In looking for things that would alleviate my depression, I have run across recommendations for using small amounts of psilocybin every few days, micro-dosing. I know that you don’t condone breaking the law, but could you just comment on the effectiveness of micro-dosing?

I don’t advocate people take drugs recreationally. Now, of course, many, many do. I’m not saying good or bad either way, but medicinal plants usually elevate the spirit as well because they help you—oddly enough—control the body, and Spirit is better able to take over. And I would say that it’s the higher spirit frequency that works so well with depression; it’s not the chemicals that psilocybin affects. It’s one of those plants that’s put into the world and has been used for thousands of years to help entrain a spiritual consciousness.

Now, recreationally, you’re not going in with the Intent, you’re not using it … but with Intent, I think it’s great. It usually helps people, and micro-dosing, which is doing a very little insofar as any kind of trip, helps regulate the human enough that their spiritual awareness is higher. Your ability to move out of depressed and anxious states is much easier. Your ability to let go, release issues and situations that you really cannot do anything about but you’re going to be upset about, melts away.

[This question is included for information only. Possession of psychedelic mushrooms is illegal in the United States and most other countries, and their use is not risk-free. Neither Samuel, Phoenix Institute nor EarthLight endorses the use of psilocybin or other illegal drugs. If you make the choice to use psilocybin or any other drug (legal or illegal), please do your research.]

In the last newsletter you spoke about a Guardian tree. In the last few years three large pine trees in my yard have died, and I have noticed the same pattern around Lexington. It now seems that the Guardian tree in the portal behind the Phoenix building is also ailing. Why is this happening? Is it climate-related or just another example of species leaving at this time?

I disagree that what they are seeing is a mass kind of thing, because most of the evergreens in the world, the Guardian trees, are actually doing quite well, no matter what your media want you to think. There is a very, very large forest in Russia that’s having some trouble, and that is unfortunate, but as a whole the forests are doing pretty well.

Remember that not all within a Guardian group are actually Guardians. So you might have some beautiful pine trees, but they may not be Guardian trees simply because on a very small piece of property—no matter how large your property is, in relationship to the world as a whole it is a small piece—there may not be trees that have Guardian energy.

As for the tree in back of the Phoenix building, I did not know it was ailing.

I think it’s a part of the natural growth, where evergreens tend to die at the bottom while the top grows vigorously.

And haven’t some of the homeless people been using that tree? Haven’t they for years been using it as their outdoor bathroom? I think that that would have an effect on any plant.

So suffice to say, while I disagree that the tree is ailing, I think that it would probably benefit from some deep feeding.

But generally speaking, I don’t see that Lexington’s trees are making a mass exit. Some trees are not going to live two hundred years; some are not going to live beyond twenty years. It doesn’t have to do with them being or not being Guardians; it has to do with the energy and nutrient balance of the tree itself.

Guardian flora and a lot of the fauna can shift their energy, so, like the giant [mycelium] fungus that covers a thousand acres underground, a tree can shift into another tree of the same kind. So I am not worried about this.

During the group trip to Machrie Moor, there was an open transportation portal down by the farmhouse. You said it should not be used until the Scotland StarGate was open. Now that it is open, I’d like to better understand that particular portal and its functionality. If I were to return there on my own, would I be able to safely make use of the portal to travel in both space and time?


Could I direct it to take me anywhere simply with Intent …


… or is it like a “metro stop,” limited to pre-set final destinations?

When I said that it could not open and be used until after the opening of the Scotland portal, I did not mean that it would suddenly open then and be able to be used. And at any rate, no one person could possibly use that portal.

Greed seems to be very prevalent in our world, contributing to the imbalance between the haves and have-nots. What is the underlying motivation with greed? Given that everything a Guardian does goes into the Grid, what should we be looking for in our personal lives to make sure we are not giving way to greed?

Well, remembering my basic teachings, what do you think the foundation of greed is?

[David] Fear.


[Paula] Loss.

Yes! That’s exactly what it is! It’s a fear of not having something you believe you need. I’m not sure that my numbers are going to be quite on spot here, but the second richest people in your world—Bill and Melinda Gates, whom you mentioned earlier—gave away what, thirty billion dollars?

Something huge like that.

Thirty billion dollars! And it did not affect their wealth. A big reason for that is because they gave away thirty billion dollars to make this world better.

The key to not having greed in your society is to break apart the hierarchical system so that you no longer have those who believe that they can never get out of poverty and hopelessness, because if you had times when you could not afford to eat, you would start keeping peanut butter jars under the bed.

Taking away need changes want. And greed is want, not need.

I really like the way the two of you bounced off of each other. That was so great!

You have discussed the evolution of spirit with us. Please describe the transition from serving others to serving the planet. What does that look like and how are the two differentiated?

Serving the planet doesn’t mean you become a climate activist, which is what a few people have thought I was saying. It means serving the soul Intent of the planet and all life force on it as a whole.

It is the difference between serving a kingdom—serving the plant kingdom, serving the animal kingdom, serving the humans, serving the oceans, serving …, and on and on—which is serving others: not looking out for oneself, but giving others the means to Ascend. It’s the difference between having a castle and being a king. What I mean by that is that, with the old system, an individual would have a castle and be responsible for the village that grew up around it, but the king is responsible for all of the castles and all of the people around them. And that’s serving the planet and all life force, as opposed to merely serving others.

Does that answer the question?

It’s a good analogy. I don’t know if it is what the questioner wanted.

Well, that’s the problem. When people send in questions, what they think they are asking and what the question is actually saying are sometimes not quite the same. What do you think was wanted in a response?

Maybe something a bit more specific. Some examples maybe? What would it look like if I wanted to serve the planet?

Well, you’re not going to find that answer. Even as a human Guardian, you’re not functioning as a world server. It doesn’t work that way.

From past experience I know that there’s a team of energy beings who function as a transition team ushering people into and out of this world at birth and death. Please describe this group of beings and their process—who they are, what they do, how long they stay, and anything else you want to mention.

That’s kind of a personality thing, not a Spirit thing. And the idea that there are beings that have that job—”I’m the ambassador to the newly dead”—it doesn’t quite work that way.

Remember that death is merely going through a tunnel of life. You’ve got this tunnel that takes you from Switzerland to Italy and you call it “life” when you’re in Switzerland. Then you go through the tunnel, and when you come out you’re in Italy. Well, it’s all life. You’re just driving, right? But the people in Switzerland know you’re not there anymore, and the people in Italy are happy to see you there now.

Death isn’t the end of life; it’s just a stop. You’re on the road and you have to pull over and go to the bathroom. You’ve just released a little. That’s all it is. But the personality has all of these attachments. Your mother is attached to you as a child, and there are your friends and your husband, and on and on and on. There’s so much here to hold you. So many memories. To your personality, this is all you know. This is it. And when you see that tunnel that you know is going to change everything, it starts a process of either acceptance or resistance. So it’s not unusual for the personality, when it realizes what’s going on, to put out so much energy that it attracts like energy that has already gone through that tunnel.

How that shows up in your life is: you’re sick; you’re getting ready to go; you start seeing your grandmother and your father and your friend that died when you were a child, because they are drawn to that wild energy change that you are putting out as you prepare to go. If they have a compact with you—and not all who greet you when you go have a compact with you—then they’re being drawn to help you through the transition. “You’re not Paula anymore. You’re not David now. They’re going to be fine. Let it go.”

A quick aside: if everybody who lost someone dear to them realized that they’re still alive and in an even more whole way, and chose not to see them in their personality role, grief would be shorter and easier, and the Spirit would be able to fully reintegrate that personality much faster.

I have read that you are greeted on the other side by beings, or energy, in the form of someone familiar to you.

I’m not sure I’d agree with that. You mean that I would take on the form of your grandmother to help you feel better?

Because I’d relate to you more readily.

Right. But that’s not necessarily how it is.

Wouldn’t people with strong religious backgrounds, for instance, see Jesus or a saint?

Well, they do.

So, they’re just attracting an energy, and their personality is translating it that way? Or do they actually see Jesus?

No. They create it to be that way.

Because the expectation is there.

Right. They intend to see Jesus or Buddha or Satan—well, I don’t think Buddha would agree with people seeing Buddha—and as a result, in that last mix of chemicals, there is what is more or less an explosion in your brain and you experience tremendous light. And while your life is filtering through, for want of a better word, those images important to you come up. You firmly believe, whether you were devout or not, that you are going to see this figure, so you pretty much will. But it’s not because the personality that was Jesus or the Christed One is choosing to come and greet you. It’s that you are translating the energy of wholeness as that.

I hope you see me and the Crystal Palace, but you won’t, really. It’s only when you’ve left the personality that you are going to see me.

The group trip in 2020 will be to Hawaii. What do you want the group to accomplish there?

Aye, well I’d like them to open a StarGate, a Fire Gate.

A Fire Gate has everything to do with the planet itself, and it will be the first StarGate that is not there because of its effect on people or to provide a passageway on and off the planet. This one is for the planetary spirit. It will affect the planet in a stronger and more specific way. And here is what I mean: The planet is, of course, always creating itself, adjusting. Up to this point, its response has been to let off pressure, but not to actually recreate. Now it’s time for the planet to recreate. That should open the door for new species. It should open the door for genetic change in multiple kingdoms. The planet has been staving off, rather than healing. This should open the door for healing, rather than simply keeping it going.

Additionally, I want those who live in the United States to be able to get to the southernmost point of the country—which is quite an important threshold—and be able to do some energy work there so that the Pacific and the states themselves—the governing body—can be affected by being in such a powerful directional threshold.

I also want the group to try to repeat what they did in Britain with that incredible StarGate work, because it has changed people who were there. Let’s see if that can happen again.

Besides, Hawaii is beautiful. And it’s warm.

There is a twin StarGate, and I would really have liked it if you could have gone to Indonesia, where the volcanoes are very, very active. But apparently it’s too hard to have a twenty-hour plane trip. What a bunch of wimps!