Is there ever an appropriate use of mobilizing anger? I know you’ve said that anger is never helpful, but can’t it be used for internal mobilization, even without expressing it? And can’t the expressing of it even be helpful sometimes in moving a person who is paralyzed because they’re stuck?

Anger is understandable, but it’s understandable in children who have no control and have no power. It is a reaction, and its outward usage is absolutely not necessary. With your form, anger happens. It is a reaction based on fear. Any anger that you have in your life, any angry outburst, any angry drama, any anger you feel, is a human response to a security issue. As cloaked in humanity as you are, anger is something that you are going to feel; but as a Guardian, it is so far beneath you to express it that you should just dig a hole and hide in it for a while rather than do that. It closes your heart down and separates you from others. Anger damages you. It does not damage the person you’re angry with, which is what makes it so awful—not that they’re not damaged, but what it does to you.

Can you use anger? Yes, you can use it. There are those rare situations in which the only way you can get the point across is for your anger to be noticed. But that is a controlled and conscious drama; it is not a reaction. And until you are at that place, as Jesus in the Temple was, where you have mastered yourself so much that you are able to consciously use anger for a particular purpose, then you have no business using it.

You cannot say you are dead to your ego when you are angry. You cannot say that you are functioning at the height of your energy, at the frequency that best describes the Entity that you are, when you have anger in your life and in your heart. Anger hurts you.

From your viewpoint, what were the most important results of our recent presidential election? What needs to be done to unify our nation and make it a respected leader in the world community?

One of the most important things that came out of the election is what happened before the election. As absolutely divisive as it was—and it was—individuals mobilized in greater numbers than they have in years and years. Now, I am not saying greater numbers voted, because that did not happen. I am saying greater numbers mobilized to empower people to make choices. That sounds like Guardian’s work, doesn’t it? I’m not saying it is. I am saying, though, that in a microcosmic sort of way, you are seeing what you have been doing.

The unfortunate part of that mobilization is that, once made aware of a choice, many individuals chose not to do anything with that power. And that, much more than who won or lost the elections, is what I see as a very significant point about this election process. It is rarely about the destination, the end of the journey; it’s about the journey itself, and that’s very true with this subject as well.

The results of the elections are going to create opportunities for choices again, another level of opportunity to mobilize people into a place of awareness that they have choices. They can be empowered and active, or they can choose not to be empowered.

Usually what they do is just sit back and gripe, because energy has to be used in one way or the other; so use it for positive action or don’t use it—don’t make the choices that are in front of you and end up falling into a more and more negative spiral.

Do you see how that happens? You get really charged up about something—maybe it’s the tragedies of tribal warfare in Africa—and you have a choice. The choices are to get in touch with your elected leaders, send money to refugee organizations— take action of one sort or another—or don’t take action. And when that initial impulse of the heart gets pushed aside, you start falling into a spiral that comes out of the guilt you feel because you’ve not done something positive when you knew there was something to do. That guilt creates separation, that separation creates justification, and that justification gets the spiral moving out of control, down, down, down.

So maybe the action you take isn’t as intense as mobilizing your neighborhood into awareness, or it’s not as time-consuming or persuasive as writing to your elected officials. Maybe it’s not about sending money. Maybe your action is to specifically and purposefully send energy for the highest good of all for healing and wholeness across the earth. And that’s positive action, and that keeps that downward spiral from getting too much momentum and taking you down with it.

So, one of the things that has happened with this election is that a lot of awareness has come up. No matter what your political leanings are, you have a lot more outlets for action than you knew you did four years ago. It’s about what you’re doing with it. What are you doing with the knowledge you have? How are you making use of the power you have? If all you’re doing is complaining about how disempowered you are, then you get to be disempowered, but if you recognize that there are things for you to do, do them. Because of the nature of a Guardian doing those things, you’re going to have the world taking that action as well and doing more.

It’s really important right now for Guardians to hold the vision, to not be discouraged and talking negatively, to not be neglectful of all of the things that will add to that positive energy flow, because your country is able to function negatively on its own. It doesn’t need a Guardian’s help, especially when that Guardian needs to be remembering that what you think and what you say and what you do establishes a pattern that the world is going to follow. So if you’re thinking “What a loss we’ve had. This is terrible. We’ve been cheated. We’re going to be suffering for four more years. The environment is going to be raped, and the people are going to be set back,” well, I’d just really rather you’d not put that out there. There is enough of that out there already without the additional manifestation impact that a Guardian’s energy can have.

You were saying that so many people got empowered to do something, but after the election I personally felt depressed and wondered if I, as a Guardian, could have done more to bring about change. Am I making a wrong assumption about the role of a Guardian in this process?

It’s a very important first step, to get a grip and say, “just a moment, it’s my ego that is saying, ‘I should have done more. I had a part in the failures of this election.” And it’s important to remember that when you think that you are the sole cause for something like that happening, that’s definitely an insult to Source. However, Source gets used to it.

You are dealing with a weave, a tapestry, and the side of it you see does not give you a full enough picture of it to determine that this was not the right color to use or a different stitch was needed, or even that one stitch was missed so something’s wrong. No, those are determined by the weaver, and it’s all a part of the flow at the moment. Your world is not a static experience. It is constantly changing, and what that means is that you are constantly being given opportunities. If a stitch was missed, well, that’s going to be woven into the pattern so that perhaps that stitch is dropped all along the way.

It’s really rude to assume that you are creating someone else’s reality. You are responsible for your own reality, and by doing your best and functioning with it, being flexible, being adaptable, realizing that there is more beyond the tornado that you are in the middle of, you are going to be much more useful, much more effective, and much less likely to get in the way and cause trouble in the tapestry.

It’s good though—having said all of that—that many of you feel a little responsible, that you feel a little sad about your election process. It’s understandable. You’ve worked hard. You’ve focused a lot on bringing about change, and that change did not come about. But if you let that sorrow turn into anger or, worse, keep you from wanting to ever try again, then that’s when true failure, true separation, will come about, because that will be when you and your spirit-self stop connecting, stop communicating.

You said prior to the election that it didn’t matter who won the election because they were the same candidates. But in looking at what they stood for, they couldn’t seem farther apart. On what level, in what perspective are they the same?

What I was referring to was your electoral system, your system of selecting leaders for office.

You mean the way that they rise to the top? The way they’re groomed and the party system? The corporate contributions made to both parties?

All of that, including the actual vote that a citizen makes for or against such a one. What these systems create is a pretty bland, somewhat disempowered individual. At the very least you have people who are able to stand intense media scrutiny so that any little act of individualization in their life gets blown up and into the news of the moment. So there is the tendency to elect people who do not have any character. They don’t have new ideas that have not already been pretty much squashed. That alone is why there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two.

But more than that, your president might lead, but does not in any way rule. Your system is set up to have checks and balances, but what that really means is that anything that gets done has to go through a process of committees and voting that makes Phoenix leadership look efficient!

If the activity levels of interested citizens stays up, the time may come that history looks back on these administrations and says, “That was a pivotal time in this nation’s history because the system was changed for the better after that.”

And was it the circumstances that pushed the people to need to have more power since they realized they had to have the power to change it?


So are you saying that in that sense, the present government may be just what we need?

You buy a pair of shoes and they hurt your feet terribly, so what do you do?

You never buy those shoes again.

All right, you never buy those shoes again, and that’s an answer. But there are other answers. You can take them to a cobbler and have them stretched, maybe. Or you can put a bandage on your own foot where it hurts. There are always choices. If you say, “This is a bad pair of shoes. I’m never buying them again,” and you stick them in the back of your closet, and every time you see them you think of what a waste it was, then you’re just adding to the problem.

This is a time for Americans to have a good look at what they stand for and to decide if they’re going to be run by squeaky wheels or not. Do you want to be heard, or are you happy for somebody else to do the work for you? If you are willing to do that, I can guarantee you that the squeaky wheels will continue, because they will have found that being squeaky works. And what is the squeaky wheel in your country right now? Well it’s a very conservative, religious-leaning minority.