September 1, 2002

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: In your society, very often it’s easy to think that what life is about is getting up, going to work, coming home, recuperating—in whatever way works for you—to be able to get up, go to work, come home, and do it again, and again, and again.

Because of that, the importance of having your work be something that you love makes sense don’t you think? And yet I will go so far as to boldly say, most people in this culture are not doing the work that they enjoy, perhaps not even the work that they could be doing the best at. And that should change.

I’m going to be talking about work tonight, because this is that interesting holiday weekend in which you celebrate work, right? You celebrate labor. Yes?

Or about birth.

S: Which is also labor, and I’ll see if I cannot weasel that in as well, just for you. All right.

I think that what this holiday, insofar as its history is concerned, has a lot more to do with is a celebration of a big change in consciousness from which very difficult work situations were changed. The laborers began to take some responsibility for their own welfare and organizing together to become a united voice.

Now, does that not sound like a recipe for magic?


S: In what way? [Long pause.] Yes it does! It really does! What way? I don’t know. Suzanne.

A group energy is just so much more powerful than a single and one by one.

S: One very important point within it is that the energy of a group working together, common vision, that energy is going to be much stronger than the energy of one single individual. Yes. Absolutely. The group energy aspect of that is definitely magic. What’s more? Aye.

I think anything that motivates human beings to change in a positive fashion is magic.

S: It’s oriented toward change, toward making things better. And in that sense—I’m going to broaden that out a bit—in that sense it’s magic when you are working together for something that is for a greater good.

Now, of course, that’s totally perspective, isn’t it, because the greater good, for instance, for the owners of that company, may not have been for the laborers to come together and establish their demands and determine that they would have a voice in what was going on. That may not be magic to the owners of the company. And so, in that sense there is a perceptual awareness there, but as a whole, when you are doing that which is for the highest good of all involved, there is always a magic that comes along with it.

What is the magic that comes along with working together for the highest good? And it’s so obvious that you might miss it, because it’s implied. Jennifer.

Coming together.

S: Yes. Yes. Very good.

In our society, individuals are just having to be separate. Generations and centuries of pioneering and an experience of independence. It’s giving that up.

S: A willingness to release the individual wants and needs to function together as a whole absolutely is magic. It’s not particularly the one I was looking for, but that is absolutely number one on the road to getting what you want right now in this world. Right now. Frank.

When you are working for what is for the highest good, you also have access to the energy not only […] who are working for the highest good, but all those other people in the world who are working for the highest good become an even bigger, larger group working together.

S: And that’s the one I was looking for, because what you are connecting into there, when you are working for the highest good of all involved, is you’ve got the Universe on your side, Source on your side. God, goddess, whatever label you want to use doesn’t particularly matter. The point is, when you are doing that which is a part of the highest good for all involved, you are going to have help.

Now, I’ve got a question that goes with this, though. However do you know what is for the highest good? The age-old question. Stuart.

It’s the most loving thing which you can think of at the moment would be the highest good for you for that moment.

S: The bottom line, right there. When you are in a situation in which you are seeking what is the highest good at this moment, the first thing that you need to realize is that you are not responsible for what is the highest good of the United States at this time. You are not responsible for the highest good of the whole school you’re a part of at this time. You’re not responsible for the highest good of even your whole family at this time. What are you responsible for?


S: Yourself. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had a whole country—oh, go big: a whole world—of those who sought what was the best and highest action for their own selves to take? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about what the whole picture needed all at once, because if every one of you were acting at your best and highest, enough change energy would come into place, well, that you would be at the Sacred Status that you’re waiting on right now, quickly and easily? What else?

[Knocks microphone] Sorry. Are you recording tonight.

Yes, but in a different way.

S: All right. So I should not worry that I’m looking at that and there’s nothing looking back at me.


S: All right. Insofar as you knowing what it is that is your highest good, what else is involved? The first one is, what is the most loving thing that you can be doing? Jeanean.

You can ask. You can ask yourself what’s the highest good?

S: Are you a good person to ask?


S: You are?

You are the best person to ask. You have those energies that work for you for your highest good.

S: Depending upon the situation, do you think, for instance, that Heidi could tell you what’s your best and most important thing to do for your highest good?

Well, I think we’re pretty much the expert on ourselves.

S: What if you’ve not been following a spiritual path very long? What if you had been far away from your spiritual connection? What if you’d been living in a cave by yourself for quite some time and you really don’t even know what’s going on?

Believe me, there are those of you in this room, right now, whose cave looks like a regular house, but it is indeed the same as being up on a mountain in a cave.

What is it that that person might say? What should that person do in trying to find what is the best and highest good for himself or herself, when that person has been so far away from any sort of important spiritual teachings that this one might not know what “the best” and “the highest” is? Steven.

There is appropriateness for social context, and what might be your highest in one region might not be the highest in another, as well as asking people for a reading on your appropriateness so that some blind spots you might have might be . . .

S: All right, this is going in two places here now. That’s good.

There are situations in which you ask yourself, What is the best and highest action I should be doing right now? And self says, I don’t know. And an option there is to find people you trust. Look around at what’s going on in the world. Go ahead, ask, but remember this: ultimately you know what it is you need to do to be doing the most loving thing. You know, because why? Aye.

You’ll be happy doing it.

S: That’s a symptom of it. You’re right, ultimately. Spread it out, make it bigger. Frank.

Well, you are a part of the Source.

S: Good. Because no matter what costume you put around, because no matter what training you’ve had and words you use, no matter what—I’m even going to go so far as to say no matter what you might think of you, the bottom line of it is, this human experience is such a small part of what you are, because what you are is a piece of Source. You are made of fairy dust.

And, for the sake of a poor but working explanation: you have within you that which is always tuned, the perfect receiver of that frequency that is Source. And you’re perfectly tuned to it, because it’s what you’re made of.

In this world, the greatest problem, the biggest problem . . . Now, that was two different things. It’s very big as a problem and it is exceedingly widespread. All right? Great big. All right. . . . is that too many people on this planet don’t know what they are, are fooled into thinking all there is is who they are. They do not have access to the power, the magnificent spirit that moves you, that is you, because they’re so entrenched in the outer workings, the covering, over that spirit.

You are Light in this dimension. You are Love in this dimension. You are here with a purpose and a power to make that purpose happen. You are, ultimately, happy only when you are doing what you’re here to do. You are successful when you’re using the talents that you came equipped with in order to do what you’re here to do. And you are blind and useless until you are doing what you came here to do.

What is it you have come here to do? Well now, that‘s where Labor Day comes up, isn’t it, because Labor Day is a holiday devoted to recognizing those who are laboring in this world, and that’s pretty much what this earth experience is right now, as well, isn’t it? A recognition, a time, a point, a need for recognizing those who are laboring at their highest and best frequency in order that the greater “company” recognize what they are and why they are, and can begin to work it in the world.

It’s not my intention to go in the direction that I’m moving into right now, and so I’m going to come back around to that. Somebody may have to remind me, all right? I want to take a few moments with that, though.

Right now, in your world, over the last couple of years, you have been experiencing change after change after change. All of the constructs—the political, the economic, the religious—all of the constructs within your society are making massive changes. Your planet as a whole, in all main life areas, is under transition right now. This has been a greater time of waking up and taking action of one sort or another in these last five years than it has been in the last fifty or five hundred, in these last five months, as it has been in the last five years. This is a time of awakening and change. And it is a time in which those who are waking up are wanting to know what to do.

Those who are here to be a part of the positive force of change in this world, whom I call Guardians, those who are here to be a part of bringing the new awakening into this world, those who are here to lead, have been experiencing a call. You may have been recognizing that call for exactly what it is. If that is the case, then either by fluke—and, of course, there’s no such thing, but I’ll go with that anyway—by fluke you happen to be aware enough of your own spiritual consciousness that you are able to recognize the changes and recognize what you can do about it, or you have specifically and purposely been following a journey that you recognize is based on spiritual awareness.

A few moments ago, it was said that the work of all here right now is to live love, at your highest and best possibility. And for those who have been here as Guardians, over the last—what number month is this in your year?


S: Nine. Over the last eighteen months, you have been learning many new definitions of love, haven’t you? For those who are here to lead, you have been experiencing in your life an awareness of love as a power, a force, of leadership, of love as a force of power, of love as a function within relationships. And you have seen it at its coziest and prettiest, and at its strongest and most painful.

There is, absolutely, a dynamic of love that has been and continues to be a force of change in the mental and the emotional and the spiritual awareness of Guardianship energy across this planet now. For those who are here to be a part of the transformation of this world, your lessons in love have been the most work you have put out in regard to your spiritual life in years.

Do you remember—and many of you do—do you remember the good old days in your spiritual connection? The good old days. Now, what do I mean by that? The good old days, when ignorance was bliss. What am I talking about? Heidi.

Well, when we really didn’t take total responsibility for everything. We didn’t […]

S: When you could get away with stuff. You could get away with stuff, because manifestation took so long to find you that you were able to maybe figure out your mistake and do something about it by the time it all started coming down around it. Yes? It’s not the case now? No. Now you have found a whole new meaning to the phrase “instant karma,” haven’t you?

There was a time in your lives in which you could not pay attention to what you ate, not pay attention to exercising your body, not pay attention to how you came off to others, not pay attention to . . . what sorts of things could you get away with? Not pay attention to what? Your thoughts, maybe.

Now, well, for those who are functioning at a higher frequency the difference now is that you’re on to you. That’s why ignorance was bliss. You are the worst watchdog you ever had. And by that I don’t mean because you’re not good at it, I mean you are harder on you, certainly, than I ever would be. You are, if not immediately, almost immediately aware when you’re starting even to think in the wrong direction, aren’t you?

There was a time that you were very proud to catch yourself doing it wrong, because wrong, whatever that meant—be it a cultural wrong, be it an internal wrong—when you were in the midst of it, you knew that you were doing pretty well when you’d catch yourself at it. I don’t want to be doing this; let me back off. Ah, yes, those days of bliss.

Because now the thought is the place of catching it, and for those who are in mastery of awareness, the intent catches your awareness—your intent to do the most loving thing, your intent to be the most loving being. This is radically altering your relationships—thank goodness. It is radically altering your satisfaction levels and your happiness levels.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Living love is the only work you’re here to do. That sounds pretty easy, but remember that I said that you’re aware of what you’re up to, what you know and what you don’t know. You’re aware of it on a thought level, and some of you even on an intent level. You get the large picture very quickly. “I think that I’m going to go early to Phoenix tonight,” and immediately into your head pops all of the real reasons you’re wanting to do that. “I want to do it so I can greet people as they come in.” Oh, no the reason is because you really want to see what’s for snacks afterwards, get a good view of where things are so that you can figure out where you’re going to rush to first. You’re on to it immediately. So you back off. “All right, what’s the intent I need to have.”

You do that . . . I was going to say, you do that in most areas of your life. But that’s not true. You allow your intent to guide, your thoughts to guide you, in those areas that you feel secure. In those areas where you are functioning in fear, then you’re feeding ego for the purpose of control in order that you can function at what will allow the form of you to be accepted and safe.

I want to move away from that and go back to those parts of you, however, that are secure, because for those areas in your life in which you are functioning with the awareness of love, or those areas of life—if you want to think of it this way—in which the spirit you are, the extraterrestrial part of you—and I’m not talking of alien energy at all there—I mean that part of you that is not this stuff, the human part, those parts of you that you have allowed to recognize that connection with Source—those parts of you are living love, connecting in at the highest and best level they can be. Those parts of you are awake and aware enough that at intent, or thought anyway, you’re on to you and aware of what’s needed, what’s missing, what you could be doing. Those parts of you respond to the question you ask yourself: “What do I need to be doing now” “What is the best thing I can do here?” And those parts of you recognize the absolute power, rather than the justifiable excuse that comes out of this phrase, “You are here to do the best you can, where you are, with what you have at the time.”

What do I mean by justifiable excuse out of that phrase?

We can say that we really did the best we could, given what’s going on, but it’s a way to hide.

S: Exactly. The justifiable excuse shows up in every area of your life in which you are not fully aware of your Source connection. The justifiable excuse is, “Well, this is all I could do here right now.”

When in your life you know that it’s not the best you can do, well, it’s all right. You’re being human. Everyone’s human, right? And for a lot of people in this world that‘s enough. But the fact of it is, it should not be for you.

The areas of your life in which your spiritual self is awake and aware and is currently working overtime to help stimulate and awaken those parts of you that are not spiritually awake and aware. Did you catch all of that? Got that picture there?

Some of you are finding that you are unbelievably tired these days. You may be finding that you’re not thinking as clearly as you’d like to be. You might be finding that you have a hard time keeping your thoughts straight. You might be finding that you’re more emotional than you have been, that you tend to have—what is it the Form [Lea] calls them?

Estrogen moments.

S: That’s it. That you might be having more and more estrogen moments. I will tell you, at the risk of bursting nice bubbles, this is not because you’re so awake to your spiritual self. You are experiencing these things because the human parts of you are causing the spiritual part of you to work too much, to go overtime. Your spirit is expending so much energy keeping things on that spiritual plane, making the form you are exhausted, whereas if there was more of you—[pointing at members of the audience] not of you and you and you and you. I mean of one person; if there was more of you functioning in that spiritual awareness, then you would not be draining out so much energy.

Now, I’m going to make a statement that’s going to, perhaps, be hard to understand, because it’s jargon. Jargon. I’m using my own jargon here.

With the establishment of the Grid and the fusion of masculine and feminine energy, the vessel you are is hardened. The vessel you are is complete. It’s not about you’re going through so many changes that it’s hard to keep up with it. That’s only an excuse. That’s not what it is. It’s that there is enough of you that’s not functioning at your highest potential, that it is causing your energy to leak out and wear you out.

Now, yes, it’s true, this is a season of transition. There are a lot of people who are subject to allergies or viruses or bacteria or there are those in here who have very grave illnesses, and . . . sure, there’s all sorts of very true and very good reasons why your physical essence may not be functioning well, leaving you feeling pretty exhausted. But hear me: if you are functioning at your best, then in spite of those things you are going to be feeling good.

You don’t sleep at night because you have a physical issue going on with you that’s causing you difficulty so that you’re not sleeping at night. Well, you’re tired the next day. That runs you, or you run it, depending upon which has the most weight—your spirit or your form. Do you see what I’m saying there?

You have to eat, you have to feed that body. You feed the body poorly, the body’s not going to be able to function at its best. So that’s true with your spiritual body. It needs to be fed. The more you feed that spiritual body, the more you work that spiritual body, the more you come to trust, the more you are able to function in automatic from your highest and best function of love, the more you are there. Then, when the physical body has natural, normal, issues, when the physical body has the virus, has the disease, has—it doesn’t matter what—your emotional impact and your mental impact will not get in the way of the spiritual impact.

How many of you have had a pet dog? Many of you. Good. Good. Have you had a sick dog? Maybe not so sick that this poor creature is on its way out. Let’s not make that sick, let’s just say it’s sick. Maybe something happened, it got hit by a car or had to have surgery of some sort. When you walked back into the room with that sick dog, what did that dog do?

Wagged its tail.

S: It probably did everything it could to get up and see you, and wag its tail, and say hello, and let you know that it was delighted to see you. Take a lesson from your dog. What’s my point?

Despite what’s going on . . .

S: This is your night, Jennifer.

I know what you mean. In spite of what’s going on, do the best you can, which is more than the excuse of what you can’t. Go beyond that.

S: That’s good. That’s very good. There’s more. Give me more out of that. Kay.

Well, if a dog has been sick or has been hit by a car, it’s in pain, it’s suffering, but it still recognizes the bond and the love it has for you, in spite of the pain and suffering. It could be laying there, you know, post-op or something, when you walk in, and it overrides that experience to expressing its love and the connection it has with you.

S: Its priorities are not to lick its wounds, but to recognize the one it loves. More.

To take that a little bit in the other direction: oftentimes, whether it’s myself, you know, other people in the world around me sometimes, I think certain situations—whether they’re pain, weird hours of working—that it gives me the right to be cranky or out of sorts.

S: Good.

It’s almost like that thing that says, “Well I have a right to be this way, because this is wrong with me. I’m miserable. And everybody had better just, you know, leave me alone and let me be miserable.”

S: Excellent. Excellent. Yes. Yes. The attitude of justifying less-than-loving behavior because of all of the hardships that are on you at the time. Aye.

Your happiness doesn’t depend on how your physical is feeling.

S: Say it again.

Your happiness does not depend on how you’re physically feeling.

S: Yes. The lesson that you can learn from your dog, all of these, come together in a big, loving ball of: your happiness is not dependent upon what’s going on in your physical world, your physical body. It’s not about what you think. It’s about what you are. And what you are is? Spirit. Source. A connection into All That Is.

What makes you happy is the ideal—now here I’m coming back around to it—is the ideal of the work that you do. And, unfortunately, for very many in this world, that’s all it is; it’s the ideal. It would be nice if what made me happy would pay me to live.

There are a lot of revolutions that have come about in the world of working, earning a living, as individuals have become more and more and more aware of the need to have working conditions that allow them to do their job better. Or a place to relax in order that they can then recharge and do their work better.

Insofar as doing the work that makes you happy, though, there is a misunderstanding. If you are unhappy at work, it’s not because that work is keeping you from being happy. If you are unhappy at work, it’s not because work is keeping you unhappy. You’re unhappy because you’re not focused on your happiness, because you are seeking your happiness outside of what gives you happiness. It’s not about where you work; it’s about you.

The master is happy. That does not mean that, at your highest spiritual function, you’re not sad. It doesn’t mean you don’t get frustrated. It doesn’t mean that you’re not held up and irritated. It doesn’t mean that you are not subject to every emotion, positive or negative, that everyone else on this planet is subject to. It does mean that you are on to you fast enough that what you are experiencing doesn’t become what you are. What you are experiencing becomes the way you define yourself and what you are when what you feel confirms it.

What you do and what you are are bridged by what you feel, which is to say that, if you work in the lowest-paying, worst job on the planet—which in this culture you probably have no idea what that might be—nonetheless, the worst that you can imagine—it’s not about that work. It’s not about the people you work with that you just can’t stand, that feed you nothing, who make you unhappy. It’s not about any of that. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not about how challenged you are or aren’t. It’s about you. It’s about what you feel, not about that; it’s what you feel about you.

And the next revolution in your workplaces will be the awareness of individual, positive focus. I don’t think that they would necessarily use the same words I do—the individual spiritual awareness—but the positive focus, it’s not the environment; it’s you.

Now, I said that where this was moving was my talking about doing the work that makes you happy, because this is Labor Day, and the only labor you would celebrate would be that that you enjoy. Right?

And yet, my point tonight is, you enjoy what you’re doing in direct relationship to your enjoying yourself. You have an effect on the way that you feel about what you do and how you do it, and that effect that you have on it when it is guided by the spiritual power of an awakened and conscious spiritual awareness, in which the feelings are signposts, but not the journey, in which there is a recognition that “I am in charge of what I get out of this situation. I choose for this to be a situation of the highest expression of love I can give it.” That determines the happiness.

In the broadest picture, the only labor you have in this life is love. What can you do to make yourself more aware of your spiritual empowerment? What can you do to strengthen your spiritual self so that you can be more in charge of your own world, which absolutely has an effect on the world you are in? The hardest work you do in this world is the work you do on your own behalf. Don’t you just hate that part?

It really is the hardest stuff you do, because from childhood, most are taught in this culture that any focus on yourself is ego, wrong—that there is a great misunderstanding between what’s needed in order for you to function in this world and make changes of power and wholeness, and what’s expected.

A whole lot of people spend a large part of their life living for someone else, doing—fill in the blank—whatever it is that they’re doing, because it makes their parents happy, because it makes society happy, not because it makes you happy.

Back in the dark ages of 4:3:2, one of my first questions to individuals would be, “What is it that makes you happy? Think about that for a few moments. What makes you really happy?” And sitting across from somebody, more often than not, the answer I would get would be [looking very puzzled] “I’m thinking!” To which, of course, my reply would be, “How sad.” How sad. You don’t know what makes you happy, because you don’t do it. Because you don’t try to figure it out, you don’t seek it.

Now, in this enlightened age of 5:3:2 now, I say, “What is it that makes you happy?” And you say, “Living love!” And yet, my push is, “And what does that mean?” “Doing the best and the highest possible at any given moment! The best I can, where I am, with what I have.” “And how does that play?“ “Oh, well . . . “

You didn’t cover that. [Laughter.]

S: You don’t want to think—you don’t want to accept—that it’s the hardest thing there is to do, live love.

If you were starting a relationship, you were ready to open your heart and find somebody, or several bodies, to be able to give love to. You were thinking a friendship—a lover, doesn’t matter—but you’re thinking, I want to open the door to a relationship. What do you have to do for that to happen? You’ve done a very important thing by putting out there, I want a relationship. Now, what do you have to do?

Have one with yourself first.

S: Well, ultimately, absolutely. All of the things that come to your mind as, “Here are the things I want to do if I want a relationship” are the things you need to do for you. But I encourage you to put a small twist on it. Imagine, pretend, that the you you’re wanting a relationship with, that you, is your best and your highest. What do you need to do to have a relationship with that you?

What are the things you’d do for a relationship with new friends? Well, you’d talk to them. Send it an e-mail. You would get together with it. If you were following Phoenix’s firm rules of happiness in relationships, you would feed it, wouldn’t you? So much the case here, everything involves food, but there is a reason for that. You probably would laugh at its jokes. Only later would you say, “Don’t tell that joke again, please.” You probably would encourage it to talk to you, to express itself to you. You probably would just close your eyes to the things that are not quite lovable. Do that for you.

Maybe you would do sweet things for it. What are the things you do when you are allowing a relationship to blossom? Well, you wander around the grocery store, of course, and you see something you know they like, and you pick it up and you bring it to them.

Well, what do you think the grocery store is for the power of the spirit you are? Maybe it’s inspirational books. Maybe it’s not doing some things that are hard on that self. What in your life would you do better by letting go?

You probably in your life can look at the work involved in allowing the spirit you are to thrive. You probably can look at that as the most important job you will ever have in this whole life, because the whole purpose of this self, this physical-being self, is to allow that spirit you are to work, to function, to be, in this world. There can be no more important job than creating a good, healthy, whole home for that spirit.

The most important work you can do, probably bigger than living love the best you can where you are with what you have at the moment—of course, an easy aside is taking care of your physical self—is living love, the best you can where you are with what you have at the moment.

Take a look at your life, all the pieces of it.

And what I want to leave you with is a reminder that you have coming soon to a planet near you an outpouring of energy that is going to amplify whatever is going on with you. What that means is, if what is going on with you is you are unhappy, you’re going to be more unhappy. If what is going on with you is you are complaining and you are negative and you are miserable and you are frightened and you are complaining, and you are dreaming and not doing, and you are justifying, waiting, you are going to be unable to be blind to it. You’re going to see it clearly, because it’s going to be amplified so that you can’t miss it. Neither will anyone else. That’s a threat. Did you get it?

On the other hand, functioning at your most loving, choosing to do that which brings you laughter, love, makes you a more loving person. Doing those things that give you that inside joy, it would be nice to have that amplified, don’t you think? To have the love that you are and the power of the spirit you are amplified.

You need to bring balance into your life, and you know it. And you know the things that you need to do, the changes that would be helpful to make. You know what it is your life is missing.

Tomorrow is the day you celebrate the work you do. Why don’t you spend tomorrow allowing yourself to think about the work you need to do so that you can do the work you’re here to do.

Your world is changing. I cannot express to you how important it is for you to get in charge of you. Wake up! Wake up! All the way. This is not the dream. This is the work.

Glochanumora. Happy trails.