Please expand on your answer in the last newsletter about global warming.

I’m not trying to avoid a discussion on global warming, but the answer is very involved. The short answer is that there are natural cycles of warming and cooling, but that what you’re experiencing now goes beyond the natural cycle.

I think the questions at the heart of it are, Can we do something about it? Is it a karmic spiritual kind of thing? Are there steps that we could be taking? These are the natural questions, much like about finances.

And the key there is “much like about finances.” If you were to apply the idea of global warming to global economics, you will get the rest of the story right there from the interview. The reason for that is that what’s going on to bring about positive change is being slowed down by personal stuff not being worked through on an individual basis, and being continued because of greed, a lack of accountability, and a lack of personal responsibility.

What is the primary function of pattern-keepers, and how is this function fulfilled?

This answer comes on two levels, because there is a difference between keeping the pattern and pattern-keepers. Keeping the pattern is something that all Guardians do. It refers to the continual process of energizing the Plan for this planet and all life force on it. Those who keep the pattern are working at their best and highest frequency. Those who keep the pattern are putting into the Grid things that will then affect the world as a whole.

A quick aside: now and again take a look at what you see going on in the world, and if you’re not seeing anything that you’re personally putting into the Grid, maybe you need to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Those who keep the pattern do that by working along with the compact they have made.

Pattern-keepers, on the other hand, have a specific work. In the same way that you have a talent for this, or you really enjoy doing this more than that, pattern-keepers have a gift, a talent, for seeing what is needed and filling that energy hole. And although they can do it unconsciously, it is better when it is being done consciously.

Healers can tap into that, but a pattern-keeper is more than a Guardian who is here as a healer. A pattern-keeper holds the blueprint, a healer holds the form. A pattern-keeper can be seen as an avenging angel, because when there is a fluctuation in a specific function of energy in this world, a pattern-keeper puts their own energy into it to restore wholeness. This can create, if they are not balanced, if they are not consistently feeding themselves, if they are not doing the things that will allow them to function at higher and higher levels of energy, to physically destabilize. And that means they are unable to do what they’re here for. A pattern-keeper is rare; it’s rare among Guardians. Guess how many pattern-keepers there are at any given time?


Got it. Pattern-keepers have a tendency to be short-sighted, because they are so passionate about balance, wholeness, and making things right that they can begin to think that if they don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Do they destabilize because they give so much to create wholeness that they are incapable of maintaining that giving?


It seems that our main function in form is to break a pattern necessary for us to release what has been and create the new. What is needed for us to break this pattern?

Actually, the pattern seems to be that you’re not going to learn until it’s so hard to function that you change out of fear that you will die.


Yes, out of desperation or being in a painful situation that hurts so much that you have to do something different.

If you allowed yourself to truly love, it would change on its own, and you would make the changes without even realizing it. You would be fulfilling your pattern, and when you fulfill your pattern, which is all about living love, you have created a doorway. It’s a lack of those doorways that throws you off.

Does being an activated Guardian involved in your work here necessitate being a classic political pacifist? For example, is it un-Guardian like for me to support the current troop build-up in Afghanistan even though on a practical basis I think it makes sense while diplomacy takes place behind the scenes.

This is one of those answers that really aren’t liked very much, because the answer is you are hugely over-thinking this. Stop it!

Working to complete the plan for Sacred Status involves guiding and guarding life force so that it can function at its highest and best. That starts with you. What that means to you may be different from what it means to anyone else. That’s how it works. It’s hard to come to a place where you do not judge yourself by what other people see. It’s hard to come to the place where you do not judge other people by what you would do.

Living love is not necessarily pacifistic. Jesus the Christ threw the money-changers out of the Temple. Well, let’s think about that. First, money-changers were very necessary there, but it was their misuse of power that caused them to be thrown out, not the job they were doing. They were necessary, but they were abusing power by lending and charging exorbitant prices.

Nonetheless, pacifism doesn’t mean wrapping yourself up in a cloak of smugness that says “I am never angry. I never see a reason for any type of retaliation.” It means you do not choose to act in ways that could possibly bring harm to others. You do not choose it, but it doesn’t mean that it is not available to you with right action and right heart.

As long as there is a possibility that you don’t know the whole story, you can’t really make that decision, and this question is based on the idea that the answer is going to be the same for everyone, and it’s not.