Are there planets out there that contain intelligent beings, human or otherwise, that are equal to or more advanced than those on Earth?

Yes there are, but I’m not going to discuss it.

If so then what would life be like for them and what would their soul connection be like?

It’s important to remember that form is this dimension only. I call it the earth dimension, but it’s more than this small planet. It’s this cosmos. Form functions the same, spiritually speaking, no matter where it happens to be in that dimension. It’s the Plan for it that’s different.

Here is the problem I’m working with in answering that question: Any sign of extraterrestrial life is not of the earth. There is a crossover because ancient ones beyond this dimension have left echoes, if you will. It’s not as though the space brothers are coming next Tuesday. It’s that you are going to find evidence that they were here last Tuesday. But that is a whole separate issue from that first question, which was, Is there intelligent life out there, and how does its soul function work? The assumption tends to be, if there’s intelligent life then it refers to those who have visited here, and they are two different things.

Among Guardians, memory tends to be more challenged, more than just the aging process would be. It appears to be connected to functioning at higher frequency. I thought when you addressed this a year or two ago that this energy should enhance our mental functions rather than make retrieval of information more difficult. What is going on?

The fact that the energy’s there does not mean you are making use of it. The fact that the energy is knocking on your head does not mean you’re answering the door. When you are functioning in Shining Energy, when Shining Energy is functioning through you, you are a better you. However, when there is resistance to that energy—you’re not answering the door—other factors come into play. Your awareness is heightened because you are at a place where you are getting that knock. So when you don’t allow that energy to work through you, you get guilty, depressed, frustrated, tired, confused—you have memory issues. So that’s one answer.

A second answer is that, even when Shining Energy is being welcomed into your life, if you are under a lot of stress or having physical difficulties that distract you, that can also do it.

So putting one’s physical life into order takes a huge burden off of you, and makes you much more capable of dealing with subtle energy changes.

Not all sexual activity is vegan. What does ingesting the sex fluids of your partner do to you energetically?

How is that not vegan?

I don’t know. There is animal protein being ingested. It’s referring to animal protein.

Thinking of it on the scale of a very high-level animal like you? You’re not eating for physical nourishment, which is totally different than a by-product of sexual activity.

To expand on the question: We get traces of animal materials in our food—insects and feces. The government allows a certain number of parts per million.

Isn’t that lovely?

Yes, but it’s a reality.

One more reason to eat food that is processed as little as possible. You know the Form takes medication that has capsules that are made of animal products. Do you remember what I’ve said with that regard?

You’ve said you were very pleased with the people who took such great care to find out about that and eliminate it, but if you can’t, you do the best you can.

You deal with it. You do the best you can where you are with what you have. Now, stay away from that processed stuff as much as possible so that you don’t get that one roach part in a million, but that’s doing your best. If your diet is basically that stuff, you’re not doing your best, and that’s going to have a greater effect on you. Mind you, what is the best possible for one person is not the same as for another, so you have to be very careful out there when you say, Well, I only eat things I have grown myself, and everybody should do that. It might be that the person sitting next to you is capable of transmuting everything. Or it might be that it wouldn’t make a difference how unprocessed it was, because their life is so filled with unbalanced energy.

Well, the one who is eating the broccoli that they grow might be eating the broccoli caterpillars, so how do you make that choice?

Do you know the Jains, a sect of Hinduism? The Jain hermits have a little broom they sweep in front of themselves, killing all manner of things with that broom, but in a showy fashion says, I will do no harm to anything. They counteract the good they do.

You are alive. You are killing things by sitting there breathing. And you’re creating things by sitting there breathing. You’re never going to have that perfect balance. You’ve got to do the best you can, where you are with what you have at the time. And for one person that best is different than for the next person. The key is that it’s the best.

And that answer is inside.

Yes. I can tell you this: Eating meat, fish, blood—those things that put a ceiling on your energy—is never the answer. You know this; do your best with it. And for a whole lot of people in mass consciousness, that’s good reason to stop reading now.

Sex involves energy, god/goddess balancing, attitudes, beliefs, and judgments. How does all of this come into play with the Mississippi Dragon working and how would the most favorable outcome for the working affect sex in this country and around the world?

The closest I can come to an answer to that question is to say that maybe the sensitivity to the plant and animal kingdoms, the ability to be tuned into them, might make you connect better to the herbal lubricants you use.

I understand that most of the Guardians, if not all of them, that you work with are on the Avataric function line.

That’s correct.

Roughly how many Guardians on the Avataric function line are in human bodies right now? Do you work directly with all of them?

The Guardians I work with are a part of the Avataric function line, and I work with all of them. And I’m not going to give any more of an answer.

Some people who used to attend Phoenix regularly no longer do so. For those who have known you as Samuel and have gone their own way, how important is keeping up with your message to their compacts to come here at this time of transition?

Free will rules even a Guardian. There are those who have connected to this work and recognized their purpose in this world, and have, perhaps not consciously, said “Too much. Not doing it.” People may say they don’t like the people or it’s too cliquey or Samuel just says the same things—which amazes me because that can only be said by those who are not changing, but no matter why they think they’re going, they leave because they are saying no to the work that’s involved.

I don’t work with babies. I don’t work with those who are just waking up, even just waking up to their Guardianship. I am right here for those who are meant to guide the world through this transition—not just politely watch and cheer it on, but get your hands dirty. It should be the most important thing in your life. And I’m glad when those who have gotten wrapped up in their lives so much that they know that they’re not going to give it their best back away. Now, you might notice that a lot of the time they can never stay away: floating in, floating out.

But even being glad they take that detrimental energy away, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t heartbreaking that a Guardian who can say no does. And they do. They do. And really that’s the answer to that question. It’s not, What happens to them? Do they get a second version of a channel that they can relate better to and feel better about? They may go that way, but that’s still saying no.

How can we responsibly handle the disposition (transition) of a pooka? If we appropriately dispose of the physical, does the life force just dissipate? What would the “best practices” be? What about when we leave the planet—is it like when we make provision in a will for providing for a proper home for an animal companion, or giving a rock collection (mineral companions) to somebody who will be able to care for it?

Isn’t that sweet? If you remember, what creates a pooka is the constant absorption of life force as a result of being around you; all manner of things around you have absorbed life force. However you don’t talk to your table, and take it around to holy places and treat it like it knows what you’re talking about and talks back to you, whereas with a pooka, that’s what you’re doing. TT is an excellent example.

Now, as opposed to the many stuffed animals that show up very cutely around the footrest when I’m speaking, and the many people who carry them around and are really working to give them life force, what advantage do you think TT has?

The Form.

Me. Yes, the Form is true, but it’s me. That pooka has been around my energy more than any pooka wannabe, and there is a very definite life force in it, but it’s life force like the mineral kingdom, not life force like a test-tube baby.

When you need to clear a crystal, what do you do? Stick it in the sunlight. Give it a saltwater bath. And with your crystals, I encourage you not to have so many that you cannot give them attention. Let them be in the light as often as possible, don’t hide them away somewhere. And if you have too many, that’s when to hide them away somewhere. Put them in a plant where they will be with something that is living and growing, but they’re not going to be taking in Guardian’s life force. And that sort of puts them in hibernation.

Well, TT’s a whole lot like that. Without the constant flow of that energy, it’s not going to grow or be sustained with life force. Without that, it’s not going to need any kind of special treatment.

Now, when TT has gone to the water park—which is the washing machine—too many times, and begins to come apart and it cannot be repaired any longer, why would it need to be handled differently than what you do with your dogs when they’re gone?

Responsibly dispose of the physical, and the life force dissipates.

The life force simply doesn’t have a place to be any longer, and then it shifts back into the Universe as a whole.

If your pooka needs to die, then thank it very much and lovingly put it in the trash can.