Weekend Update with Samuel—2023

He’s doing it again! Samuel is offering 5 free meetings to help prepare us for the energy bursts happening now and throughout 2023.

His unique perspective on world change is so needed to help us navigate this time of planetary and personal change. He wants to answer questions and ask a few; he wants to have time to remind us of our power; and he wants to help us “stay upright,” merged with unconditional Love. And he wants us to do this so we can make the best use of our journey while creating a new world!

Samuel loves opportunities like these meetings to help us on our path so we can better understand our past, present, and future—why we made the choices we did, what’s before us now, and how to be at our best as we build our future.

He loves the chance to teach, and laugh, and help us understand the power of our lives here now.

And he really loves making these events free so everyone can experience them no matter what financial changes might be going on in their world.

Be sure you’re signed up on the DiscoverSamuel.com email address to receive the Zoom links for these meetings. Please use the “Join our mailing list” form at the bottom of this page. Thanks!


Feb 11 2023


1:30 pm




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