How do mental impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia affect spiritual growth? Can the entity still work with or through these forms, or does one’s spiritual work end?

If you’re alive and functioning—as opposed to being kept biologically alive with machines—then the spirit is working. It works with you; works in spite of you—it works. But when you are not functional, but only biologically alive, then the spirit you are is gone as much as it’s here. If it is near the energy of a portal, it’s likely to be gone more than it’s here, which would lead the body toward that portal.

You said that 2008 would be a year of completions. How is that likely to affect the Guardians? What are the kinds of things that might trip us up that we should be watching for?

I have not seen this much ego-related difficulty in a long time—I mean within your lifetime, not over the eons. Why do you think there would be so much ego coming up? Let me give you a bit of a hint: inappropriate ego function is always a security issue. So why do you think there are so many security issues going on?

I think it’s usually a function of resistance, and perhaps the feel of the higher energies coming in causes some people to feel imbalanced, so they resist, and that’s the ego part of it.

Excellent. It’s the feeling of being out of control..

I would say it’s a microcosm of the difficulties in the Middle East and religious fundamentalism. The energy is prodding us to move beyond ego, but ego is hanging on and making a lot of noise about it.

Yes. Very good.

The improper function of ego also shows up as the need to judge in order to be right. That’s a corrupted version, if you will, of opportunities that are going to be opening up, for which you’re not sure you’re capable of responding to properly. It’s a function of needing to live your personal version of what is spiritual, as opposed to simply doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have.

So what Guardians are looking at right now are opportunities to function at a higher level, opportunities to become capable of maintaining much higher frequencies. “Well, if I’m doing that, then that must mean that I am heavenly and powerful,” and all of the things that cause Guardians to judge one another. And, of course, the effect of that is that you end up staying in ego-driven purgatory all the time, because you are never enough, because you are not what you think you should be. “I should be quiet, always calm, and always looking out for the other person.” And so that gets in the way of making good decisions.

A second thing that throws people off is thinking that they have to see the whole picture before they can act on the piece they have. If you wait to get the whole picture, I promise you, that means you’re going to get the two-by-four instead of the toothpick, because you have delayed responding. You’re putting off action into your future, forgetting that doing that is the wrong action for your now.

So security issues that activate ego issues, which bring about judgment issues, which bring about the need-to-be-right issues, which bring about a tendency to want all of the little ducks in a row before you can make any kind of decision or take action. These are the problems I see.

And although this isn’t really separate from all of that, here’s an additional point. I am really serious about focusing on this “be happier” thing. I’m not saying that you should be gleeful all the time, but I am saying that spirituality isn’t being serious all the time. A lot of Guardians need to begin redefining the amount of joy and happiness they will allow themselves to have. Happiness is your life vest when you get kicked off the Titanic. It may not make everything all right, but it makes you better able to deal with it, and that’s big.

You have mentioned that the upcoming energy work in the Yucatán will involve an underground water system. What areas of the continent does this water touch into, and how will our work and the manifestation of our work on this underground water compare to our previous working on water, and in Britain on land?

Well, as I’ve said before, what’s going to be happening in the Yucatán is an experiment, because it’s a completely different way of touching in. And, frankly, I’m not sure that I’m making the best choice for you. I am making a decision based on “I think this leap is possible. Let’s do it.”

Well, as I’ve said before, what’s going to be happening in the Yucatán is an experiment, because it’s a completely different way of touching in. And, frankly, I’m not sure that I’m making the best choice for you. I am making a decision based on “I think this leap is possible. Let’s do it.”

Your planet has vast stores of pretty inaccessible underground water, mainly as a result of millions of years of earth changes over and above the cycle that creates rain that soaks down into the earth. That’s really not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the vast quantities of water that are under every desert in your world, too far down to be profitably useful. Nonetheless, in the Yucatán, because of a great event sixty-five million years ago there was a huge break created in the earth when a meteorite hit it. It caused enough change, movement, that water from deep within the earth came near or to the surface without a deep, strong crust over it any more. It’s a remarkable anomaly there in the Yucatán. And since that incident, there has never been a solid build-up of rock over those areas that were directly hit. Of course, farther away from the impact area there was no such problem. If you look at a map of the Yucatán Peninsula, you’ll see the Gulf of Mexico to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The meteorite hit right in between them, transforming the Yucatán Peninsula forever. Where underground water would normally become a spring that feeds a river, in the Yucatán that never happened, because it is not possible, for the most part, for any water to bubble up there; it’s all underground with very few exceptions. Those going on the trip will be staying at a place that has five of the maybe dozen lagoons or lakes in the whole area.

You cannot seed water that doesn’t move (and I’m not going there so don’t ask about that) and yet that was seeded. Why not just ignore the Yucatán, and go somewhere else where there were rivers available?

It’s a transition point.

It is absolutely. It is a threshold, even now.

Is it also a Heart Portal, and so it would be the combination?

The establishment of Heart Portals is a different kind of seeding, but certainly a Heart Portal was probably there because of the circumstances that allowed the Yucatán to be seeded with Dragon force. So although it’s not exactly what you’re saying, there’s an interesting connection there that I’ve never looked at. You want to be Source next time?

Did the meteorite’s impact somehow drive the seeded energy into the planet.

Dragon force was seeded—time stuff is so hard for me—more or less at the same time because of that transition. But no, the impact didn’t drive the seeding into the earth.

Are you the saying that Dragon force was seeded around the world about sixty-five million years ago?

The meteorite’s impact came first, but try not to let the sixty-five million years throw you off too much. The hit came first, because it was a transition, but what it was a transition for was the seeding that established Dragon force. The seedings that have established Dragon force, more or less, were before Heart Portals, but really all of that pretty much happened at the same time on and for this earth.

Everything about your earth changed about sixty-five million years ago. Everything. One version of your planet is gone because of that, but it’s not totally gone and that’s why I say “third or fourth or even the fifth earth,” depending on how you count—because it’s an odd shift there.

So it’s about Atlantis. There’s a piece of Atlantis there.

Everything about your earth changed about sixty-five million years ago. Everything. One version of your planet is gone because of that, but it’s not totally gone and that’s why I say “third or fourth or even the fifth earth,” depending on how you count—because it’s an odd shift there.

It’s interesting that the phenomenon of impacts has got so much press recently. There are sizable groups that are doing nothing but trying to find errant asteroids, those with irregular orbits that might impact the earth.

So why might I think it’s important to see if it’s possible to activate underground water in that area first? After all, you’ve got a huge underground deposit in Australia, and up in the north of Canada, and your Great Lakes are also big ones. Why the Yucatán first?

That is what the Mayan calendar is about. There are, I believe—although it might be possible that not all of them have been discovered yet—twelve Mayan calendars, not just one. They had a day-by-day calendar, a planting calendar, a ritual calendar, and they had a spiritual calendar. They also had a calendar that was all prophecy; it had to do with the future. The spiritual calendar and the future calendar worked together, were intertwined, if you like. Although this was not exactly an accurate interpretation, according to their future calendar the world as they knew it was going to end, and their spiritual calendar said that the old would pass and the new would begin at that point. For that reason, it is vital, as close as you are now to the completion of those calendars and the drawing near of those prophesies, to have the life function activated, to have all of the effects that come from Dragon force awakened and functioning, so that there is less opportunity for a destructive change, and more opportunity for an easy—there’s no better word than that—change.

So you’re looking at possibilities, similar to the description you gave in the last newsletter regarding the still pond visualization.

That’s true. That’s a good connection.

When you speak about different earths, and you talk about humanity and the old earth, we’ve got geological evidence about what the earth was like in the age of the dinosaurs, and the event sixty-five million years ago was the end of that age. The clearing away of the dinosaurs made way for mammals.

I am not disagreeing with any of that, and that just makes it weirder, doesn’t it? The reason why I say third or fourth, fourth or fifth, as I have explained in the past, is because there was a dimensional shift that was not a complete shift. That’s why there are still dinosaur bones buried in your present earth. It’s also why the mythological continent of Atlantis has never stopped touching people’s minds, and there are those who honestly believe that they’re finding pieces of Atlantis now, sort of like digging up dinosaur bones. They may well be finding parts of Atlantis now, but it’s not the Atlantis that went underneath the ocean. I will be talking about that on the trip.

If we start finding human bones mixed in with dinosaur bones, that’s really going to stand science on its ear.

Has that not happened already?

We know enough about the evolution of the human form to know that it doesn’t go back more than a few million years before it’s changed radically. Sixty-five million years ago there was nothing like the human form that existed in this dimension.

But there’s a couple of assumptions in there. Maybe this is a good illustration: There was a legend about the city of Troy, and finally somebody said, “You know, I’m just going to see if any of the things that might be hallmarks of a location can lead to something that can be found in a dig.” And sure enough the city of Troy was found, all because somebody was willing to look at the legend. Humans and dinosaurs did not come together in this earth, but you will find evidence—if you have not done so already—of humans that saw dinosaurs. You’d see visa-versa, but the dinosaurs couldn’t carve or paint their surroundings on the walls. This earth holds the previous one, but it doesn’t hold it at this earth’s frequency except where there is common consciousness that allows for that frequency to change.

Do you remember, David, when you first started connecting to spiritual change, and you were associating with a group in Louisville?

The Ra group.

That energy, Ra, was a part of the old earth function, and I would not be surprised if you were able to look back after what I have just mentioned—in fact that would be a very interesting thing to do—and see what the references really meant, because, at the time, that channeling was scientifically frustrating, yet was a very accurate picture of the dual earths that aren’t each in separate dimensions, but exist in both dimensions. However, it’s not that there are two New York cities, one here and one there.

It’s an overlay.

Yes! Very nice! It’s an overlay. So with things changing as they are now, you are accessing a whole lot more of that overlay, but not being able to put together what you’re looking at with that material.