The questions in this issue were submitted at the April 2 Sunday night session in Lexington, but were unanswered because of lack of time.

You’ve said there is a portal here, and you’ve said Lexington is not one of the Heart Portals. Specifically what kind of portal is Lexington? And what can we do to assist or affect the partial functioning of Heart Portals?

Individuals misunderstand what I am saying when I say there is a portal right here. That I am in Lexington when I say it has nothing to do with what I am saying. There is a portal right here.

What can be done to assist the opening of the Heart Portals that have begun opening but not been fully opened? You can open the rest of the Heart Portals, that’s what you can do.

Another answer is, you can also open a Heart Portal by activating the masculine and feminine aspects of the frequency represented by that portal, and that would activate a partially opened portal.

During the last few years, there has been an emphasis on time being short, for us to face our issues, forgive, change, work in unity. Like the rest of life force, humanity has many portals. This Plan has a portal as well. It has a final portal, but it has other portals, sometime around November 2001, around2005, 2012 and 2074. Are these portals where Sacred Status could be completed, and if so how does the Crown Portal we are doing now Figure into that?

Except for the final portal, portals are determined by the function of Will, and the will of mass consciousness will change; therefore those portals change.

What’s happening in November of this year? If what’s going on at the solstice has its effect, nothing. If 5:3:2 activates and establishes itself quickly, then the final portal is changed because the blueprint changes. But it requires 5:3:2 to be fully functioning for that to happen.

Would you please give some suggestions to guide me in connecting with my entity?

How do you connect with your liver? The answer is, you are already connected. That connection is already there and the most you can do is bring it into your conscious awareness. By doing so you might become conscious of the subtle workings, because of that awareness bringing a sensitivity to the physical experience, but not likely. In fact, you usually only know that the liver is working when it’s not working right; of course, that’s not true for the entity, which always works correctly. But the connection is there. Your choosing awareness of it, which would mean choosing to experience at the highest possible frequency the largest possible picture, is the glimpse you can gain.

My question is about letting go and holding on and deciding which to do. How do you know when you are meant to be in a partnership with someone?

That’s a question from somebody who is in a relationship and drawn outside of it.

You are bound to the commitments you make until you change them with the ones who are a part of that commitment. If I have a compact with you, I am bound to that compact until we both agree otherwise. That’s all there is.

That you are drawn elsewhere is simply a sign that you’ve a loving heart and properly functioning hormones. So what? You’re a healthy person. So? Just because you feel something does not mean that you’re required to act on it. It’s exactly the reason why I encourage you not to trust your feelings.

So those, for instance, who have exchanged marriage vows are bound to marriage until they mutually consent not to be. And if you can’t reach a mutual understanding, you remain in the compact you’re in. And just to twist the knife a little more, you’re also obligated to do everything you can to preserve that compact while you are in it. You cannot keep sabotaging it until the other person says, “Stop I want out!”

In your teachings about intimate relationships, you have taught us that relationships can best thrive and survive when there is a shared common vision. How do partners in an intimate relationship create a common vision?

They sit down together, and they say, “What is it you want?”