I would like to know how “regular” humans perceive us as many of them keep saying that we are different. What are their perceptions and feelings about us? Many friends have told us that they feel great just being with us, but how do we create this feeling?

Something that I’ve tried to remind each of you of for a very long time is that your whole essence is loving. The more you are aware of that, the more that love spreads out, even in ways that you won’t always see. But you see the effects of it when you are standing in the grocery line and someone says, “Hi. How are you?” You say hi back, and the next thing you know you are getting their whole life story, because they get that sense that you are safe. Maybe they get a sense of a healing energy, certainly an acceptance. And you know all of that as love.

You walk into a room and things change, hopefully for the better. You smile, people smile, they smile to other people, it creates a chain. You have an effect on people, and it’s vital that you recognize it so that you can make use of it, that you don’t rely on your passive effect on people to be your whole function of service—”Well, wherever I am, things get my energy”—but you realize “The nature of my power is such that I can love them or bring fear to them. I can be a force of good or a dark force.”

Pat yourself on the back when people say, “You’re different. I like being around you.” But then use that. Use it as a doorway to put love in. That’s why it happens that people say something. You are different. It is your energy. Use it.

As Guardians, we want to do what’s in our power to promote higher awareness, healing and unity in our country and the world. Yet many believe those values are being willfully trampled by our new government and want to actively take a stand. Please address the pros and cons of sending energy to protesters and activists, joining with them in taking action, and joining with other Guardians to send energy toward the highest outcome and restoring compassionate and loving policies to our government.

You always have a choice in your life as to what you’re going to do with your time. You don’t have a choice as to how much time you have, because a day is pretty much set at twenty-four hours, and you build your life around having twenty-four hours in a day, but you get to choose how you use those hours.

Everything that you do is an expression of what you believe about love and fear. It’s an expression of how you see yourself in the world—a force of love or a continuation of fear. The more that you see yourself as a force of love, the more you are going to find yourself wanting to put that love out there. You’re also going to find that you become more sensitive to that which is not love. It will affect your energy. It will cause you to start reacting instead of responding. So choose wisely.

Choose those things that will bring to you a greater positive flow of love. If that is taking part in a march for human rights and you are consciously going to be there sharing love, do that.

But I will say, if you want to make change happen quickly, unite with others of a like mind and focus on the change that you want to see. Be aware, if you are in like mind with those who are angry or violent, the change that you’re going to bring about will be more of that. If you are united with those whose focus is love, you’re going to bring about more of that.

I have not seen that your political process brings about change very quickly. Current protests are changing awareness, but they’re not yet bringing political change. A suggestion might be to have a political-minded, spiritual gathering where you specifically say “We’re going to get together and we’re going to take three minutes and send energy toward this one thing”—and then this one thing, and then this one thing. Uniting as a force of love and regeneration rather than disabling and protesting is going to make big change fast.

You’ve said that the function of unity is what’s needed for the completion of the Plan as it should be. How do you see that the Guardianship can help tip the balance toward unity at this time?

Be united.

You’ve said a lot of our work could be done from Nevis. What makes Nevis so versatile for energy work? Is that because it’s a Stargate? What energetic attributes would best describe its function? 

Nevis is a threshold, a threshold of quite a bit of power. It’s a portal area, but not a Stargate. Water from the Atlantic comes through and meets with the Caribbean. Water from deep undercurrents closer to the United States moving toward South America merge and surround that area. So it’s a very powerful threshold.

It’s a good geographic location within that large group of islands in the Caribbean for power-casting—broadcasting thought. It’s not that it’s this magical little place that can’t be duplicated. It can, but it was a place where the group merged easily, had good food, a good location, dealt very well with the energy and as a result did some very powerful work, powerful enough that I could say, “Maybe you can do other things from here rather than having to go to other locations one by one.”

If the group returned to Nevis, what would be the nature of the work we could do from there?

I don’t know. I never do know until I’m deciding what would work.

I suppose it would depend on the state of the world at that point.

True.  At one time we focused on Dragon Work. Then it was all Portal work, and then it was Stargate work. Recently it’s been Dragon Work again, but we threw in a Stargate. We’re about to move to some very massive Portal work, and your density is going to change. So how could I settle on any one thing?

It has been my hope that the abuses of power of our new government would eventually unify our country. However I’m beginning to see these abuses are still being supported by much of the populace and those are continuing to divide our country, and are even affecting the rest of the globe. How do you see this working out for the not-so-united United States?

Ouch! The first thing that I’ll say is that I would hope that, as a Guardian, the person asking this would recognize that the question leans heavily toward a very negative view of things. As Guardians you have by far too much power to risk a negative world view, because what you think comes about, and you’re adding energy to that. Be careful not to do that.

The second thing is, in this interview I spoke at length about the importance of your positive mental/emotional view of things and how that adds to the greater whole, and in response to an earlier question I spoke specifically about things that you can do to help make a difference politically.

Always, always in life you suffer when you focus on the negative, and you prosper when you focus on the positive. You do not have to agree with what is going on to be positive about it, but you do need to be positive about it. Find what you are grateful for.

Last thing about that: as we speak, it is still February—not even two months into this Presidency—and you’re already giving up on seeing it positively. Guardians need to take a reality check. Aye, they do think they’ve taken a reality check, and that’s why they are disheartened. Stop putting yourself in the midst of those who are working out their own issues on the political system, because that is what they are doing. Become a force for positive good!

In our prior communications you have said we must look to our strengths to become detached. Amid the chaos of our new government in Washington and what appears to be a blatant abuse of power by our leaders, how do we employ our strengths and remain detached and positive? Please give an example of how we can effect change with our strengths other than our day-to-day loving and stay politically uninvolved.

I don’t see that as anything new or difficult to answer. You choose to stay in your function of love. You choose to act moment by moment with love. You don’t let yourself get into the fear of tomorrow, the next day, the next day, what if, what if, what if. You deal with what is before you.

When you want to go beyond that, first make sure that you aren’t letting your fears guide you. Second, make sure that you are coming from a place of flexibility, love, flowing rather than reacting to each thing coming your way. Surround yourself with a community of loving, powerful people. Use that energy to put out positive change in the world. As I mentioned in an earlier question about whether to march—whether to protest—choose, but choose the loving thing.

All the political questions I have received over the last year have been based in fear of “what if things change for me?” I love that the U.S. is experiencing a tiny bit of what most of the world sees all the time, which is political chaos, more or less. I love that, but it’s bringing out your fears.

Now, the good thing about that? You’ve got a lot of energy right now to rebuild, to renew the forces of love within you, to function at a higher level, because these things are helping you see what your issues are, where your fears are. A fear is showing you an issue and these fears about “this is going to be so terrible because . . . boom, boom, boom” are not things that have happened. They are things that maybe, might, could, even probably will, but you deal with it as you can when it is in front of you. And most of this is not going to get further than the mouth that spoke it to begin with.

I think I trust your political system more than you do and I don’t even trust it much, but I know that your system is not going to move very far from where it is right now. So stop functioning in fear.

The world seems to be moving ever more in the direction of separate nations each pursuing its own welfare and economic growth at any price. Neither the human race nor the planet can sustain perpetual economic growth, which has always depended on a growing population and extraction of the earth’s resources, especially without international cooperation. How would you describe a healthy civilization? How will the changes you have talked about seeing this year help us to shift more in the direction of sustainable existence?

Remember that all of this is an illusion. There is a massive change in the matrix going on right now.  And when I speak of matrix I want you to remember that I am talking about the mental force that manifests creation in this world by way of fear or by way of love. And your media and your corporate- and consumer-oriented “buy into this mentality in order to feel good about yourself,” and your banking system that keeps people in enslavement—sorry; I use that word on purpose though. All of these make up the subtle energies that are constantly being forced on you and through which you decide “I’m enough” or “I am not enough.”

That matrix is changing. Right now it’s very unstable. At its simplest, that instability either says “This change is going to bring more chaos” or “We’re going to rise above it.”

All right, having said all of that, I want you to think about the extinction of a species. There was this rare flower, and a supermarket is now being built in its little ecosystem, so the flower will never be seen again, which is so sad and so heartbreaking. And yet, nature doesn’t stop for a moment. It doesn’t say, “Well, we just need to not make flowers anymore, because clearly these awful humans aren’t going to appreciate it. So we’re just going to stop.” No, not at all. It may not grow that flower, but it will grow another, because that is the nature of earth. Humans can destroy a lot simply by there being too many of them. The planet will never stop. What dies off here will grow stronger over there. It’s a lesson humans should learn—humans who would rather just sit and mourn about this loss and not see the rest of it.

So, what would make a great civilization? I think an Ascended one would be perfect, but in order to get there it takes, within every individual, one version or another of figuring out where they fit in that massive flow of life. Am I going to let this supermarket built on this fragile environment to determine all of my decisions, or am I going to look at the bigger picture and recognize that life keeps going? And when you choose “life keeps going,” you then start looking at “All right, what can I do to make my life a better one?” And only when one has worked out their individual function with the world and with the Spirit they are do they ever start looking outside of themselves. That is when somebody’s going to say, as they already are, of course, “We need to do something about environmental destruction.” “We need to do something about over-population.” “We need to do something about starvation in a world that is so capable of sustaining that life.” “We can make these changes.” And they are going to build their own ecosystem that is strong and sustainable and that will spread, and you will end up with a sustainable world instead of a constantly breakable and fragile one.

But as I’ve said from the beginning, that starts with the individual. That’s the only way it starts. Make your world what you need it to be. The Universe will help you become the person that can live in that world.

Phoenix Lexington recently had a town hall meeting in which there seemed to be a divide between a few who wondered if your vision has a termination date when Sacred Status is complete or Lea and you are no longer with us, and others who believe that the work is meant to continue and you would like to see Phoenix have an ongoing positive impact in the world by being an oasis for those who are Awakening and seeking Activation. What is your vision for Phoenix Institute, and what do Guardians who work with you have a compact with you to do?

Phoenix Institute’s job is my job. My job is to help Guardians Awaken and Activate. That’s different than a general spiritual awakening and activation. I mean Awakened as Guardians to the realization that you are here to help this world move into Sacred Status, and Activated by serving. That’s my job.

Phoenix, however, is an organization that is designed to create a community of individuals who are choosing to grow and change in order to help those who are Awakening and Activating spiritually grow and change to the fullest extent they can.

I lead leaders. The leaders then lead leaders who then lead leaders. That’s why I’ve given you so many years of very practical teachings to create an atmosphere in which you can grow and you can help others grow—it’s not one or the other. So the key is using those teachings to create a spiritual community in which you and others can grow.

As I said recently, the Form’s not dying this year. As long as the Form’s here, I will be using her. If the work is not finished and the Form is gone, I’ll use you. I’ll just work something else out. I’m not leaving you stranded, and it hurts my heart—if I had one—to think that someone might think I would, as often as I have said I would not. I think it’s the political mindset running over into this: “Fear everything!”  Don’t fear.

If the entity often chooses, for the sake of its spiritual growth, a life situation with challenges such as disability, poverty, an alcoholic family or life in a war-torn country, how can those who choose lives of service know when they are helping the growth process rather than interfering in a person’s life lessons?

The first thing is that you’re not choosing a life of poverty or difficulty. What you’re choosing are your parents and older siblings, knowing what you have to learn and do, hoping that they work out together.

You don’t say—unless you’re part of certain religions—”I have already experienced a life of being very, very rich, so now I’m going to be very, very poor.” Instead you choose a family that lives in poor conditions and has had generations of poverty. It does not guarantee that the mother won’t make one small change that suddenly brings hope into the whole situation and they work their way out of poverty and have a totally different life altogether. In fact, that has happened more often in the last hundred and fifty years or so. So I’m not really sure how the idea of a life choice fits in relation to those.

When are you interfering? Few people have the power to interfere in another’s life choices. Some do, but few. The process of learning to live by way of your spirit rather than your survival mechanisms forces you to evolve spiritually into a person who would have that power and yet would not use it. It’s about not taking away choices. And you can work with somebody a lot and not take away their choices. The more aware you are, the more obvious that will become.

I can use you two as a good example—you know I do that every newsletter. Think about your grandchildren. You know when you need to back off and let them make the decision, and when you can push a little—and you probably don’t sit around and discuss how far you should go. It’s actually a pretty natural thing because you have the best interest of that child at heart, and you have lived enough and grown enough to know that they need to work some things out for themselves. You know that “This one likes to be shown, and this one needs to just make all the mistakes, so I’ll just put the Band-Aid on the bloody lip.” You know it because you are functioning out of love and awareness. And that’s how you know where that line is.