It looks more than coincidental to me that we Guardians have had many portal opportunities within the last two years. There have been a lot of car accidents and hospital visits. Was there a lack of trust that we would get the job done or a fear that mass consciousness would just go berserk and therefore we would want to leave. What is your greater perspective on this?

Every time you are about to make a large leap in your frequency, you are given the choice. That’s what it’s about.

Are the twelve stars that we visualize when we do the star weaving related to the twelve rays, and if so, please explain how they are related?

They are not related.

How does the 5:3:2 energy impact the sitting that we do?

Sitting was designed to be a personal high ritual; that’s really what sitting is, if you think about the process. But in 5:3:2 energy, you don’t have high ritual, do you? And you don’t have high ritual because, as I said in the interview, instead of seeking that help, you become the hope. That’s the difference. That means that, in sitting, the information that you are seeking, rather than it being like a blanket that you throw over the top of ego, it is a merging of spirit with ego. That means that some people have a much easier time understanding their answers. It also means that some people

have a harder time. Those who have been very, very adept at 4: 3:2 information are going to have a hard time trusting what they’re getting in 5:3:2, because as I have said for years and years, you channel naturally.

Now, this sort of transformational work is actually pretty rare. And the more you work at 5:3:2 energy, the more you will come to realize that what you are doing is channeling. But to be able to use it, you’ve got to come to the point where you trust it. And of course that trust will be a process of growing. So, what your sitting becomes in 5:3:2 is the means by which you gain that trust, hopefully.

What is the most important thing that we can be doing right now to bring about 5:3:2 reality in our lives in the easiest and the most effective way?

The bottom line is, of course, consciously living love. But to make it as easy as possible, the answer is unity, allowing yourself to come to a place where you can know that you are a part of a greater whole and that you can rely on it. Establish a network within your life of those who feed you, help you, whom you can help, where there is a giving and receiving, where you come together for a spiritual purpose to do a work that is going to make a difference in the world. The Group of 12 work will do this. The toning practices do this. Allow yourself to take part in those things, because it creates a bond that is a strong bond. The Guardianship Program does it as well, as I mentioned earlier. Unity has to do with making it easier. Consciously doing the loving thing has to do with strengthening the higher frequency within you.

Unity. Conscious loving. Those two things.

You’ve said that you communicate with each of us not in specific words and phrases, but in “seed thoughts” or concepts, and I’ve heard you say that because it is our brain and our personal filters that put the words to those seed thoughts or concepts, it is likely that we are mistaken in what we think you are “‘saying” to us. And yet, I’ve recently heard someone within the Phoenix family say that you give them specific information that you do not give to the rest of the Phoenix group, and even insinuate that you give us the basic version while they get the advanced version, with the implication that we are here to support their work. Is that correct?

No, it is not now and never has been true, and anyone who is saying that is, at best, very sadly mistaken. And, I am saying it is not true in any version of the work, including all the work that I am doing in any context, even if people think they are working with different aspects or energy levels of me.