A Harvard scientist and a Pentagon official have written a paper saying that it is feasible that an extraterrestrial spaceship could be exploring our galaxy using small spacecraft that gather and send back information, similar to the way we send out spacecraft to explore other planets. This question came up at a Retreat, and you said, “I’m not going to answer it, but keep an eye on it.” Do you have any other comments?

If you’re asking whether there are remote crafts coming into your world, the answer is yes, of course, and they have been for eons beyond this earth.

If the question is whether that gigantic rock that is moving through space is actually a great mother ship sending out smaller craft, the answer is yes and no. Don’t get caught up in that.

It’s not going to make sense if I answer that question. The rock is a rock, but there are a certain number of pan-galactic craft that come in and out, more now than ever before. Don’t get caught up in that.

You have said that we are being watched because of what is going on right now with the Ascension process.

That’s right.

The fact that people, even children, are freer now than ever to explore their gender identity or even to change it seems clearly a good thing. Is increased visibility of this exploration simply the result of greater awareness and acceptance of a situation that has been suppressed in the past? Or are more souls entering the dimension to work through issues of gender and sexuality? Or both?

Very nice question. And I would say the answer is both.

Why is it being fought so hard?

I think that’s a good thing. It’s being fought by the losers, by the fearful.

I understand you like us all to physically be together to do high ritual work to open Star Gates or Fire Gates. What would be needed, within us and within the energy framework that is available now, for us to be able to come together in Berea for five days, merge, and open the Gates from Kentucky or another appropriate location in the U.S.? 

And I’m guessing that the questioner means Gates that are not in Kentucky.

I presume so.

To open them from Kentucky, what would it take to make that happen?

In a fear-based function you cannot spread your energy very far. So there is a greater benefit to doing energy work where you are physically present. Unfortunately, that also means there is not a whole lot of energy work you can accomplish remotely as long as Third Density exists.

In a lot of ways you’re dealing with an earth that’s very new, energetically speaking, and you want to be there to actually merge into that energy, not just for your benefit but also as a balance point for the planet at that particular place.

There are places in Third-Density earth—Nevis is one of them, for instance—that were very strong amplifiers of energy. You could do work there and cover a very massive amount of the world.

Right now Fifth-Density force is pretty pristine, whereas Avebury had a very strong energy that many could connect into. You could very easily go to a place such as Nevis and recreate that energy.

But let’s say there’s a very large energetic site in Dumfries—I just made that up. Who has been there? Well, the people who live in the area maybe, but short of Neolithic humanity, very few Guardians, and it takes Guardians to make something happen.

Convenience is really nice, and believe me, as this group of Guardians gets older and things in the world change as they do, it’s much harder for them to travel. I get that, but I don’t know what to do about it. I am focusing on some Guardians that are not quite at this group’s age level to see if that helps.

A different group of Guardians?


Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among people age 15 to 24 in the U.S. Nearly 20% of high school students report serious thoughts of suicide and 9% have made an attempt at it. You said several years ago that children being born are coming in more aware of their spirituality, so why is this happening?

Remember that suicide is just as much an option as any way of dying. If you have a portal, you go. If you do not, you stay. But it can be a rough way to stay if you do not have a portal.

At any rate, several things figure into the answer to the question. One of them simply is that your record-keeping and the ability to get the information from those records out into the world has increased dramatically. So a small part of this massive increase—and it is a massive increase—is simply that you hear about it more than you used to.

But as for the increase itself: not everybody who comes in intends to die when they are eighty or ninety years old. Some of them really set up for a short lifetime.

But putting those two things aside—the set-up for a short lifetime and hearing about it more because of better records and communication—you are living in a time of great change. You may live on property where occasionally there is a tree that is just rotted through, right? I want you to imagine that that rotted tree looks fine on the outside, but if you look inside it’s rotten, so your perspective shifts. Now imagine that it is lying across a stream and is used as a bridge. That’s what these times are like right now. With every step they take, many people in this world wonder if the foundation that has been laid down is going to hold them or not. As they walk, they feel the cracks, they feel the shifts that are happening because of the weight they have put onto that foundation. It’s an incredibly hard time in the world for many, many, people, because there is so much change happening.

Your experience growing up, Paula, was a whole different world than what your grandchildren are experiencing. Not good, bad, stable or unstable, it’s just that the world itself is radically different, while all of the rules are still based on the old system. So those who are walking across the bridge now are saying “This is rotten! There’s no way I can win. I’m going to fall and drown! I’d rather be in charge of the way I go than be prey to the system as it is right now.”

They see a world of extremes. They look to those arenas, to people who should be helping them grow stronger and more assured, who should be stable examples of love, but instead they see them struggling, reacting, fighting. They see ridiculous governmental decisions, they see ridiculous work reactions, they see the struggles you are having making sense of the world, and they can’t see themselves doing it better.

Now add into that the very natural learning cycles of young humans. That fourteen to twenty-one threshold—even seven to twenty one—is all about figuring themselves out, but how do you figure yourself out if no one around you has? How worth it is it? Well, for people who have no good role models, and even some people who have good role models, they just may not feel up to the challenge. It’s a lot to ask. Sometimes it’s too much.

A twelve-year-old today is probably the equivalent of a twenty-year-old forty or fifty years ago, but even so, at twelve years old their bodies are changing, their emotions aren’t figured out, and they are personally in so much flux. So the weight of the world is as if they are twenty, but the weight of their knowledge systems are still on twelve.

It’s a lot to ask, and those who have come in awakened or very close to it can be far more disturbed about the big picture because they don’t have a steady rock, a steady foundation. Their parents aren’t an example of the best way to live life right now. It’s a very different world.

But again, nobody is going unless they have pre-planned it. And by pre-planned I mean before they were born, when they put that portal into their blueprint.