like that. Things happen in wild ways. You just never know how they’re going to manifest themselves.

S: You have begun to find out why that happened. Aye.

Well, I got a message that night at Woodland Park that there’s a real good reason about it, and I think I was getting real high-key about the situation at that time.

S: Is that right? Was Tripp getting high-key?

He was getting a little tense.

S: Aye.

It’s his baby, so to speak. He feels like he’s so much a father and a mother, I guess, to what’s going on.

S: Well, you are all fathers and you are all mothers.

Do things get wild because of your desire for something to happen, and things have been set up and running so that it couldn’t, and if your desire is strong enough, then things get wild so it can?

S: Just as you said, dear. Wild day.


I’ve had tons of gifts. The routine things at work. I’ve been travelling a lot, which is nice. I had a lot of time, and that’s been a gift at work, having the time to drive a couple of hours and then work, and then drive a couple of hours back. It’s given me a lot of time to work things through in my head, and that’s been real nice lately. I’ve been able to learn some new things and do some growth in some areas that I haven’t recognized growth in in a while. It’s just been real good. I’ve been working on communications, and I thought our gift was going to be talking about how we communicated, and I’ve had …

S: Well, that is coming up next.

The gift I had was watching how I communicated and being aware of lack of communication or poor communication or poorly timed communications, or communicating whether the other person wanted to be communicated to or not. And it’s just made me aware of all of the aspects of communication and with myself and my Higher Self. So the awareness of communication has been a real gift this week.

S: And Stuart darling woke up.

Every day this week.

It’s different. It shows.

S: That is my gift.

One more, eh.

A gift on communications?

S: Nay, dear. That is next. Too eager, eh? Look at you. Two eager ones there.

My gift, also, on Sunday, if I may say–it was a real last-minute thing, and I didn’t really know who was in charge of this thing. I kept seeing posters in different places, and I kept thinking we should do it, and Tripp kept getting it and Lea kept getting it, and so finally I found out some people, and it was Friday, and I had to get a bunch of equipment together to do it. And I sent some energy and some visualization on things turning out right, and of course they didn’t turn out the way I visualized, but they worked out, nonetheless. And so, all in all, it went real smooth. And like Tripp said, it came off real professional, which is something that we wanted to do. Sending energy and visualizing that, working through, and it was a real gift. It made things a lot easier.

S: We have been spending the last two meetings talking about the various means of communicating, of, I suppose, several in which we have discussed–rather a series without [sign]boards, about knowing when to let go and what to let go of, knowing how to create for yourself the belief systems that work best in your reality. If your life is not what you wish it to be, then I’d say there are some belief systems that are holding you down. And you have created exactly what you have around you. If it be confusion or if it be–are you laughing now?

I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at me.

S: Why? Or if it be misunderstanding, do know that it is all a part of your own creation. Sometimes good creation, things that you’ve set up in advance to be able to learn from. Nonetheless, if you’re not happy, darling, then there is space for improvement. And that’s what we’ve been discussing. And last week we discussed how communication–proper communication–can affect that, and I told you to look for it. Now, in the week before it was, look how you interact with one another, and some of you found that you are not interacting quite as strongly as you could have been, and that is because the communication needed work. So this week you’ve been working on your communications with one another, and you’re finding that it affects your whole life. How, Stuart?

Well, you don’t project your feelings and thoughts on another person.

S: That’s bad?

It can not be true. It can clutter things up. You think someone’s in a certain space, and it turns out you’re in that space, not them at all.

S: Gracious, what a shock! You look at another, and it’s a mirror. You see but yourself. What a delight, eh?

So communication gifts, eh?

I don’t know if it fits in communication, but a strange thing happened. I was talking to a friend of mine, someone I haven’t known very long, and she was telling me of a dream that she had. And the dream involved her being in the house where she lived when she was a child. But what struck me was that in the dream [a local doctor] crawled up the wall like a lizard and was hanging from the decorating panel on the top of the ceiling. This was like two days before I was to go see him for my high blood pressure problem. It seemed that the dream had a message to me to not take all of this medical world too seriously, and …

S: ‘Tis a very fine point you’ve made, darling.

Somehow or other, I feel like I knew what was wrong with me before they did, and that I was on my way to being recovered before I even saw the doctor.

S: A very fine point that you’ve made. Now, can anybody here make the sermonette for it, eh? Aye, dear.

It was a matter communicating to self and being receptive to the impulses you were getting from your higher self, and being able to translate them in a way that was meaningful to you.

S: That, too, but there is even a more basic one.

Not to put all your trust in–in this case–the medical profession, or not to just trust them because they happen to be a profession.

S: That, too.

Here was a dream of someone else for Jane, which would seem to indicate that all of us are connected at the subconscious level, and some of these things can come out of dreams that can have meanings for more members of society than just the person who’s having the dream.

It felt that way to me.

S: Do you understand, darling, that if that had not been communicated, Jane would have missed it, eh?

If she hadn’t told me the dream.

S: Aye. It’s so important to stay open in your lives, for we never know what is happening that will be a lesson, a help for another. Aye, good, dear. I should say it does fit here.

So, have we questions about it?

I think a thing I was working through–and I think there’s been other people working on the same thing–communication and being open–we talk about open communication, and even if we’re not verbally communicating that the communication’s there, anyway, and if we don’t communicate verbally then other people will project. They will pick up the impulses from the ether or your thought forms.

S: Of course, do understand, before you go further, that what people pick up out of the ether is determined by their own filter system. There are those who only pick up the negative out of the ether. So it is all they have. Of course, the negative is not the full picture, eh. There are parts, perhaps, but ’tis not the whole.

So I think the thing I was working through and some other people were, that if you have something that you’re not communicating–there’s a fine line between open communication and keeping things that are not for everyone….

S: Now, it is a fine thing you’ve said, dear. ‘Tis an important distinction. What sort of things are not communicated?

Being a lawyer, there are certain communications I receive that it’s unethical for me to communicate them to other people.

S: It’s unethical not to be open and honest? It is unethical not to let others know the business of others? Gracious, I do not understand that at all, dear.

There is a certain discretion that goes, as well as ethics that go with communications. And, also, which I didn’t realize until right a few seconds ago, what also fits in–two experiences I’ve had in the last week, where I’ve had information that I thought was valid for reasons why a person was going through a certain situation, and I’m usually the type that, as soon as I get an idea and I think, gee, this is what is happening, I just bust a gut until I can tell the person, whether it’s time or not. And I was able, in both these situations, to hold back for anywhere from a week or two to three or four weeks and actually wait until the right situation and be able to work my communication to them in a situation where they were open for it, and I was able to say maybe I’m projecting because that’s the way I react, which often it is. And it was valid information, and it was helpful to them.

Quite a gift.

One of them was working with Stuart, and the other was working with someone else just last night, and it was nice to see the beneficial effect of holding back information until the time was appropriate, if it ever becomes appropriate.

S: Aye. The deepest, most important things are never written and never said. Aye. Getting on an esoteric level, there are confidences that you have among other forms. You’re a bit attorney, you are a physician. Gracious, what it could cause if your physician told what she knows, eh! Perhaps you are going through a particular lesson, and it is important, it is important that it be kept quiet for what[ever] reason. Tripp. Stuart.


S: Jane.

I would have said what Stuart said.

For the right timing.

S: Aye, sure.

Well, it’s your lesson. And just like with what we’ve learned about comes to me as our treasure maps, where we have little goals and whatever pictures that we use to send our energy to, other people look at it and they can put in their energies, and if people are looking at my lesson and judging it, they can be creating their reality, which affects my reality.

S: So if it is a personal response with you … aye, dear.

Wouldn’t it just simply be that premature disclosure would interfere with results.

S: Aye, dear. Aye. Fine. And so there are times that it is very important to keep those things near to you. It is communication that is not meant to be shared, for whatever reason. And you recognize it as such. Now, what is that doing to the ether? Aye, dear.

This is a way to that. What happens when it’s going through the ethers and someone picks up on something private, all of a sudden they just get these ideas, and then they go around and start communicating that, and instead of a pure message it becomes gossip. What happens as it passes down the line like that? What kind of a communication is it? It’s not the responsibility of the people whom the gossip was about to clear it up, is it?

S: Is it?

I don’t know.

I’ve learned, in almost every instance except one instance with one person, not to–when something is level one, which I’m beginning to see more and more, that has a consciousness of its own, and I watch it on television, I hear somebody come out with a thorough level one statement, okay, why bother? I’m not going to argue with it. It does no good, because the minute I get into that thing there’s no way that, if you see in a situation where it’s running like that, that you can say a doggone thing without it being interpreted in that level, so I’m not getting mad, I’m not doing anything. I’m just saying, this is this great level of consciousness that permeates every individual in it; therefore I’m not angry at them. God knows I’ve spent many years in it myself. It’s just, “I have nothing against you. I wish you well. I know how miserable it is to be there. I feel for you, but I feel under no compulsion to say anything about it whatsoever.” Except for one instance.

S: Let us break that apart, all right? Somebody took it off the ether. And what have we already said about that?

It comes through your filter system.

S: Aye. Are you getting the whole picture when you’re sucking on unformed thoughts?

We forms aren’t.

S: Forms aren’t. That’s right. You know the story of the small child. It is one of my favorites. Looking up at his mother’s needlework and saying, “Mommy, you’ve got a mess up there. It’s all knots and tangles.” It looked like a very ugly picture. He immediately ran out and said his mother had no talent, was not a needleworker at all. Really bad work. “She makes it all knots and tangles, and it’s quite ugly, and the colors are short and chubby.” And pretty soon it got all around the neighborhood. It was quite sad. And one day, back at his mother’s knee, he looked up and he said again, “Mommy,” communicating this time, “I’ve gone through the neighborhood telling them what a bad needlepointer you are, and it doesn’t look like you’re getting any better at it, either.” And she looked down, and she said, “Oh, my darling, you’re just not seeing the whole picture. You’re only seeing what your very limited perspective allows you to see. Let me turn this over, and you see it from my view.” And there, of course, was a very beautiful picture.

What was the child to do when he saw that his mother was actually very good at needlework, and he had gone and talked to a friend who had talked to a friend who talked to a friend who talked to a friend, and everybody in town knew that she was actually very bad at it, for who would know better than somebody in her own family? And he confessed, “Oh, Mommy, I have done you a great disservice, for I simply did not understand.”

But the mother, being older and wiser, said, “It is all right, darling. Those who must believe that without seeing and talking and knowing better, without communicating to me what they are hearing, must be all they can take. I have confidence in my work. I will frame it beautifully and hang it up in this window for all to see, and those that have eyes will see.”

Well, the truth of the matter is, such a great stink had come up about her pitiful needlework that people were going by the house all the time, hoping to get a glimpse of what they could of such bad work, and they did see the picture. They did see that there must have been some confusion.

Explained? More?

What if the person in a situation does know the full picture about somebody.

S: Never, dear.

Never mind.

S: One form has not enough reality. That was a joke.

Take, for example, I know somebody who’s going to go get an abortion, and she doesn’t want to tell anybody, but I go off and I say this girl had an abortion, and then that keeps spreading around. Is that the same thing as gossip?

S: Sure.

We’re getting into labels, I guess. That’s a different kind than what we were talking about, though, isn’t it?

S: Nay. It all works the same. If you even said, “I know somebody, whose name I will not give out, who is going to have a certain surgical procedure done, which may or may not have anything to do with private acts which go on amongst forms, peoples,” that is too much, too, dear.

When you speak of picking things out of the ether, whether positive or negative, isn’t that closely connected with what one is giving out?

S: Aye.

The same thing?

S: Aye. Ether permeates it all. Your aura flops on the ether. The ether is a vehicle. If you stop thinking about the Universe as you know it, as component parts, but [think of it] as a great whole, various color shadings, one into the other, then perhaps it is easier to understand how a thought form is both emanating from you and in the mental plane. Aye?

It is happening more and more lately that when something happens, I see so much more around it than I used to, and it’s not possible to say anything about it, because anything I would say would be so incomplete, and it would be misunderstood, because I wouldn’t have enough time to say everything I saw.

S: Aye, dear, that’s true.

And this is not even the sermonette for the night. Gracious. I’m glad to know that last week set off a few questions. It’s good to know that the minds are working, eh? Just remember, darlings, your entity is absolutely unlimited. Your form, unfortunately, is not. You mustn’t be discouraged by the things that dealing with the form may get you into. Just remember what you truly are, and let that be your guiding light. Did the mother banish the son forever? Of course not. Perhaps made him listen to a bit now and then. For she knew this was a part of what must be learned. And of course she learned to keep her needlepoint away from him, eh.

So let us keep going, along the same vein. We are sucking blood tonight.

Where are you having problems with your communication? What is it that you’re unable to let go of? Where is it that the entity that you are conflicts with the form you cannot get away from? You’ve been working these things through for the last few weeks. Aye. ‘Tis time to settle in for a moment. Settle into your form and reach back to the entity and pull out a why.

“Samuel, what are you asking here? Is this the Samuel method of psychotherapy?” Of course not. “Are you going to do another regression for us?” Well, in a sense. What we’re going to do this evening is energize this room and do a bit of an exercise, or an exorcise. There are many spots upon each aura, blind spots here and there, spots that you recognize and do not know what to do about, and perhaps the lessonings that we’ve been experiencing these last few weeks have brought forward one or two of those. Well, this is an exercise for your self. It will be brief. I believe it will be nice to do a regression again. It has been requested, eh. Perhaps next week. Would you like that? A group regression? ‘Tis a very marvelous method of seeing your connection, and we shall do that gently. But this week let us find a blind spot and open it up, eh.

I would like you to get very comfortable … and breathe gently. Simply feel your breath. If you wish to close your eyes to block out anything that may detract from your concentration, close your eyes. As you breathe, feel your heart beat. Recognize the strength that flows through your veins. Feel your breath as you breathe in. Feel your body tingle … as life air, energy flows through your breath. Relax yourself. Feel yourself relaxing, breaking away, and focusing on where you are right now, only now. Concentrate again on your heartbeat. Feel your heart beat in different areas of your form. Do you feel it in your throat? Do you feel it in your hands? Exhale your breath, and then inhale very deeply. Exhale it slowly, and then inhale very deeply. Exhale it slowly and hold it out for the count of one … two … three … four … five, and inhale slowly, and feel your heart beat as you breathe in a regular pattern again.

This is your life’s energy that you are aware of. It is your connection with this form, but you are more. This form is vitalized by you, which is spirit that flies the cosmos, that has the wings. You have a sense of that at times, but you can feel it. Touch your hands together as if you were praying. Feel the warmth, and bring the hands apart. When you bring them close, you feel the warmth, for it is the energy that is you. The life force is a part of that energy which is you, and that is the feel of it. You are energy. It is you, darling, and as energy that is the part of you that is in touch with the whole. It is the god within you. It is whatever label you ask for that says Higher Self. Whenever you doubt yourself, put your hands together and feel that energy. Feel that warmth, and remember it is the you that is much beyond all of this. It is the you that is pure love energy. It is the you that feels it and sees it and knows it when the form covers it up. And even now it is the you that says, “Aye, there are things the form covers up, something that has been on our mind and hindering our progress.” And you feel it in your form. And you see it as a speck, this thing within you. You see it as a dark speck, for it is a blind spot that your Higher Self sees and the form does not, or the form has just started to see, but you need more input. You need more help there, so you put your own label on your personal blind spot, and you bring it forward. You visualize it coming forth from your heart chakra, where it’s tied into your emotional bondage. And those hands of yours, darling, where you feel the energy and you recognize those connections with your true self, let it fall into those hands. And you bring them together, to enjoy your blind spot being totally energized by your Higher Self until it is no longer a blind spot, but a beautiful orb of energy, brightened and colored by your Highest Self. Feel that, darling. Feel it changing in your very hands. This room has been energized. It is there for you. Take it. Change it. You are mothers. You create this change. You are fathers. You nurture it and bring it about.

And now, darling, with this transformed bit of energy, toss it up and away. Oh, how the cosmos can use things that you have energized so beautifully. Send it floating, and feel the weight gone, eh? And breathe deeply. Feel your heart beat. Feel your breath. You, darlings, are energy. Use that visualization. Grow with it.

Bring yourself back up. Brighten the room with your love.

The gift of wings, eh? “So interesting a thing for you to do tonight, Samuel.” Aye, dears. It’s time.

Next week, group regression, eh? Think about a situation or a person in your life whom you have constant conflict with or about that you’d like to get to the root of. For the purpose, truly, of any sort of regression is simply to take you back to a time when it was not so difficult in your memory cells, to show you the beginning of a thing. ‘Tis you who are doing it, and you’re as wide awake as you were just a moment ago. Just nothing to fear. ‘Tis a delight. And, Frank, is it a help?

Yes, for me it was a tremendous help.

S: Sure. Any more questions? That it? All right, then.

Thank you, Samuel.

S: Oh, you’re very welcome, dear.

I love you, Samuel.

S: And I love you, darling. You make me very proud. You’ve done very much in a short time under extreme duress. It does show what you are made of, eh.