At several workshops last year you spoke of creating groups to anchor the energy. And earlier this year, you set up the process for the Groups of Twelve to form. Am I correct in thinking that the Groups of Twelve were the groups you were speaking of that would do that anchoring work? And if so, how have they been doing? If not, when will you be setting up those groups?

The answer is yes, the Groups of Twelve are those anchoring groups. As to how they have been doing, the beginning of a thing is never a good way to judge how something is going, because the beginning is very often infused with the passion of something new, the enjoyment of what it brings about in one’s life. I more or less don’t judge the beginning of a thing. The point I look at more often is after it has started and been going on for a while.

I’ll use the toning as an example. At the beginning toning was very exciting, and there was a lot of participation. Now, several years down the road, Lexington is really the most consistent and the most well attended of any of the places where toning is available. Of course, Lexington has the advantage of my energy being very strong here, but in the other cities toning is, for the most part, not particularly well-attended. In one of the cities, which shall remain nameless, there is even a resistance, and all sorts of justifications for that resistance. “Oh, it’s too far to drive,” and “We’re too tired,” and “There’s too much else going on,” so that toning does not have a place. Instead, it’s tagged on to something else. Yet this is the thing that I have said is the most important thing that you can be doing between now and Absorption. My point is, looking at how it is working out beyond the initial time says a lot to me.

The Group of Twelve work is really wonderful work. The Group of Twelve work is designed to have an effect on the area where the group is located, to open doorways to allow the energy around that area to become more stable, to better be able to match higher and higher frequencies, much like a Heart Portal and the area around that Heart Portal. When it’s open, the energy is affected all around it.

And yet, out of maybe ten Groups of Twelve at the beginning, except for Lexington, there might be one or two other groups now. Unfortunately, the form overwhelms the spirit. And, of course, that’s a choice.

Is the fusion of masculine and feminine energy something we, as Guardians, have called in to heal ourselves and the planet from the things that were done in Atlantis? If so, please explain further.


Has the fusion of masculine and feminine energy resulted in a fusion of the Angels that Do with the Angels that Be, as well?


Is it possible that the Ellic energy working in form could be a composite of energy resulting from the triunity of Samuel, Source and Guardianship?

Yes. Think about what’s being said there. There’s no way to explain that more. The question gives all of the elements you need to understand it.

What purpose does illness serve? And if it does have a purpose, then why does everyone get so distressed when they get sick?

Everything in your life is put into the weave. You are either the strand being woven or you are the weaver, the designer, of the project itself. And you want to remember that everything in your life has a purpose. Illness has a purpose either because when your personal blueprint was set up, it was put into that blueprint as a means of being able to best fulfill your function in this world. Or, it is something that has come up for whatever reason—you did not wash your hands enough and so you caught the virus; you neglected your body for twenty years—and the result is that you have this or that going on. And it will rule you or you will rule it. It will become a part of the weave that is a good part of the weave, because you have accepted and adapted and allowed yourself to function with it or in spite of it, as the case may be. Or it will be a negative part of your life, because you have not accepted, you have not adapted, have not mastered it.

Why is it, if something can be a part of the good aspect of your life, that people get so distressed? Generally they are distressed about it for two reasons. One reason, very often, is that people like drama. They are exchanging drama for life. They think that they are really living if they are extremely passionate about things, and they think drama is passion. That’s one reason.

But the other reason is because they feel out of control. They believe that they should be able to stop something, and when they cannot stop something that does not fit into their little plan for themselves, they feel out of control and fear comes about. They have bought into, “If you are as spiritual as you should be, you’ll have no illness or problems in your life of any kind. You will not have money issues, you will not have illness. You will just be a happy little camper.” And I will remind you that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens to you that matters.

This readership knows that the Form [Lea] has some very serious illnesses, and they just continue to get more and more interesting. I know that there are a lot of people who wonder how it is that somebody doing the work that she’s doing could have these life-threatening irregularities, challenges. And I would tell you to remember that the Form is here for this work, and her example of grace under great duress—be it pain and suffering from physical problems or mental and emotional strain, leadership—whatever—is actually a very helpful part of this work.

But more than that, the compassion and power it has drawn out of those who are a part of this work is priceless. Priceless! I can tell you that she is a very willing sacrifice for that. You would be too. Imagine being asked, “If there is something that you can do that would draw people together to powerfully be able to focus on expressing love, becoming more compassionate, and being able to change reality by supporting and holding up energy if you could make that energy happen, would you do it?” It’s very hard for me to imagine that somebody who is fully committed to this work, as many within the readership are, would say no.

Illnesses are often in the blueprint of a person. The cold that came from not washing hands enough on the South America trip, and therefore catching it from somebody, that’s not in the blueprint. What do you do with that? Well, you make the best of it. Don’t whine. Be the weaver.

You’ve defined healing as becoming whole, whatever that may mean in individual circumstances. Can you explain how the power of group function will affect our own healing processes?

Except that you are accessing a higher function of energy than you ever have before, it’s not going to help that specifically. When you are functioning in wholeness, then all of your body systems are working at their best possible level. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s healing or compassion or whatever.

Remember though, that your ability to renew the physical body is a part of manifestation energy, and that you are now able to do more quickly what you have always been capable of doing.

If I have sprained my ankle, and I’m enjoying the attention I’m getting and the fact that I’m not having to do the things that I am normally responsible for as a result, my increased manifestation energy could help slow down that healing process and I could maintain that injury longer?

In other words, can you amplify negative intent in the same way that you can amplify a positive one? Can you manifest negatively as quickly as you can positively or, as in this case, slow down the process of manifesting healing?

You can do both, but you are in partnership with your form, so while you do have a certain effect on your body’s physical system, that’s only to a point, because your physical body has its own blueprint, its own purpose and function.

l am struggling with not knowing how to stay informed on current world events, such as the Iraq situation, due to the fact that I do not want to watch the news or read the paper. I feel the information given is extremely negative, as well as biased. After watching the news or reading the newspaper, I often feel depressed, agitated or hostile. Yet I would also like to have information regarding the important events that are happening in our time. How do! find balance? What piece am I missing in this situation?

What this person is doing is extreme, and balance is what is needed. I have given an exercise now and again of not reading the newspaper or watching television. I have also given an exercise that says, if you read the paper, read several papers. Don’t get just one view. Get a news magazine and watch a televised newscast, or read your very liberal local newspaper as well as, perhaps, a national paper. Give yourself several perspectives, and allow yourself to come up with your own.

One of the lovely things about the internet is that it allows you to fairly painlessly, sitting in just one seat, get five or ten different versions. The perspective helps.

But do you know what seeing those different perspectives is going to give you? An awareness that nobody really knows, because all of the truth that’s given in this very liberal end of it, and all of the truth that’s given in this very conservative end of it, and all of the versions in between, are so contradictory.

The fact of it is, I want you to be aware of current events so that you can send energy to what’s going on. I don’t want you to buy just the wrapping; accept the package that’s in it. And if you find that you are having trouble, it’s because you’re buying the packaging. You are letting it stick in you, rather than move through you.

It will help you to look at other areas of your life to see if there is frustration, anger, resistance, and a need to be right, because all of those things that create anger when you read the news are probably showing up in other areas of your life. And you might want to work on that.

When your intent is to get a sense of what’s going on in the world so that you Carl send energy to it, you’re not going to be feeling all of that. Don’t buy the hype. Remember that you’re lust getting one tiny slice of the whole picture. What you get that’s called news is simply a microcosm of what you get that’s called human. It’s such a tiny piece of what you really are, such a tiny piece of what is coming to you. So try to keep it in perspective.

And once again, balance is the missing piece.

At the first Sunday meeting in October, you gave the “5:3:2 anointing.” At that time, you mentioned that death has been a very patriarchal thing, but that with the fusion of masculine and feminine energy, death needs once again to be a community act. Is this example of the death process similar to what the Guardians did in Atlantis, which was to choose when to leave the body in community? If it is a similar process, when will we have the full use of the energy and the total manifesting abilities that the Guardians had at the height of their power in Atlantis to be able to do such a working in community?

I want you to remember that what I was talking about that Sunday night was in regard to the rituals surrounding death, the way death is handled. With the fusion of masculine and feminine energy and the release of the patriarchy, the consciousness that creates the way that death is handled will change. That changes the premise of that question.

lf the question is, Is there a time in which those who are functioning in wholeness here on the planet are going to be able to say, “I’m ready to go now,” and go, that’s already possible. And now and again you will hear of somebody who has done that. Your commonly known version of it is that when you are consciously dying, you begin to recognize the signs, and you realize you are dying. Sometimes you get well and come back from that, but it doesn’t change that you were aware of it. When you consciously accept that, it changes the experience. One of the ways that it changes it is that it allows the process to happen more quickly, which is a very good thing, I would say.

Now, the question comes up, what about someone who chooses consciously to stop eating and drinking in order to accelerate the dying process. Is that also a part of it?

Well, it’s not unusual for people who are dying from a disease that involves a long process, a wasting away in which the body is slowly breaking down, to no longer desire to eat or drink, but that doesn’t mean that they have consciously accepted their death. It’s very natural in those circumstances for the appetite to leave. And sometimes you get to where you cannot swallow anymore; you do not have control over those muscles, even if your death pattern has nothing to do with impairing those muscles. It’s just one of those things the body is doing to hasten the process.

Choosing not to eat or drink is a physical action you can take to speed up the process, but even before that, simply no longer resisting and accepting that you are indeed in that process will change the process itself. You’re not going to make it happen even faster by not eating and drinking, but you will allow the process to flow most easily by doing that.

So not eating and drinking is not a signal of acceptance of death, but when one has accepted it, choosing not to eat or drink can be of benefit.

As for the Atlantean part of the question, it is not very likely— and I’m being extremely generous when I say that—that that energy functioning at its most whole will ever recreate what was possible in the Atlantean epoch. It’s a different type of energy.