January 3, 2010

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: My New Year happened a long time ago. And Happy Old Year too. And happy next one after that, and happy all of them. All right. If you’re here, that means you made it through the holidays. What was the best of it for you? Mary Claire.

I think for everyone in my family the best of it, including me, was to have my father with us.

S: Sure, sure.

It was very special and there was a lot of gratitude.

S: Good. Good. Suzie.

I really liked . . . I was really in the holiday spirit. I started listening to Christmas carols when they started playing them early. I didn’t overdo it so I didn’t get sick of them too soon, but I really enjoyed the spirit of everybody’s good will, the amplified good will. But I also really enjoyed the stress-free visits to family in Florida. I mean it was just wonderful to not be around family that stresses us. That was including Gloria, so that’s good.

Sorry to be interrupting, but why were they stress-free?

There you go. Probably because they’re all different, much less stressed. Mary’s brother and his family, and their father and their step-mother, and also Gloria feels better, so she’s less stressed, too. So that’s good. Plus, I’m not stressed about it.

S: There you go, there you go. Lovely. Allison.

This was our first Christmas in Kentucky . . .

S: So nice and warm here, such a difference, eh?

Um . . . well, yes and no. It wasn’t till now that it got really cold. I liked the little bit of snow. But what was so special this year is that it really hammered home that it’s about us as family. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we have or don’t have or what we brought with us or didn’t bring with us. The fact that we did have . . . my girls were all home, the boys were there. I love how they just blend together and fall into . . . how they love each other and interact with each other, and talk to each other. It’s just that home is where we are. It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we’re together.

S: Lovely. Lovely. I’m back over on this side, now I’m back to this side. Is that Louise? Hi.

Hi. Well, we had a lovely family Christmas. The children are old enough that they play well and not quite so distracting as when they were younger. And the whole family was gathered in Cincinnati, and then we have an extended family party at my house on the twenty-sixth, and everybody pitched in, in my immediate family and brother. And it was just wonderful. The extended family are all those that share that camp in Michigan with us, and we don’t see each other in Michigan because there are too many of us and we have to schedule separately. But they were all there for the twenty-sixth, and to see the younger generations getting to know and enjoy each other, it was just delightful.

S: And everyone behaved?

Everyone behaved. Thank you.

S: Wonderful, wonderful.

I chose to be selective with who I spent my holiday with, and as a result of that, I had a lovely invitation from some friends, and it just made the day really, really special and stress-free.

S: Lovely, lovely. And I think that it’s more so than any of your other national or international holidays, these are the ones that make you think of family. The family of your birth, the family of your choice. They make you think of family. And they make you aware of relationships. And how they work. And they make you aware of what you need and don’t need. Sometimes that’s because you know you never want this again. Or you know that this is something you want more of. It’s about sharing a vision for it to work or being aware of how not sharing a vision makes it not work. It is a time of the soul. And the doorway to the soul is allowed to be touched, and for some, even opened, so that you see the holiness, the beauty, the power.

It is a time in which light in all of its meanings, change in all of its ways, and renewal come to mind, over and over and over. Light and change and renewal. And you who are the light of this world, you who have been learning and have learned to embrace change and to see the power of it instead of fear it, you are coming into a year of renewal.

Two thousand ten, the Year of Renewal. What are you renewing? Now, that’s where I’m going tonight.

Before I go there, (to the dogs) what’s that? Say it again? They want to go home. They have guarded the building very well for quite some time now and they want to go home. That wasn’t it however. They want to go home. You do, too? Not doing such a good job then, am I?

But first I want to ask you about proof of the light and the change by asking you your answer to one of my favorite questions, which is of course, What have you done today to make somebody’s life better and brighter? Suzanne.

Benjamin was going to off to his next adventure, Costa Rica, and of course his room being a mess, he couldn’t find an important document. So we told him to pack up, pack up, pack up. And because he is the antithesis of me in that sense that he doesn’t organize anything and just kind of plops everything down, in order for him to get out, I have to have him go through all of the stuff on his desk so that he can tell me whether I can throw it away or not. So I took all the papers on his desk, which was about a stack six inches high, and just said, “Put this in one . . . if you don’t want it I’ll just recycle it, just make it . . . .” And in that stack of papers was of course the document he couldn’t find. So he just looked at me like I was the risen savior and said, “Wow! I’m glad you can be so organized.”

S: Yes, that did make his day better and brighter, didn’t it? A lot of days will be better and brighter because of that.

He doesn’t think he can do it, but anyway.

S: Stuart.

I brought some food to share with someone tonight, and it seemed to brighten their day and maybe their lunch tomorrow.

S: Good, good. Catherine.

I found some insoles that were created for NASA astronauts and I bought some for myself in the hopes that they really would help keep my feet warmer, which is what they were supposed to do. I got a set for Lakshmi, and I found out that they indeed keep my feet toasty warm, amazingly so, and so I brought Lakshmi her set. And I think she . . .

S: . . . is better and brighter, and for days down the road because of it. Good work, good work. Now, Nancy.

Well, I’m hoping this made someone’s day better and brighter. As a result of many car troubles that I was having going to Wal-Mart, I met a guy who knew where there was a bar to go watch the Steelers game. So Cindy and I were able to go to this place, find a spot to sit where she could actually see the game on a big, large TV. We had a good time because there were tons of Steelers fans there, and we won the game.

S: I think she means somebody made her day better and brighter.

It was both of us.

S: Good, good. Gail.

I had a lengthy conversation with a new friend today, and it was . . . it’s someone whom I really respect and who’s an allopathic nurse, and we shared a lot about alternative medicine, and she’s very much interested in that. And she sounded sort of discouraged in the beginning because it’s such a daunting task to bring this into her venue, which is a hospital. And when we were through with the conversation, it’s a new friend that we drum with, and she was just delighted to have feedback beyond what the normal feedback is that she gets. And she’s so excited about doing this and has, I think, been looking for support for doing it, and it’s so important. And she’s so focused on doing it and has already started a group. And it’s the most exciting thing just to hear her talk about it, and to be able to support her in that and give her my feedback and share what I know. It’s like she’s a little sponge just gobbling it up. So she said, at the end of the conversation she said, “Thank you.” And it was wonderful, just wonderful.

S: Good, good.

What does renewal mean?

To make new.

S: To make new. All right. Wake up.

To recharge, to charge again. It implies that there is something there that is not functioning at its prime and it encourages it again. It gives it a new life.

S: Good, good. Say that.


S: A rebirth of sorts. “Re,” “re” is doing it again. And renewal—to make fresh.

Why is renewal needed in one’s life or in one’s home or in one’s car, or . . . Why is renewal needed?

Because it’s something that’s obviously important and you’ve let slide, so you’re rediscovering its importance.

S: Good. You are rediscovering its importance, its need to be refreshed, to be renewed, to be recreated, to be brought back into working order. It has meaning to you. You care about it being brought back.

Sometimes the things that we care about become just the normal and we take them for granted and get into a rut. And it’s a way looking at something—a situation or people—with new eyes, seeing it differently.

S: It’s a way of gaining perspective, seeing with new eyes; a renewed view, vision, a renewed perspective. Yes, good.

You’re asking about why it needs renewal. Because many times our human tendency is to start something with that freshness, with that importance, and then it becomes a habit, and then it can become a rut, and we have lost the reason for the importance, the reason why we started it.

S: It’s easy for it to become mundane even if what it was, or is, is truly magical and powerful and wonderful.

For me, sometimes there are teachings or tools or practices that are really powerful, and they may bring about a big change. And I work on that change, incorporating it, and then my life goes on and I forget that that tool’s out there or that thing’s out there. So it’s almost a rediscovery for me of those things that served a purpose and I forget that they’re there.

S: That’s good. That’s good. What would be spiritual renewal?

An elevation of consciousness.

S: Good. Very good. An elevation of consciousness. Yes, that works.

The way we consciously bring forth our spiritual energy to this work.

S: Spiritual renewal. The renewal of the way that you are bringing forth spiritual energy into the world, into the work.

It takes a particular effort and consciousness, and I think Lakshmi alluded to that, that you have to consciously make a decision. Unlike a lot of other things where you just sort of go along with the flow, spiritual renewal takes commitment, and it takes vision, and it takes consciousness.

S: Yes it does. Yes it does. Spiritual renewal.


I think for me it would be a re-examination of my vision to see if it was still appropriate for me, who I am now, as opposed to who made the vision before.

S: Yes, very important. Aye.

A couple of times in my life I’ve experienced a big spiritual renewal by getting rid of stuff. For me, every time I acquire something, it’s almost like it’s a little piece of myself, and then part of my energy goes into the stuff. So when I get rid of the stuff, I get all of my energy back, and it’s a huge resurgence.

S: And that’s true spiritually as well as physically and mentally, isn’t it?


Well, this might not be what you’re asking, but my spirits get renewed when I’m with my friends and my family whom I love and who love me, and just thinking about the times that I have through the holiday with the Phoenix family here. All those occasions and parties and festivities help renew my spirits.

S: Yes. Spiritual renewal can come about in that way, and that’s a way to ensure that you keep your spirit renewed, and that’s good.

All right, Cam.

I was just going to say The Guardianship Program.

S: Ah. That’s probably a definition of spiritual renewal right there by itself, actually.

It’s so nice to have a plant.

S: Did you plant him out there for that? Well, and I will take a moment to do this. The Guardianship Program this year is designed for what you’re going to be doing this year, for what this year is about. It is meant for your spiritual renewal. It is designed for your spiritual empowerment and it creates a very solid, and a very important spiritual community in its process. Now and again, I find the program so important with what is coming together in the choice ways of what I am seeing in your lives that I put out there that it would do you very much good to attend. And pretty much that’s always true. It would do you very well to attend. But particularly for the leadership, and because I know that there’s leadership in all three cities that are looking at this, I’m going to also say in all three cities, you should take part in this program. You should not come up with excuses to miss it. You need this one. You need this one. You would do well to find a way to make it work. Now of course, you have the choice. But this one is designed for those who shine or want to know how to deal with that shining aspect more. You need it. So, yes, Cam, thank you. The Guardianship Program is a remarkable means of spiritual renewal, and why is spiritual renewal needed?

Now I think that if you put together a few things that have already been said, you could come up with a pretty good reason for why spiritual renewal is needed. Lakshmi.

You just told us we’ve gone through the most important year of our lives in terms of the Shining Energy coming through and us embodying it. So we are new in many ways. And we need to consciously know we are new and know to use these hands and eyes and words and hear and walk and talk and live in a totally different way that honors that energy and strengthens the bond that we have with it. And so we really need to be born again to find that power within ourselves.

S: Yes. Very well said, very well said. Steven, add to that?

Also along those lines, the energy keeps changing and so we have to renew ourselves to align ourselves with that energy. And as we peel the layers off of our personal onion and come closer to that which we are, that process of renewal helps us do that.

S: Yes, yes. And it is so important. In 2010, to make the best use of what is available to you this year, you could use renewal. Not just a coat of paint slapped over the top hoping that it will cover over any blemishes so that no one will notice; not that, but to begin it again.

I had a delightful experience New Year’s Eve listening to many of you who were in the room toning. The most beautiful merging heart tones, and it is new to me every time I hear you do it because your tone changes. It is truly new. What I love about a merging heart tone is that you’re not as in a group toning, you’re not having to stay on a particular note and hold that out. Instead, you are blending and merging and you are expressing yourself as a part of a greater whole. And as there is a slight shift, and somebody else shifts a bit, and somebody else shifts a bit, then the sound changes. And as that continues and it goes on and on and on, there is the most beautiful, beautiful creation that is made from that merging heart tone. And I love that. I love being new to hear it with new ears. I love that you are new to sing it with a new voice.

Such things easily represent starting fresh because it’s different every time but always the same. It’s a merging heart tone, and it works because you merge with each other and the vision of what’s going on, and that merging heart tone creates its own magic through the sound itself. And what you are hearing inside and what I am hearing from the outside are different but the same. It’s beautiful, and that is how this year should work, like a merging heart tone with the kind of renewal that comes when you, with a common vision, sing into action, sing into the world, a new creation.

And so what I would like for you to do for those of you who have paper, this is going to be easier than those of you who do not, because you will have to try to remember it all, but what I would like for you to do is to think for a moment about three areas of your life that need a bit of renewal. Perhaps it is an area that, well, maybe as Kathy said, you have forgotten how important it is. Maybe it is a part of your life that has just gotten kind of chipped and dirty over time. Maybe it is a part of your experience that means so much to you that you want it made fresh once again. I want you to think about three areas of your life in which you would like renewal.

And as you are thinking about those three areas, I’m going to just give a couple of ideas. I’m not telling you to look at this direction; I’m just trying to toss out for those who are saying, “but there’s nothing in my life that needs renewal. Everything’s just fine.” Think physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Are there beliefs that need renewal? How about commitments you have made? You came into this world shrouded, shocked, pretty helpless. And some of you seem to be going back to that. Shrouded, shocked and helpless. Maybe there are areas in your life in which you need some help because the shrouded, shocked and helpless gets out of that by growing up, connecting with others, learning, learning, learning everyday something new. And of course, as a child you were learning many things new, every day. It’s the only job you had, really, wasn’t it? And it still is.

What about some of the ways you think, the way you think about others? Getting a little more into those judgmental habits that you worked so hard to break out of? Easy to do. Renewal from that would be helpful. Finding it too much trouble to do the right thing, to be karma-proof? To think the right thing, to say the right thing, to do the right thing, does that need renewal? The way you see yourself: have you fallen into some old bad habits of maybe thinking of yourself too much or maybe not thinking of yourself enough? That usually isn’t a problem with Guardians, just to put that in there for you just in case you were going to get too snug in there with that. Somebody tell me why that is, why that’s usually not a problem with Guardians.

Too self-absorbed.

S: Sort of. Because the nature of your purpose here in this world causes you to constantly be re-evaluating yourself and your motives. To be functioning at your best and your highest you are looking at yourself. And until you are in an absolute habit of functioning at your highest then you are having to regularly look at yourself and determine, “Is this the right thing, is this not the right thing, what do I have to do to clean up after myself now?” And you get used to looking at you. So that absorption has a reason, but it’s not a reason that’s supposed to keep going on and on and on. It’s just for the beginning of the spiritual journey.

Do you want us to limit ourselves to three?

S: No, you can go plenty more. But for this purpose, I want you to think of three.

And spiritual renewal, think about that, too. Your spiritual experience is not something that happens to you. That may be true for much of the world; they have been hit with the light, or saw the writing on the wall, or something like that. But that’s not how it works for you. You touch this world. It’s not about how it touches you. You’ve come into this world with a commitment to be a part of a great transition, and you know that it’s so because you have been a part of that great transition. You can run; you cannot hide. And in your heart of hearts you know, and you’ve always known, that you are here to make this world a better place. And as a child maybe you did not know how, but you knew. And as an adult, you may not know how, but you know.

You have a commitment to your spiritual journey to be the best you can be in all ways and at all times, to be a function of Source in this world; or to put all of that into an easy package, you are here committed to living love. Yes, I understand that now and again it’s kind of nice to pretend that you don’t know all that stuff, and pretend that you’re just like everyone else. But your spiritual self needs renewal if you stopped too long and forgot what is really the case.

Earthlight had a cat, a lovely cat, and this cat was a familiar. Now, I know that there are a lot of definitions of familiar, but when I am using that phrase with reference to a creature—a creature is a familiar—it is essentially a temple guard, more or less. It has come into the life of a high-frequency Guardian in order to be of service in one way or another.

And for those of you that have cats, you know what that great service is, yes? You learn how to love unconditionally, to give it without strings attached. And in one way or another, that creature might have that job with you to teach how to give love unconditionally, but there are other things, too. The danger, if you will—it’s not a danger; it’s just a time waster—the problem with a familiar is that once its job is done, it’s time to go. And if it does not go it might forget that it is a familiar and it becomes a cat—fully.

Sometimes I see that in you. You’ve come into this world charged to guide and guard life force, to bring about the greatest change this world has seen in this age and any other, to live love that others may see it can be done, that the doorway to the possible be opened, and one can take the hand that you are reaching out with and go through that door. But you get so involved in that human stuff. And it’s pretty stuff, and it’s fun stuff, and it’s magical stuff, and it’s spiritual stuff, and it’s human stuff. And sometimes it looks like you’re in danger of forgetting that commitment, that most important commitment. Unlike a creature though, you might forget and you might live out the rest of your life in that blissful state of forgetfulness, but that’s not likely. No. You’re not likely to get that bliss; you are likely to get the nagging little voice popping into your head at the most inopportune times saying [makes gravelly, choking sound], “You are magical and amazing, and magnificent and beautiful, and you are a being of spirit beyond that which has come into this world. You are a powerful function of Source in this world. Why are you rolling in the muck? Why are you fixated on the unhappiness? Why have you lost your motivation and your passion and your power?”

No, the problem is that little voice doesn’t go away. It’s sort of a spiritual insurance policy taken out on you at birth: “You will remember, yes you will, you will remember.” So you don’t necessarily have that in common with a familiar, but I will continue to say sometimes spiritual renewal is needed by far more than even renewal of your health or your wealth or your wisdom.

So as you have looked at these three things that you know in your life need renewal, or maybe you have ten things, or twelve things, or fifteen—or every day a different list, I want to tell you how renewal will happen. Renewal requires passion. Passion creates motivation. Motivation opens the door to action. And action is what makes things change. As you look at these items on your list, you want to ask yourself, “Where did my passion go and why? What do I need to do to get that passion back?” I will tell you. Have success. It’s very simple. You like doing things you are successful at. You have passion for those things that you are successful at. So, create opportunities for success.

Now, I hate to keep punching on you about The Guardianship Program, but what I’m talking to you about tonight is what The Guardianship Program is about. Heh-heh. Using a constant awareness of what brings you success, that’s what drives you. That’s what motivates you. That’s what brings the passion back. So it goes both ways, you see? And this is so important: every day do one small—and it must be small—do one small thing that brings you success in this area that needs renewal. Why must it be small? Heidi.

Because if it’s not small, you tend to bite off more than you can chew, and it will be a failure rather than a success.

S: You will stop believing you. You will fall back into old habits.

Every day. Two words: no excuses. Every day, one small success in the area that needs renewal. And here is the big secret: when you activate your passion, regain your motivation, make easy and consistent and small steps toward it, the renewal happens magically, on its own, because you’re getting your passion back, because you’re having successes, because you’re testing yourself and doing in a right way.

Now I want you to take just a quick moment and look or think back to those things that you wrote down that you know need renewal, those three things or thirty things, and I want you to know you are telling yourself two important things on this list. You are telling yourself, “This is what I’m good at, and I want that again.” “Samuel, obviously I’m not good at this or it would not need renewal. Obviously it’s something that has been put aside for so long that I’m not good at it.” Nope. Sorry. Even if what you wrote down was paint the bedroom, that’s an area of renewal. What you wrote down was something that you’re very good at. But good not just at the physical level of doing it, good at what doing that gives you.

And the second thing about that: Those things you are wanting to renew are things that you can give this world this year. “No, wait again, Samuel. These were for me; they’re rather personal. I’m not going to put those out on any street corner.”


S: He said he would cross that off his list. No, your mind, your heart went to those particular pieces of self because they are. They are pieces of self because you came here with gifts and abilities, which are indeed creaky these days—that was “creaky,” not “creepy.” You came here with these abilities that they would make the way easier for what you’re here to do. So look at these things and see what they’re telling you. See what they have to give you, and what in turn you have to give of them. It’s not the painting the bedroom; it’s the creative outlet.

Two thousand nine was a very important year. And indeed, I was surprised by how important it turned out to be. Now it’s your turn to do something with it, to become the vessel and do the work that you came here to do. This is a year of renewal, a time of re-commitment, a time to recreate your life and your world. Look around you, you’re not alone.