Are “earth dimension” and “dimension of form” the same? If not, how do they differ?

They are the same. When I make reference to the earth dimension, I’m not referring only to the planet and how the planet sees things. I’m talking about the realm of form in which creation, through the evolution of multiple laws, establishes form. So wherever there is form it is the earth dimension.

If the resources here are so precious, why not create another planet with similar resources? Are there only a finite number of planets that can be created? And what is involved in creating a planet?

You’re thinking too small. In the realm of form there are basically two functions, which is a reflection of the illusion of separation, of dichotomy. There is serving oneself and there is serving others. There is the path of ego; there is the path of Spirit. There is the function in density; there is the function outside of density. There is the visible; there is the invisible.

These resources rely upon feeding the visible and the shadow, as opposed to the Light. They are energetic resources, and such things as minerals hold that energy. That energy can be fear and pain. That energy can be laughter and love.

This planet provides much unevolved, primal energy in the form of both mass and emotion. Creating another planet might provide the mass, but it would not have the evolutionary contribution of emotion sealed into it.

How is a portal different from a Stargate?

How is your front door different than your bathroom door? They both do the same thing, but they have totally different purposes.

A portal is any kind of point through which energy can be received or sent. A Stargate is not only where energy is received or sent, but it’s a movement through your universe and dimensional probabilities that allows a transference of—really a bringing down—of matter or mind, a transference of energy itself across galactic or dimensional space.

So would a wormhole be a Stargate under that definition?

A wormhole can be a Stargate. Most of your wormholes are too small. They are afterthoughts of an energy process. But yes, in some cases.

We know from your teaching that the eclipse, and perhaps other celestial happenings, will transform our DNA and assist in Ascension. Please explain how DNA works in this regard and particularly how and where it had its origin.

Your genetics are a total mystery to you for all practical purposes at this point. You unravel a couple of chromosomes and you think, “Ah, we’ve got DNA figured out.” But DNA is much more like a football field that is crowded, shoulder to shoulder, with individuals all standing there like good little soldiers, packed in on that playing field, and every one of those individuals has a different purpose. But they also have similar qualities. They are all a part of the greater whole. They all are able to receive and transmit energy. They all have a crystalline core. Some of them are very busy. They are—maybe for this illustration—standing there fidgeting and pulling on the people next to them and very slowly turning around until they are oriented very differently from all the little soldiers they are next to. Some of them are just standing there sleeping very quietly because they don’t have anything to do at the moment, and every once in a while the sun will come out from behind a cloud and hit that crowd, and there is a general hubbub of “Wow, that’s hot!” that reaches over to the sleeping ones, and one or two might wake up.

Your DNA holds your blueprint, but it also holds—as we discussed in the interview—the imprint of your particular galactic colony or group, for want of a better way to say it. You have a very unique imprint within your genetic structure that makes you, as human, a small version of the greater galactic blueprint, which is different than other life forms that are not human. Although most life forms drawn to this planet are more humanoid than not.

Your DNA is your beacon that holds the information of your spiritual origin and of your spiritual purpose, and when I say spiritual here I’m talking of the energy being you are. I’m not talking about religion; I mean as spirit. For instance, regarding your purpose for being here as a Guardian, it holds where and why and when you are in order to keep you on track. It’s a beacon that, when you get off course, helps you realize you are off course, and that’s related to the crystalline structure that sends out, like a bat or a dolphin, a signal that keeps your location in your universe, in your galactic cluster, together.

Is it the RNA doing that signaling?

The RNA, yes. There actually is another aspect that you don’t have a name for yet. It’s why I say RDNA—or DRNA—as one thing: because it’s the two of those working together that creates that third. It’s your Light Body’s mechanism to activate.

Your DNA comes from the idea of form, but that form evolved in different arenas, and some of those arenas have contributed to the human DNA package. Everyone, not just a few, everyone has the blueprint of earth and the blueprint of “home” within it.

You once said that other planets (Venus or Mars, I think) in our solar system once had life forms, and I think that I remember your referring to them as “dead” planets. Is that because the planets achieved Ascended status and no longer are alive themselves, so they can’t support life forms?

When I was referring to a planet as dead it was not because it could not sustain life. It was that it did not sustain life any more. They are functioning only in the physical realm because the spirit of the planet and the life force upon it has ascended beyond this realm. So the Ascended planets within this solar system are not dead, they simply aren’t alive in this dimension.

If minerals came from the planets that are not alive anymore, would they have life force?

A meteorite hits Venus. It sends out a big chunk of itself into space and eventually, for any number of reasons, lands on earth as a meteorite.

Or if a spacecraft lands on Venus and brings a piece back.

Yes. Would it hold life? Well, at that point it would be subject to whether or not its composition was functional within the earth environment. If it was, then it would.

So if it was, it would take on life rather than bringing life with it.

If it is post-Ascension, it won’t bring life with it. Now, that doesn’t mean that you could not go to that planet and live there.

Right, but I’d be living among a lot of dead minerals.

You would be living in a habitat that was not meant for you, and therefore you would not recognize it as alive because you would only be functioning in the physical realm that it is functioning in.

In my investigation of the history of Ascension, I ran across an interesting passage from an old account of the Holy Grail where Jesus called himself the “fountain of wisdom” and said, “Wake up and learn of three things as one and one as three.” I see this nugget of wisdom as a creation parable with distinct triune knowledge emphasizing the completion of the cycle. How would you explain this?

Source is a function of three and in this composite or this set of universes, three is a creation factor. Most of your various religions speak of God as masculine, as feminine, and as the Source from which it all comes. The Source Field releases and that release creates. You intend, it moves into thought, it moves into word, which holds as deed, or simply manifestation of form as Thought and Deed.

Anytime an Avataric function speaks of three, it’s an initiatory stimulus for a new creation. It’s the point of new creation.