November 6, 1994

Samuel: Well, greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: All right. Good. Aye. Very, very important night tonight, a night to get everything going. You know what it is?

New Years.

S: New Years. Yes it is indeed. New Years. In most every society with the exception of your western culture Americans, in most every society, New Year is being experienced right now. And that’s what I want to be talking about somewhat this night. But before, instead of the usual gifts, I would like seven people to just tell me what you’re grateful for, just something you’re grateful for.




S: Well, I would say that’s a pretty good one.


S: That’s a good one too. All right, let’s start again. Those are good ones. They count. Let’s be specific. Somebody tell me something like “I am grateful for my dog.” And why, if you will, but just quickly. All right. Oh sure, now you think you’re going to start over, do you? Go for it.

I’m grateful for my dog.

S: Good, and I hope that that was the log [sic] you were making reference to.

No, it wasn’t.

S: Two.

I’m grateful for my job at Kentucky Re-ed.

S: Aye. Three. Aye.

I’m grateful for my mate, because he’s perfect.

S: Good. Four.

I’m grateful for completions of my schooling. I’m grateful for that.

S: Good. Five. Aye, dear.

I’m just grateful for all the new friends and acquaintances that I’ve met through here.

S: Aye. Six.

I’m grateful for my friend [. . . ] who came last week and then came back because she loves the teaching.

S: Aye. Aye. Seven.

I’m grateful for Ken for his help in my job last week.

S: Think about, in your own heads, three things that you’re grateful for. Aye. Anybody having trouble finding things that you’re grateful for? Because I would warrant to say that those of you who are sitting there like this, are the ones that are probably having a bit of difficulty finding things that you’re thankful for, because that attitude of thankfulness brings a sense of happiness. It changes you.

Now think of three more things that you’re thankful for, but this time work very, very hard to have a glum face while you’re thinking about them. All right, work hard now. Make it a good glum one. Maybe even sort of snarl at the person next to you while you’re thinking “I am grateful for you.” And what is thankfulness? All right. Just to get it out of the way, it is when you say thank you about something.

Acknowledging that it’s over.

S: It’s acknowledging that something is over. And Suzie hit the bottom line very, very quickly there, because thankfulness is an act of completion. Why is it necessary to have acts of completion, and what does this have to do with New Year? Now that should not be too hard. Colleen, dear.

Because an act of completion completes cycle, allows something new to come in.

S: Yes, yes. Let’s something new come in. How many of you in your lives—don’t raise your hand this time—how many of you in your lives are ready to begin anew in certain places, in certain areas? How many of you are ready to have finished certain cycles or certain patterns going on in your life? How many of you are ready for more now? How many of you over the last three weeks have had an absolute sense that the world is doing something very, very strange?

How many of you have felt somewhat—what might be the best way to think of it?—rushed, rushed. Do you think of it that way? Rushed—not enough time to do all it is that there is to do? Rushed. Or perhaps it’s a sense of frustration because there you are, feeling that there’s so much to do, but you’re also feeling a just a bit like your hands are sort of tied. Anybody feeling like that these two or three weeks?

[Is] anybody finding that their communications seem to be what comes out of your mouth is not exactly related to what’s going on in your head, which isn’t to say that you’re all of a sudden trying to do things or say things kinder than usual, or even more confrontational, it’s just that—and here I’m going to be specific with that communication—how many of you are finding that others are finding you confrontational? Are finding you—let’s be nice—assertive than usual? And how many of you are finding that your communication is tending to be more misunderstood and—Paula, how was it you said it? Everyone’s after you right now.


S: Many of you been finding those things going on? Are you ready for a change from it? Joyous is on to me. She says, “Well, it depends. Is it going to be better?”

Two years ago, a very major gateway opened, and I mean a spiritual gateway. This planet is a remarkable energy being, just as you are. That’s not a surprise, is it? The planet is alive and growing just as you are. And to make a very long and complicated and extremely airy-fairy story very, very short, this planet was given a job to do. And all of the beings upon this planet are implanted, if you will, with a knowing of that job and a desire to help it complete. What is the job of this planet?

To reach Sacred Status.

S: To reach Sacred Status, which means what?

The beings on the planet are as enlightened as the planet itself. There’s a balance.

S: That the beings upon the planet reach a state that can be called enlightenment as the planet itself reaches that state. What is enlightenment? It’s something that you get very quiet and sit under a tree for forty years to receive. Aye? All right, maybe not. What is enlightenment? If it’s something that the planet can reach, as well as humanity, what is it?


S: Consciousness, yes.

Conscious awareness of our true spirit self, of our spirit connection.

S: Conscious awareness of the true spirit self and the true connection. All right, these are all very good things, but ultimately it’s a temperature—sort of. It’s a frequency. That’s all it is. If everything is energy, energy vibrates. It has a frequency. The light has a frequency, a very annoying one. It is why even sometimes I think that you can hear a light frequency. Is that correct? And you say it hums. Perhaps it’s trying to reach Sacred Status.

And as everything has a frequency, it has potential to reach its very highest frequency for the vessel that it’s in. That’s important. If you have a frequency too high for a vessel to be able to make use of, what’s going to happen to the vessel?

It will probably break.

S: It will probably break, won’t it? And you know that what I’m doing here is looking for a way to explain this as quickly as possible, because it’s not my point.

And so this planet has a potential frequency, that by reaching that frequency by its own evolutionary development, it is going to be able to be Sacred Status, just as all of the life force upon that planet also has the very same opportunity.

You have a frequency, so to speak, an energy level that is your highest level of energy. And as long as your vehicle is able to make use of that energy and not break, then you’re going to be able to easily and safely reach your own potential through your own spiritual evolutionary process.

Funny thing happened on the way to enlightenment. You’re breaking. Have you noticed? Your planet, needless to say, your very bodies—things that hardly bothered you before are starting to bother you now. You’re much more sensitive to things. For instance, you hear sounds, you see things, you’re bothered by things that did not bother you before. You may be finding allergies and even certain sicknesses affect you. Chemicals, foods.

You are finding that it’s harder and harder to feel that you are functioning whole here. Needless to say your constructs—political, business, even the nature of such things as relationships are also changing. The vehicles are rapidly changing because they are unable to hold the nature of the energy that is here now. You have been seeing this for yourself.

What can you do? Well, what I’m talking about tonight began with the idea of thankfulness is an act of completion, and I said, “How many of you have things in your life that you’re ready to have complete, that you’re ready to move on from, move on to?” And most every one of you in here put out either a silent or a verbal “Yes!”

Well, first the good new

S:  there is no bad news. Really. And that is you can allow this process to happen, sort of like an inner tube on the Chattahoochee—I should be using this one in Atlanta, shouldn’t I? All right, on the Kentucky River. An inner tube on the Kentucky River, just gently drifting you along. You can allow life to happen to you, and you can experience the change. And I promise you, my souls, simply knowing that the changes that are going on right now have to do with a larger process, one that you are going to gain only advantage from, should make the nice drift pleasant, don’t you think? I do want to warn you, however, that that’s essentially what you’ve been experiencing over the last three weeks. And so I also recommend this second bit of information, which is “gooder” news—more good news. News that is better. Better news! You knew I’d come to it eventually. There are things you can do to prepare your constructs for change, to better be able to move with and, in fact, to even be able to take charge of your personal spiritual evolution in order to be able to make the best use of the changes that are coming your way, to be able to make use of the energy that is here, and that which is coming—the best way to make use of what you are here to do anyway.

What I wish to talk to you about tonight—make note, Frank—is this:  how to have a life you will be thankful for. And step number one is be willing to knock over all of the constructs. What did I not say there?


You didn’t say that you have to knock them over.

S: Thank you. I did not say “knock them over,” I said “be willing to knock them over.” What am I saying? What is required for willingness?

Release. Letting go.

S: Release and letting go. Who in this room has heard me say “Letting go does not mean not having.”? Raise your hand. Of those who have heard that before, how many of you believed it? You see, not so many hands go up that time.

Letting go does not mean you’re not going to have what it is that you have been—give me your hand, darling—holding on to so strongly—well, you’re usually a lot closer.

I know.

S: And the reason that you hold on so tightly is because you know that you cannot do without whatever it is that’s safe in your life holding on to. Here is how to know what it is you need in your life. It’s a little game. I like it. If you were going to have a big fire at your house tonight, what would you grab?


S: No, darling, I’m sorry. Not create a fire. Kathleen says “matches.” You see, I’m having communication problems here. Your house is going to catch fire tonight—don’t make it so—and you are going to be able to grab maybe five things. You’ll have the time to grab five things. What are they?

There’s another version of this, but every one of them will affect you differently, so it’s worth your while thinking each one through, even just at the speed of thought.

The second version: you’re on a desert island. Is there anybody in your life now you’d like to have with you? Do they know it? How do you know they know it? Is there anyone in your life right now you really don’t want on that island with you? Why are they in your life?

You are going to be able to move, but it’s to a much smaller place. What are the things it will be easy to get rid of? You are going to be able to move, but to a much larger place. What have you always been wanting to get when you had the space for it?

If you could do anything, no limitation, if you could do anything, what would you do? What would you do to bring money into your life? What would you do for pure pleasure? And are they two different answers? Why?

And here comes probably the hardest question I’ve ever asked any human. These questions are one of my best weapons against power sabotage. It begins with what makes you happy? What makes you happy? Happy. Well first, let’s define happy. What is happy for you? Is it just that sense of absolute pleasure and delight? Is there passion attached to it? Is happy simply where you are at the moment? Is happy something you believe you are capable of having? And is your answer something that needs a bit of work? What makes you happy.

Part two of that question: when’s the last time that you did it? Is there a way for you to put it into your life on a regular basis? [Aside] Well, I can see through it, I hope you can. Is there a way for you to put it into your life on a regular basis. [Aside] Don’t you wish you could do that at work? If you don’t know what it is that makes you happy, how can you ever hope to be?

But here comes the worst of it. If there is only one thing in your answer, if there is only one thing that you could come up with that makes you happy, or if it’s a very large general answer, I sure hope you’re a good manifester. I sure hope you are capable of manifesting that one thing, because I can assure you, for those of you who have just one thing that makes you happy—“This is all it would take to make me happy! All I want is just this.”—you are sure telling the Universe first, what your limits are, what you believe about yourself. You are sure creating a box based on safety and control. And it all comes under the heading of “limit.” The more options you have in life, the more opportunity there is to have what you want.

I said to somebody this week, you are asking the Universe for green. “If I can just have green!” And the Universe lovingly hands you blue. Well, you’ve got an option there. One option, of course, is recognizing that blue is in green. The other option is to just to be very, very upset because the Universe isn’t answering your prayers.

Anybody here ever been really, really grateful you’re prayers weren’t answered, because you asked them when you were way too stupid to know what you were doing? You remember that. “Green! If I only had this one winning green ticket here, everything would be all right!”

What makes you happy? When is the last time you gave it to you? You see, when you know what it is that makes you happy, then you’re going to start a destination, you’re going to be able to do something, because I have a piece of remarkable information for you. I’ve got to also warn you, it’s an outrageous, stunning, breaks down all the old constructs piece of information too, so you might get yourself very settled and balanced right now so that you can prepare for this incredible, disruptive piece of news. You are here to be happy. You are not alone. You have help. And that help which you have is two-fold. First line of defense: that help is you, but the very highest level of you that you can possibly imagine. You are so incredible. And you know what? You know it in your heart, you know that. Your heart knows that you are incredible and that you can do something here with that incredibleness.

And, darlings, the bottom line of all the problems in your life—here we go again—big broad answer to everything you ever wanted. Don’t you just love this?—the bottom line to everything that’s ever given you pain has been a time in which you did not act on the wonder and miracle and power and glory and magnificence that you are. And you know that too. It’s really true, you are a stunning piece of work.

And the other piece of that help is that ultimate worker that made you. You are one with the rocks and the trees and the birds and the bees, and you knew that all along. And you’re willing to accept on an earthly level, but you’ve got to also raise it up on a much higher level. You are all that is here on this planet, because this planet is the smallest part of all there is, and you are one with that too. If, indeed, that concept of God, which of course I find extremely limiting and would much rather say Source or All That Is, if indeed that concept of God is that it is a being that is everything—all-knowing, all-being, all-power—if it is everything and you don’t think God is in you, you are God, what does that make you? If God is everything, but not you, what are you then? God is everything, I am nothing. Well, there actually is a teaching that goes with that, and some of you have spent a long time studying it too. You are not here alone. You have resources within yourself you have hardly begun to find, to use, and you have help in perfecting that which you are.

It is my desire to make this practical this night, and that is what I want to do right now. And it doesn’t take long. There are, if you will, a few stepping stones on the way to the great hammock of relaxation in life, where you can just stretch out with a cool breeze and a tall lemonade—isn’t that part of the joke when life gives you lemons? What do you do?—So you’ve got your tall glass of lemonade. There are things you can do to better access your power. There are things you can do to better access your happiness. There are things you can do to begin to trust you, so that it won’t be so necessary to be so manipulative and controlling and only do those things that don’t make you happy, because you’ve got to please everybody else, because you certainly have no power of your own. Tired of living that one, aren’t you? Isn’t that one good to complete? And things you can do to allow yourself surety in that greater connection because, darlings, that’s why you hold on so tightly, because if you’ve got to do it all yourself, then you’d sure better hold on. If you’re here alone and there is no hope, then you’d sure better hold on to what you have, because there may not be something better. And in this world, it’s pretty hard, isn’t it, to learn to trust yourself, needless to say get outside of yourself and trust that there is a greater energy, a—I’ve got to say it. I hate saying it, but it’s about to pop out, a higher power. I feel better though.—to work with you, to be you. And if indeed God or Goddess, or All That Is or Higher Power or Source or the Universe or whatever words you want to use to make that connection is everything there is then that everything includes abundance, and that everything includes ease, and that everything includes dynamic delight. And it’s time for that. But as with everything in your life you have to build that trust slowly.

So here are those stepping stones, and I’ve got to warn you, they’re not particularly pleasant, but I will also assure they absolutely work. Some, there’s a reason they absolutely work; some, it’s sort of a big cat and mouse game. You do it, you get blessed for it.

Let’s begin physically. All right, let’s just lay it down on the board. You really are what you eat. Doesn’t that scare you? Some of you look like just a really big cheese puff. Some of you, I believe, must have absolutely the very best love of life there possibly could be, because you are stuffed full of preservatives from the foods that you eat that you must have a desire to just live on forever.

I’m not going to say why don’t you stop doing this and stop doing and start eating this and start doing that. That’s not what I’m about here. I’m going to do something much, much worse. Eat to your honest consciousness. Feed your body knowing that are feeding your mind, your emotions and your spirit by doing so, and do it to you highest consciousness. If you’re desire is that you tend to work better by having a specific rhythm to follow, there’s information about what I have called a Warrior Diet that is extremely excellent for the physical system, but I’ve got to warn you about it. It ‘s a system of choice, and not of elimination. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? There’s got to be some elimination! As a for instance, “Well, Samuel, I’ve tried and tried to be a vegetarian and I just cannot be one.” So don’t. Really. “I have found that I really do terrible with sugar, and yet other people eat lots of sugar and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all, and that really bothers me. Is something wrong with me?” No.

When you learn what you, individually, function best with, all of a sudden, you’ve got power. All of a sudden you have the ability then to choose. When you know that sugar makes you crazy at the times that you really want to be crazy, look what you can do! And wouldn’t it be nice to control that for a change?

If you know that junk food makes you junky, well figure out why, determine exactly what it is that it’s doing for you. Make choices, honest choices.

But the number one thing that you can do to make remarkable change in your ability to know who you are and how that who functions in this world, really is dietary, because you are ultimately, along with the energy that you are, a vat of chemicals, and you food is—guess what?—chemicals. And your body becomes a great big laboratory beaker with an ongoing experiment. If you put this food in with this food, we have nourishment and energy. If you put this food in with this food, you have anger or frustration or sadness. It happens. I’ve been telling your for years you are a big experiment.

Second thing that you can do for your physical essence is—and this all goes under the heading of take care of the body you’ve got to use, but this has to do with the transfigurative ability that you need right now to deal with the energy as its coming. The vehicle that you are—translate that body—the body that you are is having to change to fit the energy you are becoming. You have been experiencing low energy, sickness, disease of all sorts simply because the energy you are becoming is not adapting properly to the vessel that energy must use. You’re like this all the time. And the physical essence needs to become stronger for that. Make your physical body as flexible as possible for it. Now, here is something very, very interesting. Flexible is a secret way to say exercise. Exercise that body. And the best way to do is to give it a walk every day. Take it out like you do your dog. “All right, you ready? We’re going to go for a walk now. We’re going to go around the block a couple of times and we’ll have fun.” And you don’t even have to wear a leash. “Oh, but Samuel, I go out to the club and I lift weights and I work on all of the machines, and I really like that. That’s exercise for me. All right do that, but it’s not exercise required for everybody. Some of you are not physically capable of that. How about something else? Something like “I swim regularly. That’s what I do. Mine is swimming.” Which is great for you. Do it. But do you know what is the key to it? It’s got to be something that you will be consistent with, therefore it may as well be something you—ready for this?—you like. It may as well be something you can do. It may as well be something that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or membership. Something you can do whether you are in Istanbul or Lebanon, Kentucky. It doesn’t matter. And walking fits that one. And you know it doesn’t even have to be walking real fast. Get out there and breathe and move, that’s it. Breathe and move, breathe and move, breathe and move—that’s all.

Mentally, keep learning. “Yes, Samuel, that’s why I’m here, to learn. And I’m ready for you to get a book out so I can write it all down and study it.” I hope you don’t die waiting or you’ll die stupid. So learn a language, learn a craft, learn a new way to exercise your body. Go ask Suzie if you can sit in her class one day. I promise you’ll learn a lot. Stimulate your mind. I have an excellent suggestion. It’s a fairly unpleasant one, but an excellent suggestion. It comes, however, with a “you can teach an old dog new tricks” because I’m the old dog that has learned the new trick. Suggestion as to how you can learn some new things, and that is turn off your television. And here is the old dog, new tricks part: do many of you have one of those machines where you can choose what it is you are going to watch and you put it on a videotape? What is that called?


S: Are you saying V? VCR, all right. The corollary is, use your VCR machine, choose what you’re going to watch, and choose when you are going to watch it. And this is easy, just do it for one week. Just one week, that’s all. One week. And if you have noticed any change, maybe extend it [to] two weeks, maybe three. Anything that you do for three weeks in a row becomes a habit for you, and a habit is your life.

Now why would I be saying that by turning off the television, you’re going to be able to learn something? At the very least, you’re going to learn how to entertain yourself, but it’s going to give you a change in the way that you use your time. It’s a change in consciousness. Yes, I am being deadly practical tonight.

Give me another suggestion of something you can do for your mental self, and the mental self is creativity, your emotions, and your regular walking around knowledge.

Learn to play an instrument.

S: Learn to play an instrument. You’ve always wanted to anyway, so why not? Steve, darling, give me a suggestion of something else someone could do.

You could write down some ideas that you have in the form of a paper or story.

S: Lovely. Lovely. Try your hand at journaling. Dream journals are excellent. Thank you journals are good this time of year. Successes. How about writing a poem or a piece of music? Or a story? And you can play a game with yourself, you can ask the Universe to tell you something about you you did not know and then sit with a pencil and write anything that comes to your head and see what happens, but you first have to promise that you won’t say “Oh, I just made that up.”

The mental level, what can you do? Tell me something. Aye.

You can keep your mind from wandering, to be focuses where you are, to really listen to who you’re speaking to, to pay attention to details.

S: And how can you keep your mind from wandering and really focus and listen and pay attention to detail?

Well, I think the intent has to be that you’re very interested in what’s happening at that moment and to stay the present.

S: Be in your moment every moment. Be there. When someone is talking to you, shock them by looking them right in the eyes. Delight them by listening, not just hearing. See what happens to you when you are really there. Quick, interesting thought, do you know that everyone of you have an incredible ability to experience physical pain, that in fact in any moment there is no pain which is why you have an incredible ability to experience it. “Samuel, that’s not true. I have this injury and I’m in pain a lot.” No, in your instant of life, you don’t experience the pain. It’s the memory and anticipation that squeezes your body very often into something beyond what’s really there.

Now, I’m not talking symptoms of disease or such things as that, I’m talking the pain associated. An arthritic condition, a continuous sense of hurt, but it’s the key to natural childbirth, when you are absolutely in your moment, when you are absolutely feeling what you’re really feeling there. This is a pain-relief clinic technique. What is it you’re really feeling? Describe it in detail. What does it feel like? What is it? Do it with your life too, it takes that pain away.

And the reason, what happens is because you are adapting rather than resisting. You are truly there in that moment. You have totally focused on it. You have fully honored it.

You can learn to play an instrument; you can write; you can learn a language; you can be in your moment. You can keep the body flexible; you can feed it to your highest consciousness of the moment; you can be your highest consciousness at the moment and that becomes the spiritual activity.

Sweet soul, the most important things for your life are not the hard things, the things that you are avoiding, the things that you are in resistance with because it’s too much to do or not, the things that are going to have the greatest effect on you, the things that make you happy are simple things. The activities that lead you to that hammock of satisfaction are not even things so foreign from what you’re doing now.

This life isn’t meant to be difficult. You weren’t dropped out of a cozy egg in the sky in order to be alone and angry, and unable to function. You are here because you have amazing abilities to shine. But if you don’t want to shine, then there are a whole lot of ways to keep your light so dirty that the light never gets out.

Bottom line: if you were doing what you know is right for you, if you were doing what you know is right for you, the vessel that you are would not be having so much difficulty with the energy you are, because there wouldn’t be such conflict, there would be much more complementary work.

The things in your life that you are thankful for are the things that are working for you. I encourage you to become aware of those things, to keep them going in your life, and to add to them. You can make a life you will be thankful for and it’s not hard. You only have to be doing those things that make you thankful.

Don’t be fooled, my friends, this night sounded very much like tripe on a plate. You’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. It’s simple. It’s simple. No big deal. Don’t you be fooled tonight. Don’t you be fooled, I have asked of you what you have forgotten you asked of yourself, to be all of what you truly are as you live your daily life. And I promise, I promise, in all that I am, I promise, it’s easier than the path you’ve been on.

Yes, you can change the world. Yes, you can, but you change the world by changing yourself.

Glochanumora, my friends. Love beyond the words. I am very, very thankful for you. Happy trails.