We often make reference to “life force energy.” In my garden, some of the life is killing other lives—that is, snails and slugs are eating my plants. I kill the slugs because I place a higher value on the life of my plants. Please explain what you mean when you say “life force on the planet,” and comment on the need to sacrifice one life for the higher good of another, such as destroying some life, like pneumonia bacteria with antibiotics, to save our own lives.

Life force energy is that within any form that is … the word I’m looking for is bigger than “committed to.” It’s “bound to.” It is bound to it in the smallest and at the same time largest version. It is that spark of Source within all things. There is no such thing as one piece of life force being more worthy than another piece. However, it could be said that a being in the process of becoming aware of itself has precedence over one which is not at that level, because that which is functioning on the path is living; that which is not on the path is simply possibly alive.

It’s very hard to look at wool carpeting which was once on the back of a sheep or a goat, and think that it has any possible potential to become greater than itself [as a rug]. And yet when the rug is fully destroyed, the little spark of life force that was in it will return: to Source as an energy being, and return to formas a piece of energy experiencing the evolution of matter. It’s two sides of one coin. But the rug is never going to become something other than a rug, whereas the lettuce in your garden thinks; it has a reactive ability; it translates sun into properties of light. It can be stimulated within itself; it can be stimulated by outside force. Those are important differences. It is a living function of the One, but the next level above that is life force which can do all of those things plus make decisions and think and have compassion, and love. That’s the animal world. And then on top of that there is that which is capable of consciously integrating with the One which is the human.

So it is all life force, with the exception of plastic, but its potential is what makes it different.

Now I ask you, what is the potential of a snail in the garden as opposed to the flower or the plant that it’s nibbling on? Which one has the greater right to life? Well, that’s where I would tell you to be careful, because they both have a right to life.

But what about killing bacteria with antibiotics? What if you are exposed to something that can actually harm other cells and lead to the destruction of your form—bacteria that can lead to death? If you are lettuce you do nothing, and maybe you die. If you are a cow, you seek the highest frequency you can find in hopes of gaining help. As a human, you can determine that your life requires that you not die of pneumonia right now, so you choose to allow the pneumonia to go. There are a thousand and one problems in that. What if you are evil?

And you deserve to die.

What if you’re not evil; you’re very good, but it’s your time? What if …?

All I’m saying is that every situation is different. As that function of life force closest to the conscious function of the One, you need to be responsible for your power. You’ve got to make decisions, commit to those decisions, live with those decisions and keep going.

In this world you cannot live without ever killing something. Do I like that? No. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to make that choice? But that would take away your free will. Not allowed. So with your free will you make the highest choice you can, and tomorrow that might be a different choice. It’s all about doing the best you can with what you have where you are at the time.

In a newsletter interview last year you spoke of three versions of “humanity” that eventually gave way to the “bully” species of homo sapiens. If DNA is not native to this planet, what were the genetic origins of these three species?

Humans have always been a hybrid, always.

You mean Homo sapiens.

All humans. In fact every bit of life has mixed DNA. It has DNA that is from—note that I am grinning when I say this—from the Big Bang. It has what has become DNA from everything that is on this planet. You are a bit of everything that has been before you.

Having said that, Shining Energy seeded what would ultimately become you, which is Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens overpowered the Neanderthal, which had a far more ancient DNA. More not of  this world than of  it. As a result, the Neanderthal were not comfortable in form, not as smart, not as strong, but they were by far more spiritual—so connected with the earth, so connected.

Homo sapiens was stronger, and smart and clever enough to plan in ways that the others could not. Neanderthal spirituality saved Homo sapiens by coming together with them and creating a new pattern in the DNA of the Homo sapiens.

Are you saying that they are interrelated physically?

They were breeding. That’s not to say that it happened constantly, but enough. [Geneticists have recently determined that 2% to 4% of human DNA comes from the Neanderthal. —ed.] It was a necessary part of the Plan.

What I’m not going to say here is that many years ago those from Mars came here and brought their DNA to the planet. Shining Ones came here. That’s all it took. That’s where the most refined final product came from.

Would you include DNA from previous versions of earth? Is that even possible?

Well yes, it is possible, because they all build off of each other, but they don’t really influence one another, so I hesitate to say that. That would stretch it a little more than I want to.

At the November 2012 Lifescapes in Lexington, you said that the twelve planets are not projections of VestaHelios, but they are projections of something else. What are the twelve planets a projection of?

They are not a function of your Solar Lord. Now think for a moment, we’re looking at a bigger picture here.

They’re the Solar Lord’s Group of Twelve?

Sort of. What are they a projection of?


All right. Source as a creative function is what?

All That Is.

All That Is then releases into creation. So we’re talking about creation. What was that?

The Els.

Yes. And the Solar Lords are Els, but [laughing] Big Els. So really it just goes back to the basic creation process.

Several years ago you said that Mars was wanting to help Earth. How does Mars help, and what has happened that makes that help necessary?

In the very same way that Guardians are here to help mass consciousness, so your sacred planets want to help that which is moving toward Sacred Status. It’s not weird. It’s simple. Remember that the planet is just the outer shell. For a planet that has become sacred and ascended, there is only that shell left.

Mars, being so recently balanced, still has what humans would call ghosts, emanations of what was, yet still capable of functioning, not in big ways but in small ones. Mars is capable of disrupting dimensional boundaries here. I really don’t want to go into that. Mars, by going into its past and disrupting your present, is able to leave messages for you—crop circles, and UFO sightings and radio patterns, and things such as that.