January 4, 1998

Samuel: Well greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: This is the first Sunday of a new year, but they all are, aren’t they. And of course the usual thing that we talk about when it’s the beginning of the year is such things as vision, and planning, and making sure that you’ve got your closets organized. Right? All right, maybe not that one. Creating an understanding, perhaps, of what the coming year has to offer. And I think you will find pieces of all of that in our discussion tonight, but it’s not the official direction that I am going, because ultimately where I’m going tonight has to do with gifts.

Gifts. ‘Tis the season of gifts, isn’t it? It’s perhaps what your vision or the year is, to continue that season of gifts, but because so much of this year has to do with you being in the world, and being able to manage while you’re there, I want to talk to you about being the gift the world needs right now.

So. Were your holidays good?


S: Aye? What made them good?

Good company.

S: Good company. Yes. Yes. That’s nice.


S: Flowing. Within. Without. To, from. Aye.

Reunions with people you love.

S: Reunions with those you love. Nice. Good. Aye.

Time to enjoy it.

S: Time. Time to enjoy. Good.


S: Sharing. Aye.

The joy of giving.

S: The joy of giving. The joy of receiving.

Having all those things that were said spill over into other areas that might not have been that way, but that spilling over into other areas.

S: The love, the joy, the company, the reunions, the love, the giving it, the receiving it, spilling over into areas of your life that do not always seem touched by such a thing. Aye. Celebrating life. Consciously living, consciously. That’s sort of a version of one of those palindrome things yes? Consciously living con-… never mind.

If the spirit that you have experienced through these holidays [laughter], and that’s me, right. If the love, the joy, the spirit of giving, the joy of receiving, the goodness that you have been experiencing these holidays was in your world all the time, how different would it be for you? How different would it be for your world? How would it be different? Did you see any actions, overt actions of kindness that you would specifically relate to seasonal overflow? That’s different than seasonal overload, you know. And I’m seeing yes, you did, you did, which is to say that such experiences as the willingness to take an extra moment and recognize that the clerk might be just a bit more busy than usual and making conversation, or passing along a friendly word, or watching it happen and vowing to do the same thing. In the so many little ways that you have available to you, that can make you world different, can’t it? How? How does it work that way? Why does it work that way?

Well, love is expansive, so I think that that form means that you have to expand that energy out into the world, and I think we all did it.

S: But, my darling, you’re just one. Are you implying that one person can make a difference?


S: It is because when you purposefully choose to give a gift of kindness, you have no idea the effect it might have, because by your passing along a bit of love that probably takes no extra time, just a tiny bit of thought, you might be making Jerry’s day, who keeps smiling and is kind of a result to the next person he is in touch with, who might be in touch with someone else, and someone else, and someone else. How many of you, on a regular basis, have opportunities in which you are around groups of people, rather than just one at a time? So when you’re having a really good day, or something very special has come up for you that you’d like to just sort of cherish within you and carry that secret Mona Lisa smile about with you, how might that affect that group?

What is it your world is needing right now. Well, of course, the very spiritual answer that you would be perfectly right to give me would be, “The world needs love, Samiel,” and that’s true. But what happens so very often as the world does indeed need love, is that because that is such a broad, big word—which is different than a big broad word. I’m so glad you’re awake. Stuart’s going to start taking shots from the back if I keep that up—it becomes something that is unattainable except in theory. The reality of such words is the acting out of them. The ways in which love is acted out becomes a gift, an extraordinary gift, because it is a gift which satisfies both the receiver and the giver.

What are things you can do to be a gift this year to your world that needs it so much? Well, I have an easy way for you to remember very simple actions you can take that would allow you to consciously, every day, set out to be a gift in your world. It’s a four-step process that follows the word, if the word is spelled with a G and an I and an F and a T. Because if it’s not, I’ve got to do some changing very quickly. Aye, well, I’m using somebody else’s head here. You never know what’s going to be there. All right, form, how do you spell gift? Treasure is … you see? M, I, N, E. Right?

You can start out with the attitude of giving. Giving goodness gladly. Giving, speaking of yourself, the overflow that you have or for the overflow that you want as a principle of prosperity you know. Giving is so rare for one reason, people are afraid to put it out, and people are afraid to receive it. Fear stops giving. People are afraid to put it out, because they are afraid it will be misunderstood. People are afraid to receive another person’s giving, because they fear it will have strings attached, that they will be obligated to reciprocate. So let me add to the [idea of] giving that it’s freely giving. Giving goodness. That’s different than being good, for those of you who are starting to get worried there. And it’s also something that has a particular effect on every situation that you’re in. A particular version of the goodness for every situation that you’re in, because what would be considered a good thing to do in this place, may not be the good thing to do in that place. And so it’s going to require a bit of consciousness as you determine what the goodness is that you’re giving. It requires a thoughtfulness. Can somebody give me an example of something that might be very good in one place, and not good in another?

A hug.

S: All right, a hug.

A juicy kiss.

S: A juicy kiss. I was thinking more along the lines of it’s very good to help people across the street, it’s not good all the time if the individual does not want help, but you’re right, hugs and juicy kisses fit in there as well.

Gladly. Real key to that one. Giving goodness gladly. Gladly. Not because you must. Not because everyone else is. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but every one of those are all right, if gladly goes with them. And giving and goodness and gladness, all three on their own, separately, are long and detailed teachings about ways that you can serve and give in the world that would make great differences.

So think about it for a moment. Giving. What are ways you can give to this world? Give where you’ve received. Give back. Give to. Give instead. Give. Goodness. All of the things that that means. Guardianship falls in under that one, doesn’t it?

As I was nosing about the room earlier—that’s a very strange idea—I heard Stuart making a statement about a cat needing a home, is that correct, which is a recognition of guardianship, a reaching out to the creatures, two legged, four legged. Reaching out, gladly.

I, the second thing. That was not a great yes. Inspiration. Intuition. Imagination, which would be “Imagine inspired intuition.” The gift of your imagination, very much a gift you give to yourself, by the way, because that creativity opens the door to your spiritual connection. That imagination allows you to move up off of this world and experience other dimensions, until the point that your energy can move off and experience them so that you know that you’re doing it. Imagination is the key to healing as well. And so gifting yourself, your world with heightened imagination might show up in such things as being more colorful, keeping a journal of your writing, working to increase your creativity. Inspiration unlocks intuition. Imagination unlocks intuition. Imagination unlocks it, because intuition is that still small voice within you that imagination lets you decipher and understand. Good heavens, what can spirit use but your brain? So if you’re going to think that it’s your imagination that’s telling you, and sometimes it is fanciful at that, and so a gift to yourself is to allow yourself to develop your intuition so that you’ll know what is imagination and intuition. Your intuition is the doorway spirit uses to communicate with you. You spend so much time praying to bring something about, and you keep getting a sense that this is what you should do. Well, try it. Give your world the benefit of your intuition. Inspiration is what comes when imagination and intuition come together. Inspiration is love creating a means to act, and opening that door is opening a door to your using your power, and the world needs that.

F is creating family. Family. It is fun with family. It is focus. And so if you are continuing in that process of threes you could say, perhaps, focusing on family fun. But all three of those separately are means by which you can give a gift, you can receive a gift that’s going to bring about change. Establishing family does not necessarily mean staying in tune with your siblings and your parents, but if you have issues in which forgiveness is required, remember that it’s you who’s the one that needs to do it, because if you have awareness of somebody who needs to be asking forgiveness, the grudge means it should be you, by the way.

Fun. Beloved ones, I am shocked at how little you have, and how spiritual you think you are because of it. Forgetting, perhaps, that laughter is a sacred act. That it raises your vibration, that it allows your frequency to raise. Fun. What is fun for you? What do you do that’s fun? How long has it been?

Focus. Focus, which is an act of disciplining yourself in order to experience the moment. The treasure of it. The power of it. The joy and the love of it.

T. And time. Time. And time. And although there are many words that begin with T that would be very lovely things you could give, time is the one I want you to remember, because your giving time is so precious, you have so little. And what people want isn’t the lovely stuff you can give them, although they’ll be glad to take it if that’s all you’re offering. It’s your sitting with them when they’re whining and not ascending. It’s your going with them, watching them, laughing with them. Your time.

Time also implies, however, a certain amount of other things, no matter what. Time and the way that you use your time is an expression of what you value, so you could say that time and treasure come together. How you spend your time is an expression of what you treasure. Treasure other people. Time on your planet is moving very fast. I believe that if you looked at your world as if it were a great clock, it has been said that it’s five minutes to midnight now, and that’s not right. It’s a few short seconds. Time implies that you have applied yourself to things. There is a wisdom implied in giving time. Time incorporates an awareness that can only be associated with synthesis and consciousness and ascended experience, because the right use of time requires conscious, synthesized, ascended awareness. Time.

“Give inspired family time” is a very quick way to remember it. And if you could allow yourself to recognize that the air you breathe is made up of the sum total of everybody, everything that has ever been on this planet, that as you inhale you are inhaling the energy of everything that has ever been here—and there is agreement amongst the science teachers here— understanding that principle brought out very generally, when you recognize that there are not boundaries, except the ones created by fear as a means to ensure separation continues. Remembering that that separation is what is killing your world and killing you. When you remember what you are, a piece of All That Is, a part of the Source of all that is, and you can allow yourself to recognize that everybody you see, everything you come into contact with is a living being, sharing in that light and sharing in your experience, then you can see that in the picture that comes out of One Heart there is but one family. And your recognition, your choosing to give of yourself to that family is probably the beginning of the greatest experiences of the rest of your life, because choosing to give that gift, G, I, F, T, to the world sets in motion a spiritual principle that ensures it returns to you. You give, you will receive. You allow yourself the inspiration, the imagination and so forth, and you give out with that, it comes back to you. You see the family, you create the fun, and it comes back to you. You give in the right use, with the right heart, of your time to give what you are, and it comes back to you. “Oh, Samiel, I stay busy all the time, and I don’t get more time, I get less time.” Because you’re not giving of your time gladly. Giving your time doesn’t mean being used. It’s a conscious gift.

I encourage you, make this year count like none before. And here is the time where I should encourage you to pursue your dreams and look and change your job, change your life, whatever it is that you’re convinced is going to make the difference and make it all work, and open up the harbor for your ship to finally come in. Aye. But that’s not where I’m going. The greatest difference this world is going to experience this year is going to come because individuals—hear me easily as I say this—they are violently pursuing their dreams. That’s not going to help. You’ve had that. That’s not what I ask of you. With the reminder that the Universe gives back to you what you give, I encourage you this year to gift the world and help this world start a track unlike the past ones.

This is a year of giving. I’m very eager to see what you reap, my friends, because it’s the promise of this year. It’s the stage of recreation that you have made in this world. You’ll see what you give come back so quickly. It’s a blessing and a curse. Gift the world in One Heart.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.