Is the purpose for which everything happens to us chosen before birth, and are we the ones who choose?

Yes and yes, but qualified. Yes, the things that go on with you are chosen. And yes, you are the one that chooses. But there are qualifications to that.

For example, prior to birth you may have established a compact with someone that you’re going to connect with to help her grow. But when you incarnate you might find you are enemies; you might be lovers; you might be a world leader in another country that she has a great interest in and admires from afar and studies. You might have been born a bit earlier than she planned, and so she might be studying you as history. On one level, there is a compact between you, but free will determines how it’s worked out.

Another principle of the earth dimension is that “form rules.” In anything spirit would desire to express, it must work through form first. So if you are in this life because the specific nature of your energy is popping into form for a brief moment of eternity in order to help bring this world to Sacred Status, your “personality” may have had no say in that decision at all. But once here, the personality rules.

Which leads to the second part of the question: who is the “we” doing the choosing? If the “we” is the people who are reading this, the answer is no, because in the greater picture you as the form you currently are did not make those choices. But you as that current personality in form are totally the ruler of the choices that you make here in this moment, in this skin. But outside of this skin, the spirit has other things to do.

So there would be as many different “we’s” as there are perspectives to view the question from. It was Paula and David who drove their vehicle through the streets of Lexington to get here for this meeting tonight, but Paula and David were not in spirit to make the original appointment to work with me. Paula and David are the personalities doing the work! It may have been fate that they work with me, but how—and if—that work would be carried out is totally up to them while in form.

So falling into that belief structure that says everything is pre-ordained and therefore it does not matter because fate will step in no matter what, is absolutely right and absolutely wrong. And one of the things that I’m trying so hard to get you to do is to stop separating so very strongly between which particular you we’re talking about here, even though the one here on earth is so totally different from the one that is spirit.

When you recognize that it’s all you, but different facets, you might begin to understand how it fits together.

To what extent does the free will of others impinge on the choices we make—at any level, but primarily at the higher level of life purpose? How subject are we to what seem like accidents that derive from the free-will decisions of others in accomplishing the work we have come here to do?

In accomplishing that work through the personality—that particular expression of form and spirit—there is absolutely no—NO—hindrance from the free will of others. It’s your choice to be affected by it or not. Insofar, however, as whether you get milk at the grocery—the actual working out of life—well, if the grocery store didn’t order milk and they have none, then you’re not going to get it, and that’s going to affect you.

This work, your work, is not dependent on any one being, including yourself. Your higher spiritual purpose will be accomplished even if it takes your death to do it—truly.

But the incredible variation, the many, many things that can be learned to add to the experience and bring about a greater amount of wisdom and a higher gift to what you truly are, this personality is the one that’s in charge of that.

The good news—and you’ve seen it in your own lives—is that the foundation of wisdom that your entity has accumulated is quickly accessed upon awakening in any one life. Therefore, when the awakening process happens, there might be individuals who have been asleep and stupid for forty-five years; they have a spiritual awakening and within a couple of years are caught up with the monk who has worshipped and learned and studied for a lifetime. People who are doing this work hate that, but it’s true. It’s a very quick recovery. You do not have to consciously be aware of it, but if you want to become more aware of the recovery process within your life in regard to accessing what you know through your entity, pay attention to how much you know is going to happen: “I knew that.” Pay attention to how much is natural to you, things that there is no resistance to; and for some people, that means pay attention, as well, to how many things they think are no big deal because they can do it, but others may have trouble with.

Sometimes I have a tendency to look for big messages from the Universe in the seemingly accidental things that happen to me, perhaps as a result of another person’s free will. Am I misguided in looking for messages or meaning in these little things?

No, you’re never misguided about looking for. You are misguided about relying on. Always look. Wisdom is an expression of mastery; it is the result of the individual who is able to look at anything, anything, and derive help for their own life, who can look at a mountain, a sky, the colors on a chair, anything, and gain a deeper meaning from it. But the fool is the one who relies on that for their information. And too many people do that: “I got this.” Well, everything else in your life says it’s not going to work, so let it go. “But I got this!”

Too often individuals want to release themselves from responsibility by fate or “it had to be” or “it was predestined; I must have chosen it in a past life.” “It’s raining, so I must be meant not to go out.” No! It might mean you’re supposed to get your umbrella.

Individuals, as they grow closer to heightened awareness and stronger synthesis, ascended ability and embodiment, are going to find that their whole physical belief system starts fighting them on every little thing, and so they start looking out there for an explanation for how much they know. They’re looking out there for confirmation all the time because they don’t trust what they have in here—in the heart. There’s a good reason you don’t trust what you have in here: you’ve spent all these years not accessing it.

What then, you ask very nicely, should an individual do to be better able to understand what they’re accessing in here and better be able to trust it? Go back to the basics. Keep a victory journal. Keep a success journal. Become aware of the partnership. Start sitting again. Know what is and is not you. Do the group toning work that I have given and asked every city I work with to continue, work such as was done in last year’s retreat and in the most recent one, work in which individuals came together and found such an incredible power in releasing themselves by merging with others. There’s a lot that happens there, because that creates individuals who trust themselves as they are stronger when they merge with others of like mind and intent. And that is a microcosm of the Sacred Circle.

Some of us ask you questions almost as if we think you are omniscient. To what extent and in what areas are you limited by the information in Lea’s mind?

Incarnation creates barriers, and because of that I am not incarnate. The nature of my work upon this planet right now has a much greater capacity without the limitations of incarnation. Therefore, I have bonded with, compacted with, and as a result of those two, created a form that is so usable that the barriers are the least visible possible. Let me clarify that. When I say “created the form,” I do not mean Lea’s body was created by me. But what it has become in the last ten years is the result of our relationship. That’s not to say that the potential was not there and that the bond and compact could not have happened without recreating the body, but it’s like the difference between planting in fertile soil and planting in rocky soil. This form has been recreated in a way that cannot be done without an experience such as this.

Therefore, over the years you will notice the result of that bonding. The form is far more me now than she is herself, and many who have been particularly close to her from the first have run into that loss—and it is a loss. But it also enables me to have less difficulty with finding a word or being able to bring information through.

Even when I’m taking over this form, though, and using it, I am limited by its vocabulary. To push out of it what it does not know is such a stress on the whole system that it weakens the contact.

So, when somebody comes to me and they are speaking in French, I can spend a few moments and speak back to them in their language by pulling it out of their head, but it means that the contact from them and the information available in this form are both reduced, because the form’s physical energy is in intense healing mode to make up for the huge drain of power that is being used. It sort of goes with the idea “don’t walk on water if you can take a boat.”

Nor can I use your thoughts for long. And that’s not because you are not a part of me, because you are; but your thoughts are the result of your structure and experience in your form. When I’m sitting in this form—Lea’s form—the frequency that I must move down to limits that connection.

There are fewer limitations in connecting with me outside of this sort of channeling, but the greater limitation is your belief in what you are getting, because of its coming in through your brain system. It is much easier for me to merge with you when I’m not in the form, but it is easier for you to understand and to trust that understanding when I’m in the form. You trust that more because I’m using the words you use.

Now, there definitely are things that you teach me. When I say to you, “If you can, find an organic source of valerian root,” that has a whole lot more to do with an ancient understanding of earth medicines. And you could say to me, “You know, that’s chemicalized now and processed into something called Valium, and it has the same sort of effect, and here are the side effects of it. If someone could not find valerian, they could probably get a prescription for the Valium,” and then the next time I talk to somebody, I can say, “The trade name for this is Valium. Look into that.”

I’m constantly looking for the closest actual working experience that can be used. Over the evolution of spirit, the concepts that reach the heart of the human require different words, even if the truths are basically the same. So I want to use the words that are going to grab your heart. I want to say it in a way that will keep your attention.

I don’t want to use concepts that are beyond you, even though it would have such a glorious advantage in some ways—some people respect what they don’t understand. Unfortunately, what it does is take you off the focus and make you feel that as long as you don’t understand everything, there is something more that you can eventually reach toward. I play with that and make use of it now and again, but my real desire is to be constantly understood. There are actually few things better than being able to say a thing so simply that it cannot be missed, because the understanding of what I say takes away the excuses for not using it. And of course ultimately everything I say is very simple and easy to understand, and very hard to live.

Are we giving up our personal power when we ask you questions about personal things, real-world practical concerns and decisions we need to make?

Everybody is different. The intent behind one person saying, “Should I buy this house?” and another person saying it determines the type of answer they will get. To one I might say, “Yes, you should,” and to another I might say, “Well, what do you think?” It’s way too individual a process to generalize about. While one person may be giving away power—in which case my job is to turn it back around, to show them that they really do know—another may be involved with a completely different issue, and dealing with that issue will move us in another direction. That’s the difference. I work with you where you are.