How is the evolution of the sun, in which Vesta-Helios is shifting away from being the Solar Lord, affecting our planet right now, and more specifically, how and to what extent is the Guardians’ process of Transfiguration affected by this solar evolution?

This question isn’t being asked right. I think what is meant is, “With the energy releases from Vesta-Helios bringing about energetic fluctuations to the planet which have had an effect on life force, how have those emanations affected the Transfiguration process?” I think that’s what is being asked there.

And the answer to that is, very little, because those emanations have been much more about the planet itself being changed, and life force as a whole changing. But the greatest effect on the Transfigurative process going on in Guardians isn’t from Vesta-Helios. It’s from beyond that.

In the last Atlanta Lifescapes, it was mentioned that, as we clear our pineal gland, the natural chemical DMT will become available within our physical bodies, balancing the hormones throughout our systems.

That’s not quite right. You already have DMT. You will have far more. And the DMT doesn’t balance the hormones. The pineal balances them through its connection to the pituitary.

Also, you mentioned several times throughout the summer Lifescapes series that we need to continue clearing our pineals because they can become “clouded” or “crystallized” again. What effects might we see when our hormones become balanced, and how might that affect anyone who is consistently clearing their pineal gland?

From the corrections I’ve made to the question, you can see it’s not easy to answer it as is asked. When your hormones are balanced because of the pineal-pituitary connection, then you are safe in your skin, so to speak; you are comfortable in your body; it’s functioning as it should be depending on your blueprint.

There are other factors that come into play: the quality of your hormones is due to many factors.


Yes, and organic health, and so forth. Clearing the pineal opens you to higher-frequency light. What I mean by that is this: Let’s pretend that a photon is a drop of water, all right? I can shift away half of it, and there’s still some left, right? That’s how your pineal absorbs light. When the pineal is occluded, there’s not much that can get through, but it does get a bit of that light through. When your pineal is clear, you get effectually a blast of light, and that continues until you are occluded enough again that you don’t respond to that anymore.

The problem is that your society is pretty much built around things that destroy the pineal function. Even the air you breathe has an effect on slowing down that function. You can be clear, but the process of slowly getting occluded again starts right away. That’s why the more you can do to stay away from the things that you know occlude it, the slower that destructive process will be and the longer the time before you have to be fully cleared again. That means a longer time during which you will be experiencing the fullness of the pineal gland—vivid, active dreaming; your spirit self clearly connected; a greater ability to move out of this dimensional reality, among other things, because you have a greater ability to move out of your mind.

Remember that LSD provides powerful experiences of the unseen becoming seen. It takes away your firm conviction that what you see is what there is, and as a result of that you see more. A clear pineal releases that kind of chemical—DMT—naturally that humans have turned to plants or chemicals for. You will be naturally high, hyper-aware, and your physical world limitations, while not fully gone, are understood in an extremely different way.

You’ve given several different ways of clearing the pineal. Is there one way that’s more effective than another, or does it depend on a range of different techniques? We want the quick fix.

Well, unfortunately most people are not capable of the quick fix. It’s like being able to go into a room and know it is smudged. Most people still need the water or the salt or the incense. There comes a point where you can claim it is cleared and it is.

Clearing the pineal isn’t that difficult. Keeping it clear is. You can clear it by sound. You can clear it with light. You can clear it by clearing the physical body of things that obstruct it. All of the above have a place. Is there any one method better than another? Yes. Reach that place where you can clear it by Intent. Of course, you’ll be Ascended by then.

Why have you stopped talking about Cygnus, and is there a relevance to Guardians’ current evolution that would bring you to talk about it again?

There’s not a lot to say except that this energy is still coming through. With everything that’s been going on, people have tended to have other things to focus on, but ask me a few good questions about that energy and maybe more will come out than “It’s still coming!”

At the Retreat, you talked about torsion waves (two waves coming together and creating a third, completely new thing). This being a process of creation, how do torsion waves relate to the rituals we do with you?

You tell me. I’ll give you a hint: the highest frequency of the human self combined with spirit functioning with the same intent coming together …

. . . for creative purposes with an intent.

Right. The highest frequency combined with all of those callings come together, and that creates the torsion. The coming together establishes a point of power. And that place of power is where the work happens.

You talked about how this year it would become more obvious that all of us on the planet need to take better care of the planet—its environmental aspects, the animals, and so on. To what extent do you see this kind of awareness opening up in humanity in general? How are we helping and how can we help in a more effective way?

I think one very obvious thing is that you’ve got more scientists coming out saying, “You know, we kind of thought there wasn’t climate change, but we cannot say that any more. There really is change going on, and darn, it really does appear to be related to carbon emissions.” (Yes, it is true that every age has had a version of carbon emissions, be it the death of the dinosaurs, or volcanic or whatever.) I think the fact that your earth is in such upheaval that even the naysayers are having to say, “Well, there is something going on, isn’t there?” says an awful lot.

You have had so many earth changes that you are becoming numb to them. It’s not huge news now that a mud slide just killed three thousand people or that an earthquake in an area that is on a fault but never had an earthquake just had a 6.6. You’re getting used to it. The frequency of the planet is in greater flux than it ever has been.

Because of the energy coming from the sun or because of the motion within the earth?

All of the above. The planet is a living being and it changes, but now that humanity has built structures all over a constantly changing landscape, it creates destruction that seems to be having a greater effect than it had before. On the other hand, there are more—fill in the blank here—earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, more snow, more rain, more desertification. Everything is enhanced and everything is accelerating.

So how can we help more effectively?

Well, I don’t know why more people aren’t doing gold cord work with the planet itself. You know how effective it is, so why not? Additionally, when you are really grounded and you’re walking on the planet, you’re giving it energy instead of taking energy from it.

Planting and caring for those plants helps the atmosphere; it also helps the ground. I don’t know that there’s anything new I could say about things you can do, because you know things you can do. Stop doing things that hurt it and do more of the things that help it.

If one is regularly practicing the DNA exercises, when can one move to more complex manifestations than pennies and paperclips?

When you are consistent with pennies and paperclips, you are ready to move to the next step.