September 7, 2008

Samuel: Hello, dears.

Hello, Samuel.

S: All right, my turn. Think over your last month, and tell me a miracle. And don’t make it have to be a big one, because they don’t. Recognize the day-to-day miracles and you start living in day-to-day magic, so give me a month’s worth of miracles here.

Hello, love.

It’s great to be back.

S: And always so wonderful to have your energy back in here.

Where I was working, it was hard interpersonally in many ways. It’s like if you weren’t one of them, no matter how good you were at what you do, you just weren’t them. And in the last month I was there, in the last two weeks particularly, there were people who treated me in a way that I never would have expected from the way it was at the beginning. In other words, people who I would have thought—not the people you would expect to give you a hug—the people I got a hug from that I never would have expected it. And it felt like a miracle, because I was really, really taken back, and really touched by that.

S: That’s lovely. That’s lovely. Yes.

As somebody’s who’s totally . . . who was born in a different culture, and moved to a different country, and had to find my other family, it took me a while to feel physically comfortable here in terms of when I was sick, I would still miss my mom. And as early as last year when a probable surgery was in the horizon, I was telling a very dear friend, I said, “I will probably get my mom to help me out.” And she said, “Think about it. You might want to ask people here to help you instead. You might be pleasantly surprised.” And I couldn’t imagine that happening. One, because I didn’t feel comfortable enough asking for that kind of help, and I didn’t think that people would come forth to help that way. But through the year, with all my different tests, people would just come forth to go with me to tests. They would just say, “I’ll go with you.” It’s made a huge impact on me to have that kind of support. And this time, when there’s almost a surgery going to happen sometime soon, I called my mom, I said, “Don’t worry about me. I have a huge family here. They’re going to take care of me, and they’re going to stay with me, and you don’t have to worry about it.” And it’s a huge miracle for me because I think I have truly embraced my family here. And what I used to think was my family is much larger than, much more than, what it is actually. So I just feel so blessed.

S: That’s lovely. I like that.

Chris or Heidi. All right. Let’s go Jess. Let’s go Heidi.

Today in the grocery store, Owen and I were . . . you know, I was pushing him in the cart, and he spent most of the time there saying, “Bye-bye, baby,” just as clear as could be. I mean we’ve heard him say these words, but he’s been working so much on his language, and every day is a miracle of new sounds, new things that he can say and communicate and respond to, and it’s just magical. It’s wonderful.

S: It goes so quickly. Wasn’t he just born? Didn’t he just take that first breath?

When you work for yourself, when you don’t have a paycheck coming in, when every hour you work is your paycheck, in order for me to go away, I have to pay all of my bills through the end of September before I can leave on Thursday. And it was a miracle that I paid all of my bills by last Friday, and I still have three more days to work, so that was great. Thank you, Universe.

S: That is a miracle, a nice miracle.

Mary and Suzie.

We started our hockey season about a month ago now, and it’s just a wonderful reminder of our other family that we have, and the support and love that we have out there. And it’s just fabulous.

You’re reading my mind, because I was going to say that I have the gift and the miracle of fabulous, loving friends all over the world. When we go to Cancun on Friday, I’m going to see a friend of mind from the international hockey world that lives in Cancun, and she said that the most beautiful note she found in her mail box was that I was going to come for a visit. It was just fabulous. A wonderful woman.

S: One more. That’s a lot of pop-ups there. Bobbi, how about [you]?

There are actually two miracles in this story. I was sent a letter from a classmate in high school, and I’ve not seen any classmates from high school for forty years. My fortieth high-school reunion.

S: She ran away fast.

I did! And she wrote me a note, and she said that she wasn’t going to the reunion, but she was going to have some women up to her cottage in northern Michigan, and would I like to come. And the miracle in this story is, I went. That was huge for me. And the other miracle was that I had a great time, and I felt so at home and comfortable with these people, and I made friends.

S: That’s lovely.

I would like, please, everybody—I’m not going to ask you to stand up, but if you answered with a gift, a miracle, raise your hand, and keep it up for a few moments. And what I’d like for you to do is to look around, look around and tell me what is in common. Now, they’re raising their hands so that you remember, “Oh, that gift was . . . and that was . . . and that was . . .” So if they gave that miracle, they answered my question about a miracle, and I called upon them, and they have their hands up, by looking at them, you’re going to remember—well, maybe—the miracle. So think about it. What’s in common there?

All right, put your hands down, and to answer my question now, raise your hand.

Jeanean. Don.

A lot of them had to do with recognizing connections or . . .

S: Yes.

. . . with other people.

S: Yes.

Surprise and joy.

S: Very nice. Very nice.

A lot of them also had to do with the recognition that when we are aware of what naturally flows in our lives we are surprised.

S: That’s a sub-text, but it’s there.


S: Yes. Nice. Or not exactly everybody, but that was a very predominant one.

A lot of them had resistance that dissipated, and an open heart which allowed for a connection with others.

S: Very nice. Very nice.

You make miracles. Miracles are not something that just happens to you. You make them. I did not say you earn them. I said you make them. And why is that important to know?


It’s important to me to know that I am that powerful, and to remember that on a daily basis. If I can create miracles every day, I can do anything.

S: That’s right. That’s good.

Frank, was that a hand up?

Yes. Well, it’s important to know because if I’m just sitting on my chair at home thinking, I’m not going to be out there creating miracles. You have to do in order to create.

S: Need to do in order to create. That’s very good.


Also when there’s a crisis or a problem in my life, I know that I can create a miracle, and so I ask for one and then I start just looking around to see where it’s going to come from.

S: Looking around for it. That’s good. That’s good.


Well, it’s good and bad news. The good news is that I can create happiness in my life, and the bad news is I’m responsible for creating happiness in my life.

S: That was very good. Yes.

This is such a lovely part of your year, isn’t it? Now, this is just the beginning of September, yes? But it’s the starting of the autumn, and there is a lot of change, not only in where the sun is in your sky, but in the temperatures that you are going to be dealing with. For you the crops that you put in, for you the whole of activities in your life, relate in many ways to the changing patterns in your world, of your world.

And you are moving into September, and September is going to be marked with miracles. One reason it’s going to be marked with miracles is because you just understood, I do hope, that miracles show up in all kinds of ways, that you can create them by creating them. You can get more of them coming to you by choosing to look harder for them. You have a relationship with the miracle process, and this is an opportunity of good learning in this month.

What is it about September that makes it what I am calling a month of miracles? Some interesting energy coming through causing miracles to be dropped across the planet? No, not that. What is it about this month that makes it about [miracles]?

The equinox.

S: The equinox. What’s the equinox to do with it though?


S: Change. Right there. Very good. Transition from one—right now—into autumn, and then transition into winter. So there’s a lot of flow going on in all of your seasons. In autumn, it’s about acting differently. If you’re looking seasonally, in the summer you are outdoors more, you are playing more, schedules are changed somewhat, if for no other reason than because you can see outside at nine-thirty at night here in Lexington. And you come to really adapt your schedules around that, and you’re really liking it. And then it starts changing until that point that you reach the equinox, and what happens there? Equinox. Balance. Equal light. That creates miracles in your life. Your being the human equinox, so to speak. Wouldn’t that make a good hero? The human equinox! Flying through the world, balancing all things out of the flow! Who volunteers? We need several. Good.

One of the miracles that’s going to be coming up–and I’m going to be speaking this out loud and claiming it to be so—is that there is going to be a dragon awakened, and brought back into the world. And many of you are going to be a part of it. In one way or another, I guess you all are.

Well, we’re going to have tonight—aren’t we?—some questions and answers with regard to that trip, and then probably going to slide elsewhere from there. So, should have one Source or two. There’s only one chair here. David?

All right.

[Wearing kilt] I’m still practicing sitting down. [Laughter] Hi.

S: Hi. Well you’ll find yourself a good deal cooler.

Hanging out‘s just a lot more comfortable.

S: And it’s been so for thousands of years.


Okay. Sixty-five million years ago, an object six miles wide hit the earth creating an impact crater over a hundred miles in diameter that centered over the northern edge of the Yucatan peninsula. This caused a mass extinction, ending the age of the dinosaurs and opened the way for mammals and birds to become the dominant land vertebrates—that’s one card. Background for the trip.

So I’ve come to think that the impact sixty-five million years ago as the arrival of Sanat Kumara, instead of the twenty-six million years ago, give or take six months, that you used to mention often.

Could you please clarify the difference between these two ages? What is actually happening? What was it? You used to say Sanat Kumara arrived twenty-six million years ago.

S: Twenty-six and a half.


S: Give or take six months, aye.

There you go.

S: What was it that happened twenty-six and a half million years ago that’s different from . . .

Sixty-five million years ago.

S: . . . sixty-five million years ago. All right. That’s an answerable question, I just don’t think that you’re going to find it very satisfying.

I know that you have science, and that you’re proud of that science, and I know—fortunately—the scientists among you very obviously know that the more you explore, the more you know you don’t know all there is to know. It’s the non-scientists that don’t really like this. They start grasping to make absolute law out of something that was never intended to be that way, which probably would fit in with a whole lot of what I say generally, wouldn’t it?

But, at any rate, I know that right now you’ve got a pretty good sense within you that this is the only earth there’s ever been, that it began sixty million years ago plus. Right?

Well, we’re going at about four-point-six billion years.

S: All right. Started four-point-six billion years ago, and that is good until the next great discover that tells you “Actually, we weren’t so sure about that. That apparently was wrong. Here is what we believe now.” Faith is a good thing, but remember, as with anything that requires faith, don’t blind yourself and become stupid, because you figure that it’s never going to change, and never going to be different. That would be a great pity because everything does.

And a lot of the reason it does is because somebody with a different perspective steps forth and says, “Well, what about this.” Or a scientist steps forth and says, “Well, how does that then fit with what was found over here?” And a good example of that is you have a museum in northern Kentucky that has a very radically different view of when the earth was created. Correct?

Oh, yeah.

S: Oh, yeah. Six thousand years, well. I am going to non-scientifically give you a different version, and that is that time is not reality. Time is not reality. Time is a crutch that you use to mark memories, more or less. It’s a means by which you are able to quantify energy. “Here is what this is.” “Here is what this is” is no different than “Here is when this is.” Here is when this is. It changes absolutely as much as you do. This is not the first earth to any being in this long and fanciful system of existence, but you. It’s your first earth. It’s the only earth you know, but dimensionally speaking, which isn’t all that easy to do, it’s not the first earth. It’s not the first try at it. It’s—depending upon how you want to count it with each having its own story—it’s your fourth, but with a little bit of overlap there with the fifth, or some would even say the third instead of the fourth. And some of the things that create that change have everything to do with the progression of life force awareness. And I want you to note that I did not say “human awareness.” It’s the awareness of life force, the process of form becoming more than form. And, for one reason or another, which isn’t a part of this question right now, this is the last one.

Each world was seeded with life force. Each world is a function of an absolute creation, not exactly the six-thousand-years-ago one though. Each one has had a similar process, except this one, which is the only one you know, and all of that was simply to say “the reason I make such a joke out of twenty-six and a half million years, give or take six months,” is because what’s time to a hog?

Whether it was a couple of billion years ago, or whether it was a few million years ago, or whether it was just past yesterday, your earth has gone through a lot, and is the freshest, newest version there is. And I want you to try to start thinking of chronology as a cosmic increment, rather than a revolutions-of-the-sun increment. I suppose that’s cosmic anyway, right? Big picture. And the reason for that is because the more you’re able to shift out of keeping this illusion going, you will be able to create a new one. You are here to recreate it all.

Now this was almost an interview question, so what I want to ask the interviewers is to think about that one, what I’ve just been saying, in the same way that in the last one we discussed so many aspects of spirituality and religion, for the one coming up for you. Because the point I am making about you coming to a point in which you can look at time differently and being able to put yourself into time differently should be explored a little.

Sorry I did not give it more of an answer with that though, but . . .

It was excellent.

Okay. The Yucatan is limestone for the most part, and the surrounding oceanic crust is basalt, which has very little quartz. How is the frequency of the seeding held in that particular location?

S: How is the frequency of which seeding?

The seeding of the Dragon force energy in the Yucatan.

S: How is it held?


S: Now, the reason that I’m sort of looking confused at him is because I’m not at all sure of which part that he’s asking. Which part?

I think usually we think of quartz as holding energy, and the interviewer says there’s no quartz there, there’s only limestone and whatever. I think the answer is water.

S: The answer is water, but there might be a little more to it than that if it’s what he’s asking. Anybody else got another thought of what’s the part that’s confusing me there?

He’s relating the holding of the frequency to the mineral content of the area.

S: Good. Good. Fallen down on that one, Source.

Rocks are fun.

S: What was that?

Rocks are fun.

His email address.

S: Rocks are fun.

Huge bottom line—you’ll like this—a seeding is a specific frequency contained in the energy of those who buried it, put it, placed it. Therefore, rather than quartz, what’s really holding the Dragon seed?

Thought. Intent.

We are.

S: Those who put it there, with just a little help from some friends.

Excellent answer.

S: It’s on note. Tell Samuel, “That was good.”

In Atlantis, were the Shining Ones incarnate and holding shining energy for the entire duration of their incarnation, or only as needed?

S: All right, what does Atlantis have to do with that?

It kind of picks up on the last newsletter, and the trip’s very connected to Atlantis. And you’ve talked about how you’ve used shining energy in New Year’s Eve, and the Retreat, and our ability to hold it for a little while is increasing, and so I’m wondering what was it like then, you know, what was their capacity? That’s what that question was about.

S: All right. I’m still a little lost about the part where Atlantis comes in with shining energy.

Atlantis always comes in with shining energy.

S: I don’t know. There was a long portion that wasn’t at all. However, Mexico . . . the Yucatan area of Mexico is quite unique. One of the ways that it is unique is indeed there was a very powerful meteor that changed the earth. [The] biggest transition team you could ever imagine, right there. It was a massive change in the frequency of that area that to this day can still be measured.

Literally, the Yucatan was seeded—not an original seeding—was seeded by that contact. And on this trip I’m going to be asking those who are with [me] to touch into that. That’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t need to be on quartz, because that limestone is doing exactly what was needed. It is holding in itself—sort of like a sponge—a lot of that energy that has come through.

Now, Mexico is also, or the Yucatan is also about Atlantis. Now, you know how often it is that I talk about Atlantis. Not very often. And one of the reasons why is it’s such a distraction. It’s just . . . for so many Guardians there is a part of your very heart that wants to see the fairy tale be true, that wants the beautiful, powerful, place to be real, that wants Atlantis to be populated by unicorns and elves, and something like that. And I don’t fully go with that, but the fact of it is, for several thousand years any Guardian coming into this planet at this particular point has a connection—maybe a small one—with Atlantis. And even if there is nothing that you can look at on the planet itself and say, “Look, here is Atlantis,” and really there’s not much, all you really need to do—sort of like keeping Tinkerbell alive I think [claps hands]—all you really need to do is quiet yourself enough to ask your heart “Was I ever a part of Atlantis?” Because you know—you do, you know—a little piece of you is quite able to look at the idea of Atlantis and relate.

Now, at its best, Atlantis was a collection of those who were a few steps ahead—that was quite an understatement, but still—a few steps ahead of much of the rest of the world. And I’m going to give you a really interesting airy-fairy moment here when I say that Atlantis was begun—I don’t even call it Atlantis except for you—Thule was all about a seeding that isn’t a Dragon seeding, and it’s not a seeding of life force, It’s a seeding that throughout this planet has had the effect of touching you into your Source connection. Maybe you would call it the soul, or a Source seed in you, but it’s the imprint of Shining energy put on to all life force.

That work was done and brought about change in the world by way of those who were a part of that original purpose going out, and bringing the knowledge to other parts of the world, and one of those parts was that Yucatan of Mexico. Shining energy—been there, done that. Thule—but you don’t refer to those who lived there as “Thulons,” you say “Thule”—was more like this time right now than you can possibly imagine, and I’m going to be talking about that in Mexico. And what you are doing there is completing that circle.

Shining energy and the Atlantis that’s thought of as Atlantis when most people now think of it—what Plato did to it, ah! Told him not to do that, and look what he did. Just created a big mess. That’s not the Shining work scattered across the world. It’s not. The Atlantis, the Thule, they were what your world is now working toward. They were what you could be making of this world.


In Atlantis, did energy step down through Venus, or was it directly from Alcyone, or some other place?

S: Read it again.

In Atlantis, did energy step down through Venus, or was it directly from Alcyone, or some other place?

S: Stepped down through Venus and some other place. All right.

Thank you.

What happened to Capella? It didn’t last long as an energy step-down station.

S: Now, why would you think that?

Because it seemed like it was only there for about five years, the way we do time here right now.

S: But Capella’s still doing its job.

But I don’t hear you talking about it.

S: Do you think that it’s lonely? Do you think that it misses the attention it was getting for a while there?

You would think.

Why don’t you talk about Capella anymore?

S: Because it’s not what you’re doing right now. 5:3:2 is a radical shift from 4:3:2. Why? What’s the radical shift?

There were several things that come to my mind is that energy was fused. There is no separation between the masculine and feminine as it came here. This earth could handle energy stepping down from Alcyone directly and didn’t have to be diverted through Capella.

S: Yes to parts of that, but not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a more basic version.

We’re not looking outwards to be an energy, but we have to be that energy ourselves, rather than looking outside of ourselves.

S: That’s right. You do not look for power outside of you. 5:3:2, because of the things that are a part of that shift in energy that this planet went through—I would say that again two or three more times: massive, massive, massive, just so you can realize that, although many of you took part in your spiritual work while that was being done, while that went on, that’s not something that you would be able to process in the brain to recognize what’s really being done there, because it is a shift in the nature of the planet and all life force upon it. A leap, and a very important leap, a leap that brings to those who are consciously functioning in power to a recognized or conscious bond with their Source self.

Now, one more earth-based pattern, that shows up as a real spiritual evolution. “Samuel, it does not seem like there is any sort of spiritual evolution going on right now. It’s rather an oppressive time.” Working at a time of extremes, you see those. It’s night or day; it’s wrong or right. You see those extremes. You see the pain and suffering in the name of religion versus the idea of a spiritual connection with Source individually. And the answer, of course, is to bring balance to that, and right now you are still very much in that wide swing.

Look back on this time, many, many years from now, back when you’re not stuck in time, you’re going to look back on this and you are going to say, “That was big. That was massive. That was amazing. Awesome. It was awesome. It was brilliant.” And what it was was human beings turning their light on; spiritual beings accessing their light; and beings in transition times, Guardians who have chosen to come and be a part of it being the light of it.

Better ask the question again. I’ve looped too far out for it.

It works. What happened to Capella? It didn’t last long as an energy step-down station.

S: But it is an energy step-down station, just not for you. Massive, massive. Really.

I mean you figure that that visualization we do in toning has got to come true sometime soon.

S: Which visualization to come true?

Well, you know, I mean everything, the simultaneous flash and there’s gold light everywhere.

S: You’re thinking that might be what it’s like?

Oh, yeah.

S: All right. Hmmm. This is Source that time forgot.

Digging from some old workshop tapes: in a November 2002 workshop on transforming planetary consciousness and dimensional reality you spoke of ten dimensions.

S: And now I speak of twelve.

Well, it’s about time, because ten is just not one of those numbers. Thank you. Which dimension is Yucatan Dragon force energy seeded in?

S: This one.

Thank you.

S: But the question should have been . . . anyone? The Yucatan Dragon energy seeded?

What dimension was it from?

S: That’s the one. That’s the one. All right.

Yes. We’ll take the question from the man in the back. Well, when there were just ten dimensions, it would come from the tenth dimension.

S: Ultimately, sure. Big picture.

I hope we’re not losing the audience.

S: We are.

Okay. I apologize. Which dimension is Atlantis in?

S: Now?

Yes, with respect to this one. I’ll try and tie this together in a second.

S: Which function of Atlantis do you have in mind?

The function that will be the most useful to connect with in the Yucatan.

S: This one, but it has to be recreated. The work that’s being done there has to be done by Shining force. That’s going to reestablish the frequency. That’s going to recreate a function of Thule here, and have an effect on that crossover—the third, the fourth; the fourth, the fifth.

Please refer to your workshop tapes. You can get them in the library.

S: Look through. Let’s do one more.

I’ve got one for those who can’t understand airy-fairy stuff and don’t think they’re connected to Atlantis at all. Where would you encourage them to put their focus so it has the same frequency that’s needed.

S: I like that question a lot.

I thought of it myself.

S: And it was a good creation.

[Referring to name tags on both sides of Source’s chest.] Have you named them both.

Yes. This is David McOldham, and Source.

S: Of course.


S: MacSource. No, that would be son of Source. MacSource.

You allow yourself to accept so many things that you don’t have proof of. You allow yourself to, every day, trust. That’s not hard to do. There are so many things in this world that are simply made up, that you’re very willing to believe. And you don’t lose your trust in those made-up things, even when it all has to get changed because now you know better. Santa Claus is real now.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Atlantis. I don’t believe in what most of you think of as Atlantis. I don’t, but I don’t believe in what most of you think of as reality as a whole anyway. And that’s because what you’re willing to put up with is just not needed. You believe more in the world than you do yourself, and I believe much more in you than I do your world. Even so.

The silly experiment of imagining yourself taking a bite out of a lemon and having your body react to it is a reminder that what you’re thinking about rules your body. And in the very same way, what you’re thinking about pretty much runs your world. Imagine enough people thinking about a world of love and wisdom, beings of power and as a function of the Source of all things coming into this world, disguised like all the rest of the world, to touch into the beings on the planet, that which would allow them to initiate onto a path of individuated Source awareness, and bringing what energy was needed to push it along that much faster.

Imagine you are one of those, and all of a sudden it’s not possible any more. All of a sudden, you don’t relate because you know you, and you know you can’t be that grand and amazing being of power and purpose to bring great change into the world. And yet, it doesn’t change that you are.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about any of your planet’s mythologies, it doesn’t change that it’s still your story. It doesn’t change that there is a purpose for it. And it doesn’t change that you, you—yes, I mean you; you know I mean you—that you, even you, are here to open Pandora’s box, because ultimately what’s in that box is change—not like quarters and dimes and a few pennies. Change. Not like change a diaper. Change.

One of the biggest and most important things you can be doing to link yourself into the work that’s coming up, into the Atlantean profile that’s leaving its stink all over the work—because it is—is not to force yourself to believe it, and try to touch into that lovely, and not particularly accurate, story. No, what you can do instead is be what it’s about. Touch into your wisdom. Touch into your leadership. Touch into your ability to heal and give and do. Don’t give in. Don’t give up.

You can run, but, true, you can’t hide. You are in this world not to make something old new again. You are here to be what the new is, to be new.

And if there was only things that you could do that would put the closest you can give to Shining energy out, that one thing should be love. Consciously live love. That will touch you in to what Thule is all about. That will touch you in. Love yourself, love others, love the one you’re with.

Be sure that you bring your tartan to Mexico, because it’s pretty hot there, and it might feel good to have a little air upon . . . upon those parts that get hot.

This is for you. So what is it?

Marble chips.

S: And why?

Well, it’s metamorphosed limestone, so Yucatan’s limestone, so it gets metamorphosed with lots of heat and pressure, and that’s what we’re going to do?

S: You’ve really got to love a geologist. There’s another piece to that though. In a lot of societies, you put a white rock on a grave. So, dear Source, please pass them around. All right? ‘


S: Just throw them out in heaps. Now don’t let them reach in and pick one. Just stick your hand in and hand them out, and the reason for that is because if . . .

Can I just pass them down the row?

S: Yes, they can pass them down the row. It’s a reminder, but if everyone is reaching in and they’re going to try to be feeling for the one that feels warm, or feels soft, or feels bigger, or smaller, or . . . and it never gets through. These are a reminder. You’re dead already. You are. You either need to show some life, or honor your death. It’s a remarkable world that you’re a part of here. You need fun—I should say that one again a few times, shouldn’t I? You need fun. You need fun. And in case you missed it, you need fun. You need family. It doesn’t have to be the one you’re born to. Create one. Look around. Did you get one?


S: David.

Sorry. Just one more?

S: More. Everybody has?

Everyone needs fire. Everyone needs ice. If you’re not going to live any better than this, stop. And if it’s not your time to stop, then it’s a really good signal that you need to be doing something to live. To live, not through someone else.

This Dragon is opening up right next door to you. Put yourself there this way. By letting go of what has been, you become open to what can be. This is a time of recreation. This is a time of establishing balance. It is a time of miracles and creation with miracles. What do you need? What do you want? Get your life in balance before you can have it. Fun helps.

Atlanteans shifted to what was not useful, because they got too caught up in the pleasure of form. You do too. A whole lot of you are going to be really different the next time we do this, and it’s not just going to be those of you who went on the trip. You’re a part of it already.

Once again, you were a very good Source.