The following questions about the sun, Vesta-Helios, and its evolutionary process were presented to Samuel as part of the preceding interview, rather than being posed by readers in the usual manner.

During the February, 2012 Pittsburgh Lifescapes Event, you mentioned that the Solar Lord, Vesta-Helios, is acting as a portal in one its realities for a very high-frequency energy that is coming to the planet. This pure extra-solar energy and the light energy from the sun are actually two different things, aren’t they?


What’s the difference between those two types of energy, or is there any difference?

Where that extra-solar energy originates from is what produces the Solar Lord. So they are very related, but it’s not in a parent-and-child way. They have to be a part of the same type of energy or Vesta-Helios would not be able to function as the portal.

So you’re basically talking about a stepping-down of energy, since the Solar Lord couldn’t be in form unless that energy was lowered in frequency.

Yes, good. It is energy from the same place, but with different purposes.

In the solar version that Vesta-Helios is always putting out—I think you called it photonic energy—that’s activating the crystalline structure within us. That’s the energy that communicates within our cellular system.


But now this energy that comes in a 36,000-year cycle through Vesta-Helios is creating something different. It’s stimulating us.

Actually, it’s radiating you, it’s mutating you, but only you, because your—meaning some Guardians’—energy functions at a high-enough frequency that it can be affected by that energy. That’s why it’s not happening amongst humans. They are affected by solar energy from Vesta-Helios, but there’s no consciousness within humans to solidify the effect.

How is the 36,000-year cycle of extra-solar energy affecting Vesta-Helios itself?

Are you asking if Vesta-Helios, which is in its own evolutionary cycle, is affected in the same way that Guardians are?

Well I think you said that it was changing its form, didn’t you?

Yes. And what happens to a planet after Ascension?


Yes, Absorption. Ascension is required for Absorption to take place. For a star, Ascension involves condensing, and Absorption involves releasing, which ultimately results in a black hole. That’s a natural process. But that should not be happening to your sun for a very long time, which means that Vesta-Helios is not going to follow the usual pattern.

It’s becoming a hybrid?

Almost. So how is it going to bypass into Absorption? What’s it absorbing with? I answered that a little earlier. Basically, where it came from. It’s absorbing with its origination point, more or less.

Vesta-Helios will be released, and another Solar Lord will come in without affecting the form of the sun. In other words, the star that is your sun will remain. It can’t have Ascension because Ascension for a star involves collapsing—not a good thing. So it will be absorbed back into itself, which means it will become a part of that 36,000 year cycle—and that tells you something about what that extra-solar energy that’s coming here is.