A number of companies are working on alternatives to chicken, turkey, pork and beef in an effort to reduce the environmental impact and avoid the ethical problems of factory farming. Some products are plant-based, but there is also an effort to culture animal cells in vitro. What would the frequency effects be of eating animal cells that have never been part of a functioning and aware animal?

They are creating cells out of nothing?

They are creating animal protein by replicating animal protein cells without the animal. They’re doing it in the lab.

But where do they begin?

It’s from an animal originally, but they are growing it without the animal.

If where you are coming from with veganism is “I don’t want to hurt an animal,” that’s a whole different thing. But the creature’s frequency will be all over the cells, and it will have an effect on your frequency and will pull it down. From a spiritual point of view you will still be affected.

Do we have to physically die in order to become Transfigured beings? I know your version of death includes the changes we go through minute by minute, but will our physical bodies be transformed or will we need new ones?

You absolutely do not die except in the sense that you are constantly dying. Every seven years you’ve basically got a new body, and every seven weeks you basically have a new stomach—or the cells lining it. If you brush your face and skin enough, you can accelerate the process. Your body is constantly dying and renewing.

What you want is that renewal system to be at higher and higher frequencies. Much of what was discussed in the interview about the use of Intent creating a connection into the Source Field as a means by which that Transfiguration comes about on the level of the physical—a cell-by-cell change.

If what you are thinking is that the Transfigured body is going to look different than your current body, that’s incorrect except that you will hold more light, so people who see energy will like to look at you. You will reflect more light, and you will be using by far more of what your body is capable of mentally, physically and spiritually. You’re going to be Transfigured in the midst of a world that isn’t fully awake. If you looked radically different you could not relate to them. You would either become a lab rat or a god or something equally useless.

Recall the story of the risen Christ walking down the road—walking down the road—and saying to one of the disciples, “What’s going on?” And the disciple says, “Oh, the people are really grieving because somebody died.” Christ looked just like anybody going down the road. The not-recognizing part had to do with that inner change, not the outer one.

During a session this morning, Stuart started it and at about halfway Frank came in and said, “Halfway,” and then Stuart came back at the end. And the person sitting here thought it was Stuart the whole time, because they were not focused on him, even though they saw two different people. The mind doesn’t see what it doesn’t expect to see. So because the disciple was looking at this person and not expecting that it could possibly be Jesus, he didn’t recognize him until Jesus said, “Open your eyes! Who do you think is standing here with you?”

Will becoming a Transfigured being just happen at some point when we are not looking, or is it a bit-by-bit process, and we wake up one day and say, “Wow, I am really Transfigured”?

It’s a bit-by-bit process. I do not know if you will wake up one day and say “Wow, I am really Transfigured,” but I think you will notice more ability, more change. It’s going to be hard not to notice.

Will we notice more weaknesses?

Well, that is a part of the process because you’ve got to get rid of that ego-based function, and it’s because you’re starting to change that you see them.

As you said in the interview, anything that is not a frequency match is apparent.


I know that Guardians being able to hold Shining energy was a game changer for the Plan. What shifts will Guardians being Transfigured beings create?

I don’t know, because Transfiguration—this difference—wasn’t expected. I can’t tell you what it’s going to do.

Please explain how the Catholic Church is more liberal than we think.

Pope Francis.

How does orgasm affect the pineal gland, especially having to do with our Transfiguration?

The pineal gland affects orgasm, not the other way around. And with regard to Transfiguration, is the question about orgasm or the pineal gland?

In Transfiguration the pineal is strongly affected. In the process of Transfiguration you will have less sex with your self or others, so I don’t really see how that fits.

So your orgasm will still be the same. It won’t increase your experience or ability.

No. I think that the mistake behind that question is the assumption that sexuality is going to still hold the important place it does now, and it’s not, because the Transfigured being is by far more at One already. You become more merged. I am One with you. Orgasm brings that oneness, but Transfiguration brings it without sex.

When those you are obligated to communicate with, for example at work, continue to attack, belittle, often in a public venue, after turning all four cheeks multiple times, what is a Guardian’s best position, assuming said Guardian wants and needs to keep that job?

It’s important to remember that you feel attacked because there is a part of you that relates to what is being said. When the four-year-old says “You are stupid!” you just laugh it off. When the forty-year-old says that you are stupid, you could laugh it off too, unless it has somehow activated a fear and threatened you.

So the very first thing is to do what is needed to make those threats null. Change your beliefs about yourself. Do not give cause for being made fun of or belittled, or emasculated or cut down, or whatever. It really has to have your sick and unfortunate agreement to hurt you. Get beyond that. Is that easy to do? Obviously not. Can it be done? Yes, it can. Maybe one way is to realize that this is a very large four-year-old, this is a Being in pain, in anger, and in frustration who has such a poor self-image that it must bring others down.

I had a similar situation, and using the gold cord and sending love, forgiveness and compassion through that cord to that person made an incredible difference, not just to them but to me. It healed me. It healed the pain.

Early on that is always a good first step. It doesn’t always have to go beyond that if you take that first step.

The next thing is on a very practical level: record these things. Make a written record and then take that record to the supervisor and say, “I am in a situation in which my working conditions are becoming intolerable, and this is what I’m dealing with. I want to leave this with you in hopes that this situation can change. If it cannot change, I would like to have your ideas as to what I can do to deal with it.”

That’s doing two things that empower rather than disempower, and that first one is you are making a record. “Over the last month these are the things that have hurt me.” You must be ready for somebody impartial to look at that and say, “You know these really are little things, and you’re kind of making a big deal about something that isn’t. I’m really sorry you’re upset about it, but this isn’t directed at you.” On the other hand you might have some serious grievances. You’ve got to be ready for either.

The second thing is that you’re not saying, “I demand that you do something,” because that is alienating. You are saying, “This is what it looks like to me. Please take a look. What does it look like to you? If you agree, please do something. If you don’t agree, please help me know how to cope.” So either way there is empowerment on a supervisory level, and you’re asking for help if the supervisor disagrees, and that always creates an open door.

If things still don’t change, take a look at your expectations. I know that you probably have done that by now, but take a look at who you are right now that you have those expectations, and ask yourself if it’s worth it. If it isn’t, put in for a transfer.

When we ask for and get answers, are the answers coming from just one source, our spirit or Higher Self? What other sources might be possible?

Unless you’re transformational channeling—and you’re not—everything is always filtered through your Higher Self—always. There are other sources for help, but it’s going to come through the entity you are to get to you.

And through your human filters.

Well, that’s the bad news.

Which is why sometimes it can seem like your Higher Self all the time. Even when you, as Samuel, or a part of our twelve are working with us, it still comes through our filtration system, so it sometimes feels like us.

Exactly. And I’ll tell you something else that is a problem because of that: ninety-nine percent of the time you hear what agrees with what you want to hear. I can tell something to the three of you, and each of you will say “Well, this is the emphasis. This is how it was meant.” Or, “I didn’t get that at all.” It’s really unfortunate. That is why it is so, so important that you run it through your heart, that you know you so well that you know what is and what isn’t you. And when it isn’t you, run it through your heart. Your heart is trustworthy.

Your heart, by the way, is essentially another brain within your body. Your heart, by way of its neural pathways, functions as a brain does, which means it has Intent, which means it affects the Source Field. That’s why you should follow your heart.

What exactly is a Perfecti or a Perfected One, and how do they best function here?

When the Shining Ones came and left, those who had been in areas in which there was already a population, and who had been trained by the Shining Ones were called the Perfecti. The Perfecti were considered a god-human hybrid. Having been in the presence of the Shining Ones so thoroughly, their very cells reflected back that Shining presence.

The Shining Ones are returning, right? Being uncovered is more like it. So in that case, those who have functioned as Perfecti, who would have been spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, avatars, will either be leading people to the Shining Ones, or will be absorbed by the Shining Ones, or will just function as they do until they’re around Shining energy.

My point is, as more Shining Ones, through the Transfiguration process, are here, the frequency of Shining energy will become more constant. And at that point, the Perfecti won’t be needed. Until that point, the Perfecti must continue the work of reflecting that being and being a god-man, a Guardian.