You’ve characterized the Heart Portals we’ve worked on in various ways. What’s the nature of the energy of the North American Heart Portal—the first one that was opened—and the one in Australia?

Samuel: The one in Australia is not a Heart Portal. But I don’t want to get onto the subject of Australia. Right now let me just say that the North American Heart Portal is a primary portal on the planet, that it’s a creation portal, quite like the one in Egypt.

Each open Heart Portal expresses itself in ones that are opened subsequently. How is the North American one expressed in the others that are opened?

That’s not a good way to say it. The frequency builds. So actually all the others find expression because of that one.

What is the likely effect of having the North American Heart Portal’s energy available in the functioning of every successive Heart Portal? Was this effect sought as part of a basis for the functioning of the other Heart Portals as they are opened?

The ones were created because of the one, actually. Remember this about Heart Portals: they are a frequency. Ultimately, they are a frequency of a characteristic. The energy that established the Heart Portal is literally an energy, just as your emotions are energies. But your emotions are all a part of you; the emotion of joy is very different from the emotion of sadness, but there is a certain kind of bittersweet expression of both joy and sadness that also has a place in your life. Because of the joy, you know what sadness is; because of the sadness you know what joy is. And then there is something that is created out of both of those that allows for even more.

The Heart Portals work that way. Out of the creation Heart Portal comes all of the frequency range through which the other Heart Portals are going to function, and every open one allows for a greater amount of function. The fourth one is not a greater, better portal than the first, second and third. The fifth one might be more highly colored because it takes in the activation of the previous four. They all reflect all, but the specific use of one is enhanced by focusing on its specific frequency. But once it’s open, it’s going to draw on all that are open.

During the Egyptian work, the combined energy of the groups working here and in Egypt set up a needed frequency, which you “charged.” You said the ultimate goal was for you to need only to “steer” the work, rather than charge it. If the portal can be opened with you charging the frequency, what is the advantage of doing it differently?

You do not want to be limited by needing an individual to be physically on the spot. At this point, an actual human is required to be at the spot. During the Egyptian work, there was nobody on the spot capable of handling the energy on their own. Even the group functioning in unity could not gather up enough energy to handle that on their own. It actually required the focus of groups at a distance giving energy to the group in Egypt, who then could take that energy in and go. But it required me to be able to make that transfer of energy happen.

And it does work, but it’s not the optimal way to do it. The optimal way is for you to get to where you don’t need me adding energy or directing energy at all, in which case you don’t need groups separated, and you don’t even need to be on the spot. In that case, with you functioning in form with a specific ritualized process happening, I would simply be there to steer, guide it a little, help direct your intent. And that’s mighty work, indeed. Will that ever happen? Ask me after the retreat.

You said in February that a very important energy would be coming to the planet for about six weeks. Since then we’ve witnessed the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the massacre in Littleton, Colorado. Please indicate if these are connected to that energy influx. What, if anything, can be done to heal these wounds, and will any of the work we will be doing at the retreat help?

These events are reactions to the energy, but they are not caused by it per se.

I do want to remind everybody that, as horrible as the Kosovo experience is, it’s not the only such horror on your planet. It’s the only one getting massive amounts of press in your country right now. And do not forget that the rest of your world is going through intensive amounts of other things more directly caused by the energy I was speaking of, such things as the tornadoes, the earthquakes, the hurricane season that’s going to show up, the droughts and flooding—the earth affects. You’re going to see more of these things.

At the retreat, and of course at the next workshop, I’m changing the work step by step, taking you to a higher and higher level of what you’re doing, and doing it so simply that it just seems like a natural extension of what you’ve been doing, rather than a new technique. In the meantime, if you’re wishing to physically do something that will help heal wounds, then clean out your closets and anything you find that you’d put in a yard sale, give it to the refugees or the Red Cross. Do that if you are looking for the sort of thing that will help, physically speaking.

Are you going to be able to stop these things from happening? No. Don’t try. You don’t want to stop it, because its effect is to bring you further along. But perhaps there is something you can do about how much damage is caused by it. A lot of the martial arts teach you the way not to get hurt in a fight is to go with the energy, because what hurts you is resistance. What you’re putting into the world by bringing in the energy of wholeness is hope, and hope creates acceptance. Here is what you are doing with the toning: You are teaching yourself to move beyond form. And insofar as you move beyond form, the dynamics of the Plan change. Things are changed because you’re changed.