Very often, friends or family that we are close to face their own health challenges, and we are forced to watch them slowly dying from a disease like cancer or dealing with extreme pain and a poor quality of life. What can we do to maintain our own emotional balance during times like that?

What can you do to deal with those things better? Get over it. If you were walking downtown in a large city and you found yourself standing at the crosswalk next to a blind man, and you noticed that there was a hole right in front of him that he might step into, would you say something to him? You probably would. You would say something and then you would offer to give him a hand.

That’s the right response. “Smoking is killing you. It is not helping your body; it’s hurting you. I hate to see that, but that’s my problem. Is there anything that I can do to help you stop? And if you just don’t want to stop, I’ll do what I can to deal with it.”

You see, your control mechanisms don’t want that. You want to make everybody see things like you do. It doesn’t work that way. There’s free will.

And in situations in which it’s not necessarily free will, when there’s already something going on, well, you offer to lend a hand when you can. You let them know that you’re there if they need help. And you keep doing what it is you’re here to do.

Please tell us about the Indigo Children. When did they start coming into form? Approximately how many are in form now? What is their purpose and how can we distinguish them from anyone else?

This is one of those questions based on something that I would disagree with, and so it’s like saying, “Now that we’re in Absorption, how should we respond?” Well, you’re not in Absorption.

There are none in this world that I would call Indigo Children. I consider that a grave mistranslation. Children that are born into Guardianship energy are doing that purposefully now to be of additional help in this world. They are Guardians’ children, not children born into mass consciousness. Children born into a household of Guardians—activated and aware, aware and activated or not—are there to continue the Guardianship work. Guardians born into non-Guardianship families are being called “Indigo Children,” more often than not. It’s very nice that there are those who are recognizing higher-frequency beings, but it’s nothing new.

In recent years, changes have occurred on a cosmic level and on a dimensional level. Do those changes affect the validity of the exercises, teachings and techniques that were given by you earlier?

Of all the teachings that I have ever given about living love and making yourself better, understanding yourself more, communicating better with others, that have to do with self-empowerment, I cannot think of any that do not fit. When I say the rules that you’ve been working on in 4:3:2 don’t work in 5:3:2, I’m speaking of the cultural byproduct of your physical security system, the rules you enforce in order to function in this world. My teachings are based on your spirit functioning in form, and that does not change.

Your personal revelations about form working in this world have changed a lot. What you need to do and the choices that you make regarding the fears you still have, the security measures that you’re still dealing with—your personal set of rules for working in the world—are constantly changing.

Spiritual principles do not change. Physical ones do all the time.