November 1, 1998

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: And you came in costume, no less. How good of you. Isn’t that what you do this time of year? Of course, you came in the one you tend to live in.

Hard to take off.

S: Oh, not so very hard. [Laughter]

Hello, dear ones. So how’s your month been?

Really intense.

S: Intense. No doubt. No doubt. Have you been finding that the world has been responding a bit differently than usual to you? Are you finding that you’re responding a bit differently than usual to it? You are right now in a time of power. Probably one of the most—all right, here it comes—the most significant times that you will ever have in your life. Fooled you, didn’t I? That it’s likely to be the most powerful is a given with that. One of the most significant times that you are likely to ever experience in your life. Why? Any ideas? [Long pause] Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.

Well, I think the planet is going through some significant changes, and when the planet and the humans on it are balanced together, then the humans are going to experience the same changes.

S: That’s true. That’s very true. But there’s more to it than that.

Well, this is an old teaching, but the most significant time is now; ever, ever, it’s now.

S: Ah, that was the easy one.

The only thing that influences tomorrow is the moment right now, and what we do with that influences it.

S: Everything now is all there ever is—this moment, which is this moment, which is this moment—and that’s where the power is.

In the cycle of the earth, Samhain represents the ending of one year and the beginning of another year, so it’s an earth threshold, a time for completions and preparing for what we’d like to bring into our life for the next year.

S: Absolutely. But why the most significant of your life?

Well, with the Heart Portal opening we did last year and that we’ve done this year, even though that’s two of the twelve, they’re in areas of the world that have been experiencing much conflict; even though there’s conflict in many other areas of the world, it is areas of conflict that our news and our media let us see as some of the most important. And as the effect of the opened Heart Portals continue working and changing, it’ll change the world and our lives in ways that haven’t happened before.

S: And that’s absolutely accurate, and it’s moving in the direction I’m going for. Joyous. And then I’ll let your guessing stop.

You explained to us that working as we have with you at the Heart Portals, it was a working of form. It, I think, changed living in form forever to another kind of experience. It’s brought form and spirit to that kind of synthesis, or toward that that you’ve been talking to us about, I think. And I respond differently, and the world responds differently to me, because form has been exalted in a way, and pushed the whole experience to another level.

S: And you’re making some very, very good statements with that. That’s absolutely accurate that your physical experience is at a level or a potential for a level that it has not been at before; that’s true. But what is so significant about this time right now is that your life, whether your life is absolutely dedicated to the principles of experiencing the one through the many until it becomes one yet again, or just getting up and getting out of bed and going through one more day, your energy as it functions through your form is a prototype—that’s the word I’ll use. You cannot think that you are willing to be open enough to make a connection like this and be satisfied with average in this world. You cannot think that you are scheduled for the average life, the average passages, that you would be satisfied. You cannot think that and hold that as a guiding force any more.

For those who are awake and functioning, choosing to serve and living consciously, the good news is it’s finally going to start getting easier, because the energy that’s coming through now is creating drastic changes in the subtle layers and the gross layers of energy, within and without, on your planet right now. Through the focus of the work you have done, you have indeed opened the third of the twelve Heart Portals on the planet, but you’ve got the fourth almost there, and you’ve proven that it does not require physical presence for it to happen.


S: And that is a significant leap in the function of human work on this planet now. And I’m very proud of what you’ve done. And as I was saying a moment ago, you are a prototype; that’s why you’re not satisfied with that average. You are the guinea pig, the lab rat. And when you show what can be done, then it starts happening. You are the yellow Volkswagen.

Now what do I mean by that? Somebody tell that story. All right. Aye.

Say that you decided to buy a new car, and you think, I want a yellow Volkswagen. That’s what I’ve decided to buy. Lo and behold, day in and day out, hour after hour, what you see is yellow Volkswagens passing you by on the street.

S: Indeed. It is absolutely rare until it is a part of your consciousness, and then you see it everywhere. That’s how it works. Aye, it doesn’t work that way for everybody. That’s how it works for you. And if you give yourself a moment to think back over your life, that’s fairly well how it’s always worked, hasn’t it?

And that’s why tonight, on the heels of one of the most stunning victories that you could create your life for, I come with a pain. Aye. Because what that means, beloved, is you’ve made the great error. You’ve showed me what you can do. [Laughter]

Samhain is a celebration of death—sort of. It’s a recognition, in fact, that the passage of the old is what opens the door for the new. And in most human experiences it requires the passage of this life to move on further in life, and so in so many societies, it has become a celebration not of the new year and a new time, but of the intense focus on what is past, lost. That, in fact, over time it has even become somewhat of a children’s holiday, celebrating things that go bump in the night. Ghoulishly speaking. A time in which the veil between the worlds is thinner, and therefore the ghosts can come out. Do not pass the cemetery without spitting behind your shoulder, or throwing salt on the slugs, or something—I’m not sure what all it is. Moving so far away from the recognition that your whole year is a circle. Its beginning and its end happens as it does in life, at that moment right before the first breath.

Now, in a child’s experience, in your experience if you could actually remember back that far, it would seem as though life begins as soon as you draw that first breath. Aye, there you are, now you’re human. Until then you’re fetus or something like that. You’re breathing fluid rather than air. Your whole physical system is at a fully different operating point than it is as soon as you have released yourself from that particular bondage and you move forward into what is usually quite a bright light. And you recognize that everything’s different.

Now what was I talking about there? Was that birth or death? Because they both show up the same way. The cycle begins at the time in which the earth is closing down, where it’s drawing within in order to regroup, when it, metaphorically perhaps, hibernates, as it is preparing to express itself in new and abundant life.

The action of spring is not the beginning of life. It’s the preparation of the seed and the caring of the ground and the tender plant as it rests and gathers energy for the burst of activity that most count as life. It is the thought before the action. Where does it begin? It begins at the end of harvest when everything has shown itself in incredible fullness, and as far as humans are concerned they’re feeling fat and happy. And the winding down allows the processing of what has been in order to prepare a ground for what will be.

Your world has just made some very big changes. You feel it. You know it. And this is the Samhain in which you’re going to prepare for some of the most beautiful growing you’ve ever done, or you’re going to just give out and give up, because there is no room for anything less. If you were to go into your closet because you had a job interview to go to, and you looked through your closet, and you said, “Ah, here we go; this is absolutely perfect. These are my most comfortable sweat pants”— such an odd thought, isn’t it?—”and my favorite t-shirt. It’s all stretched, just the way I like it, and doesn’t smell too bad.” Some of you dress that way. Is that likely to be what you’d be choosing to do to go to your appointment for your job interview.


S: Why not? Why not?

You want your best foot forward.

S: You want to put your best foot forward. But wait a minute, Samiel, I want them to know the true me, which is sweats and t-shirts, and sometimes it’s a clean sort of thing if you’re lucky. They should know the true me, and if they’re not like that, then too bad. Won’t that work?


S: Well, it could work. What’s a situation in which it could work?

You don’t need the job. [Laughter]

S: Yes, indeed. That’s true, if you do not need the job.

Or if you were applying for a job maybe at a camp where everybody else was dressed that way, and going to get dirty.

S: Possibly if the nature of the work was that that was the proper attire. That could be. How about if you are so good at what you do and so unique in how you do it that they want you so badly they’ll take you, smelly t- shirts and all. Does that happen most of the time? Does it happen any of the time for you?

Bill Gates.

S: Last time I looked, darling, it was Louise. . . .

If the world would let […]

S: But even there, not at the beginning. And your life is very much like that. Life is an opportunity in which the spirit that you are goes into the great cosmic closet and it says, All right, what am I going to put on that will allow me to best do what I want to do? And you walk into that cosmic closet, and you say, Hmm, American. Male, female. I still can’t figure out why it’s called black, but all right. Or white or green or yellow or purple, whatever it happens to be right now. About this tall. About that . . . well, what? Smelly. Stretched out. And comfortable or not. And a whole lot of you have been feeling very much as though the particular uniform you chose for the job you’re here to do has not necessarily been helping you get through the interview. In the cosmic closet there are many different versions of what’s available, and it does not require your physical death to change the clothes.

And that is what I want to talk to you about in the next couple of moments. You’re at a time in your world in which your ability to do what you have come here to do has never been easier, in which your knowing what you can do or the ability to find out what you can do has never been easier, in which your knowing of your heart, your functioning in the world, your awareness of spiritual change, your connection into your higher self, the entity you are, the Source, All That Is, has never been more clear. And yet, there are those who are not prepared. But you have invested so much in that last suit of clothes. It fits you so well and it feels so good, and the thought of having to break in something else is so unpleasant that you would rather live with something you’ve outgrown than risk trying something new.

And so I would like to offer you, if you’re willing to take it, just the slightest bit of a reprieve in that, over the next couple of months, there are going to be a lot of things going on in your world, very few of which are going to be so trying in your lives that you would be distracted from giving yourself some attention, much needed if I may say. Now should I say that differently? Was that a bit too convoluted? I’m saying that over the next couple of months, most things in your life are going to ease up in such a way that it’s going to take away your excuses for not giving yourself time. They’re going to ease up in such a way that you’re going to have the time you need to find the clothes that fit, cosmically speaking. That the next six weeks or so, the changes that you’re going to be seeing are not going to be requiring a lot of pain and suffering.

And you know that most of the time in these beginning-of-November discussions, we start talking about surviving holidays. And I’m not. If you can survive you over the next six weeks, the rest will fall into place. What is the costume you need? Well, it requires having a sense of what it is you’re going to do. Perhaps what you’re going to be doing is washing cosmic windows, meaning clearing the way so that others can see—including yourself—the light as it comes pouring through. Well, now, what does a window washer need? Well, that might be where those sweating pants and stretchy shirts come in. And if all you have are silks and laces, you might find you don’t want to get your hands dirty. What have you been doing all of your life that has invested you so much in who you have been that you have been unadaptable and unable to see who you could be? How have you become so rigid in your routines, in the ways that you think, in the things that you do, how have you become so rigid that you cannot even imagine getting that stinky shirt off? Did you ever think, fifteen years ago—there we go again—did you possibly think that you would be a person that basically eats the same things over and over and over, that does the same things at work, says the same things to the same people, has the same routines, watches the same television programs, has your Monday night as figured out as your Wednesday night, that you can fairly well know what’s going on in your life over the next couple of weeks? Did you ever think you were going to be one of those people who felt safe because of that? Did you really know that you were going to get so dull and boring? And are you amazed at all that your energy has been able to continue functioning in spite of those amazing boundaries you’ve been setting up for it? Here is what you do. Here is what you are. This is whom you associate with. This is what you eat. This is life as you know it. Did you know when you went to the cosmic closet that you were picking the straitacket? I like this. It’s my choice. It feels good. I think of it as a constant hug. Because, you know Samiel, you once said you’ve got to love yourself, and I do. It’s just a reminder of that.

You have come to this planet to be a part of its transition team. And as airy-fairy a statement as that is, your heart defines it, recognizes it, and agrees, doesn’t it? You know it. You absolutely know it on the deepest, most important levels, whether you know what that odd statement means or not. You are here because you are, cosmically speaking, a traveler, and without explaining that one, your heart again recognizes it; it knows it. And when I say that what you are here to do is wield the sword of light, you know I’m not talking about signing up for the reserves. And when I speak of light, you know that I’m not talking of that which comes through electrical conveyance. You see, what you truly are is more alive than you are. And I began all of this saying that this time right now is and has been, in very many ways, a celebration of death. So you who are dead, celebrate, because what you think is living is behind you, my loves, behind you, because you will not be satisfied with what has been, with who you were, with how you did it. The straitjacket, well you’re growing out of it. And that’s the good news.

And it’s time to begin planning your rebirth, maybe first by having a wake. A wakening, recognizing that the old costume is ready for a change.

Now, what might that mean to you? Well, going back to my premise that you know what I’m talking about inside, whether or not the outside has fully processed it, parsed every section of the sentence, recognized it and filled it in to the proper lake of the known to make you feel better, hear this one: You know what it is that needs to change, don’t you? What would help make it easier. If you were to ask yourself right now, what is one thing I can do that would make a difference in my life for the better, you’ll get an answer? Try it. Go ahead. What is one thing I can do that will help me do what I’ve come here to do? What should I do? What’s one thing? What are the sorts of things you’re getting? Tell me a few.

I’ve lined myself up to get out of debt in the next year, and that’s a major thing.

S: Beautiful. Beautiful. Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, my love, that’s not one of those easy ones. That’s one of those things that the Universe whispers. Get out of debt. Work that through. And the whole life domino-effects into changes for that one. That’s a good one. What are you hearing? What are the things you’re hearing?


S: Exercise. That’s an easy one, but that’s another one of those easy to say, hard to do, but massively changing—physically, mentally, and as a result of that, spiritually as well. Aye.

Don’t be a hermit. Connect with new and different people.

S: Aye. Get about. Love embraces. It opens its arms. It does not look for a place of safety. A convenient rock to hide under. Seeking others in the same straitjacket. Absolutely. You see, your self knows.

Don’t be self-denying.

S: Don’t be so willing to put aside the valuable, the good, even the difficult in yourself. Don’t be so quick to not give to you, because that’s the spiritual thing to do. Let yourself receive. Give yourself credit. Teach yourself to learn from your experiences. That’s a good one. Aye.

Be more assertive.

S: Be more assertive. With compassion. Aye.

Take some […] classes to teach healing.

S: Aye. Learn how to express in the world that which you know you’re here to do. Find out the technologies that the world accepts as a possible line. Learn the language. Learn the techniques that allow you to channel what you are in a way that does not scare them off, because that has its problems. Aye.

Be honest with yourself.

S: Aye. Be honest with self. You see, your self knows what you need, and maybe one of the most important things that you can do is have a bit of coffin time. Now that does not mean getting to a situation with somebody who’s ill—right—and some coughing time. I’m saying you’re dead, you need some time in the coffin. Do not mistake; I’m not saying that means get in your cave and be a hermit. What is it I’m saying?

Allow yourself to process what your beliefs are.

S: Good girl.

And let yourself release it.

S: Give yourself time to think, to process. Give yourself time. What do you need to do to give yourself time? Beloved souls, dead people don’t need much. Life is a lot simpler, and for the next six weeks or so, you want to be aware of your deadness. That means don’t put yourself in the place of a lot of distractions. That means give yourself an opportunity, perhaps taking one situation comedy out of your life, and putting that small bit of time into thinking, visualizing, journaling. Maybe it’s not a situational comedy that is your Achilles heel. Maybe it’s something else.

What are the sorts of things that take up human time that are the unnecessary sorts of things? Can you fill me in a bit here?

Interfering in other people’s problems, and not dealing with your own.

S: Having the need to establish your own wisdom by helping other people with their problems, whether they ask for it or not. Aye. That could give you a bit more time. Aye.

Being a little too compulsive sometimes, and thinking everything has got to be in its place and got to be neat, and so you don’t even give yourself time to even stop. You’re always doing things, making sure everything’s the way it’s supposed to be.

S: Aye. The constant doing is such a sabotage, because it’s a means to not think. The constant doing to avoid. And so perhaps giving yourself a few weeks of only cleaning out under the bed every other day, instead of every day, or not dusting the walls this week. Or . . . and on it goes. What can you do to pull out just the tiniest bit of more time in your life for you? What’s one thing? Do it again. Ask yourself what is one thing I can do that will give me time to be dead? And I mean that in the best sort of way. And what is your heart telling you? What can you do? Now, tell me a couple.

Turn off the TV.

S: That’s a good one. I recommended a television fast several years ago. Individuals were shocked—not only at the suggestion, because everybody knows holy people do not watch TV, so nobody admitted to it anyway. They were shocked that I considered it something that might even be worthwhile, and then shocked at what a massive difference it made. Aye.

Don’t collect e-mail on a daily basis.

S: Determine that you’re only going to do it every couple of days, or every few days. Do not let it take up your time. It’s been absolutely amazing to me to watch the progress in your society, how every time you get a technology designed to make it easier for you, it becomes a means to get more obsessive.

We’re good at that.

S: Aye. That instead of having to sweep everything with a broom, you create a suction device to make it go faster. So you start sucking the walls. That you create a machine to make it go faster, and instead you decide you’ll just make it do more. You get a computer so that you’ll be more efficient, and you start using it as your plaything to keep you away from others. “But it’s for a good cause; it’s helping me learn.” There. That’s right.

Not take up so much mental energy organizing how everything is going to get done or work.

S: Quit thinking things to death. You’re already dead. And I cannot tell you how many people I’ve told that to. Stop thinking so much. Every little thing you think out. Every little detail of it. And you figure it out until tomorrow’s tomorrow, all that you’re going to do to make it come about in that particular way, of all the things that this can mean. You trip over the carpet in your house, and you think, What was the lesson there? All right, I hurt my foot. What does a foot mean? It was a rug, and a rug is covering something over. So I am covering things up so that I do not have to move forward, and I would rather give myself pain than move through the portal. Or maybe it just means be more careful. Aye.

Thinking things to death. Well, dead people don’t need to do that. Maybe just start giving yourself half-time. All right, I’ve thought this through enough; I’m going to give five minutes about worrying tomorrow. Five minutes is over. That’s it. When you catch yourself doing it, Oh, that’s for the five minutes tomorrow. Write it down. Keep a list in case you’re afraid you’re going to forget about it and not be able to obsess so.

You need coffin time. You need time to recognize what you need to do, what you’re here to do. To figure out what it is you want to do while you’re here, and how it is you want to do it. You need time to be with people you love, and who love you. You need time to remember how to laugh, to play. With adults. And does that mean you’ve got to give up everything that’s important in your life. I tell you, every time I give a talk like this, every couple of years or so, months or so, weeks or so, then individuals start saying, Well, what I’ve got to do right now is let go of some of my time volunteering here at Phoenix, or doing the very things that feed me, so that I can have time to do more of those things I really don’t like and don’t feed me.

When you’re making sure that you’re adjusting your life for a rebirth, be sure that you have kept in your life those things that you want to live in when you’re reborn. Give up instead those things that aren’t necessary to you.

Now, worm bait. Can you think like that for a while. What are my worm-bait things to do today? And those things that allow you to feed on your deadness are the things to make a point to put into your life over these next six weeks, because after this six weeks your world is going to go into fast forward. It’s going to do that for two reasons: One of them is you have just done a remarkable working of energy in this world, and it has had shock waves that are still being felt. It’s good work. But you’re also coming into a year that in mass consciousness is very much being thought of in spiritual terms, that is very much being thought of as hope and magic, and a certain amount of fear as well. And the working of the mass consciousness is going to create an energy in this coming year of individuals seeking direction, looking for leaders, looking for answers. It’s going to create a year of massive physical change on the planet, in reactive mode to what’s going on with the humans. These next six weeks are your quiet time to gather energy, focus your life, figure out your priorities, figure out what you want to do if you grow up. Coffin time. Worm bait. Because it leads to new birth.

At the end of this year, you’re going to be looking at your cosmic closet and figuring out if it’s going to be another year of that straitjacket costume, or maybe it’s time for those robes of mastery. Maybe it’s time for playclothes.

You’re very needed. You have shown what you can do. You’re at the starting gate. And right now the bell is ringing. The gate’s opening. And it’s almost time for your great run. Are you ready? Now, Frank love.


S: When you were in Dublin, you hearkened back to the Inquisition days and tortured yourself, didn’t you?


S: What did you do?

I ran in a marathon.

S: That’s sort of like running the gauntlet?


S: How was it?

It was very hard.

S: Why was it hard, love?

The thirty days beforehand I just didn’t have a chance to continue my training, and I was sick.

S: Anything else?

It was cold and windy.

S: Anything else?

It was twenty-six miles. [Laughter]

S: And my point is, the gate’s going to open and you’re going to run. But if you’re not ready, that seed that you have planted now will not grow. Oh, you’ll run a good mile or two, and just like always you will fizzle right out with memories of almost doing it. You must prepare.

Six weeks. Worm bait.

Again, good work for what you’ve done. You were glorious. We will keep it up.