During the ritual at the retreat I found that my celestial voice sound was the same as my heart sound. Would you give some information on how they differ? Can one practice alone, like we did with the heart sound, although the idea is to merge with others.

I was very clear at the retreat that you cannot practice that alone because the work has to do with what happens when intent is merged. I did say that you could do it over distance, but even then you’re going to have to get on the telephone with that individual and say, “All right, what was it for you?” And also in that case, the merger will be effective but not the sounds, because the sounds won’t be effective by yourself, and they are a big part of it.

The fact is that when you’re in a state of merger, you don’t have a heart sound. It’s not your heart sound because you’re not you. Through merging, you have become more than just you.

The energy during the ritual at the retreat was incredible. Can that energy be used for healing someone? At what level would it work best, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual?

Again that goes back to this being a work that is done in unity and for a specific intent. Using it for healing would be abusing the energy. That’s not to say that it would not have a healing effect on the individual who goes into a group activity in need of healing, but they’re doing the practice with the intent of learning to function at a higher frequency and merging at higher levels. But you who are doing that work are not going to duplicate it except in a group situation. And you’re not going to even fully duplicate it then. And even if you have duplicated it, it does not mean you’re going to be able to affect someone else’s energy.

I notice that when I’m with a group doing a toning it often makes me feel like I did at the two tonings at the retreat, the one with the male and female circles and the one after the elemental visualization. Would you explain this?

You have established a new baseline. Your frequency goes to its lowest common denominator, which, as a result of the work at the retreat, is higher than it was before the retreat. And for those who did the work in Ireland, the retreat was a higher level still. For those who were not in Eire, for whom this was the first opportunity to do it—well, they’re floating in the same way that those who came back from Eire are. Those who came back from Eire and did the retreat are finding it a very comfortable new thing, but not outrageous and energizing in the same way, because you’re building on the base you’ve already begun (in Eire). Recalibration has allowed that.

I had the opportunity to have someone play a drum, similar in construction to a bodhran, with a beater and play it very loudly while circling my body. It seemed to cause a change in me which allowed my body to vibrate during the toning during the retreat. Is there any significance to this? Does it get more consistent with tonings, and will it eventually go away or remain as it is now?

I cannot tell you what will happen. I can tell you some reasons why you experienced what you did, but what you continue to experience has to do with you uniquely and, ultimately, with your choices as to what you choose to recognize.

You were working at an energy level at the retreat that was the equivalent of being raw—as in dragged along concrete—skinless, very sensitive. If I blow on your hand, it might be a bit pleasant, but for the most part it’s just not much, but if you had just abraded your whole skin and I blew on it you would feel every nuance of that contact. That’s what the drumming was doing to you. So any form of vibrational work was going to have a profound effect at that time. Outside of the retreat, you can bring it back because it’s something you’ve experienced, but it’s not going to have the same profound effect because the retreat involved a combination of factors you’re not going to repeat.

Since Recalibration I have found that my appetite has increased and I am putting on more weight than I want to. I remember you said that increased flow of spiritual energy tended to make one overeat. Will you please elaborate on that and help me understand how to stop?

Increased flow of energy tends to make people overeat not because it’s something that happens with the energy; it’s a response of the form to feeling out of control. For some people it might be another form of obsessive behavior, but it’s a desire to feed and fill oneself with what is familiar. Eating is one of the few things that you have absolute control over, so it’s best to take that control.

As to being really hungry, of course you can put that in a symbolic sense and recognize that it’s because you’re hungry to be fed in the same way that you were being fed, satisfying that appetite that Recalibration started up in you, the longing, the wanting that it offers. But you also can look at it as being hungry because you’re using up energy and not replacing it with the same form of energy. You’re burning a spiritual energy, and you’re not replacing it by doing further spiritual work to replace like with like. Your body recognizes a hole and says, “Oh, got to fill it with something, What’s available? Food!” Because that’s convenient. Another escape.

However, for a lot of people food is comfort, for some it’s a reward. But because it breaks down self-esteem so quickly it tends to have negative repercussions. When you’re hungry, eat, but don’t allow food to be mistaken for anything other than that which keeps the body alive.

In this society, food tends to be a symbol of prosperity. For all of you who as children grew up being told about all the starving in India, cleaning off your plate shows that you have enough and are being responsible for it. That is really harder to break because being responsible for what you have is a spiritual principle, isn’t it? So it’s unspiritual not to make use of what you have. So when eating becomes a means of expressing abundance and spiritual responsibility, you tend to really run into trouble.