Since the work in Australia last August, it seems our relationship with the earth has changed. We are now invoking the earth herself, acting FOR and AS the planet. What implications does this have for the planet? Does she now have a means of connection that she was missing before? And what are we likely to have available to us as a result of working directly with the earth in this way?

There’s a basic misunderstanding within that question, and let me clarify that first.

A high ritual is the only time you’re working through the planet like that. Whenever you call the elementals you are working with the life force of the planet itself, but when you’re working with the Crown Portals you need to access the energy in a different fashion. The high rituals we did in Australia and on New Year’s Eve isn’t something that you’re going to be doing regularly, and it does not change anything else that you’re doing.

So, in that sense, the question might not be answerable except to say, Things have not changed, but you have.

As to what is available to you as a result of working directly with the earth: When you are in a high ritual working directly with the earth, you’re not working as a human who is a part of mass consciousness, as a physical being. So, again, that’s another part in which it’s specific to high ritual and not applicable to your everyday life.

But you can ask instead, “How does the working in high ritual with the earth affect us in our everyday consciousness as Guardians of the Plan?” And that answer will change depending upon the nature of the frequency at which you are working at any given time.

When you make a friend of the sylphs, they do things for you. When you work with the undines, they do things with you. Right now, at the very specific times of high ritual you are working—in Australia, on New Year’s Eve, at the Retreat, and then again in the Canary Islands—you are using the elemental energy of the planet as a means of accessing the doorway to the planet itself to implement the changes that are being made through the Crown Portal work, and you’re going to have a relationship with the elementals because of that.

When, in your waking life, you are able to access the energy that you use in high ritual—and there might be moments in which you do that; it could happen—at those times, you also have access to the relationship you’ve created with elemental energy. Have you noticed that in these high rituals you are calling friends? You’re not asking for a presence; you are welcoming friends. So it’s a relationship that you are beginning to develop.

What suggestions can you give to help us over the fear brought about by the new realization of our power?

First, there is no such thing as a new realization of one’s power. One’s power is always there. You’re acceptance of it is what you’re calling a realization of it.

So when you allow yourself to think of it that way, to realize and accept, seeing that as two different things and understanding that it’s the acceptance of it that you’re backing away from, then you can perhaps come up with the answer on your own. What is it that you’re not accepting, if it’s not power? It’s the responsibility for it.

Now, what are some hints, then, for becoming more responsible, for being willing to accept responsibility? Two things come to mind immediately. The first one is to be more responsible in your everyday life. The second thing is to not be afraid to make mistakes. Being afraid to make mistakes is probably the number one fear that you have. Why? Think about that for a moment.

Why? This is such a strong word I’m about to use, and I hesitate to use it because it’s one of those fighting words—but it’s because you’re so afraid of failure. And your fear of failure is really an exact representation of how much you don’t believe in your spiritual nature and what the Plan is about.

How is it you are going to fail this Plan? The only answer that you can possibly have comes purely out of your human condition, because as soon as you move to the spiritual perception of it, you recognize that failure cannot happen, because it’s all a great weave and if you run out of red, you weave in a new color. In other words, you change the pattern to fit it. There is no failure.

So why not make a mistake? One of the best ways to stop yourself from resisting mistakes and allow yourself to flow through life without hesitation, to stop procrastination and make your decisions more quickly and with more security in your life is to purposefully, every day, make a mistake. Purposefully. You will then notice that the world does not stop, that things continue on, that you keep going.

Now, I’m not saying do something that’s going to cause a real difficulty in your life. Start with the little things: “All right, today I’m going to purposefully not clean that counter that I’m obsessive about. It’s dirty. So what? Let it go.” And then you can build up to some of the bigger things. Purposefully make a mistake so that you will learn to gracefully keep going.

You fear your power because you fear failure, and the only way you can say that is when it comes out of your past, your human experience. And I assure you, the human will fail. It will. It is corruptible, and I mean that in a much broader way than bribable. But when you look at it through the eyes of Spirit, you’ll find there is no failure. You can make no mistakes.

Now, when you live at your highest, you end up having to clean things up a lot. And when that happens, your humanness gets pushed in your face a lot more, which you might interpret as failure or as “I didn’t do the right thing.” That’s when you need to ask yourself this question: “Am I doing the best I can where I am with what I have?” You can only answer that question in this moment, because yesterday that perspective wasn’t available, and tomorrow that innocence isn’t going to be there. “At this moment am I doing the best I can?”

If you can answer that you’re doing the very best you can where you are with what you have at that moment, continue on. But be flexible, be adaptable, because being rigid shows fear. Fear is a statement that you do not trust and that you are in the past or the future, but not in the now. You always have everything you need for the now. Anytime you think you don’t, it is because you’re not really in the now.

Does that open the door for the abuse of excuse? It could, but I promise you the Universe won’t allow it to go on too long.

Yes, you can allow yourself to focus on your constant failure and how unworthy you are and how difficult it is and how little there is that you can control and why this happened and blame and all of that. You can do that. You could be faced with your shortcomings and focus on them. But if you’re doing that, you cannot say you’re doing the best you can, because you cannot focus on what does not work and be doing the best you can.

Last year, at New Year’s Eve 1999, someone thought we had toned for 15 minutes, while I thought it was 20 minutes. They were going by their watch, and I was looking at the clock on the wall. This year at the high ritual, I referred to my watch and watched the clock on the wall. During the toning, my watch seemed to lose five minutes, in relation to the clock. What would explain these and similar timepiece malfunctions?

One of the things that happens when you are in a high ritual with me is that you are out of time and space. You are not functioning in it. In all likelihood the physical body, which is in the middle of the floor toning away while that Spirit is not attached or in time and space, is putting out a pretty high frequency electromagnetic energy. That may cause anything that you are wearing on that body to react oddly.

And I say it might because during high rituals I am not dealing with your physical essence. You’re not in time and you’re not in space when you’re in high ritual with me. That part of you which is busy looking at the clock is not what I’m dealing with. It makes sense that your energy would be affecting these things, but it makes a lot more sense that your perception of reality is so distorted that when you return it appears that these things have happened.

When the northern Crown Portal has been awakened and opened, will it likely activate more quickly because the southern Crown Portal has been activated first?


Since the activation of a Crown Portal is a process, it unfolds on a time scale of some kind. Does this process require years to complete? Will the Crown Portals catch up to each other in their process of activation? Does the pace of the process depend to some extent on the response of humanity or does it unfold independently of the actions and choices of mass consciousness?

One of the things that you need to remember is that opening the Heart Portals and activating the Crown Portals are for different purposes.

The purpose of activating the Crown Portals in this work has to do with the activation of the 5:3:2 grid—the ability of that grid to function on the planet. Activating the Crown Portals makes that happen.

If what was being done was the Heart Portal work and activating the Crown Portals was a shortcut to it, those questions would be fitting, because in that case there would be a lag before the activation was fulfilled, much in the same way that you now have Sacred Status but it’s not complete yet.

However, because Crown Portal work has to do with the grid, that changes the basis of the question. You are focusing on the grid; so therefore you do one Crown Portal at a time. The southern one functions, awaiting the other, but as soon as the northern one is active, the energy that’s needed for the grid is in play. The full working and effects of open and active Crown Portals will continue on, will continue shifting and changing until all thirty six points of the Heart Portals are functioning.

However, when there is a full and complete function of the new grid and a full and complete activation of both Crown Portals, there’s not automatic Ascension. What it does is put out probability. And the more individuals there are who are capable of accessing and using the energy that is now able to flow into the planet because these things are all active and functioning, the faster change will happen.

Who or what are we guarding? What are we guarding it against? And how do we guard it?

Well, if the question refers to you as Guardians of the planet, you are charged with guarding and guiding life force to fulfill the Plan. Guarding means, in this case, keeping it safe from itself. Life force, as a power on its own—as opposed to being in a specific form of some kind—is self-collective. It continues to grow in power until it’s no longer capable of functioning in the world. At that point, it moves into another dimensional reality.

Once life force has taken on form, the boundaries of the form itself—be it plant, be it rock, be it human—puts a cap on how much of that growth is possible. So you must reach awareness before life force hits the boundaries of the form. To guard life force, then, is more or less to guide it to itself, to guide it to that step in consciousness.

If “What are we guarding against?” means to suggest there is something out there working against the process in the sense of a great battle, the answer is no. But in the sense of a force opposite that of growth and progress, yes. However, that’s only because of the physical nature of your world. There is attraction, there is repulsion. When you are in a dark room, the smallest light guides you out. The force of darkness in that room is greater than the light, but because your natural inclination is to the light, even the smallest light leads you. So it’s not so much guarding against the darkness as it is guarding and protecting the light.

Maybe this is not a good analogy, but it reminds me of a volcano. There is a huge amount of power, creative power, and if there are avenues for the lava to flow out, poses no danger. But if the lava is contained and there’s no place for it to go, it explodes. Are we, as Guardians, the ones forming those channels and areas where life force can go?

You provide opportunity. Another way to look at it is, if you have a candle outside in your yard, the natural elements of the world are likely to put it out, but without touching the candle, by putting a glass around it, you are able to guard the light by keeping the elements from having such a profound effect. The elements aren’t evil for being capable of affecting that flame, but you need to guard the light.