What effect did the working here in Lexington have on the Rhineland dragon and the work done in Germany?

Realize that the working in Lexington was an experiment so any effect was going to be an out-and-out miracle. What the group did here did not fully awaken the dragon. Did that bother me? Not at all. What I would say is that the Lexington work made the dragon groggy. It poked the dragon enough to get some changes going. It’s like some of you when you first wake up and you have not had your shot of caffeine, you are sort of unfocused. Do I see that result as a problem? Not at all. Do I see that working as a failure of any kind? Not at all. Do I see it as a great, remarkable miracle that should be repeated over and over—no. I have the information that I needed. I see it as a vital part of a greater whole, which is what I was looking for.

During the Rhineland dragon working in Lexington we were asked to keep our personal dragons strictly out of the second part of the working (the part which had to do with filling the Rhineland dragon with the awareness of its purpose). Why was it necessary for our personal dragons not to be present?

Because when your personal dragon is present, you’re not doing what I need you to do. I needed you anchored outside of form to do the work that you were doing. Your personal dragon is a function—a life vest maybe—for the form. I didn’t want the form involved. There was no place for your personal dragon.

Does that mean that personal dragons were not present? No, not at all, but that’s why, in every working, the more people that are involved the better. While you are busily looking at this big pink-gold thing sort of running around—and not doing the working because of it—somebody else is filling in for you at that time. And when that person is distracted by the baby crying and having to leave the circle, well, somebody’s filling in for the one that had to leave.

Please discuss the significance of the group’s calling Created Life Force during the second part of the Lexington Rhineland dragon working.

Sometimes I have you merge with the spirit of a work, or I’ll have you merge with the “purpose” of a working. I’m having you merge with the idea, rather than the lower-frequency manifestation of it. Created Life Force is effectively a statement of Ellic force in the world; it’s the “group soul” of creation. It’s like calling me, but as a function line rather than an Intent.

Isn’t Intent one of the labels we’ve given the function line in this work?

No, function lines work through Intent, Thought, Word and Deed. Intent, when bringing something to Deed, is the amorphous dream. The Deed is the specific manifestation of it. Created Life Force is the Deed of Ellic function. The idea of “humanity,” the idea that eventually led to humans, is the Intent of All That Is. All That Is is the Intent of Source. Actual humans are the Deed of all of that.

One of the reasons I’m being very nebulous here is that, frankly, I don’t see that answering that is really going to help anybody function better here. Another reason is that it’s truly not something that can be answered easily while trying to honor the spirit of what’s being asked; it involves a way of looking at Source that I have not put words to.

If I heard you right, we’re in Sacred Status right now, but the process is not completed. How many more earth years are you speaking about? Five, ten, fifteen? It’s now almost 2008, so are we close to completion?

Gosh, I wish I could say, but I cannot. What did you do yesterday? Did any part of what you did yesterday differ from what you had thought you were going to do? Of course it did. It happens all of the time. Did things happen in a sort of serendipitous way, so you could make a leap that you were not expecting, or did something happen because you were in the front of a road block and you ended up not being able to do as much as you expected? There’s way too much attached to free will to be able to answer that question.

There are many prophecies that I have referred to—for instance the Mayan Calendar and its recognition of a new beginning around 2012-ish—probably from 2010-ish and 2011-ish, to 2013-ish and 2014-ish—all along there. But it’s like a row of dominoes: knock this one over and this path will be taken, knock that one over and that path will be taken. Ultimately they all come back together so that the outcome is the same, but which path is taken all depends upon which domino is knocked over first.

As we move closer to 2008, I’m struck by how close 2012 is, and I am reminded of the Mayan Calendar noting 2012 as the time of an ending. Would you share with us what, if anything, you see as potentially happening around that date, as well as what we can do (in addition to toning, living impeccably as possible, and eating all our vegetables) to help maximize that potential?

What more is there than toning and eating your vegetables? I like that.

Look at yourself and your experiences in the world, your power or lack of it. Look at your beliefs, your fears, your judgments. Look at yourself and remember that’s the direction the world is going to go. Is that good news or bad? What you are going to see in the world is a greater version of what you are seeing in you. Change what you are seeing if what you are seeing is painful. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to realize that what you do is what the world is going to be able to do. So much of what you see in the world now is exactly where you were three to five years ago. What you are now is very much what you’re going to see in the next three to five years. What does that mean?

If we want a balanced world we need to create balance in our own lives and in ourselves.

That’s right.

Your emphasis on forgiveness affected the group on the Rhineland trip and here also, so if the majority of Guardians are able to master that process, that domino falls. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. However, it also depends upon which domino you’re looking at, because as you’re looking at all of the dominoes you do not necessarily have the ability to say this one is going to be a better path than that one. You have no future. You have no past. You have the power of this moment. What are you doing with it?