You’ve spoken about the widening gap between the wealthy and those who live in poverty in this society—in fact in every country around the world. Please describe what an economic system that operated according to natural law would be like and how we can contribute to the development of such a system.

Remember that free will is what rules here, and therefore natural law is exactly what you have, because it is what free will has created. And the result is an economic system which reflects the dichotomy of earth experience.

The natural human choice is separation and division, which is a reflection of the greater initial separation and division from Source in the creation process, and is the byproduct of functioning in form, as opposed to spirit. That division is always going to be played out in the seeking of power. There will be power versus empowerment that will amplify that division. Always, always, the dichotomy of the very rich and the very poor will be there. I think that Jesus said that the poor will always be with you. It’s true.

So, what the natural play would be in the world as a whole is expressed by those who function without the burden of free will—be it plant, be it animal—and the natural law there is eat or be eaten. Non-territorial, non–discriminating peaceful coexistence, wherever it is to be found on your earth, involves direct access to a specific spiritual function by choice.

The wolves feed one another. You could see communism in that, but they feed one another based on an extremely hierarchical system through which the first choice, and the best food, goes to the strongest one. That protects the tribe. The plants weed out that which is smaller and weaker and younger, to take over for their own needs. It’s a very destructive world you live in, if you want to see it that way. The power is in choosing the spiritual view, and that’s what changes things.

The spiritual situation is that you do the best you can, where you are, with what you have at the time. You function according to what you are, which involves what you know, and you cannot give a blanket statement on how it should be if everybody is spiritual. It’s why I don’t answer questions like, What’s it going to be like when Sacred Status is finally complete? What’s going to happen when . . . ? You can’t answer questions like that, where free will is involved.

What’s expected of you, as higher frequency, guardianship energy, is quite different than what’s expected of those who are awake and serving but not yet at that higher level, or of those who are unawakened, of mass consciousness. And that’s it.

Natural law? Survival of the fittest. Eat what does not eat you first. Spiritual law? Survival of the fittest, and you’re responsible for what you know.

The last workshop brought out that when personal portals occur in our lives, we have the option of staying or going, but with karmic consequences if we break our compact. How can you know when your designated time to go has come?

You’re gone. It’s not hard. Don’t make it hard.

You have a choice. For example, the more actively aware you are of the spiritual journey, the more you are aware of what’s happening around you and the more capable you are of looking at a situation not simply for what’s going on outwardly, but for the greater repercussions inwardly. That’s the reason that you now catch yourself before you act, and why you know the moment something’s popped out of your mouth that you’re going to have to clean it up. You know that because you are now aware of a larger picture than you had been aware of in the past. And you are constantly seeing that picture grow larger and larger and larger, hopefully bringing you to the point that your intent is always right. Needless to say, then, the thoughts are right and the words are right and the deeds are right.

And so, for example, you have coming before you an opportunity to take part in a great, world-changing event. And you find yourself moving toward it and working at it, and you begin to recognize that, to take part in this event, you’re going to have to make some changes in your life. How is it you become aware of that? Because every issue you have starts popping up in your face. When all of your issues are popping up, that’s a sign that there is a life-changing opportunity ahead of you. When you have a life-changing opportunity ahead of you, that also means that you have a choice.

Now, hear this gently, even though I’m speaking it very baldly. If your choices to come and go are that blatant, in nearly every case it’s because you did not get it on a more subtle level. You always have the choice: I will do this or not. When you are here to do a specific work and you are choosing not to, then you’re likely to have a situation come up in which the Universe says, Well if you’re not wanting to do the work that you’re really here to do, then it must be that you want to go, so here’s an opportunity. When you have those opportunities in front of you, it’s not a good thing, because it shows that you’re looking down the wrong road.

Nonetheless, you always have choices to do or not do. And more often than not, in most of your lives, how those choices are going to show up is, I can do this good thing or I can do that good thing.

You might see your choice as, should I switch to a part-time job in order to devote more time to this work that I know I’m here to do, or should I stay where I am and fulfill the commitments that I’ve already established and take care of my debts and expenses?

What kind of choice is that? You know that you want to do more, but you also know that there are compacts and responsibilities that need to be taken care of in your life. You have this choice in front of you: what are you going to do? So you choose to quit your full-time job. All right, but the next thing that happens is your finances come crashing down. Is that the point yet? Is that letting you know? Or is that just a challenge to make it happen anyway? Then you break your leg and you don’t have insurance. All right, I can’t pay off what I’ve already obligated myself to, and I’ve given up much of my income; there’s no way I’m going to be able to pay my debts. Therefore I’m going to borrow money in order to make ends meet.

Now, for most of you, it wouldn’t have gotten that far, would it? Because the answer to the choice for you showed up as, “I want to go do this but I have already gotten myself in over my head over here. I won’t do it.” You always have that choice. It doesn’t have to be “I’m going to live or die.”

Let’s continue. I’m still going to make that decision. I’m still going to borrow it in order to live, because I can’t work until my leg is better. I am now eight thousand dollars in debt. I’m still going to go ahead with changing my work schedule. First-ray individual. And you get in a car wreck, and your car’s totaled, and now you have more medical expenses and you need to buy a new car. So now you’re thirty thousand dollars in debt, and you’re still on that path. The next thing that’s going to happen is that the Universe is going to say, Are you really serious about what it is you’re here to do? Because you’re missing all the points.

The reason I’m giving you such an extreme example is to help you understand the lengths to which the Universe allows things to go before you ever come to that sort of dramatic choice.

The real issue is one of recognizing your journey. When you’re totally off your journey, you’re eventually going to get that final choice. That blatantly. You will have lots of choices before it reaches a final coming or going.

All of this, of course, is based on the understanding that we’re not talking about something that’s written into your blueprint as a part of how you will experience your lessons here.

Will the aboriginal peoples of Australia, who have been holding the old grid pattern in place, be aware that the Phoenix group is coming and what we will be trying to do? And will they be helping us, either in form or out?

They are already aware. This work is prophesied. This is a part of their understanding of what they’re keeping. They have been looking for you for a long time, and particularly over the last one hundred years, as they have been recognizing the assimilation of their society as meaning that their work is effectually just about over. Their time is at an end; the world is going to change.

Those Aboriginals who are still functioning according to the seeding are already connected in with the work that’s going to be done. You will see when you’re there, that they know you. The old ones particularly will know you. You are essentially joining them to do the work; not merging with them, but joining them to do the work, and they are essentially merging with you to do it. Yours is physical, theirs is spiritual, but that’s been the nature of the work they’ve done forever.

Are there ways this group can help China in the transition that the recent opening of the Heart Portal has activated?

Make this answer an experiment. Stop, right now, while you’re reading, and ask yourself, what can I do? You’ll get the answer.