In taking people to different parts of the world, you have talked about this being an opportunity for unity and cooperation for those involved. Are the places you choose part of a significant pattern? Does the energy of the group have any long-term effect on an area?

First, as the energy net on and around the planet is being reconstructed back to its original use, certain points of high energy—places where the net has returned to its original position and created a natural energy portal, or places that have been made sacred by specific use over eons, and therefore made into power places—these are the places in which the first reawakenings are going to be happening.

Second, within that grouping around the planet there were, in the beginning, twelve Heart Portals. My intent on the last few trips has been the awakening of those Heart Portals as a means of stimulating the earth energy in order, in turn, to stimulate the life force on the earth.

It became clear that individuals going on these trips were obviously very focused. They go not to be tourists—I take you to France and you don’t even see Paris—but to be with others who are desiring to visit these spots for the underlying energy that can be experienced. (That is the reason so many of the sites are old megalithic ritual sites.) In addition, the people who go tend to be repeaters, so they’re familiar with the process—what we do. That of course creates a much more relaxed energy. They have very much one mind, very much one heart. But more than that, they are individuals who have the ability, together, to manipulate energy.

My work doesn’t draw the unknowing or the unawakened, only the unprepared. So when I recognized that things were moving in a very powerful direction—the earth was awakening, people on the earth were awakening, mass consciousness was changing, portals were beginning to function again, it was going to be possible to boost the energy work happening by those on the planet and by those of the planet (don’t misunderstand what I just said there; I did not say it wrong)—to put those two together on some of those points of sacred energy, and hopefully at some of the actual heart-portal thresholds, in order to bring that One Heart and pull that One Mind together to create an energy conduit to stimulate and awaken the earth, to create that recalibrated circuit that humans are able to experience, to open the door for the information kept in those places to be released, then I started directing the trips to just that.

The trip to France was about putting you into places that would connect you to deeper levels of the self by connecting with your past, because that beloved country has had enough history that, whether you were ever there or not, it could stimulate some of your past connections.

The Costa Rica and Hawaii trips were different, because they were retreats, going to one place in order to give a grounding in teaching.

With the Power Trip there were some significant changes: Cyprus became a goddess point, an absolute threshold; still is now. Istanbul was very much about bridging, coming together, the right and wrong use of power as it moves into a new time. Hungary had a whole lot to do with a tribal connection I wanted to make. A lot of the Celtic influence that so many related to in my work came out of the steppes and further west, through the Hungarian plains. It was about tribal identity, and the Phoenix retreat about that time had to do with tribal work. It had to do with opening on a lot of levels.

Ireland is one step beyond that. The upcoming trip to Ireland is working specifically to reawaken a sacred circle at an area within a Heart Portal. If the groups can reawaken a sacred circle, that would create at the very least an enlivening, at the most a further awakening, so that the separate Heart Portals can function as one.

Of course Mexico also had a whole lot to do with specific work in merging with an area, recognizing an energy and giving back to it and taking from it, and particularly working on awakening it. I’m going to use that in Ireland, too. I’m going to put you in a place where your heart connects, where you’re surrounded with mind you can’t deny. And I’m going to use it; I’m going to absolutely use it.

Will it affect the political and religious situation there? Sure it will. However, I might suggest that individuals could be doing a bit of work now to affect the situation there.

In what ways will everything we do be a sacrifice and a joy in the truest sense? Can the sacrifices be pleasant experiences?ˆ

One of the delights of spiritual growth—and it appears this is a responsibility issue—is that your responsibilities change; you become responsible for what you know. As an extension of that, I have made a joke—though it’s an absolute truth—that in the recalibrated world guardianship energy has no free will, that your awareness of the effects you have on others is so clear that every action you take is very much like “do the right thing or do the wrong thing.” It’s that clear.

That’s also true of the idea of sacrifice. Traditionally, sacrifice represents a loss of something precious, yet, in the truest sense—meaning before the Church changed it and it became a tool for manipulation: “Give until it hurts, then keep giving”—sacrifice meant that the giver was recognized, honored, elevated. The act of giving was a recognition of a very natural response to receiving: “The earth is willing to give, so I must be willing to give to it in order to receive more. In receiving more, I have to give more.”

In a recalibrated world, what is there to sacrifice to one who’s not bound by the things here, who has moved above and beyond that? If, in the spirit of One Heart, you say, “I need none of this stuff; you have greater need, and therefore I give it to you,” that’s not sacrifice. Perhaps you give up behaviors that have kept you from your truest self, be it behaviors labeled family security, co-dependence, etc.; is it a sacrifice to release what has given you pain in order to gain what allows you wholeness?

The whole concept of sacrifice, which is a beautiful recognition of the joy of abundance in the larger picture—giving from receiving—has become a manipulative threat to ensure specific behavior.

The only right answer to that question is, If sacrifice is anything but another word for joy or joyous giving, it’s not sacrifice, it’s threatening manipulation. When sacrifice represents unwanted loss, whose gain is that?