You have said that one should only use the 528-hertz tuning fork no more than three times a week and only three times each session. What are the results of over-using this technique?

The reason I said to limit it is that I saw people totally losing their minds—although not in a horrible way. All of a sudden people were saying, “I can’t remember anything. I can’t focus on anything.” Some people were even having difficulty talking. Hello! How much were they using this technique? Some people were using it every day, and some even many times in a day, as if it was some kind of background music. And this is a tone that has a profound effect on the body.

What about someone who was doing it more than you recommended, but was not aware of any difficulties?

I think someone like that isn’t generally aware of how they are feeling and what’s going on with them. If you don’t realize that you don’t make a whole lot of sense most of the time, then you’re not going to notice a big change. If you’ve adapted to having a poor memory, then you’re not going to notice you’re not remembering things.

However, beyond that, people were not feeling well, maybe even getting sick and not being able to shake it off. People noticed a big increase in energy levels, a huge difference after they backed down and stopped abusing the technique.

Were the negative effects from the tone itself or the attempt to do manifestation work with the tone?


You said that under certain circumstances our compact with you could change. What would be those circumstances, and why would we want to change our compact?

It would take a lot. Your compact would change if you chose to leave before you had a final portal, but to do that you would have to be at a point that you were capable of creating portals. How many in this work can do that? Two, and they’re not choosing to make changes to their compact in that way.

You always have the ability to say no. If you do, I will do everything I can to haunt you, but you can always say no. Ask anybody who isn’t very active in my work but can’t walk away from it how I haunt them.

Additionally—I’m not sure that this really fits in with changing a compact, because it’s not really a compact—you can also change how you’re going to carry out your compact. That’s not a hard thing to do. For example, someone says “I never ever want to talk in front of other people and be a leader. I like being behind the scenes and working in that way,” but over time they shift into a leadership role and become a teacher and a speaker. That’s a change but it has more to do with a change in the human understanding of the compact than with a change in the compact itself. Other than that, you’re stuck, baby.

What if you decide you don’t want to be here, but you want to fulfill your compact out of form?

That doesn’t involve a changed compact. If you’re capable of creating a portal out of here, then you will. The key is, are you capable of doing that? It’s not easy to leave if you don’t have a portal.

In what way would a huge release of Goddess energy in the world in 2012 be used?

Why would there be a huge influx of goddess energy? Any ideas about that?

I’m speculating, but perhaps this person thinks there will be work done in the Malta area where there happens to be goddess energy, and tapping into that goddess energy would release it.

Well, they will be surprised when they get there. There is a lot of misunderstanding about Malta, and my purpose for taking you there isn’t the goddess energy.

If you just want to ask what would happen in the world if there was a large influx of goddess energy, I would say that there would be absolute chaos, because the masculine energy that has ruled this world for so long would fight with everything it had to maintain its power. It would probably be a pretty destructive time, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. For that reason, I wouldn’t do anything to try to bring in a large inflow of goddess energy.

On the other hand, if the world was already ruled by goddess/feminine force, there wouldn’t be a need to ask that question, because things would be flowing so well.

Is the swing from goddess to god and back to goddess part of a larger “seasonal” cycle for earth and if so, what is the nature of this cycle, for instance is this part of a larger orbit of our solar system around Sirius or something like that?

Yes, there is a relationship seasonally with god and goddess, but it’s not a cosmic thing; it’s an earth thing, and it’s an associative, a sympathetic, relationship.

On the trip to India you announced where you were going on the next trip. Why is the next working in Malta?

The next working will be to awaken the Dragon Force of the Mediterranean, and Malta is pretty much in the center of the Mediterranean.

In addition, it has a very interesting history as well as very strong electromagnetic properties, and I’m going to be to playing with the group and those properties. For the first time, we’re going to work with the Dragon force of an extremely large body of water, one that connects in to a really large body of water.

I thought that the working in Britain involved working with a large body of water, since it’s surrounded by sea.

But you were working specifically with the British Dragon, the mother Dragon. You weren’t working with the Dragon force of the Atlantic Ocean.

I came across an interesting theory based on the observation that the westward facing walls of the ancient goddess temples of Malta are fallen inward while the north and south walls remain, and that ancient ruts in the bedrock continue under the water of the Mediterranean and reappear on the rest of the island. This gave rise to the theory that not only had sea level been considerably lower, but possibly perhaps the Mediterranean had been a green valley that was flooded by the sinking of Atlantis, the tidal wave breaching the Strait of Gibraltar and flooding the interior to become the Mediterranean Sea. How would you recount the history of this land now known as Malta?

I would see the walls falling as more of an environmental issue, but as for Malta holding vestiges of the past earth, that is true. You know, vestiges of Atlantis have to do with a kind of overlap, and that’s why I say it’s the third or the fourth earth, or the fourth and the fifth, depending on how you see those connections. Malta has a pretty strong connection to the post-Atlantean apocalypse. Was it a green valley before? Geologically speaking in this earth, no. It was a sea bed.

What we’re looking at here is a group of assumptions that I don’t quite agree with. What’s behind the assumptions—that there’s an Atlantean connection—is true, but I will not likely talk about it until the group is in Malta.

Isn’t there an Atlantean connection with most of the Dragon locations?

Only because over time Atlantis sent out emissaries. So in terms of the focal points of Shining Energy that created Dragon Force, which is what those seedings are, the answer is yes. But I wouldn’t say that they all have a connection beyond that.

Malta is home to the goddess energy and Egypt is home to god energy. How did these two cultures, very close to each other geographically yet so different energetically, interact with each other historically?

When archaeologists first started uncovering temples in Malta and began finding figures they hadn’t seen in other places in the world, they thought that these represented figures of women, and that they must all be goddess-oriented. So, of course, the New Age enthusiasts took that information and made Malta the focus of goddess energy in the world, but that just isn’t accurate. None of it is accurate, because those are not all female figures and they have much more to do with a tribal hierarchy than with the spiritual world. However, it is a place that is absolutely filled with temples, more so than anywhere else on the planet. You’ve got a pretty little island holding all of these, and that is very unusual.

The Egyptians did visit Malta, and the Maltese visited Egypt, but the only link was a certain amount of trade. By the time that Egypt had become a more developed society, Malta’s spiritual purpose was pretty much finished.

Malta is a storage point for earth energy. It has a very strong magnetic quality to it. That’s why the temples were there. The buildings weren’t all temples; some were more like utility buildings, storage areas so to speak, not places of worship.

What do you mean by earth energy?

Electromagnetic energy, mineral energy. Its location has a certain amount of energy that goes to it. It also had a really good alignment with Venus at one point, making it a very good transition point.

Has that got anything to do with Venus becoming a sacred planet?

Yes, but I’m really not going there. It’s way too early to discuss it.

What role have non-Earth beings, the ones we like to call aliens, had in Malta, and what images, if any, remain to this day?

There was a role, and there is evidence—at least there are things that would be considered anomalies that could be evidence, but I’m not going to talk about that right now. I really want people to understand that I’m not encouraging a lot of speculation about Malta. I will be talking about some of these things later, but not at this point, and probably not until the group actually gets there.

What is the Atlantean connection in Malta/Gozo?

Oh, I bet you wish it was that easy to get that information out of me.

There are those who think that Malta was Atlantis, which isn’t accurate, but Malta’s Atlantean connection has to do with trade and its unique energy properties. It wasn’t Atlantis, it was more like Hawaii is a part of the United States. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

There are references to a network of tunnels beneath the surface of the Earth with entrances in that region of the Mediterranean. What were they used for and are they still being used to this day, by whom, and what for?

The planet itself has a portal system, above ground as well as below ground, but you are not going to find them in areas that are limestone-based as you would in areas that are quartz and granite-quartz.

Present-day Malta does not have them. Before the earth divided up the way it is now, it had them. They occur around points of great accumulations of energy from the earth. Places upon the planet that have large accumulations of earth energy are generally those areas that created a portal. However, Malta is not one of them, even though it has a very high energy signature.

I’m not certain that what’s being referred to here as tunnels are what I have referred to in the past. So that question could make for a very interesting answer in the next issue if it was asked in a different way, and I’ve given enough information for it to be asked better next time.