During a recent Q&A, you spoke about wheat no longer being the staff of life, and you said that Guardians would be first to notice a new sensitivity to it. How has the plant kingdom changed since 5:3:2?

Right, but wheat no longer being the staff of life isn’t due to a change in the plant kingdom; it’s because of a human change and a Guardianship response to a very high frequency shift that the kingdoms as a whole have made. Guardians, because they function at that higher frequency—ideally, hopefully, at least some of the time, maybe [smiling]—have a physical system that is changing. And so something that affected you ten years ago in a certain way all of a sudden affects you differently. It affects you differently because—in the case of wheat, for instance—the plant kingdom’s shift has been noticed due to your higher frequency. Noticing a change that subtle requires a sensitivity that is not found in mass consciousness. You have a sensitivity to high-frequency energy because you are working regularly in it, and with every change in any of the kingdoms, your high frequency will respond to it.

Wheat, which has been the staff of life for humanity for so long, is no longer so, because humanity is—thank all the gods—changing, but the change is not as noticeable to mass consciousness because their frequency is not nearly as high as yours. Most people would never notice. Guardians notice. No, that’s not true; Guardians who function at a very high frequency notice. Whether or not they choose to act on it—well, that’s free will for you. How many things in your life do you know are not good for you, but you’re willing to pay the price of the temporary discomfort?

You have said for many years that living love is a key function of a Guardian’s life. Recently, you have been discussing sacrifice as it expresses through the Avataric function line. Is living a life of love synonymous with living a life of sacrifice? As a part of the Avataric function line, are Guardians hard-wired to recognize and make sacrifices in their lives? How do we overcome our resistance to making sacrifices as an expression of love?

Here is the thing: When you are functioning in love, there are no sacrifices; there are conscious decisions. And what I’m saying there is not that somebody else wouldn’t look at your life and say, “Oh, what a lot of sacrifices you have been making. Look at all you have missed because you have sacrificed those things.” Even a Guardian can look at their wants, dreams and hopes and say, “I am sacrificing my status in this world in order to live in near-poverty, but I am fulfilling my Guardianship.” Even a Guardian can say that at times.

Being on an Avataric function line does mean your life will be one of constant sacrifice, but the sacrifice referred to is the movement into form for a greater purpose. I “sacrifice” when you separate (from me) for that purpose. I, as the greater whole, have lost, so to speak, a part of myself, because you’re a part of me. You know that. It’s what this bond is all about. It’s why, no matter how mad at me you get, you know our work together is not over. So, do I consider that a sacrifice, even though I have, as you might see it, cut off my arm and let it go its own way? No, it’s not a sacrifice, because it becomes a part of a greater whole. If I were human, I would say I have faith or I trust that this sacrifice is going to make things better, even if I cannot see how. And the faith and trust is the acceptance of separation. When you are looking at sacrifice from a higher level, you see how it weaves together and you recognize, “This was not a sacrifice. There was purpose for it.” It’s when you’re in the middle of it and feel the pain and have the unfulfilled wishes, and don’t see how it’s all fitting in, that you would say sacrifice is a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a powerful thing because it is a function of the highest levels of Will.

So, no, you’re not hard-wired to make sacrifice; you are the sacrifice. If anything, you’re hard-wired not to notice, because that makes it easier to function. You know, I often tell you, as Guardians, that you have no free will, because the choice is, do you want your arm broken or do you want this good thing to happen to you? Of course you don’t want your arm broken. Of course you want this good thing to come to you. That’s sacrifice. You sacrifice your free will, but only because you are coming from a place in which you know, or will come to know, that there’s no choice here. You can do nothing but function as the loving, powerful being that you are if you want any happiness at all in your life.

I have heard you talk about Ascension following the completion of Sacred Status. I have also heard you refer to Absorption. How are the two things related, how are they different, and how do they relate to the completion of Sacred Status and a Guardian’s journey here?

Ascension is usually used in the context of the completion of Sacred Status, and Absorption is usually used as the completion of Ascension. But in the microcosm there are small versions in your life of the completion of a thing and the moving on to another. For instance, Awakening and Activation. Spiritual Awakening could be called Ascension, and the Activation could be called Absorption, but on a much smaller level. But you’ll hear me switch meanings because I’m referring to a smaller version of it. The big picture? Just as Sacred Status is a process, so is Absorption. Sacred Status is Ascension. Ascension leads to Absorption. Absorption, ultimate process, is the release of form as a whole.

In the Summer 2008 issue of Phoenix Rising and again in the Yucatán, you referred to the activation of the Yucatán Dragon force as a “leap.” Now that it’s happened and our frequency has taken that leap, do you see this group any closer to being able to do Dragon activations without actually traveling to the seeded areas? What would need to happen in order for us to do that?

What was the leap? Was it moving from surface water to below-ground water, which is quite a different form of water? You’ve been having small amounts of trouble activating the frequencies required for working with surface water, which has absorbed all sorts of surface energy, and should make it, in a sense, a little easier to work with. But underground water is a whole different level of energy work. So you’re having challenges doing the surface ones and all of a sudden I say, “Let’s see if you can do even more by doing this.” Having accomplished it at all is a huge leap. I asked it of you because I could see that leap as a possibility—because of what? What was going on that made me say, “You could do this.”

You were seeing more people able to channel Shining energy.

Yes! You opened a Dragon force work with Shining force in Germany. Well, if you could do that, maybe you could do this. But it wasn’t easy, and there were points that I had to pick it up and put it together, because you were not able to do it by yourselves, even bringing in Shining force.

So, no, I do not see that you’re going to be able to do the work without being there, because at this point you’re not really doing it when you are there.

Please talk about global climate change, the causes and the urgency of the moment for change in human activity?

There are two levels of climate change. One of them is that the planet’s natural cycle has been pushed in such a way that it has been changed unnaturally. To say that in a different way, humankind’s disregard of their effects in the world has, across the board, created changes, because you have overpopulated your planet. For example, you move into an area that is the habitat of a particular form of algae, but it never did harm because its location was remote. Then, two years down the road, that algae is no longer in a remote area and now is affecting the fishermen and the food supply in a negative manner.

The other level is humanity is on the edge of destroying this world, but it’s not because of pollution in the air, it’s not because of a hole in the ozone—that is repairable. The greatest climate change problems are the result of too many people in too small of a place, who are not creating balance in the midst of their overpopulation. That’s the short answer, but I can give a longer answer to that question in the next issue, if you wish.