I am very homesick for the other side. How do we cope with these feelings while we are here in these vessels?

I want you to take this with love, and to know that it’s coming gently. If you are homesick for the other side, it means you’re not doing what you need to be doing here. Yes, it’s true, things are a lot easier, in some ways, without form, but it’s forgetting that form is a privilege, a great gift, and a powerfully needed and important work, which cannot be done on the other side.

Bring greater spiritual balance into your life. Become clearer in your relationship—your partnership—with Source. Develop trust in Source, in yourself, with others so that you are functioning more easily here and, because of that, not feeling that what isn’t here is better.

The waters off the west coast of the United States are running five to seven degrees warmer than normal. There are more reports of dead birds, less fish and hardly any plankton in the warmer waters. Are these effects part of the changes resulting from the work we Guardians are doing?

This will be one of those fun answers: Yes. And no. Let me explain why. Everything that the Guardians are doing toward the completion of the Plan for this planet affects everything going on on this planet, of course, but that’s such a broad picture. Something that is being forgotten there—and this is where the “no” answer comes in—is that this world is so much bigger than you. It has its cycles; it has its functions; it is a living being. Think of the warmer waters as a current hormonal cycle, and that in another twenty-eight thousand years it will come up again. That’s how it works. I’ve said that before, and I’ll keep saying it.

Don’t require a Chicken-Little mentality to motivate you. You’ll do a lot better when you recognize that everything is a part of the cycle, and that you don’t have to scatter your energy worrying about all of the other pieces of the puzzle if you focus on perfecting your own piece.

You have mentioned the climate changes happening over Europe with the awakening of Dragon force energy, saying that the climate will become cooler there. What kind of climate changes will occur with our work in China, and will it affect us here in the United States?

Well, that actually fits pretty nicely with the previous question. I said that in Britain, and again in China. Why do you think I say that? It’s because right now your earth is in a cycle in which you have a certain amount of warming going on. That warming has a very big effect on the global climate. That means that there are going to be some areas of the world, some countries, that are going to be experiencing more drought, and some that are going to be experiencing more floods. And there are some that are going to be experiencing more hurricanes—hello—and on and on and on it goes. It’s a cycle.

It has nothing to do with the activation of Dragon force. It has everything to do with the cyclical nature of this planet and with the constantly evolving creation process within the planet itself.

Are you referring to things like plate tectonics?


But your answer avoids attributing any responsibility to human causes—greenhouse gases, and global warming—and leaves open the question of personal responsibility.

I don’t want you to stop being environmentally conscious. I don’t want you to stop writing to your senator and saying, “Bring about changes that deal with oil consumption,” and things like that, but as I have said before, greenhouse gases and human-created problems are so minuscule compared to the problems that nature can create. In thirty-five seconds, nature can do what it takes humans hundreds of years to accomplish. Nature always wins.

Again, don’t say “Oh well, there’s nothing we can do,” because there are a lot of actions you can take that have to do with good, conscious awarized choices about the resources that you’re using. Be an example of good planetary awareness, but don’t start looking for a way to either justify or blame massive global cycles on tiny little human stuff. It sort of goes back to that “stop whining.”

I guess a major volcanic eruption could throw up a cloud of dust that could change things dramatically, far beyond what our cars are doing.

Absolutely. Nonetheless, be vigilant. Don’t waste, but don’t tie yourself down to “Oh no, the sky is falling!

Please discuss how we can access (and indicate if it is the physical self or the greater Self) the “now-available” Dragon energy, and what types of things can we expect to manifest using it.

You’re not connecting in to Dragon energy, you’re connecting in to the seeded factor of it. What I mean is that you’re connecting into what did the seeding, not what the seeding was done for. So you’re not connecting in to Dragon force, you’re connecting in to Shining force or Ellic energy. The only way that you can do that, as I mentioned in the interview, is through your entity’s entity, which leads you to that highest connection. And the only way that you’re going to be able to work with your entity’s entity is by mastering the issues in your life today so that you are completing what this self needs, because that mastery moves you into your Higher Self, and that gives you access to what’s going on in your entity. By working within your entity you begin functioning at a level that allows you to connect in to that larger force that you are.

Don’t judge spiritual function by physical function. It’s dangerous. And it’s dangerous because it is a detour. The best way to get yourself capable of handling Shining energy is . . . What do you think I’m about to say?

Toning, toning, toning.

Toning. If you cannot tone with a group, get on the Web site and tone with the Web site. It’s not going to have the same effect, but it is going to allow you to have enough mental change—not necessarily spiritual change—that it might motivate you to get a few people toning with you so that you can do an actual toning. Toning keeps you balanced and puts you outside of “Here is what I feel when I’m doing this work. Here is what it does to me.” It moves you out of the physical, because the physical stops becoming the means by which you digest all of this.