In the fourth-Density world, is it still necessary to leave the physical body alone for three days after a person dies? It think of it as the decommissioning of the Light Body.

I agree. While there are those who do not need that because they are leaving consciously and have been anointed—they are taking part in the process—that doesn’t happen all that often, so the three days is most helpful, Guardian or not.

How can Guardians, public health departments, communities, and individuals bring healing and wholeness to the drug epidemic that has devastated so many lives and communities? What are the potential gifts and lessons for all who are involved?

The first thing that you want to think about is addiction itself. Let’s use coffee as an example. It’s a substance that is unnatural to the body. It creates altered states. It’s very acceptable in this society, and it is highly addictive. All of you have used coffee at one time or another in your life, so you can relate to it being an addictive substance, but no one really thinks of it as that. When people think of addiction, they think of opioids and bums on Skid Row who have stolen from everybody they know and are terrible people.

You are all addicted to something, at one level or another, so you can relate to the desire to alter the state you are in, because that desire is what triggers addictive behavior: you want to shift out of where you are. And just as a quick aside, Guardians are always wanting to do that. So the very first thing is to remember that you can relate, that it’s not only “they” who have made that choice.

The nature of humanity is that you make awful choices until you learn from them and stop. Addiction is a lot harder for some to release than others, regardless of what it’s giving to you. Opioids quit giving you a high long before they release you from the addiction. In fact, probably most who are addicted to opioids aren’t getting a lot out of them. The effect is tiny compared to what it was when they began using. So their world will not change, because their state isn’t being altered all that much anymore. But they are stuck, and society says “bad,” “shame,” “no help for you,” and that doesn’t solve anything.

What can you as a Guardian do to change that? Little or nothing unless you’re making laws, enforcing laws, or choosing your life’s work to be amongst those who have addictions. But remember that what you do moves into mass consciousness—provides a doorway. So get rid of your addictions, consciously, and let that door be open. Take care of yourself and your health, and let that door be open. And always, always, where you know there is a challenge that you can do something about, do it.

But again, realistically, most of you do not live lives that put you in the path of those who are dealing with such issues. You might have a family member who does, and in that case don’t cut them out. Be compassionate, but don’t be stupid either. Don’t rescue unless you want to take that karma on for yourself.

I think of death almost all the time, not in a morbid way, but so as to consider almost all that I do in the perspective of the totality (and finality) of my life. This involves a lot of self-judgment for not having accomplished more, personally and spiritually. I don’t know if this is a normal preoccupation for someone my age or a sidetrack that I need to deal with in some way. How should we deal with this aspect of this stage of life?

Realizing that this lifetime is not going to go on forever is a great thing. Judging yourself for not doing enough is just a way to take up time so that you don’t start doing enough. So I would say, stop thinking and start doing, whatever that means to you. For some it is fulfilling their bucket list. I would suggest that it means putting love out in the world, becoming an example of living love and wholeness and oneness and how to work within the Source Field to change for the better and become your best and your highest.

But just playing around in your head all that you missed out on is just a way to keep missing out.

In humans, attachments to people, experiences, objects, and procedures can come about through habituation and routines. How is the ego involved in that process?

Whatever keeps you attached is the ego being fed.

In the Star Weaving, we have gone from comparatively simple statements to more complex ones. Please explain why the statements were changed and whether reading them rather than memorizing them changes the power of them.

As the group frequency has been changing, so has what you are capable of, and as a result of that my teachings, my rituals, go in directions they have not gone before Star Weaving began, very simply because at first it was about getting a foot in the door. But if you think about what the current Star Weaving says, you’ll see that you have moved from self-affirmation to world service. There has actually been another change: you began moving through Vesta Helios as group consciousness began working as Vesta Helios—individually no, but as a group energy yes. So that created a second change.

Does it make a difference to memorize it or read it?

Yes and no. Reading it while really focused and being a part of it—not just reading words—does involve the power of three. But you are a quantum mind—I keep saying that and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about. When you have something memorized … let’s see, what is something the Form has memorized? “I never saw a purple cow. I hope to never see one. But I can tell you anyhow, I’d rather see than be one.” When you know that, you’re able to consciously put force into the place where you would otherwise be reading. You still get the three—reading it, hearing it, knowing it—but you are consciously putting Spirit into it while you are hearing it.

The problem with memorization is, if you’re unsure about it, you’re going to stumble more than if you were just reading it. So until you’re really confident, keep it in front of you as a cheat sheet, but be working on learning it, because it was really written well, and it’s very full of meaning.

Please explain all the different ways and gateways through which energy can come to this planet.

On the planet itself, there are two Crown Portals, twelve primary Stargates and all of their minor attached gates. There is birth into form, or hatching into form, or whatever other options there might be—germinating, maybe.

But spirit energy is going to go through Alcyone or Sirius, or two other star systems that you don’t have sweet little names for. So energy is not going to come to the planet except through one of those options.

The first filter is going to be one of the four star systems. Second is going to be portals, Stargates. And, lastly, the various kinds of birth. All of that is just filtering the energy down, down, down into form.

Please explain the difference between sacred sex and sexual morality.

What is sexual morality?

Rules saying you can do this but you cannot do that because it offends a religious belief, or a societal or cultural more.

And somehow sacred sex cancels out sexual morality—is that the implication there?

I don’t know. I didn’t write the question.

Well, the first thing that I would say is that sacred sex certainly does not need to conflict with any kind of morality, but I will remind you that morality is a very human device used to manipulate others to stay in the herd mentality, to maintain this illusion of what is right and wrong.

Go back to something I said earlier in the interview, I believe, which is do no harm. Sexually speaking, that is the only morality.

Insofar as sacred sex is concerned, it’s about the Intent, not who you are doing it with, if you’re doing it with anybody. It’s what you want that energy to be used for. It is bringing out your Divine Feminine and Masculine to unite and create change in the world. And you can be an absolute Puritan and still manage sacred sex.

I get concerned with questions like this because I know it really made sense to the one who asked it, but I’m not a real good one for morality of any kind. I’m pretty amoral.

You’ve talked about abuse of sex in terms of abuse of power. That comes up in spiritual  work. If I get someone who worships me and I say “Let’s have sacred sex,” and take advantage of my role, I would think that would be abuse, even though the Intent, the actions, and the behaviors all look like sacred sex.

And there is consensus and no one was harmed. All right I see where you’re going with that, but I would disagree that no one was harmed.

The spiritual teacher, the political leader, the school teacher—the person in authority—has to be the one to resist the sexual relationship with anybody who is not in that kind of authority, lest they be bringing harm to them.

A student is used to obeying a teacher, and if their hormones have kicked in and the teacher is not saying, “No, this isn’t a good idea,” that all gets put together and thought of as consent, but it creates harm. It creates a lack of trust. Very often people who have a lot of difficulty trusting in the world have been abused by a parent, “abuse” as in “You’ve lied to me. The world isn’t like you led me to believe.” But I’ll go back to “do no harm.”

As a leader, think these things through. Always be aware of the whole picture, not the aroused moment.