February 5, 1995

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Aye. Should be a fun night tonight. Aye. It is my desire this night to push you around, because it is time for a pushing, don’t you think? To perhaps give a slight explanation to the last—what?—nine weeks or so, maybe a full three months for some of you, and try to get some preparation for the next few months. Should be a good night. Let’s have fun. Aye.

All right. Two gifts tonight. Who’s got it? Aye, dear.

My gifts were your gifts. The teachings that you’ve been giving us over the last few years have … the diet. Most notably for me the last month it became the diet. I’ve discovered that I live about four blocks from an ice cream place. It’s very good, and my great weakness is peppermint stick ice cream, which I whacked off in great quantities. But I found that that great indulgence created a lot of fear in my life, and I was not aware of it, because it was so slow in coming in, settling, being very careful of the tone […] and I once I realized what I was doing, I’ve now eliminated sugar from my diet, very easily, because I don’t like what it does to me.

S: Good. Yes. A couple of things in that. First, before I give it to you, why don’t you tell me a gift from Jennifer’s gift. Aye.

It’s a time when your intuition is so accessible, and if you pay attention you can eliminate things that bother you or hurt you, and if you don’t pay attention, you are just going to continue to do it. But intuition is, I think, a key there.

S: Good. I like that. Very good. Another gift from the gift. Aye, dear.

Sometimes you have to experiment again with your diet in order to find out what works for you now, because you are changing constantly. And some things that did work, won’t, and some things that didn’t work, will.

S: And since, love, diet is one of the things I’m discussing tonight, be sure you get your quarter for being properly placed in the gifting tonight. As always, very good.

Well, I think that the part that I like the very most was her recognizing that a particular food had a specific response inside her body, and by her catching on to the response, she was able to trace it to the food. Well, what is this new thing setting itself in my body? It’s a fear thing, what’s that coming from? When did it start coming around? Well, when I got four blocks closer to the ice cream store. Hmmm, wonder if there’s a connection? And then by giving herself the opportunity to check it out, finding out that sure enough, it was. Where is the power in that?


S: Recognition of what?

Of the connection. It gives you choices.

S: All right. Recognition of the connection that shows that there is a choice, but I would go even further back than that.

Taking care of yourself.

S: All right. Well, in the big picture, taking care of oneself or choosing to take care of oneself is a choice of power. Absolutely, but in this specific situation? Stuart.

Recognizing that a certain food had become a habit, was habitual.

S: All right. And there’s power in that. Aye.

A willingness to look.

S: And a willingness to look is absolutely in there. How about power expressing itself through an ability to recognize, in this particular case, fear, and then choosing to do something about it. And then making the connection as to what it was. And then using all of her strength to make something happen with it. So very often, so very often, you believe that the power is in the final doing of a thing. I’ve done it! Yes! Good! Or something. Aye, good. Whereas the first power comes in the decision, making the choice, but it’s the process where the power is. When you deny yourself the process, when you do too many short cuts, you start believing that you’re a fraud. So if in your life you have found that you have that sense of not really being what it appears, you know you are three things. You are what you think you are. That’s a very major part of what you are, isn’t it? You are what other people think you are. That’s a scary part of you, isn’t it? And you are what you really are. And in the section of you are what other people think you are, which goes with that child hearing, “You idiot,” or that worker hearing, “You’ll never get this,” what other people think you are, is that part of you that, because other people think you are so magnificent and can do everything that you ever try, and you know you sure can’t, and yet because you are getting so good at the holy act of faking it until you make it—you did not know that’s what they were really saying, did you?—come now everybody, fake it until you make it—[…], because you’re getting so good at that, you’re feeling fairly the fraud, you’ve learned the act and forgotten the purpose, you see?

You have an opportunity in your life, not only to change your world, but by doing that you have the opportunity to change the world. But that will only come by your making the choice to move with the process. To allow yourself to live, openly and honestly. To be unafraid of stretching and growing and moving. To be a rubber band. To not be seeking—here we go—perfect balance. Do you understand that? Wait a minute, Samiel, I thought that everything that we were working on was balance. What are you saying? I’m saying that perfect balance brings you perfect stagnation. A lot of good bumper stickers tonight, don’t you think? That it’s those instances of discordance in your life that forces you into a new way of thinking. That it’s opportunities of discordance that force you into growth. You know the routine; this is the roller coaster of life. Samiel, I just feel like I’m on a roller coaster, I’m getting so tired of it. I have these amazing highs and these amazing lows and sometimes it’s just so much, I don’t know what to think of it. What should I do? What you should do is remember what this is. You know what this is? The straight line? It’s called dead. Dead.

This reminds you you’re alive and the key is to learn to be in control of your power in the process. To control those ups and downs, rather than to be the victim of them. To enjoy the ride. Thank you, darling.

One more. Kerry.

Well, I wasn’t going to say this. Last night I thought, oh gosh, I have a gift, but I knew I wouldn’t say it, but since you just said something I thought I’d have to say it, because my gift is about honesty and something I’ve learned lately is that I’m a lot more honest than I used to be—with myself. And dealing with situations and coping with life, and I’ll use work as an example. I work with seven other women and we all talk about our lives, our home lives, and this and that, and I always made it out like, oh, my life’s perfect, you know, and there’s no problem …

S: I have a life, aye.

… and everyone else did too. I have a life—well, I think I have a life. Well, I used to have a life. [Laughter] So, anyway, lately, well in the last three or four months I’ve been really being honest with these women. Well, my life sucks! You know, just really being honest with them and everything, and what I’ve found is that—well, three different things. One is that I’m a lot closer to these people. I really love the people I work with and we’re real close and everything, but I’m much closer and I get the support I need from them. And not only that, now they’re really opening up, and their lives aren’t perfect either. It’s really been good.

S: Good work. Give me a gift out of that. Oh quick, aye?

The only way you can be close to people is to be vulnerable.

S: Isn’t it? Isn’t it?

You’ve got to be vulnerable.

S: Aye. And isn’t it just the most amazing relief to you when you find out that somebody you love is lovable, not untouchable. That maybe they need you too. Isn’t it? Give me another. No. No. Somebody over here. All right, Stuart, go ahead.

It reminded me that we spend, or I should say I spend a great deal of energy striving for perfection, which is spirit, rather than striving to be human, which is what I’m here to do.

S: And, of course, you know what the rules are. As soon as you’re perfect, what happens?

You get to leave.

S: Our relationship changes tremendously! [Laughter]

These last few weeks have been a very stunning gift for your planet, and your planet has been responding with its usual delight. Earthquakes, floods, major power outages, crashes, many deaths. This is a time of purpose. It’s a year in which you are to be valorous, because it is a Year of Threshold.

This particular month is the month in which you celebrate the slaying of a Christian martyr, being the bloody folk that you are—and you think that I am a pagan. Well, that’s what St. Valentine’s is all about, you know, isn’t it? Kill him off, and then celebrate it. Makes sense to me. Nonetheless, the idea is that it’s a month that celebrates love, and more often than not it is that idea of arrows, of romantic love. And as a result of that, I tend to believe that February becomes, perhaps next to your celebration of Christmas, which is another story altogether, another opportunity for you to get fairly and totally depressed. Not because of celebrating what you do have in your life, which is the idea, but because it just reminds you everywhere you go, everything that you do, of what you don’t have. Have you ever noticed that?

From the time you were a wee child—now I have to think about this one, because it’s not one that makes a whole lot of sense to me—and you had to count every valentine in your school box to make sure that you had everyone that there was supposed to be. Sort of like sending death notices, don’t you think? In the big picture of that, don’t you? A Valentine card would … all right.

So! Skip understands! He laughed.

And because of that I want to take a few of your minutes tonight and talk about love as a point of service, as action and absolutely as something that goes far beyond the idea—or maybe I should say the ideal—of romantic love. I want to remind you, first, that love is literally the purpose of your being in form. That’s it. To learn how to express it in all of its forms, and that is the simplest explanation and the hardest living. Living love is [how] the symphony, the notes you are, is created. Every experience that you have—if you were to consciously ask yourself and then do what would be the most loving thing I know and then do that—you would be functioning at the highest possible level of your spiritual frequency that you can in this life at this time. It’s that simple.

Now, you tell me how difficult that is every time I talk personally with you, because love is sometimes more than holding hands and sharing kisses, and other things, if you get lucky. Love is more than … oh, all right, some of you remember lucky, eh? Love is more than sending a card, or sending a note. Love is sometimes saying no, and sometimes turning your back and sometimes walking forward anyway. Can anybody give me an example? You can make it up, if you wish, you don’t have to make this a personal statement at all. A hypothetical situation in which the loving thing to do might not appear the cozy-licky love that is often thought of in February. Aye.

When you’re teaching somebody to be responsible, the hardest thing is to let them experience the pain of the consequences.

S: Aye. Consequences are love when it is a part of a larger picture, a bigger program. Consequences in everyday life is called …


S: Karma. Life! That’s right! [Laughing] It’s called your karma. The end of the circle, sure. When your child sticks its hand on that hot stove and you have said, “Hot! No! Hot! No!” so many times, and that willful little dickens does that anyway, it’s love that stands there and watches, isn’t it? Knowing that you’re not going to let it go too far, but that sometimes a limit needs to be presented in what would appear a fairly harsh fashion. And every one of you who are parents know that story. Can you give me another? Aye, dear.

Well, I’ve met, sometimes, people who are very uncomfortable with me, perhaps, or maybe being hugged or something like that, so you know the best thing to do in that circumstance is to stay away from them.

S: Excellent example. Somebody who doesn’t enjoy a lot of touch and you do, loving them is honoring where they are, even if it means it deprives you of something very important to you. Now just think of all the good whine time you get to have later! But that’s very good, because that’s honoring another, and a hug is a very loving thing. Another example. Aye.

Confrontation. Confronting another.

S: Why can confrontation be a loving thing?

Because it gives you both an opportunity to work through the problem and come to some resolution and forgiveness on the other side.

S: Because you care enough to work on a stronger relationship without the difficulty. Yes. Absolutely. And so love takes very many forms.

There are very many ways to express love, but essentially tonight I want to talk about loving yourself physically—sounds like fun already, don’t you think?—as a means of being able to best love the world. All right. Where am I coming from? Why do I care? Where am I coming from? Give me my bottom line here. (Aside, looking at the sequined trousers he has on) These must be some of the strangest things the form has ever put on! It is absolutely like chain [mail]. It is impressing the hand and every time I move it sticks to the seat. So, can we come back around there? Aye.

By loving yourself you are honoring the form that we inhabit that we are using to create role models, to create change, to create whatever it is, and it allows others, as well as ourselves, to grow and change.

S: And where do I care?

Us. Our own version. It is what we are after, but in the process we influence others which will influence the earth.

S: And a strong, wonderful, powerful statement that is not right. It is good, absolutely good, and of course it’s also not incorrect either, but the bottom line is I’m here for the planet. This planet reaching sacred status. That’s the bottom line, but guess how the planet reaches sacred status. One by one by one.

You see, you reach your full potential, you experience ascendancy, you live the enlightened life, and the gravy is the world gets the advantage, you see. Or from my point of view, if you reach a point where you are experiencing the full potential of your energy, then my work’s a whole lot easier, isn’t it?

I don’t work with beginners. You are not here, you are not hearing it, you’re not seeing it, because of some interesting accident of fate. You are here because your higher spiritual self is drawn to a like power. You’re here because this world is waking up and you’re ready to cook breakfast. And you know it. You are here because you are an individual with so much capacity for love and so much desire to express it and know it, because your soul knows that greater love, doesn’t it? And so I talk to you and push you around, and pat you on the back, and sometimes pat you very hard, off the cliff—it’s not safe sitting in front, is it?—if for no other reason that this year is here now, and this is the start of what you have been waiting for.

Many of you remember the excitement and the fun and the delight of a major mass consciousness awakening that was brought in and heralded as 11:11. And the beginning that was created at 11:11 was not an automatic given that this now means all of this is going to happen all the way down the road. It’s not quite like you open up the dike and all the water comes through. It’s more like a door has opened; now let as many people know as you can so that they can make use of it. And indeed that is what has been the passage of work over these last few years, bringing your planet now to the point that it is at a threshold, a jubilee.

Seven major portals opening this year. You experienced one at the full moon of January. How was it for you? And I may as well let you know that another one is going to open at the full moon of February. To know allows you to act. And the portals are essentially one thing, a doorway to greater love.

Bottom line for you, both physically and spiritually speaking, for the planet physically and spiritually speaking, and for that energy—here it comes, airy-fairy time—and for that energy that works with this planet, bringing it to sacred status, for its love. For the masses on the planet, that love is defined as “I can have.” For you, who are working at those higher levels, that energy is defined as—and believe me, this is very scary—”I will give.” It’s the will part that gets very scary, believe me. All right, just the will part that tends to do it. And on the third level—pay attention here—it is, “I will be.” And ultimately, those are your choices.

What can you do to make best use of this energy? Two things. As a whole, in every city in which I work, I am asking and requiring in the Tracks Programs by the way, that the portal patterns—sounds sort of like a portal party, eh?—that the portal patterns established at 11:11 are to be repeated on the earth holidays of the equinoxes and solstices. And, if desired, be it make do with four people or as a group, but optionally on the full moons. Why? Somebody that remembers the 11:11 portal work and the purpose of it, tell me why I’m asking for these patterns to be repeated. Stuart?

I don’t know why, but the patterns require unity …

S: Yes, good.

… and that could be the reason, cooperation and unity.

S: Certainly, that’s very accurate that doing the patterns require group interaction. It’s a learning experience, even [for] those of you who must relearn them, certainly for those of you to whom it will be new. And it is an opportunity to come together with a specific purpose. It is ritual. And why do I care about ritual. I spent ten years to worry about ritual—it’s a detour, and now I’m teaching magical process in which ritual is being used. Why?


S: It is a focus. Absolutely. Why?

It’s a physical action that lets the body take part in the spiritual work.

S: Thank you very much. Absolutely. And so these portal patterns are one way to bring together mass consciousness toward the opening of the portals.

What portals are these? Quick course, please. Lillibeth.

What portals are there?

S: Not when are they, but what’s a portal about? What’s the idea?

It’s an opening, it’s an opportunity.

S: Good.

It’s a gateway.

S: Absolutely. Threshold. Gateway. Good. And in regard to 11:11, what was it opening up that this was a part of?


S: Opening up ascension. Ascendancy. Yes. Any more? Detail. How? Why? What’s it about. Anybody? Aye, dear.

Working with the guardianship of the planet and allowing it to come through.

S: An opportunity to actually work with the guardianship of the planet to allow that energy that works with this planet to make use of the doorway that it has. Absolutely.

It’s creating openings in the veil around the earth so that energies that have previously not been able to work with the earth may, and those energies within the earth may make contact outside the veil.

S: Excellent, Frank. It is refocusing the net of power that was put around this planet twenty-six and a half million years ago, give or take six months. When the giants of the earth, the gods, the—what have they been called? The seven holy stars that came down the golden ladder from heaven to earth. All of your philosophies speak of a time in which great teachers came and seeded the planet. I’m not talking UFO’s here, but I am talking extraterrestrials. You could have laughed there! Not aliens, as it’s thought of today, please, not.

The planet had its work and all of the life force on it. The planet, which has its own—oh, what are they called? Ley lines? Dragon lines. Power points, across this planet that also meets a cosmic net, if you will, of the same caliber, so that, in order for there to be—and the bottom line is, inter-dimensional and extra-dimensional travel—for that energy which works with this planet, but is not of this dimension, to come here, it came through portal points. When it was time for that to be ended, the planet’s points were shifted so that there was no longer that match.

Dear ones, I want you to know that it is not my delight to talk such non-practical, airy-fairy information to you. This sort of esoteric mystery teaching is not only greatly misunderstood by many, but is also easily misinterpreted, which is why I choose not to give out this sort of stuff. But this is an explanation required, because as the life force of this planet has moved to its spiritual potential, the idea was that it would reach a point in which mass consciousness would create a shift. And that is what the 11:11 doorway was about. The first shift realigning enough of those power points to create a gateway, and since 11:11 … what was the date? Who knows?

January 11, 1992.

S: Two? One? Two?


S: Your time. And since January 11, 1992, how many of you have notice a mass exodus on this planet. Mass exodus. How many of you have noticed massive change in the constructs of both the mental world, be it leaps in knowledge, both ways leaps. Be it ideal or mental constructs such as philosophy changes, religious changes, so you’ve got it, all right. Or perhaps noticed political changes on that same massive scale. The work of changes in the mind. Anybody notice any of those things? Sure you have.

And in the following times, you get a portal here and a portal there opening up following the design until now. Seven. One has passed, one is coming. Major physical, mental and spiritual change: your physical world and your physical self, the mental constructs, your personal mental, emotional creative experience, and your spiritual awareness. And you know it, don’t you.

Making yourself physically prepared is the second aspect. If the first is putting forth the mass consciousness work of the portal patterns, once again, the second part is fulfilling your compact with your physical self by paying attention to—all right, everybody you’ve got to be very careful here, I’m about to use what apparently are two curse words in your language, so I don’t want you to get upset. I know that now and again I get a bit too colloquial for you, but here it comes—by paying attention to your diet and exercise. Which means, essentially, that I am reinstating the work that was done through the 11:11, but it’s for all year.

Two-fold. Diet. First things that I want you to remember, darlings, is that you always have a choice, don’t you? In everything that you do, you have a choice, and you’re giving up your power not to use it. But I also want to remind you that the closer you come to the spiritual potential that you are, the fewer the choices you really have. What should I do here? Should I become a vegetarian or have my whole life collapse around me? I know, I’m used to my whole life collapsing around me! I’ll do that!

For a long time I have been saying you know what is best for you. Take it slowly. Don’t make radical changes. Listen to what your body is asking for. Check it out later. And interestingly enough, I have essentially found that you’ve done nothing, because, of course, your Higher Self told you not to. Aye? I don’t think so.

Bottom line recommendations: Say “warrior diet.”

Warrior diet.

S: Look around, darling, I know that you see energy. Do you see how it’s all just sort of clenched? And what does the warrior diet mean? Talk to me. Tell me.

Agony! [Laughter]

S: Thank you, David. Well, you know, that’s really not true for you. It was not so. Really. But it did allow the energy to get back up again. What is the definition of it? What are the parameters of it? That’s what I’m asking for. What is it?

No meat.

S: No meat, that’s right. No meat, bottom line. All right, here is how it goes. No meat. [Speaking very slowly and deliberately] Let me make that a bit more clear. No flesh. Don’t. You want the spiritual talk on why that’s important, I’ll give it to you sometime. My guess is you’ve heard it plenty of times. No meat. All right, Samiel, I can be a vegetarian. That means no red meat, right? It means NO MEAT. If your choice is to be at your highest spiritual potential to be used for what you’ve come here for. I warned you. I started out warning you.

And if you choose to follow this slight crack in the door that I have offered before, because the water kingdom is a very different sort of life force than the kingdom of land, and therefore choose to have as flesh—only now and again, Samuel, because I just cannot get protein from things of the earth—if you must do that, only fresh—do you know what fresh means?—fresh deep clean water fish. Not crustaceans, not bottom-feeders. And for those of you who know nutrition, you know why.

  Tell me something else about the diet.

No dairy products.

No refined foods.

S: No refined foods. No dairy. That’s not exactly accurate. This is something that has sort of come into it. If you are aware of the source, you may have byproducts of living animals, but you’ve got to be very careful, because your poultry farming—Martin could tell you stories that would upset your heart—your poultry farming business and your cattle farming—cows—businesses are a master of chemical byplay, and you get it. You wonder why ten-year-olds in third world countries are experiencing hormonal changes that you aren’t. It’s because they’re eating more meat than you are. Scary.

I’m asking you to eat food that has as much life force as possible. And if you’re able to think that through, you recognize that highly refined foods are fairly far from their source. A lot of chemicals and preservatives are just adding to your body and not allowing you to be clear. Get more grain into your diet, because grain works with the emotions. Helps you balance.

Drink as much pure, good liquids as you can. That’s usually distilled water. If you’re having fruit juice, cut it in half with water. If you’re going to have alcohol, and I recommend that you don’t, but if you do, no more than four to six ounces at a time. A time means a whole day. [Laughter] You know why they’re laughing, don’t you? Bunch of alcoholics, anyway. Again, as clean and clear a product as you can find. Talk to David about making ales again. Beg him.

There is information available. I don’t want to take a lot more time to it. Warrior diet is the bottom line. You can get more information.

The second part of it is exercise. Three things I’m asking of you. The first thing is upper body strength. Yes, you may perfectly align your lower body also. It’s for balance, Samiel. But upper body strength is what you are needing. You are working from the heart center up, and having that upper body strength allows you to be more clear all the way through. Upper body strength. Now, that can be working with weights, it can be swimming, it can be what?


S: Yoga. Absolutely. Flexibility is another aspect of what I’m asking of you. So yoga is very definitely good for that. Upper body strength.


S: Rowing, sure. Fencing. Sure. Sword play’s always good for you. More. Quickly.

Chop wood.

S: Chop wood. Makes sense. Carry water.


S: Boxing. Aye, sure. Batting. Bowling. Sure. You’ve got all kinds of interesting ideas here.

And a third one is get your heart rate working at its potential. Heart rate, flexibility and upper body strength. Now doesn’t that sound like you’re going to be physically taxed? Well, it should, because you will. You need it.

Clarity, consistency and creativity are what you are going to use to recreate yourself into a being better capable of loving, and giving love, and being love. I did not say being loved. And as a result of that, allowing you to work for this planet to serve in a way that’s going to make a difference. You don’t eat off of dirty plates. Why do you try to serve your spirit out of a dirty vessel?

Diet and exercise is a gift of love to yourself and a gift of love to your planet too, because I assure you, my friends, more than any other thing—and in that library are ten years worth of other things—more than any other thing, those exercises—diet and physical exercise—change you in and out in the very same way that the idea, living love, is a very wild and sometimes hard thing to express. So does diet and exercise require more of you, work more out of you, than you would believe.

You’re working for a purpose. Allow the process to be your goal. Yes, it is asking a lot. It is asking you to give yourself the frightening opportunity of having no excuses and claiming your power. And it doesn’t even have to be because the planet needs you. It doesn’t even have to be because it clears you out enough to be a decent portal worker. It could simply be because it allows you to really feel you.

Six more portals this year. A threshold year. Glochanumora, my friends.

You are an amazingly quiet group tonight.

Will the nature of the energy be fairly consistent from portal to portal …

S: No.

…or is it totally different?

S: Well, it’s actually totally different, but as the intensity gets stronger, the symptoms of it change. A quick for-instance. Whereas the January portal had very, very much to do with communication—and if you look at the nature of things that went on, even physically, the large earthquakes in Japan on the portal day—how did you know about it?


S: There you go. Communication. The bottom line of things that have been going on in your relationships. Guess what?

February, however, is going to be a very physically oriented one. Very physically oriented. Very personal to you. If you have been unsure as to what your issues are, guess what? If you are not sure of what your blind spots are. This planet needs you whole. This planet needs you. And needs you whole. And so it is very much going to be the great light that burns away the dross.

Glochanumora. Happy, happy trails.