It seems significant that the trip to Australia, where you said the work would be done, comes at a time when so many are looking forward to and remaking themselves and the world for a new millennium. Assuming the work is done as well as it can be done in Australia and thereafter, how will people’s lives be affected? How will the world change? What will people see?

Well, of course Australia will only be the first phase of it. Re-patterning the grid will be done in Australia, but then anchoring that pattern so that the grid is fully in place again would hopefully be done in the northern hemisphere the following year.

For the last few ages, the world has been built upon faith that there is a great unseen or unknown affecting the seen, the known. First and foremost, re-patterning the grid and anchoring that pattern so that the grid is reestablished at a higher level opens the door for that which has been unseen to become seen, for your everyday experience to function within a higher frequency of energy than your world has experienced for many, many thousands of years. It is the opportunity for Source energy to manifest itself through form in this world, and be known and accepted as such, which alone is a fairly massive difference. But the increasing receptivity arising within individuals who have been able to function at a high enough level to be able to anchor the work that would be done is going to bring about very marvelous changes in all fields of endeavor in your world. All of the sciences will be raised up to a much higher level. For instance, your whole genome study should complete itself with ease, because there is access to what was unable to be conceived of before.

A broader acceptance and appreciation of humanity and life force energy as a whole should bring about massive changes, resulting in governmental structures in which people do not rely on destruction or suffering to bring about change. It will alter that old pattern of change through crisis, opening the door for healing on international levels and on personal levels in ways that have not been before.

The limitations of some natural laws within this dimension may be changed. The laws of gravity determine the boundaries that you recognize as the linear function of time, and when that boundary is removed, you’re going to have time travel. You won’t be limited by the form you are in—by the boundary of the expression of natural law in this world—because the most basic physical element possible is changed.

Communication with the creatures will be recognized in ways it is not right now. Traveling from place to place, communicating over far distance, the re-creation of form in ways that you have not accessed in healing—these are all possibilities.

There are two possibilities at the extremes. The first is that humanity will resist so much that it won’t happen. At the opposite extreme, the leap is created so well, so beautifully, that absorption happens first.

That first one is a probability. The nature of humanity at this point is to guard the old, the known, to resist the new and therefore make the leap into the new a long and slow process, killing the messengers as they have done for thousands of years, rather than welcoming them. I will tell you that I see that changing. I see that changing. I am delighted and amazed at some of the things that ten years ago would have been considered outrageous, but are being thought of as possible, things regarding your sciences, for instance. Nevertheless, the fear of the unknown can make a negative aspect out of the positive, can make alienation out of a pioneer, can make it bad to be the next wave. That’s been a pattern in your world, and it could slow things down. The very journey that you are on to take this planet into the ultimate freedom can—for it has happened in the past—begin with a detour into fear and suffering by those who are afraid of what can be.

And of course, the second option was not a probability, but certainly is something that is possible in theory, which is that this work becomes so popular that soon the whole world is focused together on the intent of making the world a function of the living-love aspect of Source energy, that the Plan is completed, the planet is released, and absorption finalized within five years. And then none of this would matter anyway.

You’ve joked about voting against free will for the earth. Would you describe how decisions such as this are made and who participates in them.

At the point of creation, those energies that are going to guard the creation, to keep it, to hold the blueprint of the creation, make those basic agreements.

Does the earth, as a sentient being, have a free will as we know it, or something analogous to it?

Absolutely, it does have free will, as you know it. Fortunately, it is in a much easier alignment with Source energy, so it’s more along the lines of the free will those of you who have chosen to work at the highest possible frequency in form have, in which your alignment with a greater purpose than yourself determines the choices that you make.

You said in the last newsletter, “The bond that you [in Phoenix] have is me. You are me. You are my line. You are my action.” Such comments as these suggest that we at Phoenix are soul projections of the high self Samuel. Is there any truth to this notion? Would you elaborate?

There is total truth to that notion. And no, I will not elaborate on it.

Geology and the fossil record seem to provide us with a fairly well supported time-line for the development of the solar system, the earth, and life on it over a period of billions of years. There are some cataclysmic periods and mass extinctions, but none seem to be on the scale of the destruction of the planet and humanity as implied by your accounts of earlier earths. Is there any actual physical evidence of the creation and destruction of earlier earths?

I would say that there is, as much as there could be. First, think for a moment. How could you say something was gone and that you have a new one? It would not be new if it held the old, would it? Obviously not. However, remember that I have also said that one version of earth builds on the foundation of earlier ones. Although it is different, it has the pattern from the old.

I have said that the different versions of earth were destroyed by either ice, water, or fire. Because the new is built from the old, in this earth you have something like scars of old injuries. You have in different places on your planet knowledge that you had an Ice Age in which everything was destroyed by ice; you have knowledge of a massive meteoric collision in which everything was destroyed by fire; you have information in every ancient philosophy of a legend in which the world was destroyed by flood. You have an instinctual—primal—knowing, which unfortunately has been translated into the misuse of the manipulative heaven-hell scheme that religion has put forth in one version or another across the ages. But it’s there because humanity knows that there has been and can yet be total destruction.

Now, I would consider all of those scars, if you will, references in your world here of full destruction of other versions. Add to that that there’s more of those planetary scars to find, to be uncovered, yet to come.

Are these scars you’re alluding to those same ones left from the destruction of previous versions of earth?

No. I don’t want you to misunderstand what I’m saying there. It’s much like a microcosm reflecting a macrocosm. You won’t have the macrocosm at the same place you have the microcosm. Your earth is the same planet, but it’s not the same earth. That’s why you won’t see the various versions of it here now. The difference is a vibrational, or dimensional, difference.

I have said, for instance, that Atlantis was part of the fourth or fifth world, depending upon how you would count it, and yet as far as I’m concerned you have tracks of Atlantis here. That’s in “fringe science” in your world, isn’t it? If that. It has much more to do with odd legend and who knows what. No proof, certainly. And any ‘evidence’ that would be found would be questioned. And yet, in your heart, the Atlantean story resonates fully.

You have a whole psychological system based upon archetypal thinking which says that there is, stored within the human psyche, a knowledge of all that humanity has ever experienced. I’m saying that what you see and what you live internally—the archetype—holds the pattern, and so it shows all that has been, even though it is not all that.

You have had an Ice Age that totally destroyed life on your planet. You have had a fire—collision—that totally destroyed life on your planet. There is nobody here who was there to witness that, but its mark has been left. Whether that mark constitutes proof is a matter of consensus agreement, even though they are things that you know are absolutely accurate. There was an Ice Age; you just can’t prove it. No one here now can remember it. No one here now saw it or lived through it. You only have the marks that must mean it happened. In the same way, you have in your collective unconscious or genetic memory an awareness of other versions of the earth experiment which are only expressed as ancient scars on the current version of earth.

What held the blueprint for those early earth experiments?

Imagine you make bowls out of wood. What you learned making the first one you put into the next, and so it was better than the first. Yet you might choose to keep that first one. Why? When you create something, even if it’s not the perfect creation, you try to keep it. You’re happy with that effort, what it’s given to you. Sometimes the only thing that you keep is the essential pattern. And you have changed that with what you have learned from the effort. That’s the work of a creator.

The inspiration makes, but the making teaches; the teaching continues the line. So it is in making worlds. The inspiration by Creator energy establishes the creation. And whether or not the creation is perfect, whether it continues or not, what is learned out of it becomes the pattern for more.

Now, in the earth experience, what is it that determines whether something has worked? It is whether the creation fulfills its purpose, which is to move through the cycles of life force to individuation and acceptance of the reality of the Source connection, moving on up to Source. It’s a cycle, a circle. So, who holds the pattern? Who keeps it? What determines it? The creation does.

But you knew that. I have said over and over that mass consciousness creates the grid, and the grid holds the pattern, the pattern for the blueprint. You see, same thing.

Who are the 144,000?

The 144,000 are those who have, by specific and purposeful agreement, come here as Guardians of the Plan, the pattern, the blueprint, the system. The 144,000 are accomplishing it through the activation of the Christ Consciousness aspect of Source, which then filters through to all of mass consciousness, because at this time the completion of the Plan is coming not through the simple spiritual evolution of individuated life force, but by a leap into that level of creation energy in which the life force of the planet and on the planet is able to function as spirit using form, rather than form as spirit.

The 144,000 are the keepers of the next pattern, which moves the planet from 4:3:2 to 5:3:2.