How has the series of huge energy influxes that culminated with the one in December affected the plant and animal kingdoms?

Well, that’s an interesting question. Usually people ask how it affects humanity.

You have seen massive departures: plant, animal, even human, through wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, whole species dying off—exterminated—as the earth has been readjusting. So much of this energy has created portals, and through destruction you have had major losses. But you’ve got to remember that that also means a lot of new beginnings. So although, certainly in the northern end of your world, you’re not seeing it right now, be looking for new kinds of plants to be showing up, new versions of animals being found.

It’s been rough on humans too, but you know the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom don’t have the same issues to work through in their process in form, and so they master and leave much more quickly than humans do. So this past year has been great for them, but I think that there will be those who look back and say it was apocalyptic.

Are animals becoming more intelligent as a result of the energy coming in?

It depends upon what kind of intelligence you are looking at.

We had two mice and caught one in a live trap, which we released.

That was the dumb one.

Yes. We have three different kinds of live traps and the other mouse figured out how to get the bait out of all of them without being caught.

Well, individuation is coming about much more often. Guardian animals and Guardian plants are becoming more common, but I’ve got to be careful with that. It’s not more common as in you’re going to walk through the forest and “There’s one!” and “There’s one.” It’s more like if you’re looking at the planet and there are more Guardian plants than there used to be.

More intelligent? No. But moving more toward individuation, yes.

I’d like to have a deeper understanding of what having an “Intent” means. For example, I frequently send encouraging replies to requests on the OneHeart line, and as I type I detail what energy I am sending to the request. Does that constitute an Intent?

No, it does not.

Does it have to contain the words “My Intent is . . .”?

Again, no.

Are there other ways of conveying an Intent besides verbally?

Well, yes. The biggest way that you do it is mentally, which is kind of a magnetic thing, and of course through actions you take to add to what you’re thinking, where it becomes Deed.

Intent is step one. For the human brain, the resolution of Intent is about when you hear yourself actually thinking it, but that’s Thought. Nonetheless, you don’t know that you have the Intent expressed until you have thought it.

So are you going to eat dinner tonight? Yes? How do you know?

Well, I do it almost every day.

So let’s say that when you woke up you intended to have dinner, and that Intent doesn’t require you actually to think, “All right, I am going to have dinner today.” But when you think about what you’re going to have for dinner that’s a new Intent and that Intent requires Thought to go with it and Deed that ends up out of it, so there’s Word in there somewhere. And that’s going to make you feel that you really intended it, but both are Intent.

When you put conscious energy to an Intent, it’s going to manifest more quickly. You can say, “I’m going to eat today,” or you can say, “I’m hungry, so what am I going to eat? Oh, I’ll have cake.” That’s going to manifest a lot faster than “I am going to eat today.” So while both work, the conscious application is better. Still that conscious application does not mean you have to say to yourself “My Intent is . . .”

What is the significance of the words “so be it”? Are we adding our Intent to one already stated?

No. “So be it” is kind of like “amen.” Originally it was recognizing that the thought is complete, but it also has developed its own power so that it becomes a focus of power. Essentially, if you say you are going to have cake, “So be it” says the action begins now.

I think of it as putting the stamp on the letter or something.

Yes. It’s ready to go.

During the New Year’s Eve ritual, in your discussion of the influx of energy during December and the return of the Divine Feminine, I heard you comment that our world had barely made it past the potential for destructive use of the energy coming in that month. What factors made the difference in tipping the energy away from the destructive into the constructive? What was the Guardianship in form’s role in that?

That covers a lot of space. Let me give you a few of the directions I can go there: timeline changes.; density changes; literal protection from off of this planet; the ability to make use of energy in different ways; and consciously choosing love. All four of those are a part of that answer. Maybe just list those four options, and then start the next interview for more detail about that.

Over the last couple of years, you have sometimes referred to the group as a “remnant.” What, or who, are we a remnant of?

Guardians are themselves a remnant from the original Plan for this planet. When the Shining Ones came and seeded this planet, they did not all leave, and some have continued to come back, transition after transition, to help this world. It’s like taking it on as a pet project that bites you, so come having received your rabies shots ahead of time.

It’s a remnant of that original band that chose earth. It’s a remnant of that original Plan.

Are you saying that some of them said, “Whoa, I’m not doing that again!”

Yes. I have said before that there are those who still say it’s not worth the work, that the experiment isn’t working, so don’t keep shoveling energy into it. But they don’t rule, and there are squeaky wheels in all groups, aren’t there? And sometimes it’s best to just ignore them.

In the last questions-and-answers Sunday, you were talking about the soul/Spirit leaving the body while we sleep to work outside of the body. You said that twelve hours was the longest period of time that the soul/Spirit could be out of the body. It sounded like you were saying that the body could not live without the soul/Spirit in it.

Would you clarify how that connection works, how the soul is necessary for the body to sustain life? Is it the energy frequency of the soul that the body has to have in order to live? Is it possible that there are human beings alive here on Earth without that soul/Spirit within their body? If so, how does that process work?

If it sounds like I am hedging what I’m saying, it is because nothing that I ever say is going to apply to everybody. So when I say Spirit really can’t be away from the body for more than about twelve hours, that’s not going to apply to everybody. For some it will be more, for some it will be less, but generally you are tied in to your Light body that way.

Now, I need to give a few definitions. The first one is soul and the second one is Spirit, because for me they are two different things. The soul is a mechanism for the Spirit to touch into the physical form. It’s a doorway, or a landing pad, or a launch pad. The soul is not your Spirit self, but it is that part of you that is made up of your energetic body and your physical body, not your Light body, because what I call your Light body is your Spirit.

To me your soul is simply a passage point in which the whole of your physical, mental and emotional spiritual connection is found.

Would you say that the soul has its own awareness but is more or less inert?

It has recognition. It recognizes Light. It recognizes itself. It recognizes the difference between the emanations, the frequencies, the resonances of mind as opposed to the heartbeat. But it is a part of the physical reality.

Spirit, on the other hand, I define quite differently from that, and you are familiar perhaps with what I usually call it, which is your Entity. I call it your Entity because in this world it has a form of sorts. It uses Light—sunlight, energetic Light—it uses Light as a means of communicating itself from the Source field to the soul. It is the Being of the originating force that you are a part of.

And I would tell you that there is the greater Entity and the lesser entity, the greater Spirit, the lesser spirit. The large-E Entity is the originating point; the small-e entity is what it has done to reach and work through the world of form. What the greater “you” has done to reach and work through form has required massive amounts of shifting density in order to function within the density while holed up in human shape—or animal shape or plant shape—and be able to purposefully communicate with it.

The communication isn’t like language. It has much more to do with the re-creation, but that’s another story. The small-e entity is actually what you think of as “God” if you’re religious in this culture. The entity is You, the You who has projected all of these personalities through time and space in such a way that each individual one thinks that it’s the only one.

So that Spirit/small-e entity’s connection into the soul feeds that soul, which feeds that body. The soul holds the memory of that Spirit as that Spirit comes and goes. Now, why would that Spirit come and go? There are many reasons. You are working on more levels of density and dimension than just this one at any given time. For instance, you are in dream school and you are needed to help keep the president of North Korea from pushing the wrong button (and you do that in dream school), or you are very, very sick and in tremendous amounts of pain and you don’t want to be there. Having a release from all of that consciousness helps the entity keep its focus, because it’s hard to focus into form. There really is a reason I just borrow [a body].

Death cannot be final. Nearly everybody has died more than once for any number of reasons— generally to do with severe accident, severe illnesses, or sometimes just a portal, very often in your sleep—that you weren’t sure about. I always chuckle when someone says they want to die in their sleep. Most of the time I can look at them and say, “Well, you already have, twice, so you’ve got your wish.”

You are driving along the road and a truck comes up out of the blue, changes into your lane, and you have to make some very, very quick decisions, and it scares the bejeepers out of you. Now, I want you to feel that for the moment, that total all-of-your-blood-disappears and you are left gasping and horrified. You’ve got that picture? That is what it feels like when that spirit shifts immediately out of the body so as not to have to be a part of that. You’ve died and then come right back. And that feeling is the drop in your stomach, sometimes, just as you are waking up. It’s that smack you feel as you come back to the body.

For very high-frequency people, the soul has learned the frequency of the Spirit well enough that the Spirit can shift out and back in without damaging the physical, the mental, the emotional, or creating havoc for the spiritual. That’s rare, but it happens. Otherwise, more realistic is for the Spirit to be “gone” for about forty-five minutes, but could be longer than that, even as much as twelve hours. 

For the very high-frequency being whose Spirit is capable of leaving, the soul remembers. It’s not going to let someone else in. We’re not talking the way humans work: “Oh, you’ve been gone for three hours so I’m going to invite someone else in!” It doesn’t work that way. Your body is familiar with death. It’s not unnatural to the body. The spirit does not see it as death. It’s not as though you’re walking around without a spirit, because the soul is holding that identity.

Is the fact that we have a large-E Entity and a small-e entity an issue of lowering frequency so it can exist in form?

That’s exactly what it is. And it’s very easy to limit what you think of as frequency to the pitiful little examples I give—imagine a spectrum one to ten or musically 440, or . . . or atomically 358, or whatever. These are not the kinds of frequency that I’m talking about. This is more like neutron stars exploding in space are the least of its frequency. It’s easy—because I am talking to you through a form and you are listening through a form’s brain—for you to think at the scale of form, but I’m talking beyond that. I’m talking about the scale of creating that form.