It seems there are several types of Guardians here to do the work of helping the planet complete Sacred Status. If they are not working with you through the work of Phoenix Institute, what is their function and how does it generally show up in the world?

This question is complex. The term Guardian is mine. Some of those with whom I have a compact have either said no, or have not awakened, or have not activated—three very sad things, very sad things. Yet they are still Guardians, so even if they have not activated, there is always hope. If they have not awakened, there is always hope. If they have said no, it’s heartbreaking. However, that does not mean that they will not continue on some spiritual path; it just means they will not fulfill their compact.

Do they still embody that essence of Guardian?

No. It’s a lost compact. But they can still follow a spiritual path, and because of that, there are other versions of what I do out there. Well, actually, in this time and space there is just one other version.

But in a lot of other times and spaces?

Well, they all run together if you are looking at it from my point of view. Nonetheless, that’s an option, you know, to find that other version.

The compact with me is very specific and rare, and it’s not as though there are millions and millions of opportunities out there and thousands of places for people to go if they don’t work with me here. That’s why, when there are those who are lost, it is so sad. Each one is vital. Vital.

I think people misunderstand the term Guardian, because I’ll often hear people say, “Well, such and such, they’re a Guardian.”

They may be a Guardian as a Guardian tree is, but not in the sense of someone on the Avataric function line, here as a Guardian being from which Shining Force has come. Not that level of Guardian.

I think the thrust of the question is, Are there big-G guardians doing this work, the work of your Guardians, who are unknown to us and not working alongside us, and if so what do they look like, how do they show up?

There are those out in the world functioning at very high frequencies on the Avataric function line who are not Guardians, whose frequencies may be much like that of Guardians. If you are a Guardian, you have a specific compact: to guide and guard this world toward Sacred Status. Your work is specifically about Sacred Status. No one is a Guardian who is not working toward the Greater Plan for this planet. There are other things you can be doing, but that’s not what Guardianship is about.

Why would a Guardian or any other energy incarnated on earth at this time choose to come on the Word function line? You have mentioned that most Guardians are on the Intent function line. How would a Guardian coming on Word function differently, and what would the reason be for making that choice?

It’s a very hard choice to make. It’s going against the grain, and it’s a very hard thing to do.

One of the things that you need to remember is that Intent, Thought, Word and Deed are like the evolution of thinking, sort of, with Deed being very basic and Intent being the more intuitive, almost telepathic version of it. They each come with a particular kind of gift. Intent is about will and creative force, and Word is about a means of affecting people. Word is the ability to create unity, and is a gift. Do you see how that can be? It’s very, very beautiful.

Would that be someone we would consider charismatic?

It could very well be.

The problem with Word is that it is very easily misused. And if it’s not well mixed with Thought, of course, then all kinds of problems can come with it.

So here you are at what had been the time of Thought, and in flows this great outpouring of Intent, along with this great group of Guardians coming in on the Intent function line. But a few have come in on Word. Now, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it, because there is a need for those who can express what that mind and heart create in order to touch the many.

People say to me, “Oh, I want to write a book and sell it to the masses and speak about it,” and I say “Oh good, I’m glad you want to do that. I hope it works out for you. But it’s not really likely to happen, though, because you’ve not come in with that kind of gift. You’ve come in on Intent, not Word.” Word at the master level gives you those incredible speakers, those orators who changed history, stopped riots, stopped wars, who affect people’s hearts. You’ve also got the ones who have done tremendous, terrible damage with those words. So there’s a burden with it, too.

But there are those Guardians who have come in on Word. Not many. A few.

So they’re working as a bridge of communication between Intent and mass consciousness.


Word needs Thought, but if you come in on Intent you are working on creation, you are functioning more in the mental realm as opposed to the physical realm. When you are in that grocery store, and somebody comes up and starts talking to you, you are able to realize what’s going on with them; you get that picture and it falls into place. That’s because you’re here on Intent.

If you were on Word, you would just start talking and the words would start coming. You’ve maybe heard people say, “I just started talking, and I then I started listening to myself and I thought, wow, that was pretty good.”

I’m thinking of someone who has come in like the majority of Guardians, on Intent, but who feels driven to get the message out.

Don’t misunderstand. Each of you holds the whole menu and there is a bit of a need to express all of it. But you are fully driven and most of what you do will be toward one of them. That’s likely to be Intent.

So, for someone who is here on the Word function line, active expression of Intent is likely to be on a smaller scale than speaking to the masses.

Active expression of Intent is not likely to be speaking to the masses. However, speaking to the masses could fall into the lap of somebody who is Intent. They wouldn’t plan it; it wouldn’t be something they were after. It would fall into their lap because of what they were doing. But if they were Word, they would be seeking it and getting really irritated because it just fell in someone else’s lap.

Drones are being used in many different ways now. For example, they document animal abuse when access to a facility is denied, and target and take out people who are working against the interests of the U.S. At the same time, many are raising concerns about the violation of individual privacy. Please give your perspective on this rapidly-expanding technology. 

Drones are tomorrow, and just like so many things in your technology, it’s an opportunity for you to figure out what it is you believe and to let your voice be heard, or it’s going to become just one more piece of your daily life that you have no control over. As with anything, they can be used for good or they can be used for extremely not-good. They are already in your world, and have been to some degree for many years. Now that they are becoming more known, people are starting to say, “Oh no! Oh no! Drones!”

When they show you toxic pig waste, it’s “Yay, team!” When they kill a terrorist, it’s “Yay, team,” except when the terrorist’s family gets hurt, then it’s not so nice.

There’s a whole lot of things going on in this world that I think are examples of somebody having too many toys and too much time and not enough guidance. Drones are going to be filling your airspace if you let them. They’ll be used for good; they’ll be used for bad if you let them. Truth be told, I’m not really sure how much say you’re going to have over it.