October 6, 2002

Samuel: Greetings, dears.

Greetings, Samuel.

S: Sometimes I think this body gets smaller instead of larger. I think it gets smaller over time.

All right. Good group. Nice energy. You’re already putting it out there, are you? Let’s say, perhaps, that the invisible ones are doing a good job tonight. How are you? [To someone in the audience] How are you?


S: Aye?

Yes. A little tired, but good.

S: Aye. Aye, well, that’s the wages of sin, right? That was a joke.

This is a very remarkable time, and tonight I am going to be maybe making you uncomfortable. I hope not. But I’m going to be making use not only of Joy’s most recent death, but also how that fits together with the energy that’s coming through right now, and with Samhain coming up.

So first, let’s begin backwards. Samhain. What’s that?

Heidi’s birthday.

S: Your birthday happens to be on Samhain, dear, so it is, indeed, a high holy day for Heidi. But what’s Samhain?

The Celtic New Year. It’s the time when the veils are the thinnest between the worlds.

S: So it is said. It’s the time in which the veil between the seen and the unseen is much thinner, between the worlds. The worlds of what? Dimensional reality? Perhaps. The physical, the spiritual. Sure, all of that works. Why? What’s so special about that time of year? Why would that have not made it into your Roman calendar? You’ve got New Year further down the year, right?


S: So what? Those poor old Celts just didn’t get it.

They aligned with the time of the earth and with the seasons.

S: Indeed. Indeed. Because, you see, in the Roman calendar—you don’t call it a Roman calendar, do you? What do you call it? You call it the calendar. Aye, as soon as I was putting it out there, I got it. No, it’s the calendar. All right—in that calendar, the end of your year is in the midst of a time of—well, for at least your end of the world—a time of winter, often harshness. It’s very cold. It’s very bleak, dark. Yes? And yet, at this ending of October—which is not actually what it was set up around, but insofar as the moons are concerned, the end of October works just fine—it’s a time in which things are winding down but not over yet. It’s a time in which, for some things, the perfect planting can be done. It’s a time in which, for some things, you’re planning ahead to the next rising.

It’s not a time of darkness and death; it’s a time of harvest, even still. It’s a much more realistic end for a year, a season, a life, because it’s not saying this is all there is, when it gets as bad as it can only then is it over—which is, unfortunately, an attitude that many of you have: When it’s really bad, it’s finally over; it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Instead, it’s a recognition that although everything does indeed eventually die, it’s all a part of a cycle, because that time of year, Samhain, is simply the end of one cycle as it moves to another. It’s simply the end of one cycle as it moves to another.

In a very large picture, Samhain is a time in which that which is seen and that which is unseen work together. The idea of the veil being thinner is what that comes from. The worlds work together, and that, I want you to keep that in mind with this Samhain, because I’m going now to move forward to the second thing I mentioned, which is the energy that’s coming through.

I have made reference—for how long now?—that in the middle of October there was going to be a very large change in your world, a change of energy in your world. That there would be an outpouring of energy into your world that you would not be able to miss. And, indeed, everything is still right on schedule.

Somebody would say, Samuel, exactly when is it that’s coming? Well, mid-October. Is that October fifteenth? No, it’s mid-October. If anything were accurate enough to be able to say, all right, it’s going to come about three thirty in the afternoon on the fifteenth of October, then it probably would mean that it was man-made, and that’s not what I’m making reference to here.

Doors have been opening. Your world has been changing. And the good news, of course, is that change is something you’re familiar with, isn’t it? You are used to change. If you were not regularly changing, then you would be what? Dead, sure, because change is a fact of life.

Your world has been changing in ways that are different, and I’m going to say, “from ever before.” But for the sake of those who don’t like such empirical statements, I’ll soften it a bit so that your head can accept it a bit more, and I’ll say, changing in ways that you have not seen in a really long time. In your dreams.

What sort of change am I talking about? First, what sort of changes have been going on in your world of late? Try not to get caught into the words of war that are going on right now. We’ll just go ahead and put that one out there now. Governments and political changes are rampant in your own country, needless to say in the world as a whole. We’ll put that one down there first. Absolutely, that’s there. Now, what’s going on in your world? Aye.

I seem to notice that people are more sensitive outwardly to other things that are going on. Things that should . . . like health issues and diet needs, and pain and suffering that we can do something about. They seem to be more noticing and doing something about it.

S: Perhaps we could label that as an awakening all over again to the importance of taking care of oneself. An awareness of how what food you eat affects you. An awareness of what you do to move and stretch, how that affects you. Of things that are going on with your choice, where you have control. It’s almost as if the world has awakened to what many of you have known for a very long time, but you’re seeing those changes, seeing people becoming more aware, seeing people be more responsible.

Now, of course, everything that you see shows up at extremes. Anytime something new is coming about, you’re going to see it in the extremes. It’s not yet balanced out. So with that extreme of seeing people more responsible, your perspective of it, for whatever reason, might be that other extreme, which would be what?



S: Greater neglect. Greater irresponsibility. Even amongst yourselves, even in your own life. If you were to stop for a moment and think about it, you could probably come up with, very quickly, an awareness, an activity, a responsibility for yourself that you are more aware of, and just as quickly something that you know you ought to be doing, but you’re not.

That awareness signifies part of the change that’s going on, and that change is not so much to do with an individual’s awareness of what they’re eating and taking care of themselves; it’s a responsibility awareness.

Part of the change that your world as a whole—and I am speaking here of every level of life force—is experiencing right now has to do with conscious acceptance, conscious effect, and here I’m going to use one of those awful words, self-responsibility. Responsibility, right there, and the power of that.

What are the other changes that you’re seeing going on?

I’ve seen a lot of accelerations these days.

S: Good.

And it’s like doors are opening in a lot of different places, but people are going through the doors, and then some doors are shutting and they’re finding other doors, and things are just really going and going and going.

S: An acceleration of very many things going on, such as time. Have you noticed that one? I put out not too long ago, just sort of as a side statement, by the way your days have changed and your hours have changed, and you don’t have twenty-four hours in a day right now, and eventually the world will catch up to realize that. But aside from the shocking statement itself, you are recognizing your time has accelerated. Does it seem to you that things are going by a lot faster now? Does that just have to do with how dreadfully old you are? Some of you are older than others, of course.

But there are other things that seem to be very accelerated right now as well. Think for a moment about issues that are going on in your life, things that keep you just one step away from being fully happy. You might can think of two or three things that get in your way that way. Let’s take, for example, just one of them. Communication. Communication and relationships. I’ve been talking quite a bit about that over the last, what, two or three million years?

Give or take six months.

S: Give or take six months. And, even of late, have talked about it yet again. Have you been seeing in your world a change in the communication, maybe you with others, maybe governments to governments, maybe—well, I think that you are doing a renewal of the sixties and seventies right now with communication on mass consciousness going to governmental bodies and so forth? Did I say that nicely? Did it just slide right by what I was saying, though? Well, we’ll just let it go anyway.

Communication has accelerated, and what you might be noticing at those extremes is the acceleration of your issues around any given topic. Wait, Samuel, are you saying that my stuff is accelerating? Yes. Yes. And it’s accelerating because your consciousness is accelerating. Your awareness of what you need and don’t need, what works for you and does not work, your empowerment. All of that is accelerating, and it’s accelerating in the world around you. You are not the only one being blessed with a keen awareness of what you need to be doing that you’re not. You’re not the only one being blessed with having all of your issues rise up and wave at you.

The difference, of course, is what you do with them. And, of course, that is always what separates the sheep from the goats, isn’t it, what you do with them.

So, absolutely, one of the changes that you’re seeing is an acceleration of all things, not only in the temporal, but also within. That which has to do with your spirit as well. And it’s not just you. It’s all around you, and you are aware of it by the response of others to what’s going on with them. They are aware of it by what’s your response to what’s going on with you. Is there a difference in the way you respond and the way others around you respond? There probably should be. There probably should be.

Change. Change is coming, greater change, because what you have been seeing over the last few years is change that has to do with—oh, say this nicely—the end of the patriarchy, the end of the world as you have known it. Doesn’t that sound dramatic? But this is the end of Sunday, as you have known it; it’s just simply a reflection of passage.

Over the last two-and-a-half thousand years, your world has been focused on a cycle of masculine energy. That masculine energy has shown itself up in every area of experience that life force uses. And I meant that just like that, that life force uses. It has shown up in the nature of your religions, it has shown up in the power structures of your world, it has shown up in the emotional expression acceptable to your people. That, however, is simply a part of a greater cycle, a greater process, because it is always a feminine that leads into a masculine that opens the door to a feminine that opens the door to a masculine.

However, now you are working with something different, because masculine and feminine energy is no longer able to function as distinct and separate activities. That energy is fused so that masculine and feminine are not working together, masculine and feminine are gone. It’s something new altogether, and that is what is coming into your world now.

What does that mean? What does it mean for you? How is it going to change things, if indeed there is anything that is going to be changed? Essentially what is going to be changed first will be the blinkers on your eyes. Every place in your life that you have an absolute that says, This is how this is going to work out.

And I’m going to use this only as an example; it’s not a prophecy, all right? You have the head of the Catholic Church—a very patriarchal organization, wouldn’t you say, that has been experiencing quite a bit of change over the last couple of hundred years, especially the last ten, five, two. The last few months. It’s very easy to have an expectation that says, Here is what the Church is going to say about this. Here is what the Pope is going to do. And you have always been able to do that, because in a function of masculine energy, there were only several options open and available.

Now you’re functioning differently. Don’t fall into the trap of seeking a purely masculine or a purely feminine function. Look for something new altogether. What? What are you looking for new? What does that mean, the fusion of masculine and feminine energy pouring forth into this world? Whatever could that be? One word: creativity. That encompasses creation and co-creation.

The energy that is coming through will amplify in you your creative energy. The creative function is not a feminine function. When you are creating you are taking the feminine foundation with the masculine activity. When you are creating, you are working in fusion. No matter what it is you are creating, whether it be art, drawings, sculptures, music, whether it be written communication from one to another, whether it be—and here is where you fill in the blank—your creative work is going to be amplified right now.

One of the things that that is going to do tremendously is increase the function of healing energy in your world. Why? Why?

Creation is an act of wholeness, and healing is wholeness.

S: Excellent. Perfect. Perfect.

Creation, as in co-creation, is a function of wholeness. Healing is a function of wholeness. Healing is about seeing more options. Guardianship energy, those who function in mastery at any level of life, at any particular direction of it, that mastery is touched when you see more than one option available. The more options you see, the more perspectives, facets, of yourself are functioning in wholeness. Do you see that? Do you understand why that is? Your ability to see outside of the box. Stuart, what is it you call your box?


S: To see outside of the caja. Now that’s not such a good word for me to say. That sounds like you say, God bless you! Outside of the caja! You think? Aye. Does. You’re welcome.

With the expanded awareness, your co-creative energy, your stimulation of your creative self, you are going to see more options. The more options that you see, the more wholeness you are experiencing. The more wholeness you are experiencing, the greater healing energy you are experiencing. Healing is a function of masculine and feminine fusion.

What in your life needs healing? One answer there would be your life. What in your life needs healing? What in your world needs healing? What in your world, meaning your own corner of it? What in your world meaning the greater view of it?

There are—ultimately, bottom line—two great responses to healing. It’s probably pretty obvious. What are they? One option is . . .

Accept it.

S: Accept it. The other option is . . .

Resist it.

S: Resist it. And in your own life, and in your world, you’re going to become very aware of the rituals of acceptance and rejection that you have, that your governments have.

One of the things that I have said that this energy is about is also acceleration. This energy will accelerate, amplify, whatever is going on with you. Now, that is a lovely thought. You are living love, you are going to become that much more aware of the love you live, of the love around you, of the love within you. As you are functioning happily, with joy, you are going to be finding an expansion of that around you. As you are functioning in fear, in chaos, in those areas of your life in which you are unhappy, unsure, that will also be amplified. And I toss that in, not as a threat—no, indeed, it’s too late for that right now—but as a reminder. Be ready. Do what you can now to relieve your life of those loose ends that still hold on to fear, of those parts of you that still get a kick out of the drama of pain, those issues where you get angry, self-absorbed. Let them go now. Release the pain. Don’t need it.

Take time now to whittle your life down to what your basics really are. What do you need to do to see you? What do you need to do to know what you really need? For some of you, you’ve done such a good job for so long of hiding, you might just hide. For some of you, it might take some pretty serious action.

Every day, taking on another aspect of yourself, fearlessly looking and saying, What do I really need here? What is it in my life I really need? As you cut through the illusion of “I must have this house and this job and this car and this money and this . . . ,” remembering that it’s not about giving it up, it’s about letting go of it, and there’s a very big difference there. The Universe does not say to you, You cannot have. It says, Don’t need. But as you come around looking at your life and recognizing that you don’t need, you are going to be finding that what is amplified in you is what you are really about.

And what you are really about leads me now to the first thing that I mentioned, and that’s Joy leaving you, joining me. Now, she’s not actually fully here yet? Does that surprise you?

She hasn’t signed the papers.

S: Well, I was going to say she was never really fully with you, and now she’s not really fully with me. But it leads me to want to take a bit of time to talk to you about death in this world now. Death in 5:3:2, if you will.

One of the things in your world that’s not likely to change for a while is that you and those you know who walk in this world as you do, you come through here by being born and, for the most part, you leave here by dying.

You’re not afraid of death, and I say that not to give you an affirmation. I say that not to tell you what to feel. I say it confidently, because you are not, you are not afraid of death. It is not a natural part of the human experience to fear death. Death isn’t what you fear. The way that you go, you might fear that. What happens after, you might fear that. Depending on what sort of philosophical food you ate as a child, you might fear what’s going to happen when you move on from here. But you don’t fear death.

Death is a part of a cycle, and whether you are sure of that cycle or not, death as an ending is not what you fear. For those who function in this world as a part of mass consciousness, as a part of those who maybe are not awakened to their spiritual selves, they are not fearing death. They are fearing, perhaps, what’s going on right after it. They are fearing, perhaps, the process that takes them there. You don’t want pain. You don’t want to suffer. You don’t want to waste away. Those fears that you have had in your life that have been unresolved are going to be attached to that idea of death.

Death, as I have told you before, is simply change, and the way that you think about death is how you think about change. The way that you react to change—change your shirt, change your perspective, change your view—the way that you respond to change is also the way you respond to death, because that’s all it is; it’s change.

But one step up the ladder from that to those who are awakened, and several steps up the ladder from that for those who are awakened and active Guardians in this world now, what you fear is not death. It’s that your life hasn’t made a difference, isn’t it?

I have cursed you with information more than once—you know, once you have it in your head, you’re responsible for it—and have talked to you on and off about your responsibility in life being one thing. What is that?

To live love.

S: To live love. That there’s only one thing that’ll actually make you happy. No matter what you do, no matter how good you are at it, it will be hollow, it won’t last. The only thing that actually makes you happy is what?

Living love.

S: Living love, giving love, service. And when it comes to the end of it all, the only thing that lasts are those experiences of love. The only thing that relieves is the conscious awareness of living love. Those times in which you look back and say, I chose love.

Several years ago, I gave a special talk about what happens in the death process and what you can do to help somebody you know in that process. I want to remind you you are right now in a death process. The moment you take your first breath, you’re on your way to your last one. And death is not what you’re afraid of, remember that.

Right now as this world is changing, and with the fusion of masculine and feminine energy and the creative principle coming so strong into your world, how does that change the death process do you think? And what can you do to make it easier, to make it better, for yourself or another? I’d like to take a few moments to talk about that.

The first thing that I want you to remember, whether you are sitting here for the five-hundredth meeting together or the first, or you happen to be watching the video and it’s two years down the road from this, it doesn’t matter, it still fits. You’re going to die. All right. There it is. I’ve said it. Now, you should do the same thing; you should tell yourself regularly, I’m going to die. First, so that you can get over that rude shock that it constantly seems to provide whenever somebody says, I’m going to die. Right.

I want to remind you that as somebody choosing to experience your death consciously, or to help somebody else do the same thing, you must first accept “I am going to die.” And attached to that needs to be the knowing that death is not the end. It is a part of a cycle, and at this Samhain there is no better time to make use of the creative energy flowing forth into this world to recognize, in as many ways as possible, all that lives dies, and it lives again. See the cycle. See the power of it. The water that begins here, does it end when it flows into the ocean? No, it keeps flowing. It just has a greatly different way of showing itself, expressing itself. The words that you just spoke, well, once you’ve finished saying them, is it over, are they gone forever? No. If nothing else, the vibration continues on. There is no ending here. Life force doesn’t stop.

Now, before I go too much further, I’ve got to go ahead and tell you what the curse is, though. The curse is that life force is contained in a form of one sort or another, and that form responds. It is capable of functioning based on the treatment it gets. Now, somebody put that much more plainly, all right.

Take care of yourself.

S: If you’ve not been, do it now. Start now. Stuart.

It’s also that the intent behind which you’re doing something . . .

S: Good.

. . . is contained within that form indefinitely as well.

S: Excellent. Yes. Yes. Good. Suzanne.

If you want to do great things, then treat your body really well so that you’ll be capable of doing them.

S: That’s right. The idea that aging is a constant and slow debilitating condition at which the final edge of it is your body is no longer able to contain you, and therefore it dies, is horrifying. And with the outflow of fused masculine and feminine creative energy, it’s not necessary. You have before you the capability of recreating. What are you going to do with it? Recreate yourself. You will be able to. Samuel, does that mean then that I will not longer have this . . . , and start naming things. There’s all kinds of interesting things that happen in your life. Thank you, karma. No, it does not eliminate karma.

All of the abuse that you have given that beautiful self all of these years is going to have its effect. Does that effect have to hit bottom? No. Is it possible that the effects can be the lightest possible? Yes. Is it possible that in that changed way of seeing and thinking and doing and recognizing a co-creatorship and the ability to recreate, that those karmic effects might actually seem like a reversal altogether? Sure, that’s very possible. Is it likely to be so for you? How resistant are you? How are you now with living as a miracle maker? How are you now with functioning at your highest and best possible frequency of energy? Don’t think that that’s going to change overnight, but that does not mean it can’t. That does not mean it can’t. Remember that.

You have access to what this world would call magic. You will see what are often called miracles happening, because you are focused in wholeness, consciously functioning in love, aware of more than you’ve ever been, working with others doing the same thing, creating astounding changes on every level of life. You will see that. And you will see it through the lens of a sick and debilitated body and mind if you don’t start doing something different. And you can. This is a beginning, not the end. It’s the beginning. Make use of it.

Now, there you are, living the most wonderful of lives, and all of sudden you are going from this side of the street to the other, and you get in the middle of the road and you look over, and you’re just about ready to kiss a bus. Just as you think you’re going to give it a lovely little kiss, it runs you over and the next thing you know, you’re looking at your body saying, “Oh goodness, it’s really not moving, is it?”

Many of you know that in the past I have taught that you want to have ingrained into you, ingrained into you so much that even at a time of extreme stress, a physical accident that totally confuses your version of how you should go from here, you’re still able to hold on to the awareness that there is one thing you must do. What is that? You’ve died. Your spirit’s looking at that body. What is the one thing you must do?

Go to the light.

S: Look for the light. Go to it. It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter—for those of you who are sitting too much in your head—if “go to the light” is simply a phrase that means, “go to God.” That’s all right. That works. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply a thought that there’s brain chemicals that are causing a hallucinatory experience to the dead self. Doesn’t matter. Go to the light.

What is that light? Let’s say it this way: It’s a release of energy. A release of energy. Now, what if you don’t have an all-of-a-sudden, quick, kiss-the-bus-you’re-dead, passage? What if it’s one such as Joyous had in which her body was very slowly breaking down, breaking down, breaking down, and in some ways, very, very quickly breaking down, breaking down, breaking down, and finally it stops working. And before it has totally stopped working, there is, perhaps, an awareness of coming death and the body no longer is aware of what’s going on around, and they’re not dead but they’re hardly there? What then? What if that’s the sort of end you have coming to you? What do you do? One thing. What is it?

Go to the light.

S: That’s right. Look for the light. Look for that light. All you have to do is look. As soon as you look, you’ll be drawn to it. That’s all it takes. Just look for the light. Look for the light.

Joyous was just as often out of that body as she was in it. And that is a very common process for most. Many of you know that when you go into a state of profound and deep rest in which you have very active dream states, you often find yourself out of your body. It’s the same thing. She’s in a state of profound release, a process of release in which that self is able to move out of the body. You think what? She’s in a coma, out of consciousness, sleeping, just not there? All of that works. She’s out, and every time she goes out, her body becomes less functional and more easily able to let go, which is necessary, because your body is a fighter. Your body has an instinctual imperative, and it is at all cost to stay alive, survive. At all costs, don’t give up.

The body fights, so what do you do if you don’t want that fight, if you want a more gentle passage? Well, there are actually things you can do. But it’s going to involve the help of those who are able to do things around you when you are not. Joyous could not anoint herself, could she? Well, she sure could have. She sure could have before it came to being unable to.

And I would like to recommend to you that, come this Samhain, you anoint yourself, that you allow yourself to let go. Of course, you will think it is a symbolic activity, a symbolic release of what you don’t need, a letting go of the physical experience opening the door to a greater spiritual one, because that’s what’s being offered to Joy when she was anointed, but that’s not what anointing is about. What anointing is really about is letting the physical body know that it’s all right, it can let go safely.

How do you do it? Well, how you did it in 4:3:2 involved having sandal[wood] or amber oil, mixing it in with a pure oil that would ensure that the oil itself, the pure [undiluted amber or sandalwood] oil, would not burn the body, because certainly it could. And touching specific parts of the body, hopefully every joint. And with that affirming that all is well, they can go, do not fear.

But what I would suggest to you that is different, and what I am saying is the anointing process in 5:3:2 yet involves oil, and it still involves sandal[wood] oil, because the energy count of sandal oil is very, very high and very good. Mix it with a very pure oil, again same process so that you don’t have the amber so strong that it can cause a burn. The first thing . . . Frank?

You said amber once and sandalwood once.

S: Sandal and amber just the same.

Either one.

S: Either one, yes. The first thing that you want to do before the oil, however, is to begin with water. Pure water, and you clean the hands, and you clean the feet, and you wet the top of the head and the heart. It doesn’t matter what order, because those are the only areas that are going to be touched. The water signifies the release of this birth. You’re born with water and blood. You don’t need to cut your wrists. You don’t need to poke your fingers and add to it. Only water, that’s all, that’s enough, and you’re signifying with that the release of that birth, remember that. You then take your mixture of oil and you’re anointing yourself, remember, but if you have somebody who is passing in your life, and many of you do, you can do this for them.

Cynthia, will you be my . . .

Dead body.

S: [Laughing] . . . my dead body. That wasn’t exactly where I was going. I was going to say, my visual aid here. Show the center of your palm. All right? Just show the center of your palm. The center of your palm is a chakra. Energy comes in and goes out right there, the center of your palm. So, onto both of the centers, each hand, you’re going to rub oil. For the feet . . . [putting up his foot] I think this one might be better for that, between the place where the toes meet the foot, right here, front and back. You’ve got very strong nerve reflexes in there. Very strong. Those of you who work with physical bodies, do the massage work and so forth, you know that you’ve got very many nerve endings that work right there, in that area of the foot. Again, you’re going to just rub the oil right there. If it’s somebody who doesn’t know what you’re doing, tell them it’s a good foot massage.

You then want to move to the top of the head. Reach up and feel the top of your head. And feel around the top until you find a very small indention. It’s not a big indention, it’s just a small one. Small indention, sort of good for putting a finger in. Do you feel it? All right. If you do not feel it, somebody who’s good at feeling it, help them, because it’s actually very easy to find. You’ve got lumpy heads. Don’t worry. You want to oil that spot. That is a spot when you were a baby it was very soft, it had not filled in yet. That’s where your head has become hard, filled in. You’re going to recognize that spot as the point of completion of the energy of your humanity. That which makes you human functions from there.

I’m not saying that that is what your humanity’s about. I’m not, but that is, as far as your physical essence is concerned, the ultimate filling-up, making-hard, allowing-you-to-live point.

Can you repeat that again? The center of the spot, or the spot that was the center or something. I didn’t get it.

The point of completion.

S:  Of your humanity. Don’t miss that, of the humanity. Oh, right.

And then, finally, the heart. Now, really go for the heart. Don’t fall into this polite [touches middle of chest], find the heart. Feel that heart. There should be two places that you can feel. One higher and one lower. This is going to look lovely on the video, don’t you think? And you want to find where you feel the upper and the lower beat, and you want to massage right between the two. Right between the two. You might enjoy it.

And symbolically speaking, that is the release of the spirit of that [which] runs your whole body. I have said to you repeatedly, love is all that you’re here about, to live that love, to live that love. And your heart is that symbolic reference of love. I use your heart as the reference to your spirit, because the energy, the seeded point that creates what becomes your heart, the energy that you recognize as soul, that part of spirit that is within the physical body, here, in this personality, is a function of that energy seed that becomes the physical heart. That’s why through time the heart and the spirit are put together. Love and the heart. Why not the liver? It’s just as good. You need it just as much. Why not the brain? You need it more. The heart, because it’s seeded with the function of spirit that becomes the heart, and that spirit, of course, is love.

Now what do you think and what do you do when you touch these places? You simply let go. And, as in every other area of your life in which what you’re needing to do is release, let go, the easiest way to do it is with expressions of gratitude. I thank these hands; I thank these feet; I thank this head; I thank this heart. Gratitude is a recognition of release. I thank. I am grateful for. Grateful for your life. Grateful for the extension of it. Grateful for what you have been, for whom you have touched, for what you are as you know it, for who you’ve been as the world has known you.

With every touch express gratitude with the knowing that it’s release. This is anointing in 5:3:2. What does it do? Just as in 4:3:2, anointing helps the body let go. It releases that imperative that says, No matter what, live.

Does that mean that if you anoint somebody they’re going to die? Register your oil and hands with the government? No, it does not. It does not mean that come Samhain, when you do for yourself a ritualized anointing, that you’ll never see the next day. Darn.

What it does mean is that those issues where you have let go will be gone. Those issues in which change was needed, change will be coming. It’s an act of re-creation; it is a part of the greater cycle. The anointing puts you consciously into that flow. It cannot hurt you; it can only help you. And if it helps for no other reason than this one, it’s a good one. It helps you let go. And I will tell you, beloved ones, the only way you can succeed and experience true life is when you have let go of death, when you have stopped fearing, when you have taken a conscious part in letting your spirit be free. Do it. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Tonight, I have spent all night talking about death in very different ways. As ancient cycles, as change, and as a process the physical body experiences. Death as you know it is a part of the change now. Death as it has been experienced is a very patriarchal thing. Think about it. With the fusion of masculine and feminine energy, death needs once again to be a community act, a conscious act. And it does not need to require that you leave your body to gain the benefit of it.

So, dearest ones, tonight I’ve talked about death. I will leave you only with this: Die, my darlings, and enjoy it. All right. No grape Kool-Aid, no Nike shoes. Just enjoy your death while you’re living so that your living won’t only be about your dying.

Change your world. It’s ready.

Glochanumora. Happy trails. Thank you. It was good. Happy trails.