At this time in Lexington, we have completed nine full-moon rituals. Please comment on what changes you have seen as a result, both in the world and in the Guardians taking part.

I love the full-moon rituals. I just wish more people understood the power of them. One of the things I began seeing immediately was, of course, the community aspect of it, because I love to see what happens when people come together and create something with One Mind. A lot of power always comes from that. The second thing is the joy that happens when somebody creates a ritual that others then get to put together and make happen.

And that’s not even to say what happens in the world that comes from them. For example, there have been two or three different rituals that have related to the kingdoms—plants and animals. After the delightful one with all of the dogs, look how much better Ollie is doing. He had all of that attention and healing going to him, and he’s doing so much better now.

Awareness is changing rapidly. Locally in Lexington, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, or wherever the focus is, change is happening, obvious change—nowhere near rapidly enough, of course.

It could be even more helpful to begin making the focus of each ritual not so broad. Instead of the whole animal kingdom, maybe to work on no dog-fighting or cock-fighting in Kentucky, or wherever you live. Or homes for homeless humans. Better quality food, instead of the entire plant kingdom.

But generally speaking they are a positive—great things.

In the past, you have said that the Holy Spirit has to do with communication. Please explain the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the Source Field, and its role in working with our own connection to the Source Field.

The Source Field is information, and insofar as the Christian Trinity is concerned, the Holy Spirit is the means by which God communicates information to Christians. So essentially, then, the Holy Spirit is the Source Field for Christians. Or the means to the Source Field, more accurately. Prayer would be the access to the Holy Spirit, which is the access to the Source Field, which is their access to God.

How is it that cats see into the future but dogs cannot?

I wondered when I would get asked that.

Cats have a different kind of memory than dogs do. Dogs tend to be more forgiving, and as a result they don’t choose to remember. A cat chooses not to forget, and that makes the difference. It’s not the same thing as your ability to think about what’s going to happen in the future and then worry about it. It’s not the same as that.

David, what are you going to do tomorrow?

Walk dogs. As always.

All right, you’re going to walk the dogs tomorrow. I say to the cat, “Thomasina, what are you going to do tomorrow?” [Long silence] That was Thomasina thinking about tomorrow. On the other hand, if the dog had smacked into Thomasina, and you said, “Thomasina, what are you going to do tomorrow?” Thomasina would say, “Get back at the dog.” Because that’s the way it thinks. Now, that’s not a bad thing, it’s not a mean thing; it’s a survival instinct.

Is this a group soul decision, one made on the basis of an individual animal?

No, it’s a species kind of thing. It’s a cat thing. It’s a dog thing. Canine. Feline. The feline survives because it remembers something that hurts it. The dog survives because it forgives what hurts it and makes friends.

You often say that if we are unable to adapt to the Transfiguration process, we will be “left behind.” What will happen to those who are left behind?

It’s not left behind as in “you don’t get to go to heaven” or that kind of Christian thing, or you don’t get to go on vacation, or something like that. It’s more like you don’t progress to the next cycle. You remain in the illusion.

I suspect that you get to the other side and say “Darn, I missed it.”

Absolutely. I find that heartbreaking. I don’t want that for you. And it’s a real possibility for too many Guardians, because there are those who haven’t awakened yet and those who have awakened and not activated, and there are those who have awakened, activated, said hello and goodbye. And there are those who just don’t care.

In the Winter issue you described our “bigger disasters” as being political divisiveness and the fact that government represents corporations at the expense of the people. Putting this together with your recent urging for us to carry Intent, Thought and Word on into Deed, it sounds as though you are calling for more concrete action to bring about change in these areas. Are you urging us to a higher frequency and intensity of energy work for the Grid, or are you hoping to see us take more action at the physical level?

If you are speaking of acting politically, no, but if you mean acting spiritually, yes on both counts. I think you can be a spiritual political activist. Tell me how.

By working for positive change in these areas. Instead of attacking what is, working for what needs to be.

How would you do that?​  Would you write letters? March on Washington?

Well, that’s a big question. I have felt a strong pull to do something in the world, and originally I was thinking about a walk across the state just to bring attention to the particular problem I feel strongly about, hoping that would focus more attention on the issue.

You’ve got to do something when you feel that pull. You’ve got to remember that you reach people no one else reaches. You go places no one else goes. ​T​here’s always that.​But there is a balance to find, and you’ve got to weigh that in it. If this is what strongly pulls your heart, then this is what you should do, because that’s what I think Guardians should do. They should follow what strongly pulls their heart. But I don’t think you’re going to make much difference in any political arenas in this world.

Well, when I started researching the ongoing activism, I found out how many people are already working to draw attention to the issue.

I think there’s very little that changes politics in this country, or most countries on this planet. I think politics changes very little in this world. You don’t really want to know what I think really runs politics in this world right now.

So you’re saying what is effective is the energy work.

I think I’ve said that.

And that is where our energy needs to go.

Especially now.